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Havaianas Men’s Flip Flops

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Are Havaianas Good For Walking

Havaianas Origine II Flip Flops SKU:8709196

When spending money on shoes, one of the first things to consider is their level of comfort. Painful feet can be avoided when you choose to invest in comfortable shoes.

Sometimes flip flops have uncomfortable plastic that irritates your toes or a poor quality base that doesnt feel anything like walking on a cloud.

Many customer reviews have revealed that Havaianas creates comfortable pairs of sandals, as they should at their price point. Several people report that for what they are, theyre very comfortable.

This Havaianas flip flops review found that some people recommend breaking them infirst, while others say they wouldnt choose to walk for miles in them .

How Long Do Havaianas Last

The average lifespan of flip flops, or any shoe for that matter, definitely varies depending on various circumstances. Some factors to consider are the user, the environment, and the quality of the shoe.

An inexpensive pair of flip flops could very well last longer than a $50 pair of flip flops, depending on what its made of and how often its worn.

It seems Havaianas flip flops tend to last for 3 to 6 months according to customer reports. Once again, depending on where you wear your Havaianas sandals and how you take care of them, their lifespan will vary.

How To Contact Havaianas

If you have questions that go beyond this Havaianas flip flops review, you can reach out to the company through 2 main methods of contact:

  • Fill out the form on their Contact Us page
  • Their hours of operations are between 8 AM to 5 PM PST.

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    How Long Does Havaianas Take To Ship

    All US Havaianas orders qualify for free standard shipping on their official website. Here are some additional shipping options and rates:

    • USPS Priority: $8

    Your order will require up to 48 hours to be processed.

    The company does not ship to Canada via their US website. For international orders in locations such as Australia, Havaiana has dedicated websites for different countries worldwide. Order tracking is also available on their website.

    Havaianas Womens Flip Flops Review

    Havaianas Mens Brazil Flip Flops (Navy)

    Theflip flopis definitely the most popular category of Havaianas womens sandals. The company also sells flat sandals and espadrilles, but the classic flip flop is what the brand is most known for, especially since this footwear was the first item produced by the company.

    This Havaianas flip flops review will take a look at some of their best-selling womens flip flops to give you a sneak peek into their selection.

    Havaianas Slim Gradient Flip Flops

    Who doesnt love a good ombré effect? Something about these high-spirited flip flops screams summer. When looking at them, its hard not to smell sunscreen and feel the sand between your toes.

    The Slim Gradient Flip Flopsfeature a fade effect from one neon color to the next, finished with vibrant matching straps.

    Available in neon green, orange, and pink, the Slim Gradient Flip Flops retail for $28.

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    Havaianas Reviews: What Do Customers Think

    As a fairly expensive footwear brand, are Havaianas worth the money? Now that weve discussed some of the brands highest-selling items, its time to see what customers have to say about their products.

    After discovering numerous comments and ratings, this Havaianas flip flops review found that most testimonials were positive. Lets take a closer look at some experiences with the brand we uncovered from Zappos, Amazon, and TrustPilot.

    On Zappos, the Slim Flip Flops have a total of826 ratings with an average score of 4.4/5 stars. One reviewer out of many agrees that Havaianas are worth the price, and for many, the brands sandals and flip flops are essential during the hotter seasons.

    The comment reads, I live in Havaianas in the spring through summer theyre the only flips I can wear and not walk out of. The TOP style is certainly more comfortable, but SLIM offers a more feminine look. I can usually get away with a pair for about 2 years.

    On Amazon, the Womens Top Flip Flop had a 4.5/5 star score from 5,350 ratings. Many customers are happy to be able to easily buy the brands trusty flip flops online.

    One long-time Havaianas customer wrote, A lifetime staple. Simple and minimal design. Ive owned several of these over the years and they are really hit or miss. Some have lasted 20 years, some havent made it a month.

    We found that this specific style fits smaller than the Havaianas standard flip flop.

    The Michael Tilden Collection

    We are proud to announce that Michael Tilden has come aboard as an official brand partner of Flip Flop Shops. Michael Tilden is a lifelong surfer, and his unique art style reflects his love for the ocean and the beach lifestyle. We are featuring Michaels Tilden art throughout our shops, social media, and upcoming product releases.

    See his one-of-a-kind art pieces below:

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    Men’s Sandals & Slides


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    Is Havaianas Worth It

    Havaianas Spring Flip Flops SKU:#8306873

    For comfortable, classic flip flops that will go with anything, we recommend Havaianas to be the shoe of your summer. The brand has been around for decades and has maintained a relatively positive reputation over the years.

    Though Havaianas arent your typical $5 flip flops, theyre pricier for a good reason. These flip flops are made of rubber instead of foam and provide much more comfort than the department store variety.

    Havaianas manages to stay true to their culture and cater to a variety of peoplewith their different styles and collections. The brand is fun and reminiscent of nostalgic, sunny days.

    Their products pass the test with consumers but their customer service does not, and weve definitely taken that into account.

    We recommend purchasing Havaianas shoes, but if youre worried about exchanging the style or size, we suggest buying from a partnered retailer with a more responsivecustomer service team.

    The best thing about the brands flip flops is that theyre comfortable, versatile, and accessible worldwide. If youre looking for some reliable sandals, this Havaianas flip flops review deems the brand to be worth it.

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    How Do I Return Havaianas

    Need to return your Havaianas Havannah Sandals? Since Havaianas has many partner retailers, we do note that returns to the companys website are only accepted if thats where you made your purchase.

    If youre not happy with your purchase, Havaianas provides a 60-day happiness guarantee so that you arent stuck with your item. Unfortunately, this does not apply to Havaianas sunglasses and eyewear.

    To submit a happiness guarantee claim, reach out to the company via phone or email and wait for their approval.

    Otherwise, if youre looking to make a return, youll have 30 days to do so. As long as your product is returned with the original tags and is unworn, Havaianas will accept your return.

    Havaianas Mens Flip Flops Review

    Along with their popular womens sandals, the brand is also recognized for their Havaianas kids flip flops and their mens selection.

    For the sake of brevity, this Havaianas flip flops review will explore the mens section to see some of their customer favorites, just in time for summer.

    Havaianas 9Twenty Hat New Era

    Nothing says beach day like a pair of Havaianas and a trusty cap. New Era hats collaborated with Havaianas to celebrate their 100 years of business. The collaboration featuresflip flops and hats thatll add some fun to your summer.

    The 9Twenty Hat New Era is super laid back and perfect for casual dayswhen you just feel like sitting back and soaking up the sun.

    This cap is designed with an embroidered palm tree and both brand symbols on the side of the hat. You can purchase the 9Twenty Hat New Era for $26.

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