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Does Vans Make Wide Shoes

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Our Tips For Finding The Perfect Size

Custom Vans Shoes Do Over

Below weve gathered a few of our best tips for finding the right size for you:

  • Avoid assuming your size. The best way to ensure you get the best fit is to measure your feet. An easy technique is placing your foot on a piece of paper with your heel against a wall. Mark where your longest toe reaches and measure from that point to the wall.
  • Consult the size chart for the brand youre buying from. As weve seen above, brands differ in sizes. Even though youre a size 9 in Nike, it doesnt mean youre the same in Vans. You can read another comparison in our Adidas vs Nike sizing
  • If youre planning on wearing thick socks, wear those while measuring. The same goes for insoles, especially if youre using orthotics that can take up a significant amount of space.
  • Measure your feet in the afternoon or following exercise. These are the times where theyll swell and give you a more accurate measurement.

Watch this video for additional tips on measuring your feet.

Bogs Literally Has Your Back Rain Or Shine Thanks To Its Wellies And Sandals

“Bogs brand shoes. Most known for rain boots, but also make fantastic leather shoes. Bogs are the only shoes I’ve found where a ‘regular’ width is wide enough for my boat feet. They often also have rounded toes, rather than pointed, so no pinching. I’m a teacher, and can be on my feet all day in my Bogs boots in total comfort.” Mel Heckman, Facebook

Get them on Amazon for $44.99+ .

How Do Vans Authentic Shoes Fit

Ive worn the Vans Authentic shoes and compared their sizing to other popular styles and my conclusion was this: the Vans Authentic sizing is very consistent with other types of Vans shoes, and fit true to size, but have the same snug fit that is common with many styles of Vans shoes.

One thing that is common with Vans sizing, including Vans Authentic Sizing, is these are performance skate shoes that are designed to have a snug fit. If you have wide feet, you will want to make sure you order wide sizing. Lets compare these Vans Authentic shoes to other popular shoes.

***Verify Your Sizing: I think these Vans Authentic shoes fit true to size with a snug design, but every foot is unique. now has its own sizing tutorial which matches your foot size to a Vans shoe size. this Vans sizing guide available at to verify your correct size .

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Vans Ultrarange Sizing Vs Converse One Stars

As I mentioned earlier, I have found the Vans UltraRange shoes to fit just a slight bit bigger than other Vans shoes that Ive owned. Overall, the fit between the Converse One Stars and the Vans UltraRange EXO is very similar. Remember, the Converse One Stars have that thick rubber overlay around the toe which makes them look longer than they fit. Here are mine :

Nike Sb Sizing Compared To Vans

Revenge X Storm Velcro

Nike SB is probably the closest resemblance to Vans out of all the brands models. SB is a line of skateboarding apparel.

To compare, well be looking at theOld Skool Core Classic from Vans. This is a top-performer, a premium option for skateboarders.

The Old Skool works to relieve pressure on the bony areas of your feet by using a padded collar as well as a cushioned footbed. This enables the wearer to move freely, bend and slide without having the shoe cause blisters and sores.

Vans offers a narrow construction, allowing the shoe to hug your feet. It also prevents the sneaker from flying off while performing board tricks and stunts.

With the Nike SB, they tend to fit more snugly around the feet due to an integrated elastic band and improved tongue design. These features are all to keep the sneaker in place, similarly to the Vans Old Skool.

Whats impressive about the SB is the Lunarlon insoles. These reduce impact while protecting the underside of your feet during tricks. So despite their close fit, theyre quite comfortable.

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Removing The Inner Soles

You’ll need to start the reconstruction by pulling out the inner sole, which is glued to the outer sole. I found that the easiest place to get a grip on all the layers of the inner sole was around the arch portion of the shoe.

Figure 5 – The Best Grip Area for Inner Sole Removal is around the Arch Portion of the Shoe

Once you have a good grip, you’ll need to start tugging on the inner to work the glue loose. This is a slow and tedious process. It took me almost 5 full minutes to get each one out.

At some points I used the blunt end of a pair of scissors as a wedge between the inner and outer soles to break the really tough bits of glue. However, be careful not to puncture the outer sole with your scissors.

Figure 6 – Use the Blunt End of the Scissors to Help Remove the Tough Bits of Glue

Patience and perseverance is key in this step.

Once you have finally removed the inner sole, tear out any other bits of material that are left behind.

Figure 7 – Inner Sole Layers and Thickness of Vans

As you can see, the inner sole is made up of multiple layers and is pretty thick. It even has a slightly raised heel, which is definitely not what we want in barefoot-style shoes.

With this thick chunk of material out, there will be less than a centimetre separating your foot from the ground.

Figure 8 – Bare Rubber and Stitching of the Vans without Inner Sole

Do Vans Sk8 Run Big Or Small

According to Amazon reviews, the Vans Sk8 runs true to size or too big. However, a few people complain about the unisex sizing. Vans website reviewers didnt have any of these shoes with more than 100 reviews, but those reviewed said these shoes are true to size.

My advice is for men to buy Vans Sk8 in their usual size and ladies to buy a full size smaller .

What Amazon Reviewers say about Vans Sk8:

These are true Vans. I ordered my size, and they fit.Bought these Vans for my son, He loves them, and they fit true to size.Bought a size 14. Too big and lose. I went to the store and got a size 13, which was a perfect fit.I should have ordered a half size smaller than my usual size. Im a woman that wears an 8 usually. I ordered an 8, but the unisex sizing makes it feel more like an 8.5-9. Slightly too large even though I am a size twelve.Vans usually run a little small, so I ordered a little larger. Oops-true to size, theyre too big.

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Dr Martens Really Might Be What The Doctor Ordered For Their Healthy Dose Of Uniqueness And Comfort

“Dr. Martens boots. My feet are flat and wide at the toe with a narrow heel. The shock absorbing sole and being able to loosen and tighten laces makes me feel secure. I buy one pair a year, and they just get better over time.” Samantha Castleberry Matthews, Facebook

Get them on Nordstrom for $140 .

Why Barefoot Shoes Have Not Been Massively Adopted

How I Make Custom Vans Shoes

The barefoot shoe industry are no angels either. Many of the brands in this space are exploiting the fact that they are in a niche market by charging pretty exorbitant prices for sometimes pretty averagely made footwear.

And its not just me who is saying this. We have received loads of comments from you guys complaining about the current price of barefoot shoes.

Figure 4 – Are Barefoot Shoes Expensive? Your Comments.

Another reason for which wearing barefoot footwear hasnt been massively adopted is that they are not widely available yet. For example, there is an extremely limited range of barefoot shoes available in South Africa, which is where I’m originally from.

But let me just backtrack a bit to explain how Vans fit into this story.

Vans are a Great Value for Money Pair of Shoes

So, I wore Vans for a few years because they were both stylish and affordable. They are what wed call great value for money. I’d buy one or two pairs every year and wear them pretty much every day. During this period, while still living in South-Africa, I got into researching barefoot shoes. And after searching for a decently-priced and fashionable pair to replace my Vans, I was completely out of options.

So, I took matters into my own hands and decided to turn my much-loved Vans into barefoot shoes.

Okay, so let’s get this project started then.

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How Does Vans Sizing Run

Vans states that its shoes run true to size. This means that theyre sized per U.S. standard, determined by a Brannock device. So, if youre usually a size 9, for instance, then Vans should fit the same.

However, one thing that often confuses consumers when purchasing Vans is the lack of womens sizes. The reason for this is that Vans shoes are unisex. So whether youre a guy who likes glitter or a girl who wants chunky skate shoes, the company doesnt gender bias.

This can make it challenging for women to find appropriate sizes if youve got narrow, small feet.

To give you an overlook of its sizes, weve included a chart below:

US Women

Vans Old Skool Sizing Vs Converse One Stars

I have found the Converse One Stars to be similar to the Converse Chucks in that they run slightly bigger than most Vans sizing. The Converse One Stars fit looser than the Vans Old Skool shoes, but take into account that the Converse One Stars have a more pointed toe and a thick rubber overlay around the toe that makes them look longer than they fit. Here are mine :

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Barefoot Sneaker Width Comparison

I organized 27 different barefoot sneaker brands in order from the narrowest toe box to the widest. Check them out below! Keep in mind that I was looking specifically at toe box width you can see there are many variations in shape and width in other parts of the shoes .

And if youd like to see more complete lists of barefoot sneaker brands, check out these resources!

Are Vans True To Size

Vans Canvas Authentic Estate Blue/ True White for Men

My advice: I order my normal sizing for Vans, but in my experience they do fit just a little tighter than most other types of casual shoes I wear. Not enough for me to change my Vans sizing, but enough to notice the difference. My recommendation is to order your normal sizing unless you prefer a loose fit, then Id probably size up a half size.

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Replacing The Inner Soles

So, to solve these issues, I purchased ultra-thin and flexible fabric inner soles. I avoided ones made from silicone and those that had arch support. The ones I chose were literally just thin pieces of fabric that absorb sweat and provide a nice, even surface to stand on.

To get the right fitting inner, I purchased the one you can cut to size. I then peeled the cotton cloth off the old sole, because it served as both a perfect stencil and finishing touch to this project.

Figure 10 – Steps to Replacing the Inner Soles of Vans

However, before tracing the outline of the cotton cloth on the new inners, I smeared a thin layer of shoe glue onto the cotton cloth and pasted it onto the new inner soles.

I then put a book on it and left it to dry. Two hours later, the soles were ready to be cut to size, following the outline of the cotton cloth from the old sole.

Figure 11 – Placing New Inners into Vans Shoes

After that, it was just a matter of slipping the inner soles into the shoes and smoothing them.

Vans As Barefoot Transition Shoes

If you are one of the many people out there who are interested in barefoot shoes, but just can’t justify paying the premium price, then Vans, with our recommended adjustments, might be a good compromise for you.

There are also many of you who are still on the fence about whether or not barefoot shoes are the way to go. Well, this might be a good experiment… sort of a transition shoe that is both affordable and familiar.

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How Do Vans Ultrarange Exo Shoes Fit

Ive worn the Vans UltraRange EXO shoes and compared their sizing to other popular styles and my conclusion was this: Vans UltraRange sizing fits true to size, but they dont fit quite as snug and narrow as other types of classic Vans shoes.

One thing that is common with Vans sizing is many of the classic styles are designed to have a snug fit. If you have wide feet, this obviously can be a problem. Now, to be clear, these Vans UltraRange arent the widest shoes Ive ever worn, but I did feel like they were a bit wider than other types of Vans, like Vans Slip Ons, Vans Old Skool, Vans Sk8-Hi, Vans Atwood, and Vans Authentic.

I personally have found the Vans UltraRange shoes to fit true to size, and I think they have a more standard fit than other Vans shoes. Lets compare the UltraRange Vans sizing to other types of popular shoes.

***Verify Your Sizing: I think these Vans UltraRange shoes fit true to size, but every foot is unique. now has its own sizing tutorial which matches your foot size to a Vans shoe size. this Vans sizing guide available at to verify your correct size .

Vans Old Skool Sizing Vs Adidas Gazelles

CUSTOM VANS Shoes ð ð? | With CRAYONS (My First Custom Shoe!)

I found the Adidas Gazelle to fit just a little bit longer than the Vans Old Skool shoes, but overall the fit was very similar. Just like the Adidas Superstars above, its important to mention that there is more padding in the Adidas Gazelle than the Vans Old Skool shoes, and this makes the overall fit a bit closer than it appears. Here are mine, both size 12:

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Barefoot Sneakers That Are Better Than Vans

*Disclosure Anyas Reviews is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no additional cost to you.

Barefoot sneakers are a great way to bring the benefits of barefoot shoes into your daily life. In this list youll find 15 barefoot sneakers that look cool, but feel even better!

  • Barefoot Sneaker Width Comparison
  • How Do Vans Fit

    According to Vans, I am a UK 9,5 and a US 10,5. So I can say that my Vans were true to size when I bought a pair of classic ones. However, dont forget that every person has different needs when it comes to shoes, and you need to consider yours when buying your Vans.

    To make your life easier, I have read Amazon reviews of specific Vans styles to back up my claims on why some shoe styles run too big and others true to size. I also checked Vans website reviews.

    On Amazon, I have typed the words small size,big size, and true to size to include all reviews that mentioned if Vans run big or small.

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    Vans Old Skool Sizing Vs Converse Pro Leather

    In my experience, the Vans Old Skool shoes have a very similar fit compared to the Converse Pro Leathers. The Converse Pro Leathers might be a little bit looser, but it was close. This seems to be a bit of an exception for Converse though because both the Converse Chucks and Converse One Stars fit bigger. Here are mine :

    Heeled Shoes Vs Flat Shoes


    While high heels may not be as good for your feet or body, they will make your feet look smaller. The good news is that chunky heels and wedges usually accomplish this better than stiletto heels, and they’re typically much easier to wear.

    The heel height doesn’t factor in quite as much on men’s shoes since there isn’t that much of a variance, but typically styles that show just a hint of sole around the upper of the shoe will make your feet look shorter.

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    Surprising Facts About Vans

    If youve ever followed an American success story, then the story of the company, Vans is just what youre looking for.

    This streetwear shoe & apparel manufacturer is now celebrating its years of popularity of supplying the most innovative and well received sportswear on the market.

    Today one will find Vans shoes and other products the favorite of sports celebrities, top musicians, and spotlighted persons all over the world.

    The brand name has become synonymous with durability and subtle design and one can find a type of shoe or other merchandise for any occasion.

    Considering the company started out very small and had lots of competition, a lack of support, and barely enough resources to operate, it has proven itself a vanguard of independent entrepreneurship that fairy tales are made of.

    The creators have become legends in several areas most notably the skateboarding industry and sport.

    They represent that sort of pioneer spirit that folk tales are made of.

    Now, men, women, boys and girls, can choose from a wide variety of Vans products as the lines have expanded over the years. Well made, keenly designed, Vans is a staple of American apparel.

    Here are 30 surprising facts about Vans!

  • The company was originally founded by brothers Paul and Jim Van Doren. They had two partners along with them, Gordon Lee and Serge Delia.
  • Vans was founded on March 16, 1966 and opened at 704 E. Broadway in Anaheim California.
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