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Chloé Betty Rain Boots Sale

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What Does The Crossed

CHLOE BETTY RAIN BOOTS REVIEW | The best affordable designer boot

The crossed-out price near the selling price on our site represents the price suggested to us by the manufacturer or supplier or in some instances is based on the price at which an item or comparable item may, in the reasonable judgment of our experienced buyers, be sold at retail stores, including specialty or department stores and other non-discount sellers. For our items that are sold in a set, for example, in cookware and cutlery, the crossed-out price may reflect the aggregate of the above applicable prices for each item included in the set.

You may wish to use the crossed-out price as a guide in your evaluation of our prices. Because we sell our merchandise over the Internet on a national basis, the crossed-out price may not always represent the prevailing price in any particular location or at any particular time.

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