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Burton Ruler Boa Snowboard Boots 2021

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You Could Ride A Or A But We’re Out Of Stock

Burton Ruler Boa 2021 Snowboard Boot Review | The Snowboard Asylum

Sounds like a or will work well under your feet, but we’re out of stock. Feel free to check out other boards, a Burton dealer near you, or call one of our Burton Guides for their expert advice:

Get the Right Size Board

Not sure which size will suit you best? We can put you in the right ballpark if you give us your boot size and weight. If you’d really like to dial in your board choice, give our Burton Guides a call for one-on-one expert advice:

Burton Ruler Boa Snowboard Boot 2021

The boot that’s elevated more riders with time-honored tech, fit, and performance, now features the dialed fit of the Dual Zone BOA® Fit System with Coiler Technology.

With a legacy of pushing personal skills to the pro level, the Burton Ruler boot is the boot for stepping to larger drops and burlier features. For riders seeking Ion-level performance but who lack the loot, the Dual Zone BOA® Fit System with Coiler Technology allows for effortless micro-adjustability. Forefoot and upper boot fit are controlled with a simple twist of the BOA® dial, all with the long-lasting performance of Burton-exclusive New England Rope laces and the BOA® lifetime guarantee. 3M Thinsulate Insulation in the liner and the added warmth of our Sleeping Bag heat-reflective foil defies arctic blasts. The medium flex PowerUP Tongue resists breakdown and maintains a steady ride from one day to the next.

Free Instore Boot Fitting

At our store in Rayleigh, Essex we offer a free boot fitting service. Pop in to try out different models and get the right size. All boots purchases in store can be heat molded at no extra cost.

What I Was Looking For

I wanted a pair of boots that would be really aggressive on days when Im with my more experienced friends but would also cater to days when I ride with less experienced riders. I dont do much park, but I wanted boots that had great take-offs and landings on side hits and kickers, as well as being super responsive in trees.

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Du Kannst Eine Dieser Beiden Gren Whlen Oder Aber Diese Gren Haben Wir Leider Nicht Auf Lager

Es klingt, als wäre oder die perfekte Größe für dich, aber diese haben wir leider nicht auf Lager. Aber sieh dir doch einfach unsere anderen Boards an, komm in einen Store vor Ort oder ruf einen unserer Burton Guides an:

Das Board in der richtigen Größe finden

Du bist nicht sicher, welche Größe dir am besten passt? Wir können die richtige Größenordnung finden, wenn du uns deine Schuhgröße und Gewicht verrätst. Wenn du die wirklich perfekte Größe finden willst, kannst du für einen individuellen Experten-Tipp gerne unsere Burton Guides anrufen:

% Builds Now Available On All Bikes

Burton Ruler BOA Grey/Teal 2021

Since the assembly is performed by hand and per order, it may take 6-8 business days for the assembly of your new bike to be completed and shipped.

Please allow 15-20 business days on select Framed custom built bikes.

Our $99 Bike Assembly is here to help you maximize your riding time. Just tighten the handlebars, install the front wheel,pedals and ride! This process is done with care, by our experienced professional technicians to ensure that your bike not only lasts, but most importantly is covered by any manufacturer’s warranty.

Our certified team of technicians spend the time to fine tune the bike so you don’t have to. During this process, our technicians will go through each of the bearing components, ensuring a solid, smooth ride from the first turn of the cranks. From there, the wheels are taken off individually for the truing process. Making sure your wheel is true is key to prolonging the life of your rims, and ultimately your whole bicycle. After this happens, the rear wheel is installed with care to make sure that the chain is tensioned properly and that the free wheel of the bike is in proper working order. The brakes are then adjusted and tested for reliable stopping power. During the assembly the bike goes through a thorough quality control check to ensure your bike is up to our high standards and yours.

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Who Are The Ruler Boa Most Suited To

The Ruler Boa are a great option for those on a mid-to-low level budget, but don’t want a boot that’s too soft or too stiff. Something just in the middle and an all round solid boot, that works well with medium flexing and medium-soft flexing boards.

Not ideal for beginner-beginners, but high end beginners should be fine in these. That depends on weight too. A heavier beginner should be OK, but lighter riders probably want to be more of an intermediate level for the Ruler Boa.

Burton Ruler Boa Review

Last Updated: October 25, 2021 by Nate

Hello and welcome to my Burton Ruler Boa review.

In this review I will take a look at the Ruler Boa as freestyle snowboard boots.

As per tradition here at SnowboardingProfiles.com I will give the Ruler Boa a score out of 100 and see how they compare with other freestyle boots.

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Why I Chose This Gear

I decided to buy these boots because I have always trusted Burton to make quality gear. I also really loved the double-BOA lacing and the flex. I got them at a discount, so it was too good of a deal to say no.

I actually originally bought Salomon Focus BOAs for their flex and BOA system, but didnt end up liking the feel or fit. I returned them and went with the Burtons instead and havent regretted it once.

What To Expect After You Place An Order

2022 Burton Ruler vs Photon Snowboard boots BOA

1. You will receive an Order Confirmation / Email (within 15 min of submitting the order.

2.In-stock orders ship in 24-48 hours. In some cases it can take longer.

3. Expedited Orders placed before 1:00 PM CST typically ship the same day.

Due to Covid-19 many shipping carriers are experiencing delays in specific regions of the country.

3.Shipping Confirmation Email with a tracking number once your order ships. Please Note: during busy season economy orders can take longer to process.

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When Requesting A Price Match Please Be Aware That Prices Will Be Compared On The Following Criteria:

Price comparisons include the product price plus shipping & handling charges when calculating the competitor’s total price in comparison to thehouse.com’s product price.

Price matching does not apply when you use coupons, rebates, promotional offers, or product bundle pricing on the order.

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The product we are price matching needs to be identical to the product we have in stock. That means the product must be identical size, model year, color, etc.

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The product we are matching must be in stock and currently available for purchase.

The product must be offered for sale for a continuous 24 hour period.

Price matching does not apply to eBay or other auction sites.

Purchase must have been made within 2 weeks of the price change.

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Favorite Moment With This Gear

My favorite moment has to be a tree run I did with my sister at Beaver Mountain. There was a fresh coat of powder and we came flying off a steep groomer into an opening in the trees. Even at the speed we were going, I could immediately start navigating tight turns. I felt the responsiveness of the boots kick in and was able to maintain the rush of the previous groomer while exploring untouched powder in the trees. Once we finished our tree run, we hopped back out onto the groomer and finished the rest of the run at a slow, playful pace. It just really confirmed to me that these boots could be aggressive when needed but were great for more casual riding as well.

Burton Ruler Boa Snowboard Boots 2021

Burton Ruler Boa Snowboard Boot 2021


Take up to a full year to return your item! See our Return Policy.


Conquer the mountain with the Burton Ruler Boa Snowboard Boots. A medium flex that finds the balance of progressive riding and forgiving feel for all day comfort and all-mountain versatility. Customizable fit with heat moldable liners and unmatched out-of-the-box comfort, will make sure that riding all day is a breeze. Say goodbye to the days of spending time lacing boots and painful pressure points with the Burton Ruler Boa Snowboard Boots.

Product Details


Medium Flex: 6 A balance of quick edge engagement and a more forgiving, playful feel. Great for all-around riders.


1:1 Medium Flex PowerUP TongueBurton offers 1:1 lasting on every boot. It means every half and full size shell, tongue, and out sole offer a precise fit that is not as common as one would think. Drop your loot on a Burton boot and you won’t be stuck with the slop of a mismatched shell and liner. PowerUP tongues feature additional dual-density material for rebound and durability.

Total Comfort ConstructionGet an instantly broken-in feel right out of the box. Total Comfort’s industry-exclusive construction eliminates the break-in period for a fit that feels just as good from day 1 to day 100.

Lacing System

Dual Zone Boa® System with Coiler and Lockdown TechnologiesPowered by Burton Exclusive New England Ropes with the Boa Guarantee

Additional Features


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Value For The Money Vs Other Options

I think the Burton Rulers are ideal all-mountain boots for their price range. There are competitive prices in the same range, such as the Salomon Focus or the DC Judge boots, but I think where the Burtons really take the cake is the comfort. I have never had a boot more comfortable than this pair, which really sets them above other competitors of a similar price.

The Boots That Have Elevated More Riders With Time

With alegacy of pushing personal skills to the pro level, the men’s Burton Ruler Snowboard Boots are the choice for stepping to larger drops and burlier features. With an overall medium flex and responsive feel, the Ruler raises the bar on board control. A Dual-Zone BOA Fit System lets you independently micro-adjust the fit and feel of the forefoot and cuff tension to match your ambitions. Cold feet are a distant memory of your old boots thanks to the insulated, heat reflective tech of the Ruler’s heat-moldable liners.

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The Ruler Boa In More Detail

O.k. lets take a more detailed look at what the Ruler Boa are capable of.

Demo Info

Boots: Burton Ruler Boa 2020

Size: 10.5

Date: January 24, 2020

Conditions: A little rain with warmish temperature. But didn’t feel super warm, with the wind.

Visibility was relatively bad but not terrible.

Snow was well groomed with a hint of slushiness on groomer and a little slushy off.

Bindings angles: +15/-15

Board Demoed With: Rossignol One LF 2018

Bindings Demoed With: Burton Malavita 2017

Outersole Length: 31.1cm

Difference between Mondo & Outersole: 2.6cm

Backstay Height: 30.1cm

Weight: 820 grams*

* Average of a sample of boots I weighed was 1006 grams, so a good bit lighter than the average. The lightest I’ve weighed is 740 grams and the heaviest is 1320 grams.

How To Return

2021 Burton Snowboard Boot Lineup

Making a return is easy. Please follow the steps below to make the process quick and easy for everyone.

  • Fill out & print the following form RETURN FORM. If you are unable to print the return form, a handwritten note with all requested information will suffice.
  • Take the time to carefully package your returns. It is the responsibility of the customer to pay costs related to the repair of returned items damaged in shipping due to improper packaging.
  • If returning a product in its box, please wrap the box to protect it prior to taping and avoid attaching shipping labels directly to the box. Failure to do so may incur a fee or a reduced value in your store credit.
  • Send parcel to the address labelled on the return form
  • Once wereceive the item via post we will process the store credit to your email. With the store credit, you can repurchase the correct size/item or alternative product of your choosing.
  • Please note:

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