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Do I Need Spiked Golf Shoes

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Spiked Vs Spikeless Golf Shoes Outsole Design And Traction

Should You Choose Spiked Or Spikeless Golf Shoes?

By spikeless golf shoes, we assume that they have flat bottoms like athletic or running shoes. But, thats not true. To improve traction, spikeless golf shoes have textured spikes molded into the outsole. These spikes are called nubs.

Unlike the studs on spiked golf shoes, these short numbs are soft and comfortable. Moreover, they provided you with better stability as they are molded into the sole. An example of such outsole design is the Tri-Fi outsole in Ecco Golf Shoes, which is made of Thermoplastic Urethane material for stability, traction, and durability. From this, it would not be wrong to say that modern spikeless golf shoes are not far behind that spiked golf shoes in terms of traction.

Most golf players recommend Footjoy Sl Pro spikeless golf shoes. They are versatile and have excellent grip, but are not so comfortable like Ecco golf shoes.

On the other hand, spiked golf shoes have long studs made of rubber or metal. Rubber spikes are generally made of polyurethane material and offer less traction as compared to metal cleats. According to golf experts, only spiked golf shoes with metal spikes show a significant difference if we compare them with spikeless golf shoes.

Do Pros Wear Spikes Or Spikeless Golf Shoes

Spikeless shoes have come a long way in the past few years, and the pros have noticed. Spikeless shoes are now being seen at professional tournaments. Spikeless shoes can offer long lasting comfort and support, particularly for those who suffer from old injuries such as knee or back pain. There are many notable pros who have played in spikeless shoes in competition and who feel that they do a great job.

Spiked shoes are still popular among the pros as they provide stability and grounding and can increase a players confidence.

What Type Of Golf Shoes Is Better For Beginners

If you are a beginner golfer who is just getting the lay of the land , you can get away with wearing sneakers for the first few times on the course. However, if you start to enjoy the sport, it is best to switch to an actual pair of golf shoes. For beginners, playing with spiked golf shoes is considered to be better as they provide you with the stability and balance that you might need as you learn to swing a club correctly. You can buy spiked golf shoes online or from the local market.

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What Can I Use If I Dont Have Golf Shoes

Pretty much anything at the driving range, just be aware that you might not neccessarily be able to take your ordinary shoes on to the golf course. Id advise something without too severe a tread for the course. Absolutely do not wear cleats as these will damage the greens and youll find yourself barred pretty quickly!

If the reason youre not buying them is because money is tight then it is absolutely not necessary. Youd be better off putting your money towards clubs and lessons and maybe saving for a nice new pair of shoes at a later date!

Spiked Golf Shoe Or Spikeless Golf Shoe: On

Do You Need Golf Shoes To Play Golf

In a golf swing the shoes are your anchor. They are your only connection to the ground, similar to tires on a car. So having traction and grip is vital to maintaining that connection as without a solid relationship to the ground you can’t fully commit to your swing.

Being able to swing the club safe in the knowledge that you have a steady base that isnt going to slip and slide because of conditions underfoot is an important ingredient to good golf. If youre worried about your footing you will become distracted and lose confidence.

It stands to reason then that on wet turf you will get more grip from having spikes or cleats on your shoes than you will with the rubber nubs you find on the spikeless type.

Spiked shoes are very much all rounders when it comes to golf. You can wear them in any weather, on any course, in any conditions and they will do the same job every time.

The most obvious benefit to these shoes is traction, especially in damp conditions. In the past there was a trade off for that stability as golf shoes were not always built for maximum comfort. That is no longer true.

Spiked shoes have come on in leaps and bounds over the years and the more expensive ones nowadays are as comfortable as anything with spikes in the sole can possibly be.

The last thing you need is to be sliding down that bank on the seat of your pants, with your pals in fits of laughter or – even worse – filming it all on their smartphones!

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Can You Wash Golf Shoes

Some golf shoes are machine washable, but you might want to check the care tag first just to be sure. If you can, the first thing you need to do is get rid of any fresh or dried dirt by the use of an old toothbrush. Next, you should remove the laces and put everything inside the machine.

Along with the laundry detergent, you can add half a cup of baking soda in order to get rid of any bad odors. Turn on the machine as per the care instructions and kick back and wait until its over with.

Take the shoes out and put paper towels or newspaper inside of each shoe. This will aid them in keeping their shape while drying. Let the laces and the shoes both dry. After they are totally dry, you can lace up the shoes.

Best Spiked Shoes Of 2020 Faq

Q: How much should I spend on a shoe?

A: Its possible to find well-designed, fully featured golf shoes for around $105. That said, the majority of top performers, including our choice for Best Stability, are closer to $200. As with anything else, your frequency of play should factor in the decision. Golfers who play just a few times a year may be able to find a suitable offering for less. Just dont skimp on comfort to save a buck.

Q: Do I need to buy golf shoes? Can I play golf in regular shoes?

A: You can. But the correct footwear will contribute to your game. If youre not playing for score, you can transform any shoe into a spiked golf shoe with screw-in spikes called GolfKicks. Discuss among yourselves.

Q: Is BOA/DISC technology better than laces?

A: Some golfers prefer these modern closure systems to traditional laces but its certainly not a universal preference. Users of BOA and DISC report a tendency for their shoes to loosen during a round and while its not a big deal to re-tighten, it can be an annoyance. Also consider that if a shoelace breaks, its easily replaceable whereas warranty replacements for other closure systems can take time.

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When Should I Buy A New Pair Of Golf Shoes

A good golf shoe will last for around 3 to 5 years depending on the type of game that you play. If your feet get uncomfortable when youre taking a swing, its time to replace those golf shoes.

Most of the time, replacing golf shoes is not necessary. However, it is important to maintain the shoes properly to avoid damaging them. If you can maintain them, they will last for a long time. To extend their longevity, always store them in a garage.

With careful maintenance, you could get the most out of your golf shoes and also maximize their lifespan. If you decided that its time to buy a new pair of golf shoes, we recommend you to go back to the basics on how to choose golf shoes that suit your needs, as you may change your preference since the last time you bought one.

Why Do You Need Golf Shoes

Spiked vs Spikeless Golf Shoes | Will Either Help Improve Your Golf Game?

Why Golf Shoes? Do you really need them? And, Why do you care? Well, the simple answer to all three questions is Yes, golf shoes are important and you need them.

Every sport has specific gears, equipment, and kits to help players play the sport effectively and easily and keep them safe from injuries. The same rule applies to golf. Golf shoes are specifically engineered to provide you with extra support, flexibility, comfort, and stability.

All this helps you obtain a better swing, make better contact with the ball, and consequently play better shots.

Beginners often dont give importance to golf shoes and they come on the course in sneakers. Though its allowed, it invites injuries. Often, they struggle to improve their game. Too bad for them as they dont even think there might be a problem in their shoes.

Dont believe my words. Experiment yourself. Dont wear a good pair of golf shoes and the green with water would stand in your way making a par.

Now you would say, Actually, it could happen because of the wrong clubs, poos golfing skills or out of nervousness and so and so

Yes, these can be the reasons but it can also happen because of tiredness, lack of stability, and imperfect swings. All these factors are directly related to the very shoes that you choose to wear on the course.

A good pair of golf shoes can help you prevent fatigue, keep your feet stable while you swing, and improve your shots.

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Are Golf Shoes Worth It For Beginners

As a beginner golfer, there are so many expenses. When you first see that sticker on the shiny new set of golf clubs you picked out, your head will likely be spinning. Add in some new clothes, a few greens fees, those $48.00 golf balls, and you may end up wearing no shoes the next time you go and play. Golf shoes are really not worth it for beginners. If you feel as though golf will be your sport and you plan on sticking with it for quite some time, by all means, go for the golf shoes.

If, however, you are giving the game a test and deciding if it is the right game for you, then sneakers are more than acceptable to wear to play golf. You will not want to wear anything other than this as certain shoes can do damage to greens. The soft rubber bottom of a sneaker is a perfectly acceptable shoe to wear on the golf course.

What Is The Point Of Golf Shoes

Golf shoes are engineered specifically to offer players balance, stability, and flexibility during the singular motion of a golf swing. Should the player slip or slide in the middle of the swing action, it would be very difficult to make adequate contact with the golf ball which would make it very hard to produce decent shots.

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Do You Really Need Shoe Spikes Spike

Golf Shoes have really gone out of control! With the boom of Sketchers, FootJoy, Nike and Under Armour shoes, there are PLENTY of different options us golfers can choose from. But the real question is, do you really need golf spikes? What about Spike-less? Does this matter?

Both spike-less and spiked golf shoes help golfers maintain stability during the golf swing. Spiked shoes will dig in deeper to the ground than a spike-less golf shoe which uses small grooves instead of spikes to prevent slippage during a swing.

Golf Spikes

Golf spikes are ridged plastic inserts that are located on the bottom of golf shoes. As you already know golf spikes help keep the golfer in good balance during the golf swing. There are generally 6- spikes on a golf shoe which are distributed around the shoe in key areas to keep the golfer stable.

The problem with golf spikes is that they get worn out and need to be replaced. On average it takes about 10-15 rounds before you will need to get new ones. Obviously, this depends on how you swing and how well you take care of your golf shoes but a good way to tell is if you see a spike start to become dull or faded its time for new ones.

Each golf shoe company has a different style spike that they use for replacement

Here is a quick guide towards which spikes to grab:

  • All Adidas Golf Shoes PINS
  • All Ecco Shoes Q Lok
  • FootJoy Shoes- Fast Twist
  • Nike Shoes- Fast Twist

Spike-less Shoes

Which is Best?

Well both!

What Do We Use?

Final Thoughts: Spiked Vs Spikeless Golf Shoes


I hope this has helped you weigh up the differences between spiked and spikeless golf shoes. Im delighted I fitted in some biomechanics to such an article. In summary:

  • Wet conditions most of the year go spiked
  • Very hot, dry weather spikeless will be more breathable
  • Spiked will likely cost more, but will last longer
  • For all-out performance and grip go for spiked

You can check out our review of the best golf shoes here.

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Spike Vs Spikeless Golf Shoes

Choosing a pair of golf shoes is not an easy task. There are many different shoes to choose from, each with their advantages and disadvantages. In addition, choosing a pair of golf shoes is more than just a matter of style the spiking system significantly impacts how shoes are designed and thus their performance out on the golf course.

Knowing which spiking system is best for you will help you make a better decision when purchasing golf shoes and ensure that you have a good fit for your game.

In this Spike vs Spikeless golf shoes guide, we will compare the similarities and differences between these two golf shoe types so that you can decide which is best for you and when to wear each.


Which Style Do The Pros Prefer

The majority of pros continue to wear spiked golf shoes, including the increasingly rare metal spikes, but many of the worlds best golfers are going spikeless.

Many industry experts believe the spikeless golf shoe trend began at the first major of 2010, when one of the Tours more popular players wore ECCO BIOM Hybrid spikeless golf shoes throughout the tournament en route to a 6th place finish. Not only did he turn heads for his style, but for his ability to perform on golfs biggest stage while wearing non-traditional golf shoes.

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Get Fit For Your Game With Truegolffit

Unbiased. No Guesswork. All Major Brands. Matched To Your Swing. Advanced Golf Analytics matches the perfect clubs to your exact swing using connected data and machine learning.


Shape of Innovation – Sqairz Arrow

The Sqairz Arrow unique toebox will get you noticed on the course. Like its name suggests, the Sqairz has a square toe. The theory is the square toe helps golfers align properly over the ball. The Arrow’s wider toe box allows your foot to lay flat which Squairz says encourages the correct amount of lateral movement. The shoe runs 1/2 size big, but with the right size, comfort, and stability increase making it a shoe to consider…if you can get past the shape.

Best Golf Shoe Brands

Improve Driver Distance: Barefoot Versus Spikeless Versus Spiked Golf Shoes

Fortunately there are many different brand choices when it comes to golf footwear. I have noticed the quality of all golf shoes in general has significantly improved over the years. While improved quality may be the case, there are still plenty of dud products in the market.

I have compiled a list of my favorite companies for you to look at. Do your own research and youll see plenty of favorable reviews on the products listed below.

  • Nike Mens Explorer 2
  • NIKE Mens Roshe G
  • Nike Mens Lunar Command 2
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    Spiked Golf Shoe Or Spikeless Golf Shoe: Looks

    This is very much a subjective thing but the variety of choices available in both types of shoe means there is something to suit everyone. Often you will find the same pair of shoes available in spiked and spikeless, which means you arent having to choose between them based on what is more aesthetically pleasing and can instead focus on which style of shoe meets your other requirements.

    While there are exceptions, as a good rule of thumb spiked shoes tend to look more traditional and spikeless shoes are very much more modern looking. You can still find traditional looking shoes without spikes, as well as modern, trainer style shoes that do have them. Golfers are very much spoiled for choice when it comes to shoe variety these days.

    Generally speaking though, spiked shoes will tend to look more like ‘golf shoes’ and spikeless will be look more like trainers. If you look at some of the Nike spikeless shoes for example they just look like premium, fashionable trainers. If you saw someone wearing them on the street you would never in a million years think that they were golf shoes.

    That will appeal to some but not to others. Some golfers prefer a traditional look, in which case they should be looking more towards something like some of Footjoys classic designs for instance, or the Under Armour Spieth 3 .

    When it comes to aesthetics you can find some great looking shoes with and without spikes so neither has the edge in this category.

    Spiked Vs Spikeless Golf Shoes: Which One Should You Pick

    Are you looking for a new pair of golf shoes for yourself? Do you find yourself feeling confused about the kind of golf shoes you should purchase: spiked or spikeless?

    Although it is the spikeless golf shoes that are gaining traction in the world of golf, they are not necessarily the best option for every other golfer. In this blog, we will talk about both spiked golf shoes as well as spikeless ones, and help you come to the right decision.

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