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Do Asics Shoes Come In Wide Width

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Hoka One One Bondi 5 And Arahi

Best Shoes For Wide Feet Mens: The best shoe brands for wide feet in men’s.

A large number of questions about wide widths also include inquiries about HOKA ONE ONE and whether they have wide width models. HOKAs current models tend to run narrow, so even if your foot is only a little wide, you may experience slight discomfort. But, if youve come to enjoy the maximal comfort of HOKAs and want a wider shoe, youre in luck! As of 2017 we are carrying two HOKA models in wide widths: the Bondi 5 for the neutral runner and the Arahi for the support runner. We will also begin carrying two additional models in wide widths in 2018: the Clifton 4 and the Gaviota!

HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 5 HOKAs most popular maximum-impact protection shoe, the Bondi is the standard for many runners. HOKAs Early Stage Meta Rocker provides increased propulsion to keep you moving forward while the high underfoot stack height protects your foot from impact related stress.

Shop the HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 5: Womens | Mens

HOKA ONE ONE Arahi If you want the cushioning that many HOKA models offer but you also need some additional support, the Arahi is your jam. Protective and supportive, you might consider putting a ring on it!

Shop the HOKA ONE ONE Arahi: Womens | Mens

Do Trail Running Shoes Come In Wide

There are a few models that do but many trail shoes are only offered in the standard, medium widths.

It can take some sleuthing to find the trail shoes offered in wide. In our experience, New Balance often has wide trail shoes. Altra which has a wide toe box but standard width heel is another brand that can accommodate a wider foot.

And for runners who love the popular Salomon Speedcross, these also now come in wide.

Wrong Shoes For Your Pronation

A more subtle problem might be that your shoes arent meant for your specific level of pronation. Pronation describes how your foot lands on the ground and distributes the impact. For instance, those who mainly put pressure on the outside of their foot are known as supinators, while those whose feet roll inward, putting pressure on the big toe, are known as overpronators.

To figure out how you pronate, you can look at the wear on your running shoes. If the soles are more worn on the outside edge, youre probably a supinator. If the wear is on the inner edge, youre probably an overpronator. For those who have to wear on the back of the heel and the front of the toes, that is a sign of neutral pronation .

While analyzing the wear pattern is a good start, its recommended that you have a professional analysis performed, known as gait analysis. Most running shoe stores have a machine that can look at how your feet hit the ground and definitively tell you how you pronate. Theyll then recommend specific shoes that would work well for your feet.

For example, these shoes give extra support on the outside of the shoe for supinators.

Make sure youre wearing the right shoes for the right sport. Basketball shoes arent designed for long distances read this article for more details: Do Basketball Shoes Make Good Running Shoes?

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Do Asics Come In Narrow

Occasionally, you might be able to find some Asics shoes in narrow sizes like B for men and 2A for women. However, these are less common and arent available in every store. Keep in mind, however, that Asics usually are a little slimmer than other shoe brands. So if youve had problems with shoes being too wide in the past, try a normal pair of Asics and see if they naturally feel better.

Brooks Adrenaline Gts 21

Asics Synthetic Gel

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS is another bestseller for Brooks, and the company has kept their popular changes made in version 19. In this shoe, youll again find Brooks four widths available for men and women so you can feel confident this shoe wont be too narrow and uncomfortable for you.

In addition to lots of width availability, youll also experience a comfortable heel cup that works in tandem with a padded tongue for a locked-in-your foot feel. An engineered mesh upper provides further support and a dynamic fit to accommodate wider toes.

Continued in this version are guide rails that replace traditional support found the midsole. Guide rails allow for a more custom type of stability. The shoes only correct for as much overpronation as you need. If you are a mild overpronator, the shoes provide gentle support. If you overpronate more, they allow for more support. Guide rails also decrease the weight of the shoes. They provide better, more even wear on the shoes.

Youll find that this is a stability shoe that will help if you overpronate mildly, but youll also find that this shoe feels natural. At just 10oz, the Adrenaline is practically a featherweight in its category!


  • Variety of widths available for a custom fit
  • Lightweight
  • Its extra stability features might not be appropriate for runners with medium to high arches

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What To Do If Shoes Run Small

Do your shoes run small?

Well, make it big.

It might seem to wonder, even impossible for many people, but its true indeed. You can literally create a quarter to a half size extra room in your shoes with some simple hacks.

Wear Them As Long As Possible. The size of the shoe when we buy and the size after some uses doesnt remain the same. Shoes tend to be bigger with time.

If your shoe is not too tight, wear them for some times regularly, and gradually increase the wear. It will surely release some land to lay your feet comfortably.

However, you might get blisters if the shoe rubs or pinch your feet. So, make sure that your feet arent fighting to survive out there.

Heat Your Shoe. We all know that heat increases volume. So why dont you try it for once!

First of all, wear a thick sock to avoid firing your feet before putting on the shoe.

Now get an hair dryer, set it to medium heat, and hit it for 30 seconds all over the sole. And at the same time, bend your feet and wiggle your toes to help propagate the materials. It will release some spaces.


  • Dont heat non-stop at any specific region. Rather, keep moving the nozzle on the whole area.
  • Use a leather conditioner after the heat in case the upper sole is made of leather and suede.

Use A Shoe Stretching Spray in according to loosen the materials and spread the space.

It mostly uses for leather shoes but some spray offers for suede soles also. Check the label before use it.

Trail Running New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro V2 And Leadville V3

If trail running is your thing, New Balance is your pal. For the neutral trail runner, the Hierro is the play, and for the support runner, go with the Leadville. Because the uppers of these shoes are not stretchy, as protective trail uppers should be, the roomy fit in both of these shoes comes from a wider last design. Id like to note that the length on both of these shoes is long, so I recommend sizing down a half-size. Both are available in Extra Wide as well.

Shop the New Balance Leadville v3: Womens | Mens

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What Does The Wide Letter Sizing Mean

Unlike length sizing which runs in half size numbers , wide running shoes use letters for sizing. In order from narrowest to widest, these letters are:

  • AA womens narrow
  • B mens narrow, womens medium
  • D mens medium, womens wide
  • EE mens wide, womens extra wide
  • EEEE mens extra wide
  • EEEEEE mens extra, extra wide

As you can see, width sizing is different for men and womens shoes. Its for this reason, that women who require a wide can also wear a mens shoe to get some extra width. Just remember there is a 1.5 size difference between womens and mens shoes. Womens shoes are sized 1.5 larger than mens. For example, a mens 8.5 is equivalent to a womens size 10.

For women who need a wide shoe, you can often get more shoe options if you are open to wearing a mens shoe . If you needed a womens size 9 wide , that is the same as a mens size 7.5 medium .

Check Wear Patterns On Your Shoe

Asics Snapdown 3 wrestling shoes (Barefoot)

For Underpronators/Supinators:

The outside of your running shoes show the most wear If you put your running shoes on a flat surface, you may notice a slight outward tilt

For Neutral Runners:

The soles of your running shoes show wear in an S-shaped pattern, from the outer heel to the big toe If you put your shoes on a flat surface, you may not notice any tilt

For Overpronators:

Extra wear on the inside of the heel and under the ball of the foot, especially the big toe If you put your shoes on a flat surface, you may notice an inward tilt

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How To Make Sure You Get The Right Size Of Running Shoes

Even though the sizing system for most shoes is similar across different brands, there is still some discrepancy. The way shoes are made, where theyre made, and the manufacturers history all play a role in how well the shoes fit. For many casual shoes, this isnt a significant problem. But a pair of running shoes that doesnt fit correctly can cause discomfort or injury.

Nowadays, many people buy shoes online instead of going into a store. While this is convenient, it often means you cant be sure how well the pair will feel. Instead of guessing which shoes will fit, here are the necessary steps to get it right the first time.

Saucony Echelon 8 Extra Wide

Price: $$

Cost, simplicity, and versatility play a significant role in shoe selection, which is why the Echelon 8 from Saucony is worth checking out. Balanced and stable, it meets a wide range of needs for runners looking for a neutral running shoe with a generous fit.

With a spacious toe box and wide mid-foot and forefoot, the Echelon is designed to give a comfy ride to wide feed. Plus, it has plenty of room for a full-length orthotic shoe insert.

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When Is Additional Width Needed

The standard width for women is B, while the standard width for men is D. Shoe boxes and labels will only identify widths other than standard. Within the shoes, wide and narrow widths are identified on the label, underneath the tongue ie. T005N.

Visible stretching or bulging on the outsides of forefoot materials is a good indicator that additional width may be needed. These sizes are available in many of our Running and Training shoes. In some cases, men can wear womens styles to achieve a narrow fit and women can wear mens to get a wide. If this is needed, please use the references above to determine comparable size lengths.

Please note that the differences of width between narrow, standard, wide, and extra wide are usually only a couple millimeters and are proportional to the size of the shoe. Most additional width will be found in the forefoot.


Asics Vs Nike Sizing: Finding The Right Sizing

Asics Gel Nimbus 21 4E Extra Wide Blue Black White Men ...

Its vital to pick a pair of running shoes that fits you properly. Running shoes that fit properly make running much more comfortable, preventing rubbing and blisters and potentially lowering your chance of major injury. Running shoes are an important and sometimes expensive investment that will help you cover much ground, so knowing what makes for a proper fit is crucial.

Heres all you need to know about buying Asics and Nike running shoes that are the right fit for you.

Are You Sure About Your Shoe Size?

Many of us assume that once we reach maturity, our shoe size will stay the same for the rest of our lives. That our shoe size at the age of 18 will remain the same at the age of 40. However, this isnt always the case. As we grow older, our feet may experience various changes that cause them to change in size. For example:

  • If your feet become flat, they will grow longer.
  • On the other hand, people with high arches may notice their arches becoming higher, requiring them to wear shorter shoes.
  • During pregnancy, womens feet often get larger and wider.
  • Your foot shape may change as a result of an injury.
  • If you spend much time in heels or tight, sharp shoes, your toe area may alter form.

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The 8 Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet In 2021

Whether your foot is naturally wide or needs extra room to allow for swelling during a long run, finding a good running shoe is key to keeping wide feet happy and healthy.

If your feet feel cramped or you regularly get blisters, bunions, corns, or calluses or if your toes or feet feel like theyre falling asleep your current shoes might be too tight.

To ensure the right fit for a wide shoe, its best to test drive a few in a store, of course before you settle on a pair.

The shoes in this roundup were chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Customer reviews. Online customer reviews from various sites like Amazon, RoadRunnerSports, and brand websites, helped determine placement on this list. The shoes below have mostly positive reviews.
  • Features and material quality. Features to consider include extra cushioning, the heel counter, heel cushioning, forefoot cushioning, heel-toe drop, sock liner, a waterproof upper , and breathability.
  • Reputable companies. The shoes in this list all come from established companies with positive industry reputations.
  • Available in mens and womens models. Running shoes often come in both mens and womens models. While the performance features might be the same, you may notice a difference in how the shoe fits.

Here are the 8 best running shoes for wide feet in 2021.

Do Merrell Hiking Boots Run True To Size

I dont actually own Merrell hiking boots but my Moabs fit me true to size. So if I were I to order Merrell hiking boots I would order size 11. For hiking boots right now, Im using my Timberland White Ledge. Although these waterproof Merrells may be my next pair.

It seems that as with the Merrell Moab hiking shoes we get a mix of reports as to whether or not they actually fit true to size. I did some more digging in Amazon reviews I discovered that the ratio of fits true to size to order a half size up is about 50/50.

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What Does Shoe Size Means

Usually what we mean by shoe size is its length, and unfortunately, this got us into the trap. Length does not define an appropriate shoe size. There have also the wide, arch, and the shape of the shoe that is to be considered to identify a proper size.

Let me break down how you could manage to identify your shoe size step by step.

What Else Should You Consider When Choosing The Right Fit For Running Shoes

the BEST shoes for wide feet (heels & sneakers)

Aside from the foots movement, there are a few other significant variables to consider while choosing running shoes:

Your socks collection: Its often a good idea to remember to bring your regular running socks with you while shopping for running shoes. This may be somewhat thicker or thinner than your ordinary socks and may have more or less padding, depending on your particular taste. All of this will have an impact on the proper fit of your running shoes.

Width of your feet: Are you a narrow or a wide fit? Dont put up with wearing shoes that arent the right size. Many of Asics and Nike running shoe collections come in both narrow and wide fit options.

Your desire for speed: Do you prefer the fast track running? If thats the case, a slightly snugger trainer could be preferable. Youll be able to strike the ground harder because of the restricted movement. If youre going for a long, slow run, stick to the slightly longer pair of running shoes.

Remember to think about your feet: Do you have issues with your feet, such as heel spurs or bunions? Its important to think about how this will affect your running shoe selection. Its a good idea to consult your podiatrist or general practitioner, who can advise you on selecting the proper shoe size.

The time of day: Thats correct. Over the course of the day, your feet tend to become slightly larger. As a result, its best to try on shoes for fit later in the day, when theyve warmed up.

Final Take

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How Asics Shoes Fit

Asics is predictable in the sizing of its various shoe types and models. You can expect an accommodating fit in any of its acclaimed series like the Gel Kayano, Nimbus, and Cumulus.

Some models like Asics Gel Lyte sneakers have a more tapered toebox, so people with wide feet may want to consider the wider option.

Most of the performance-oriented race shoes from Asics will also fit snug and small. So, it is also recommended to check the information on a specific model that youre interested in. You can find the size and fit recommendations on each product page on our website.

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