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Dries Van Noten Boots Mens

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Dries Van Noten Men’s

Dries Van Noten Menâs Spring Summer 2022

Dries Van Noten men’s fashion should be considered as a work of art. A virtuoso of pattern and colour, the Belgian designer is part of the famous Antwerp Six, a collective of six avant-garde designers. Born into a family of tailors, Van Noten studied at Antwerps Royal Academy of Fine Arts before launching his first collection in 1986. Defined by his distinctive aesthetic, Dries Van Noten’s creations demonstrate a poetic harmony of fabrics and hues, a signature theme across his designs. Stocked globally from Paris to Tokyo, the eponymous luxury label has continued to defy industry norms, dressing the likes of A-list celebrities and the Queen of the Belgians. Discover an eclectic selection of Dries Van Noten menswear, designed for every season and occasion in mind. Expect a cacophony of prints, shades and materials that seamlessly juxtapose each other and make for striking statement options. Think all-over floral motifs, unexpected embellishment and kaleidoscopic colour palettes. Find these design tropes throughout the collection, from foundational pieces such as Dries Van Noten coats to amped-up shirts that add a dose of avant-garde to smart-casual dressing.

The Film Was Shot In Public

An ode to Antwerp, the collection had to be shot in the city streets, too. Van Noten staged a light-hearted video captured around the everyday locations of Antwerp, showcasing looks on a podium that moved the city. We shot it in public, so people were watching and commenting. Oh, is that a Rubens I see on that T-shirt? Is it really? Some people recognised the images, of course, like the cranes. And some didnt understand what the guys were wearing at all, Van Noten laughed. What is this, what is he wearing now? Thats so strange. Why? It gave a really positive vibe to the whole thing.

Van Noten Still Has No Runway Plans

Since the first lockdown, Van Noten has been optimistic about the change the pandemic might bring to fashion. While he said a shoot like the one he did for this collection is much crazier than putting on a runway show, he has no plans of returning to pre-pandemic procedures. Now, he said, fashion should reflect the same freedom that informs his work. I dont dream of doing a mens and a womens fashion show again every season. I think it would be more fun to do a mixed show one season, a video the next season, an installation the season after that, and then go back to a show. Its going to be like that, I think.

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Dries Van Noten Shoes For Men

Our selection of Dries Van Noten shoes has a little something for everyone. No matter what you’re looking for – luxurious loafers or designer espadrilles – you can find a variety of options at Mytheresa. Some styles in the collection are suited to timeless wear, whilst others are made for more statement days. Dries Van Noten shoes will ensure you impress, regardless of the occasion. A pair of slides in beige would work well for a sunny day at a lake. Couple it with a colorful silk shirt and square-frame sunglasses.

Dries Van Noten Is Feeling Free

Dries Van Noten Ankle Boots in Black for Men

Super lightweight 200-gram silk suits, billowing summer shirts and oversized silhouettes to make you move: freedom is in the air and Dries Van Noten is feeling it. Normally, when you start a collection, you think, What is it going to be about? What are the shapes, what are the dyes? And thats something weve learnt now: it doesnt matter. I just want to make clothes and combine them, he said on a video call from Antwerp. Within the frames of lightness, his mens proposal for the post-pandemic summer of 22 was a feel-good exercise in impulse, whim and positive energy.

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Van Noten Was Inspired By His Italian Home

Fuelled by the reemergent energy were feeling this summer, there was a hyper-summer sensibility to Van Notens collection which he excels in: the kind of clothes that make you want to go on holiday. Building a house in Italy also helps! he noted, referring to the 17th-century tower built nearly in the water that he and his husband, Patrick Vangheluwe, have been renovating since before the pandemic. Done up in the 1920s and 80s, were trying to take the 80s vibe a little bit out of it, Van Noten smiled. Most of the work is controlled via FaceTime, but we had to go down because it was getting complicated. Were constructing a new kitchen, which is going to be my new paradise. Its really fantastic.

The Collection Celebrated Antwerp

We were in lockdown number five here in Antwerp when we started, Van Noten said, recalling how his studio was hankering for a sense of freedom. He asked them to scour the image libraries of their phones for snapshots of Antwerp before the pandemic set in. Some had taken more postcard pictures of buildings, and some had taken more gritty, dirty pictures of old cafes. Its all really personal things we collaged together. Van Noten emblazoned the pictures on shirts along with historical Antwerpian trademarks, from Rubens to Bruegel and an Antwerp city seal from the 1970s.

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