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Does Ecco Make Wide Golf Shoes

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Are All Golf Shoes Comfortable

ECCO- Extra Width in Golf Shoes

All ECCO golf shoes are designed with comfort top of mind, building a solid foundation to help perfecting your performance on the golf course. Each pair of our golf shoes is the final result of a thorough design and shoemaking process to offer optimal comfort and balance in every facet of the game, right from the 1st to the 18th hole.

Are There Any Shoes That Are Too Big For You

Lots of people wear shoes too big for them and it may seem comfortable, but it actually ends up being less comfortable than getting your correct size. Adidas IS supposed to run true to size. Nike runs a half size small, so you would get a half size up.

Are Cleated Golf Shoes Better

Both our cleated and hybrid golf shoes have their own unique benefits. On hilly courses and on wet grass, a pair of ECCO cleated golf shoes such as our BIOM G3 collection provides added traction via the special ZARMA-TOUR® spikes, which help you maintain your balance. Still, our hybrid golf shoes, such as the S-Three and BIOM H4 collections, provide reliable stability, comfort, and traction in most conditions with some professional golfers choosing them over spiked golf shoes. The best type of golf shoe depends on the conditions of the day and, most importantly, your personal preferences.

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High Performance Golf Shoes For Wide Feet

If you are thinking that a high performance gold shoe is more what you are looking for, we recommend the ECCO Mens Cool 18 shoe. These not only work well with wide feet, but they are built to give you the best results they can.


The design of these shoes is a little bit less like a traditional golf shoe and more like a sneaker used in other sports. They are white and blue as well, which make them more appealing to younger players.

The design also includes a combination of soft and durable ECCO leather and technical stretch fabric for optimal comfort. Most important, however, is the inlay sole is removable, which can make the shoes even wider.


The Cool 18 shoes are full of great technology and features. These include the 360-degree breathability, which works through a DIP midsole grid. There are also inner air channels for optimal air flow, helping to keep your feet from overheating.

There is also GORE-TEX technology on board to help keep your feet as dry as possible, even if you are walking through wet grass.

New Balance Mens Spiked Comfort Golf Shoes

Best Rated in Men

If you are looking for a pair of wide golf shoes that are also pretty slick looking, check out the New Balance Nbg2004 spiked comfort shoes.


The design of the Nbg2004 golf shoes is pretty modern. There is no mistaking that they are golf shoes, but they make the statement with a little more flare. While the shoes are white, the overall design is attractive.

The design also includes Champ slim-lok removable cleats if that is something that you needed.


The Nbg2004 shoes have a drop midsole that will help with the cushioning and responsiveness. The drop midsole also help to keep the shoes as lightweight as possible. They have a solid amount of traction as well, ensuring that your feet do what they were supposed to do.

These shoes are built with wide feet in mind, allowing for more room in the toe box and a more comfortable overall fit. You will find that your feet stay dry in these shoes, regardless of the weather.

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Most Popular: Adidas Tech Response Golf Shoes

More than 11,000 customers gave the Adidas Tech Response golf shoes an impressive five-star rating, which makes them the most popular pair on Amazon. Customers rave about how lightweight they are, and they love that they don’t skimp on traction . Just keep in mind that some reviewers said the golf shoes run a bit narrow, so you may want to double check your size and width choices. “I was concerned about getting golf-specific shoes because they are expensive and they often look uncomfortable to wear while walking a whole course,” wrote one golfer. “These fit like normal running/tennis/athletic shoes, and were about half the price of many of the other options.”

To buy: , from $57

Cleated Golf Shoes For Firm Performance

When conditions are wet, it is very handy to have a pair of golf shoes that can keep you steady without the risk of slipping during your swing. For rainy occasions, our cleated golf shoes maintain optimal traction and stability on more mushy courses. ECCO cleated golf shoes build on decades of studying golf, fine-tuning designs, and incorporating technological innovations to make innovative golf footwear.

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Are Ecco Shoes Good For Wide Feet

Yes, Ecco shoes are excellent for wide feet. ECCO shoes are uniquely designed in such a way that they fit from the heel to the instep, unlike traditional shoes that fit across the toes, restricting the toes from spreading naturally when walking.

This makes ECCO shoes very ideal for wide feet. ECCO shoe brand flaunts their Freedom Fit which means that their shoes can fit a large variety of feet size.

If you are in that position where, whenever you try on a shoe, they fit well in length but they appear tight in sides, then it is a sign that you need shoes that have broad width.

Whatever reason is behind getting a new pair of shoes, whether for working, running, or just casual wear, it is always the best option to choose a pair of shoes that fits well.

ECCO shoes are one of the shoe brands that make really comfortable shoes for wide feet, most of their shoe designs do not restrict the toes from naturally spreading when walking.

But because they also make many other shoe designs and narrow shoes such as sandals with a Narrow Toe Box, it can be a little tricky to know which of their designs are actually ideal for wide feet.

In the rest of this post, I will be showing you the detailed features that make ECCO good for wide feet, and what you should consider if you are buying Ecco shoes for yourself.

As a bonus, I have taken time to name and explain a few of my recommended ECCO shoes that are best for wide feet, and where you can get them.

How Do You Know If Your Foot Is Wide Or Extra Wide

Ecco Cool Shoe Review

The first thing you should tell if youre thinking wide feet is what feels true case in every pair of shoes. It is not uncommon for your foot to have an obvious look once it has been measured. A person with wider feet is defined as someone whose feet are 4 1/16 inches in a size 9 shoe or 3 3/16 inches in a size 7.

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Best Traditional Style: Footjoy Originals Golf Shoes

Most of the options on this list resemble athletic sneakers, but these comfortable golf shoes from FootJoy have a totally different appearance. Many golfers in the reviews section appreciate the “traditional saddle-shoe style,” which can be pretty hard to find nowadays. In addition to the white and brown combo, the classic golf shoes come in solid black and white colors. And just like the other FootJoy golf shoes on this list, this pair is available in a wide range of sizes and widths. “No break-in time was needed I put them on and walked 18 holes and they felt great,” a customer wrote.

To buy: , from $80

Take Note Of The Measurements

Last but definitely not the least in our ECCO golf shoes fitting guide is to take note of the measurements and remember it.

Make sure to remember your measurement as you purchase your ECCO golf shoes. You may even bring the measuring paper when you shop. Golf shoes come in many different sizes.

Some manufacturers cater to golfers with wide and even narrow feet. ECCO is one of them. Thanks to their advanced technologies, they are able to produce an ample selection of golf shoes.

Simply try pairs as much as you can. You will definitely find a pair that fits your size and satisfies both comfort and style.

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Are Ecco Shoes Good For Your Feet

Can ECCO foot cream ce good for your feet? Soles for shoes manufactured by ECCO are polyurethane injection. The Direct Injection PUs offer lightweight, flexible, shock absorbent, hard-wearing and long-lasting soles in a lightweight, flexible, hard-working and durable system. Their shoes are exceptional when it comes to comfort and supportiveness to the feet.

Whats So Great About Ecco Golf Shoes


RunRepeat carries a wide array of Ecco golf shoes for men and women. For seasoned golfers, spiked shoes may be all that exists. While theres an ample selection of Ecco spiked shoes, they became extremely popular for releasing spikeless bottoms in 2010. It put the brand into the radar and served as proof that they are not only about casual shoes.

The brand is also known for its tanneries. Golfers looking for exquisite full-grain leather trainers can rely on the brand. Nonetheless, there are also synthetic uppers available for those who opt for more environmentally-friendly versions.

Most of their pieces are also treated with waterproof protection and granted with a warranty. Some use Gore-Tex, a well-known technology that completely protects the foot from moisture without affecting its breathability.

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Do Ecco Shoes Have A Wide Toe Box

In addition, they do not have the option of a wide toe box, and the shoe sole itself is narrow from heel to toebox point. There are several Ecco shoes I have owned and have noticed some differ from other shoes. In addition to purchasing a shoe box stretcher, you could give that a try on the treadmill.

How Can I Make My Wide Feet Thinner

Often, theres not much you can do to make your foot appear slimmer. Wearing narrow, tight shoes will only worsen the problem. If you have flat arches, special insoles may make your foot appear thinner while giving you support. In some cases, losing weight or reducing swelling may also help your feet look narrower.

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What Are The Best Golf Shoes For Men

Here are top 5 Best Golf Shoes for Men 2019 1. Adidas Mens Tech Response 4.0 Golf Shoe Best golf shoes 2019 2. Adidas Mens Adipower Boost Golf Shoe Best golf shoes reviews 3. ECCO Mens Biom Hybrid 2 Golf Shoe Best golf shoes for men 4. Skechers Performance Mens Go Golf Pro Golf Shoe Best golf shoes reviews

Are Ecco Shoes Good For Narrow Feet

Ecco Golf Shoe Review

Ecco Slip-On Sneakers

Love them and have worn them on all types of streets!! And usually use an orthotic No need for an orthotic with them! Someone else says, they are great and fit so well, while another reviewer describes these slip-ons as comfy, good for narrow feet, and having awesome arch support.

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Best Value For Women: Skechers Max Golf Shoe

This affordable pair of golf shoes is Amazon’s best-selling option for women. Shoppers love the simple yet stylish design, and many praise how breathable and supportive these shoes are. The soles are technically spikeless, but the small grips on the bottom still give them some traction. “I wouldn’t play golf in any other shoe,” wrote one customer. “They keep my feet dry and help stabilize my feet on uneven terrain and my tee shots. I can walk the course all day and I feel like I am wearing running shoes. cute enough to go have lunch after a round of golf.”

To buy: , from $28

Are All Ecco Golf Shoes Extra Wide

There are several brands that are known for making wide golf shoes, including ECCO, though ECCO shoes are in European sizing and do not have widths marked.10 Best Golf Shoes For Wide Feet Brand 1. ECCO Biom G3 Editors Choice Skill Level Intermediate/ Advanced Spikes Yes Rating 100% Check Now Check Price.

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They Come In Large & Small Sizes

When you shop for ECCO shoes online, you will see that for most of their designs, they have a wide variety of foot sizes.

One of the reasons why ECCO is ideal for wide feet is that they come in different sizes, large and small.

We also have 60% of reviews saying ECCO shoes tend to come a little bigger than they claim to be. This is a good thing to hear if you have wide feet.

Take Full Advantage Of The Benefits From Ecco Golf Shoes


Every movement during the golf swing consists of multiple unique positions and rotations. Your golf shoes should be able to adapt to the complex movements. Our ECCO FLUIDFORM Direct Injection Technology makes highly flexible shoes possible by injecting fluid materials directly into the soles to closely adapt to each motion. The technology allows for highly advanced molds and provides new heights for comfort, cushioning, flexibility, and lightweight wear.

Supporting natural wear – We want to make every motion and every touchpoint with the ground feel natural, like you are walking on bare feet. That is why we have created the BIOM® NATURAL MOTION® technology to give you a comfortable and anatomical feeling from our BIOM golf shoes for women.

A firm connection with the ground – Maintaining a great grip and traction can give you a big advantage in the quality of your golf swings. To help you keep your feet solidly planted for perfecting every hit, we have designed the E-DTS® traction system. With 100 TPU traction bars boasting 800 traction angles, you can achieve extraordinary traction and stability.

Adjustable shoes for a custom fit – We have different footwear options for both narrow and wide feet. Some of our golf shoes for women come with the innovative Boa® Fit System letting you achieve an agile and adjustable fit and allowing you to easily tighten the shoes with a simple twist.

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Some Ecco Shoes That Are Particularly Good For Wide Feet

Conventional shoes should properly fit over the width of your feet at the toes. But as we now know, ECCOs line of shoes uses a unique type of fit. As I mentioned earlier, they fit from the heel to the instep.

They call it the Freedom Fit which means their shoes can fit a very wide variety of feet.

Whenever the subject of best shoes for wide feet is brought up, I never fail to make reference to these three shoes from ECCO.

They are the top pick when it comes to Ecco shoes that are particularly good for wide feet.

The first one is this ECCO Mens O2-M: There are a lot of interesting technical details dancing around this shoe that got my attention initially.

Not only is it a very good shoe for wide feet, but it is also designed with breathable leather or combination textile/leather uppers that allow the moisture and warmth to conduct away from the foot.

It also features waterproof protection all around. The fit is true to size and it comes in different foot sizes.

The shoe is designed with a very flexible yet durable rubber sole, a lace-up style to adjust to the size of your feet, and a round-toe design.

Secondly, this ECCO Mens Soft Ten Sneakeralso proves to be a very good shoe for wide feet.

Originally made in the USA, this ECCO shoe design features premium suede and full-grain leather detailing.

The cushioning and flexibility of the shoe are what youd really love to try on. The Laces can be easily adjusted for a secure, yet comfortable fit.

Best For Wide Feet: Skechers Go Golf Drive 4

Shoppers especially love that these Skechers have a bigger toe box, which makes them great for wide feet. “I have tried many different golf shoes over the years, this is hands down the most comfortable,” wrote one customer. “I have a wide foot, so not a lot of choices, but their 4E is perfect for me.” They feature a cushioned insole and breathable liner, so they’ll feel extra comfy one person even said walking in these shoes feels like they’re wearing slippers. “I’ve played four rounds wearing them and my feet were not tired and achy like with others I’ve owned,” wrote another shopper.

To buy: , from $51

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What Are The Most Comfortable Golf Shoes For Wide Feet

  • Here you will find the premiere series of Flint Golf shoes. A great choice
  • A pair of wide-golf shoes from Adidas, ZG21
  • A pair of Ecco Biom H4 Golf Shoes is a pleasure to wear.
  • HO VR Drive Wide Golf Shoes by Under Armour
  • It was launched in the Skechers Golf Elite V.
  • Zoom Infinity Tour Wides Nike Air Flight.
  • The Belair Wide Wide Golf Shoes by Dafia Del Cosma were very interesting.
  • These Ignite PWRADAPT Puma cage-and-ship wide shoes are durable, high-quality footwear.
  • Do Any Pga Tour Pros Wear Skechers Golf Shoes


    Skechers has not gained a tremendous presence on the PGA Tour as of yet. Golfers Russel Knox, Colin Montgomerie, and Billy Andrade are a few of the players that have incorporated the Skechers Golf Shoes into their equipment profile.

    As more styles are created, we should see this list continue to grow. You have to consider the fact that they have not been making golf shoes for nearly as long as Callaway, FootJoy, or Ecco.

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