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How Do Hey Dude Shoes Fit

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Are Hey Dude Wally Shoes Good Quality

heydude Shoes Review

Hey Dudes Wally shoes are good quality, they are meant to withstand plenty of walking and other activities. The one thing that makes wearers question the quality is the elastic in the shoe. The elastic provides comfort and keeps the shoes light, but it does tend to stretch out. Some wearers think that the added elastic makes the shoes stretch out and fade faster than if they were made out of another material. If you are worried about the stretch, then you should not size up.

Hey Dude Shoes Sizes Compared To Nike

Youth: There is no clear answer as to whether Hey Dude shoe sizes for youth run big or small compared to Nike. It varies from size to size. Try the free online shoe size calculator for a more precise answer.

Women: In some cases Hey Dude shoes run large compared to Nike. In other cases there is no difference between Hey Dude and Nike shoe size. So its not easy to give a clear answer.

Men: In some sizes Hey Dude shoes for men run large compared to Nike. In other sizes they run small so there is now clear answer as to whether Hey Dude shoes run big or small compared to Nike.

Are Hey Dude Shoes Sustainable

Hey Dude has continually imbedded the sustainability character to have a positive impact on the environment. It uses some eco-friendly and recycled materials. Its natural shoe range features natural, eco-friendly raw materials, such as hemp laces, organic cotton stitching, and recycled rubber insole.

Hey Dudes shoes are recyclable. As one of its policies, customers can send old and unwanted pairs of Dude shoes back to its factory to be recycled. In return, it gives a 20% discount to be used on the new Dude shoe. The brand is also looking to create a new collection called Eco-Knit. This collection will use recycled plastics from oceans to reduce plastic epidemics.

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Why Am I Not Important

I ordered a pair of shoes on September 10,2021. I received a notice from Pay Pal that I was charged. On September 15, I reached out to customer service to see what was going on since I hadn’t received a word about my order. I was asked about my invoice ID, I sent the number and was told it wasn’t the right one. I gave all my info and transaction ID, shipping info and phone number. At this point, I was ignored for an hour and a half. I reached out a few times, but nothing. Not sure what to do next. I cannot find a number to call. I will not let them keep the money I paid. I sure was excited about those shoes! Just a dream I guess.

Comparison: Hey Dude Shoes Vs Seychelles


How does this footwear brand rank up to its competition? Were here to find out, as this Hey Dude Shoes review provides a side-by-side showdown to see which company is worth your money. In this round, well compare this shoe label with Seychelles in terms of variety, comfort, and price.

When it comes to variety and comfort, it seems that Seychelles takes first place. Compared to Hey Dude Shoes, their collection boasts an impressive amount of designs and styles. Aside from sneakers, they offer high heels, platforms, ballerina flats, and boots.

They also introduce other forms of high-performance technology such as Sey-Curve and Ortholite. With that being said, Hey Dude provides options for men and children, while Seychelles only caters to women.

Lastly, Seychelles shoes are quite pricey compared to Hey Dude. While most of their options fall within the $60 to $100 range, this Italian-based brand offers a more reasonable price tag of $55 to $60.

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Why Are Hey Dudes Called Slip On Shoes

The shoes only have shoelaces in the front which allows for easy removal and tighter fit around the ankle. You can easily slip them on by bending your foot sideways to start. After that you can just pull the tongue over until its tight enough for you then put pressure from your heel and roll forward until theyre completely on. It should take no more than 3 seconds to get them on!

Why You Should Wear Hey Dudes With Socks

Wearing socks with shoes provides several advantages, including protecting your feet from foot infection and disease.

The following are some of the advantages of wearing socks with shoes:

  • It keeps your feet warm by preventing cold air from penetrating through the socks.
  • It functions as an extra layer of protection over your shoes and helps to eliminate foul odors produced by sweat glands.
  • Maintains the firmness of your feet and reduces rubbing between your feet and your shoes.
  • Help avoid fungal growth and also protect the feet from blisters, abrasions, scars, bunions, and bruises.
  • Absorbs moisture and provides extra cushioning to the feet.
  • Socks also keep your feet from cracking and itching.
  • They also coordinate along with the outfit you wear.

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Hey Dude Mens Wally Woven Loafer

Hey Dude Mens Wally Loafer is a pair of ultrasoft, extremely comfortable, and high-quality shoes. They are made of fabric and can be worn with or without socks. They have a soft oxford lining made of cloth. They have a removable insole that is cushioned with memory foam to provide excellent foot comfort.

Hey Dude Mens Wally also has a dual lacing option for re-adjusting the shoes to fit the foot. They are extremely light, with an upper made of woven textile material. The removable insoles aid in the reduction of sweat and odor caused by prolonged use.

They are extremely versatile and can be worn with virtually any outfit. These shoes are made in the low-top chukka style. And the shoes weigh approximately 6 oz . They are also machine washable and long-lasting. Hey Dude Mens Wally Loafer is reasonably priced.

Hey Dude Vs Sanuk Shoes Fit

HEY DUDE SHOES REVIEW | Wendy Style | Most Comfortable Shoes??

According to the customers of Sanuk and Hey Dude shoes, both fit snug at the start. Theres very little space between the feet and the upper of the shoes. Thus, both Hey Dude and Sanuk shoes need a little break-in period to stretch out as the upper material is almost the same in both shoes.

I also asked a person on Facebook regarding the fit of Hey Dude and Sanuk shoes. This was his response.

However, the fit of Hey Dude shoes is more customizable as they feature elastic laces. So, if you dont want to bear the pain of the break-in period of Hey Dude shoes, you can buy a bigger size and tighten your fit.

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How To Tighten Hey Dude Shoes

While we all deserve to have a favorite pair of shoes, Hey Dude offers a large selection of comfortable, stylish footwear to explore. Hey Dude shoes are popular because they entered the market with an exceptionally unique style alongside top-notch quality. Also, the shoes are lightweight, breathable, and very accessible in terms of wearability.

However, as an emerging footwear brand, its common to have lots of questions about it. So this article seeks to help you know more about Hey Dude shoes by addressing one of the most frequently asked questions how to tighten Hey Dude Shoes.

Hey Dude Shoes : Kirsten Reviews The Lightweight Lexi Mule

Hey Dude Lexi Mules in rose canvas

Hey Dude Lexi Stripes

I recently found out about Hey Dude shoes and assumed they were just for, well, dudes. Two of my friends husbands have a pair and rave about how lightweight and comfortable they are. I decided to check out the website and found out I was wrong. Hey Dude shoes are for dudettes and little dudes too. I ordered a pair of their Lexi mules because the reviews were stellar and the price was rightplus I needed a cute and breezy closed-toe summer option.

Im glad I tried the Lexi mule over the popular Wendy low-profile chukka . The Lexi is the perfect summer shoe to slip-on quickly and go about my errands. The cotton canvas upper is soft and breathable which is a necessity for a closed-toe shoe during our extra humid Chicago summer. I thought the seams might irritate my toes, but theres an oxford cloth lining that feels soft against feet. The toe box is nice and wide without making my feet look clownish. My bunions and hammertoes arent bothered at all . Dual-goring at the instep provides a secure yet flexible fit.

Hey Dude Lexi Mules

Hey Dude Lexi

I havent had a chance to wash my Hey Dude shoes yet, but Im happy that theyre machine-washable. Unfortunately, the footbeds arent meant to go through the wash, which stinks since thats the part of the shoe Id really like to clean! Im hoping that Hey Dude starts to offer replacement footbeds soon.

About the Author

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Are Hey Dude Shoes True To Size

A. While Hey Dude shoes only come in full sizes the company advises sizing up if you wear a half-size the shape and flexibility of these shoes may require a bit of trial and error when it comes to finding the perfect fit for your first pair. If there are any sizing tips in the description of a particular style, be sure to follow those recommendations to get the best fit.

Can You Tighten Hey Dude Shoes

Hey Dude Offers Comfortable Fit With Style For Men ...

Yes. One of the reasons they stretch out is because, over time, the fibers in the material of Hey Dude shoes change from being semicrystalline to amorphous.

Method 01: If you put your sneakers on a hot stove and let them heat up for 2 minutes or so, you are actually crystallizing those fiber molecules again which can make them dissolve back into a more solid-state making them stiffer and tighter again. This technique should be used very carefully though as most materials have some kind of melting point where they will combust if heated too much.

For example, with rubber shoes like this, go at a low temperature that wont damage the shoe just enough to shrink it without breaking down any components within it like rubber molecules. This is how you tighten Hey Dude shoes! The next time your sneakers are feeling a little loose, try this technique to bring them.

Method 02: If you have a significant other who can help you, the best way to make Hey Dudes tighter is if they pull the strings on your shoes. If this is not an option for you, it may be possible to tighten them using a needle and thread.

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Benefits Of Hey Dude Shoes

Those considering purchasing a pair of Hey Dude shoes can expect to receive the following benefits:

  • Hey Dude shoes are affordable.
  • They are easy to put on Hey Dude shoes simply slip onto your feet.
  • Hey Dude shoes are comfortable.
  • They are lightweight and breathable.
  • Hey Dude shoes are easy to pack the Flex and Fold technology allows you to roll up many styles of Hey Dude like socks for easy packing.
  • Hey Dude shoes are versatile and can be worn for nearly any casual occasion.
  • The shoes are washable just remove the insoles, drop them in the wash and let them air-dry when finished.

Hey Dudes Womens Wendy Funk

Hey Dudes Womens Wendy Funk comes in a variety of color options and is one of the best womens Hey Dudes shoes you can wear with any outfit. These shoes are completely lightweight and stylish. They have a lot of features in addition to their attractive design. They are the best shoes if you want lightweight shoes for daily use, then go with Hey Dudes Womens Wendy.

Theyre made of fabric with synthetic soles. The upper is made of textile material, which gives your outfit a modern look. When wearing these shoes, the movement of the feet improves because they provide flexibility and comfort at the same time.

They also have a removable insole, which aids in the preservation of the shoe. As they are visually appealing, these shoes are completely versatile and can be worn daily.

However, they are not intended for heavy-duty use. Whether you wear them with or without socks, they provide the finest fit for your feet.

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Hey Dude Vs Sanuk Shoes Difference

Heydude and Sanuk Shoes are both surf-inspired slip-on shoes in many of the several colors and styles. However, the design of the Hey Dude shoes is more detailed as compared to the Sanuk shoes.

Before going further in this guide, let me tell you that if you have weak ankles, please dont buy Sanuk or Hey Dude shoes. The shoes from both brands are not suitable for weak ankles. Sanuk shoes scrap the ankles, and Hey Dude shoes dig into the ankles.

Inspired by the comfort and lightweight Canvas of the Sanuk shoes, several people have faced some issues of rubbing the Sanuk shoes on the back of the ankle. This is the major problem that is observed in slip-on shoes with no lacing closure.

For instance, if you look at these Sanuk Vagabond shoes on , several customers have complained about the scraping of their ankles against the Sanuk shoes. Sanuk shoes have unstructured heel collars i.e., without any lasting or a strong material, due to which they tend to scrap the heels.

Heres what a customer says about them.

On the other hand, Hey Dude shoe also has some issue related to the ankle support. Unlike Sanuk shoes, there is a thick lasting in the heel collar that digs into the ankles when you wear them for the first time. Hey Dude shoes dont rub on the ankles like Sanuk shoes, but their digging or cutting into the ankles is often painful for their several wearers.

Heres what customers say about them.

Heres what a customer says about the customized fit of Hey Dude shoes.

How To Tighten Hey Dude Shoes Wally Sox

Hey Dude Shoes Wendy review

The easiest way to tighten your Hey Dude Wally sox is to put them on and lace them up, then insert a toothpick or pencil through the loop before tightening.

You can also wet the string with water before binding it, then pull on both ends of the string to tighten it around Trevors ankles. Lightly tie the string in a knot at the end for decorating purposes if you wish!

Once this process has been completed, you can trim off any excess strings that may be poking out and create a neater result.

If you are unable to do either of those things, try stepping on your Hey Dude Wally sox rather than lacing. This will allow blood flow from your foot to the rest of your body to be increased, which will accelerate healing.

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Are Hey Dude Shoes Good For Walking

Dudes shoes seem to be a great choice for anyone looking for a good pair of walking shoes. Their sole is made with a patented sole technology while the insole is thick memory foam.

Megan, a member of Buckles merchant team described walking in Hey Dude shoes as walking on the cloud. Theyre soft and supportive beginning from the collar down to the footbed.

Introduction To Hey Dude Footwear

4 min read

Hey Dude Shoes is more than just a shoe company it’s a brand devoted to raising social consciousness about the issues that face our society in the hopes of leaving a better future for generations unborn.

The aim to produce an eco-friendly shoe that was both sustainable and aesthetic in design became a significant emphasis as a result of this devotion.

Hey Dude took their most popular Wally style and made the exterior out of a new farmed flex-wood material, giving it a unique texture while maintaining their characteristic comfort.

This vision, combined with an ingenious wood processing procedure and hand-selected veneer, resulted in the first non-toxic shoe made from reclaimed walnut wood.

Hey Dude shoes were created to satisfy your insatiable appetite for adventure without sacrificing comfort, style, or affordability. With a range of diverse styles that match whatever your hobbies are, Hey Dude shoes illustrate that comfort doesn’t have to mean boring.

You’ll discover the greatest Hey Dude shoes for your tastes, with everything from sparkles to plaid to hidden designs within the shoe that only you know about. Each pair of Hey Dude shoes offers a new experience, and once you try them on, they’ll quickly become a natural part of your life as you continue to explore your world.

What Type of Shoes Are They?

Hey Dude shoes come in a wide range of styles, from sandals to boots, but the loafers and boat shoes are the most popular casual shoe styles.

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What Is Special About Hey Dude Shoes

The special thing about Hey Dude shoes is their comfort, distinct styling and several color patterns. Unlike Sanuk shoes, Hey Dude shoes feature a business-casual design. So, if youre looking for comfortable shoes with a professional touch to wear in office or business meetings, you can consider buying Hey Dude shoes.

The other unique thing about Hey Dude shoes is their Flex and Fold technology, so you can toss them in a bag when youre on the go.

Moreover, Hey Dude shoes are available in several patterns and two-tone colors. On the other hand, Sanuk shoes are available in plain dull colors.

Furthermore, if you head over to Hey Dude shoes website, youll see that they are classified in terms of their several features like airflow, cork, slip-resistant, etc.

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