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Are Hey Dude Shoes True To Size

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Overview Of Hey Dude Shoes

Logical Position Review – Hey Dude Shoes Client Success Story

High heels are meant for strutting, not traveling. But, not all people are fond of the basic commuter shoe either, as some designs lean on the dad aesthetic vibe. Founders Alessandro Rosano and Dario Kaute sought to combine class and comfort in order to make the perfect sneaker.

Launched in 2008, Hey Dude Shoes made its official debut in the heart of Italy. Known for high-performance footwear, they prioritize both quality and fashion. Offering designs for men, women, and children, this sneaker-head brand carries slip-ons and lace-ups.

They also prioritize sustainability, as their packaging is entirely biodegradable. Their runners are made out of cork insoles, recycled material, and organic cotton. Over the years, Hey Dude Shoes has skyrocketed in terms of success. For instance, in 2011, they managed to sell over 1 million pairs worldwide.

Each new style is so much more than just an awesome shoe. Its the promise of a new adventure, and an opportunity for exciting unique discoveries, reads a statement made by Hey Dude Shoes.

Before we get into this Hey Dude Shoes review, lets go over some initial pros and cons:

Are Hey Dude Shoes American Made

Youve got to love a brand that values transparency when it comes to sourcing. According to their website, Hey Dude Shoes are made in China and Indonesia. Fortunately, the brand states that they believe in fair labor practices, as the company ensures equal opportunity and fair wages for their employees.

Is Hey Dude Shoe Machine Washable

Not all Hey Dude shoes are machine washable. While you can wash the canvas, stretch and sox styles, you MUSTNT use the washing machine on leather, suede, and wool styles.

Importantly, you are to wash the sox, stretch, and canvas styles under a cool condition with your machine set to a slow or non-spin cycle.

Consider using a color-catching product when washing especially if its a multi-colored shoe, to prevent color running.

Here are Hey Dude shoe washing instructions you must note:

  • Before you put the shoe into the machine knock off loose dirty over a wastebasket. With a damp cloth, wipe off the remaining dirt on the shoe.
  • Remove the removable insole and untie the shoelace
  • After washing, allow water to drip a bit. Then dry the shoes with a brown paper bag or white office paper stuffed in the shoes. This will help them to retain their shape. .

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Is Hey Dude Considered Good Quality

Yes, Hey Dude is good quality. It amazes me how a much affordable shoe like that could feature such suitable quality materials. Most customers attest that Hey Dude shoes are lightweight, comfortable, and an overall high-quality product. However, some customers have said that they dislike the fact that it is ultra-lightweight and should be durable and lasting.

Hey Dude Stretch Style

Hey Dude Mens Shoes Wally Canvas Nut Size 13 for sale ...

Hey Dudes Stretch styles are derived from an elasticated fabric. These shoes are designed to stretch and accustom to the shape of your foot with use. That said, the stretchiness of the material can mean that the shoes might require a little more TLC compared to the Sox material discussed above.

Also, the stretch fabric is considered a little more delicate compared to canvas or other textiles. This makes it look more washed out and weather after machine washing. To prevent this, we recommend washing inside of a pillowcase alongside a color-catching product where necessary.

A good example of Hey Dudes made from Stretch fabric is the Wally style. These shoes have a rough cut seam which can cause the threads within the toe area to release in the first stages of wear. This is because of the materials fine threads as well as how the seams are stitched around the vamp.

Just like canvas, the shedding of the material will stop after the shoes are done stretching out. This process doesnt compromise the integrity of the shoes so you might want to trim these protruding threads, being careful not to affect the stitching.

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Do You Wear Socks With Hey Dude Shoes

Whether you prefer to go barefoot or not, Hey Dude Shoes can be worn with or without socks. Each sneaker comes with an elastic band at the heel, which keeps those arches blister-free and supported during walking. According to the brand, several customers have opted to wear their kicks alone.

Benefits Of Hey Dude Shoes

Those considering purchasing a pair of Hey Dude shoes can expect to receive the following benefits:

  • Hey Dude shoes are affordable.
  • They are easy to put on Hey Dude shoes simply slip onto your feet.
  • Hey Dude shoes are comfortable.
  • They are lightweight and breathable.
  • Hey Dude shoes are easy to pack the Flex and Fold technology allows you to roll up many styles of Hey Dude like socks for easy packing.
  • Hey Dude shoes are versatile and can be worn for nearly any casual occasion.
  • The shoes are washable just remove the insoles, drop them in the wash and let them air-dry when finished.

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What Is Hey Dude Shoes Return Policy

Looking to return your Hey Dude Womens Shoes? Dont sweat it. The brand offers a 30-day window for customers to send back their footwear. Items must be in new condition in order to be considered eligible.

When it comes to delivery, the company will cover the affiliated shipping costs. To initiate this process, customers can visit the return portal found on their website.

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Are Hey Dude Wally Shoes Good Quality

Hey Dudes Wally shoes are good quality, they are meant to withstand plenty of walking and other activities. The one thing that makes wearers question the quality is the elastic in the shoe. The elastic provides comfort and keeps the shoes light, but it does tend to stretch out. Some wearers think that the added elastic makes the shoes stretch out and fade faster than if they were made out of another material. If you are worried about the stretch, then you should not size up.

Comparison: Hey Dude Shoes Vs Seychelles

How does this footwear brand rank up to its competition? Were here to find out, as this Hey Dude Shoes review provides a side-by-side showdown to see which company is worth your money. In this round, well compare this shoe label with Seychelles in terms of variety, comfort, and price.

When it comes to variety and comfort, it seems that Seychelles takes first place. Compared to Hey Dude Shoes, their collection boasts an impressive amount of designs and styles. Aside from sneakers, they offer high heels, platforms, ballerina flats, and boots.

They also introduce other forms of high-performance technology such as Sey-Curve and Ortholite. With that being said, Hey Dude provides options for men and children, while Seychelles only caters to women.

Lastly, Seychelles shoes are quite pricey compared to Hey Dude. While most of their options fall within the $60 to $100 range, this Italian-based brand offers a more reasonable price tag of $55 to $60.

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Dr Scholls No Bad Days Platform Slip

Vans shoes have been popular for a whole long time, and its easy to see why. The versatile design will look just as good when paired with casual jeans and leggings as it would be with original Hey Dude shoes. Customers also love how comfortable and well-made these shoes are to wear all day.

While the Classic Slip-on sneakers fit true to size, theyre also available in unisex sizes. So be sure to check the Vans size guide to find the right fit.

Are Hey Dude Shoes Wide Or Narrow

Hey Dude Mens Shoes Wally Sox Charcoal Size 9 for sale ...

Hey Dude Shoes are a unisex, medium-width shoe and are available in both standard widths and wide widths.

Hey Dude is a company committed to pushing boundaries in creativity and innovation they want their customers to be able to partake in design as well. As such, the philosophy of the company is embodied by their slogan fit for life. They carry so many different types of shoes that nothing can keep them down! So whether youre into lightweights or heavy plantigrades, Hey Dude Shoes has got you covered.

In order for the foot to function properly, it is important that there be enough space for the toes on both sides of the shoe in a forefoot-to-hind foot or TDH position. If they do not have enough space, we would typically recommend looking at broader widths instead.

The good news is that Hey Dude shoes can be custom-made with any size sole so that you get your perfect comfort! You will also discover that this model comes up higher at the back of the heel which better supports and safeguards your Achilles tendon from injury.

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Hey Dude Shoes Reviews

Telephone, Email

About Hey Dude Shoes:

Hey Dude shoes make living easier step by step whatever the environment. They will change your attitude to life, in play, at work and after sport. Take it easy defy convention with the funkiest comfiest shoes straight out of the box!

Do Hey Dude Shoes Run True To Size

Hey Dude shoes are meant to be ordered a half-size up from the size you normally wear in order to stretch into new footwear.

These shoes are not designed for all-day comfort, so we recommend ordering a shoe thats about a half size larger than your everyday shoe just so it can stretch and form to your foot more comfortably. For people who want some seriously good looks and an equally comfortable shoe, we suggest you go one size bigger than your normal shoe.

The hit will be custom fitted and very likely taller with increased arch support! Youll love it for hours on end without any discomfort or irritation! If you typically purchase wide widths in most other brands, then please note that Hey Dude shoes run truer to size in both width and length than most shoes!

We also have a wide selection of insoles that you can order from us or find on, which will help the shoe fit better and provide all-day comfort for your foot.

Hey Dude Shoes are not meant to be worn indoors or used as everyday walking shoes since they are mostly designed for outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, camping, etc., but Hey Dudes may work great as everyday party shoes if you plan on being active while wearing them! If not, we recommend ordering one size up either way!

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Other Faqs On Hey Dude Comfort

Do Hey Dude shoes have arch support?

No. The shoes have flat memory foam insoles without any arch support.

Do you wear Hey Dudes with socks?

You can wear Hey Dude shoes with socks and you can also decide not to. The shoe is lined on the inside with soft oxford cloth material that can serve the purpose of socks. However, wearing socks would offer you more advantages. In the end, it is your choice that rules.

Are Hey Dude shoes true to size?

Some are while others are not. Nonetheless, if you are ordering from the companys website, there is usually a suggested sizing tip to help you make the right choice.

Do you like what you now know about Hey Dude shoes?

Ready to order a pair?

You can go via , Zappos, or via their USA or UK website.

Hey Dude Shoes Reviews: What Do Customers Think

Hey Dude Wally Sox shoe Review

Get ready to add this footwear brand to your bookmark tab. This Hey Dude Shoes review uncovered a majority of happy customers across several internet forums.

For instance, the Wendy Canvas Sparkling sneakers boasts a staggering total of 2,113 testimonials with an average score of 5/5 stars.

Several customers applauded this footwear brand for their comfortable designs. Others loved their unique patterns and stylesas they proved functional and fashionable at the same time.

I absolutely LOVE my shoes! I walked for miles in Key West and did not feel one ache or pain the entire time. Plus, Ive gotten so many compliments because they are super cute, one customer wrote for the Wendy Canvas Sparkling sneakers. showcases an impressive count of 4,324 testimonials with a rating of 4.89 stars out of 5. According to 98% of customers, Hey Dude ranks high in performance, fit, and functionality. Some buyers were happy with the price given its quality.

Never believed people when they said how comfortable they were until I bought some myself! Absolutely amazing, one customer wrote on

Independent blogs, such as Proven Shoes and Standard American Dad, also wrote encouraging reviews towards Hey Dude footwear. Both authors found their kicks to be durable, lightweight, and affordable. This is especially towards their patented comfort technology, which proved crucial in keeping their sneakers flexible and shock-absorbent.

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Are Hey Dude Shoes Worth It

Lets be real. Most of us just suffer in silence when it comes to uncomfortable footwear. Fashion requires a bit of sacrifice, right? Fortunately, theres a better alternative instead of walking around in pain.

Hey Dude Shoes offers a cost-effective solution to ensure those days of blisters and bruises are long gone. Not only are their sneakers cushioned with memory foam and flex technology, but theyre also quite stylish to wear.

Compared to pricier brands like Nike and Adidas, Hey Dude Shoes teaches us that expensive doesnt mean quality. By browsing through their collection, customers dont have to empty out their savings in order to purchase a shoe they like.

Were also big fans of their sustainability efforts, as most of their designs are made out of recycled materials. For a footwear brand that looks towards the future, this Hey Dude Shoes review highly recommends checking this company out.

Hey Dude Women’s Size Chart

US Size
11 42

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Is Hey Dude Considered A Cheap Brand

Hey Dude, founded in 2008, is known for its lightweight, comfortable, stylish, and yet affordable, well-made footwear. It was founded in Italy to compete with the best shoe brands in the world. Its most popular shoes include loafers and boat shoes. Like previously mentioned, Hey Dude footwear is affordable. However, that doesnt mean the brands shoes dont come with quality materials.

How Can I Stretch Hey Dude Shoes

Hey Dude Mens Shoes Wally Sox Ash Size 13 for sale online ...

The best way to stretch a textile Hey Dude shoe is to freeze it. Half-fill a Ziploc bag with water and lock it. Tuck it into the pair and put them in the freezer to freeze. The expansion of the ice causes the shoe to stretch.

There are other viable methods weve shared in this post on how to stretch shoes at home. You might want to try them as well.

Meanwhile, you can buy a Stretch style of Dudes shoe to save yourself the stress of stretching.

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What Is Hey Dude Shoes Shipping Policy

This Hey Dude Shoes review is happy to report that they offer free standard shipping on all US orders that total $100 or more. Anything below this amount is charged a flat fee of $5 . They also provide free 2-day delivery on some select models.

To monitor the status of your package, customers can click on the track your order link at the bottom of their website. Unfortunately, they do not provide international shipping to other countries at this time.

Hey Dude Shoes Sizes Compared To Nike

Youth: There is no clear answer as to whether Hey Dude shoe sizes for youth run big or small compared to Nike. It varies from size to size. Try the free online shoe size calculator for a more precise answer.

Women: In some cases Hey Dude shoes run large compared to Nike. In other cases there is no difference between Hey Dude and Nike shoe size. So its not easy to give a clear answer.

Men: In some sizes Hey Dude shoes for men run large compared to Nike. In other sizes they run small so there is now clear answer as to whether Hey Dude shoes run big or small compared to Nike.

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How Do You Clean White Shoes Without Them Turning Yellow

Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda with 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and a cup of water. Use a cloth or old toothbrush to scrub your sneakers until clean. Works on leather and canvas. This method also apparently works with 1 tablespoon baking soda and 1/2 a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide/water combo.

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