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Are Donald Pliner Good Shoes

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Vip Interview With Renowned Shoe Designer Donald J Pliner At Belk The Summit

HSN | Donald J Pliner Shoes 09.19.2017 – 06 PM

Comfort, style, high-fashion, and quality are words that are synonymous with Donald J. Pliner. Renowned for his luxuriously comfortable and polished footwear, women everywhere want a piece of Donald J. Pliner in their closets. Fashion is one thing, and comfort is anotherI try to combine both fashion and comfort, said Donald in an interview with Abby Hathorn at his special event and appearance at Belk The Summit on September 14.

Pliner took the fashion world by storm in 1989 with the launch of his sumptuous mens and womens footwear/accessories line. Toute de suite, Donald J. Pliners cutting edge designs and formidable style footwear placed him at the top of the fashion worlds must-have list. In 2004, he was inducted into the Footwear News Hall of Fame. Today, Donald continues to stay true to his haute, quality footwear by meticulously designing every pair of shoes himself.

The Donald J Pliner Collection is sold nationwide in select specialty stores and upscale department stores including Nordstrom, Dillards and Bloomingdales, and at the companys five concept stores . The entire collection is also available online at

Now, without further ado, I introduce to yall the VIPs spectacular interview with acclaimed shoe designer Donald J. Pliner.

Sleek Stylish Shoes At Unbeatable Prices

Donald/Pliner has the right idea: load up on classic silhouettes, and then give them a twist. Whether its through color, treatment, or a riff on a traditional shape, Donald/Pliner is a wonderful option for the adventurous — but quality-concerned — buyer. A quick browse shows that prices are totally fair for the craftsmanship involved. Simply put, these are quality shoes, at fair prices.

If you are on the fence about whether or not you should invest in higher-end footwear, let this be the sign that you should give it a shot. Quality doesn’t mean prohibitively expensive, and as Donald Pliner will demonstrate, the label toes the line between affordable and indulgent. These are grown-up shoes with a youthful sentiment, perfect footwear for anyone looking to make the most of her shoe-shopping budget.

If you’ve already visited the site, then you’ll relate to our next observation: its easy to be overwhelmed by true quality. But as frustrating as that might feel at first, it’s something to be appreciated — it’s the feeling of being spoiled for choice . We say, embrace it and luxuriate in the fact that you can treat yourself.

We also feel compelled to spill the beans about their deals — isnt that what we live for, anyway? Donald/Pliner brings it with a wonderful deal that means you get free shipping and free returns, all year long. Sweetened with codes from us at, there are ways to salvage your budget and still treat yourself at Donald Pliner.

Donald J Pliner Mens Shoes

Built on innovation and fine craftsmanship, the Donald J Pliner shoe brand has become one of the most well known imported footwear brands in the USA. With a collection that offers classic casual, dress, and boot styles, Donald Pliner also takes chances and pushes the limits each season with unique and compelling styles and materials you won’t find anywhere else.

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Famed Luxury Footwear Designer Donald J Pliner Announces Departure From The Company He Founded

Donald and Lisa Pliner Plan to Pursue New Creative Opportunities

LOS ANGELES—-Donald Pliner, an iconic designer and marketer of luxury footwear, today announced that he is leaving his current position as Creative Director of the Donald J Pliner Company in order to pursue new creative endeavors.

It is with bittersweet emotions that I announce that I have decided to leave the company I founded, stated Mr. Pliner. I am proud of having built a high quality and innovative luxury footwear brand and wish to thank my loyal customers and followers. I will continue to be a shareholder and will be fully supportive of the company and the brand as I begin this next chapter of my life.

Pliner decided to leave the company to pursue other creative ventures, which may involve establishing new creative companies or designing, consulting and public speaking at events for brands outside the footwear industry.

In 2005, Pliners wife Lisa, also a luxury footwear designer, launched her own signature collection known as Lisa F. Pliner known for their distinctive green sole, which was followed by the 2010 launch of their signature collection Lisa for Donald J Pliner, now known as Donald and Lisa Signature. Lisa Pliner also will be leaving the company to pool her and Donalds talents as they embark on new endeavors.

About Donald J Pliner

A Silent Auction Of Folk Art Carvings Of Pigs And Masks Created By New Mexican Artist Larry Jacquez And Signed By Pliner Was Held During The Event With The Proceeds Benefiting Donald And Lisa Pliners Peace For The Children Foundation

Donald J Pliner Men

PEACE FOR THE CHILDREN FOUNDATION represents the mission of Donald and Lisa Pliner. Through their foundation, they aim to restore peace in the lives of children who would otherwise be overlooked. The foundation identifies and funds projects that foster peace in the lives of children by eradicating disease, educating, encouraging communication through meaningful play, and providing the groundwork for children to articulate their thoughts and work through their differences developing a paradigm for problem-solving and peacemaking in the next generation. PEACE FOR THE CHILDREN FOUNDATION believes despite the current injustices that plague so many children around the world, its vision of peace for the children will ultimately be realized.

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About The Donald Pliner Shoes Brand

With a reputation built upon superb craftsmanship and cutting edge designs, the Donald J Pliner brand combines great fashion sense, well fitting styles, and comfort, which is reflected across their entire collection. Unique to the Donald Pliner mens shoe collection, is the wide array of styles that span the spectrum of classic stylings, to bold and fresh designs. With a firm presence in finer men stores nationwide, including high end department stores, Donald Pliner shoes are the footwear of choice for those who discerning men looking for quality and style at a higher level.

Comfort Is At The Sole Of Every Donald J Pliner Shoe

Donald J Pliner’s spring shoe collection is catching the attention of shoppers, but his focus is elsewhere. He’s already working on spring 2013.

That’s the way the fashion industry rolls, one step or two ahead of the current season, which explains why Pliner pauses just a few seconds when asked to describe this spring’s collection.

It’s a lot about flowers and a lot of metallic, he said.

And comfort. Always comfort.

The most important thing about anything I do is comfort, but there’s a really beautiful flower story done through the years … bright fuchsia, warm colors, bronze. Color combinations are very sensual, very warm, yet very earthy, said Pliner, who returns to Oklahoma City for a personal appearance at Dillard’s, Penn Square, on April 6.

For spring, cork figures prominently on soles and the upper body of shoes because it’s durable, comfortable and neutral. But Pliner always likes to slip in a surprise, and this season it is marble-painted woven cork on wedges and pumps.

Don’t even question whether they’re comfortable. Pliner is so serious about comfort that he uses elastic in all his shoes. Often it’s tucked into the construction sometimes it’s the overall fabric. During personal appearances, he often illustrates a shoe’s flexibility by folding it in half.

He doesn’t believe in sacrificing comfort for fashion. Not for women, not for men. If a shoe isn’t comfortable, you’re not going to wear it, he said. At least not for very long.

Wife’s collection

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