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How Do I Get The Stink Out Of My Shoes

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The Trick Of Talcum Powder

How to Get Pee Smell out of Shoes

Talcum powder works in the same way as baking soda. They have the virtue of absorbing humidity and thereby silencing the bad smell. In this case, you have two options:

  • Apply a little talcum powder to each shoe and allow them to spend the night like this. In the morning, we can remove the rest of the powders.
  • Apply talcum powder to the sole. In this way, we limit the sweating caused by the bad smell of the shoes.

Smelly Running Shoes Happen Find Out Why And Follow These Steps To Rid Your Shoes Of The Stench

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Did you know that sweat itself doesnt smell? The odor you find in your running shoes actually comes from bacteria: It comes out in the chemical process of bacteria on your skin breaking down acids in your sweat. Though the sweat glands in your arm pits vary from those in your feet, the process of breaking down acids is the same and can also leave behind an odor.

Along with the palms of the hands, the soles of the feet contain the greatest concentration of sweat glands with each foot containing 600 to 700 per square centimeter. In total, the human body has between 1.6 to 5 million sweat glands.

So its no wonder when all that sweat and bacteria get trapped in our running shoes and socks that our shoes would retain the smell after going unwashed day after day. On the other hand, our feet and socks get washed and disinfected regularly.

Just as with all other organisms, bacteria need fluid to thrive, and your foot sweat does that job perfectly, explains Sara Landvik, who works at Novozymes and is an expert in bacteria and other microorganisms.

Our skin is covered with bacteria, including staphylococci, micrococci, and corynebacteriumand thats quite normal. When your feet sweat, corynebacterium and micrococci break down the sweat into a fatty acid called isovaleric acid, which causes the smell in your running shoes.

Lock Laces Odor Drops

Tester Smell Score: 4 out of 5

  • Easy-to-use with very powerful fresh scent
  • Wasnt as effective at getting rid of odors

These long-lasting deodorizer balls from Lock Laces keep your shoes, bags, or locker fresh with minimal effort from you. Simply twist open the vents and drop one or two in. One tester found the Drops extremely effective, but others thought the super strong laundry detergent scent did more to mask odors than truly eliminate them.

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Keep Shoes Fresh Smelling With Dryer Sheets

If were going to talk about how to deodorize shoes, we should mention using dryer sheets. Its another unusual idea to freshen stinky shoes.

Take a standard dryer sheet, tear it in half and place one half in each shoe. Let the shoes sit overnight. Really stinky tennis shoes may require more time. Just remember to pull the dryer sheets out before putting on the newly freshened shoes.

Bonus tip: If you keep your gym shoes in a gym bag, throw a dryer sheet into the bottom of the gym bag. It will act as a shoe and gym clothes deodorizer.

Try The Freezer Trick

Do you have shoe smell you can

You can freeze smelly shoes to kill odors. The bacteria that cause shoe odor need a warm, dark place to breed. Freezing your shoes stops that process. All you need to do is tuck them in a freezer overnight. You should probably put them in a bag first, though, so the dirty soles of your shoes dont come into contact with your frozen foods.

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Easy Ways To Get That Stinky Smell Out Of Wet Shoes

You know the feeling, its not raining when you leave the house, so you decide to go for the cute pair of shoes that goes perfectly with your outfit, only to start raining the minute you leave the house and you cant go back and wear something else.

Unless you can avoid the rain altogether, youre fine. You can cover your styled hair and most of your outfit with an umbrella, but thats about it. Your shoes, poor things, are the ones who are going to pay the price. Chances are, when you get back home and take them off, they will stink, and no matter what you do, they will always have that funky smell you cant seem to get it off.

Thats because moisture in your shoes allows for bacteria to grow and thrive, hence the smell.

We laid out these simple tricks to help you get the stench out of them. Hopefully, youll have a fresh smelling pair that could never tell they went through a monsoon and survived. Give them a try and if the shoes are beyond help, you might have a valid excuse to shop for new ones!

How To Dry Them:

First things first. Never leave shoes to dry under the sun or using a blow dryer. It will cause materials to dry up and shrink, damaging the pair even further. Leave them to air dry and if possible, take the insoles out and let them dry separately. Do the same with the shoe laces.If You Need To Dry Them Faster, Try These Methods Instead:

  • Place them in front of a fan on low.
  • Pour some unused cat litter inside an old sock or pantyhose and leave it overnight.

    How To Remove Odor From Shoes

    Just about everyone has had to deal with smelly shoes at least once in their life. If youve noticed that your shoes, and subsequently feet, have started to take on an unpleasant smell, youll want to tackle the problem quickly. Discover these simple life hacks and learn how to get the smell out of shoes.

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    Use Shoe Insoles To Fight Foot Odor

    Another way to minimize shoe odor is with specially treated insoles. Several varieties are available at your favorite grocery or drug store. Theyre treated with activated charcoal or baking soda and neutralize unpleasant odors. They not only provide long-lasting odor protection , but they can also absorb foot moisture and add extra footbed cushioning.

    Most brands come in a standard size that can be easily cut to fit any size shoe. These odor-neutralizing insoles are especially useful in taming those smelly gym shoes.

    Scrubbing With Soap And Water

    How to Remove Odor From Shoes PERMANENTLY

    Often, plain old soap and water are enough to clean the dirt and debris from your insoles, and remove the smell they might be emitting. Here is what you need to do to wash shoe insoles.

    • Mild liquid dish detergent.
    • Clean cloth or sponge.

    The method:

  • Remove the insoles from your shoes. You might want to leave them to air out for a while if they are particularly stinky.
  • Brush off any debris, like dust, dirt and lint.
  • Fill a container, bucket or sink with hot water.
  • Add in a few drops of mild liquid dish detergent and mix well.
  • Take the scrubbing brush and dip the bristles in the hot water and soap solution.
  • Using a circular motion, scrub the insoles with the brush. Pay particular attention to the stained areas and the areas around the toes and heels. This is where bacteria can build up, resulting in smelly insoles.
  • Work the soap well into the insoles.
  • Wet the brush as necessary, but make sure not to soak the insoles.
  • When the top is clean, turn the insoles over and clean the bottom.
  • Once you finish scrubbing with the brush, remove any soap residue with the clean cloth or sponge.
  • Allow the insoles to dry thoroughly. This can be done by putting them on a dry towel, hanging them on the clothesline or placing them on the dish rack. The more air you can get circulating around them, the better.
  • Make sure the insoles are completely dry before popping them back in your shoes.
  • Pro Tips

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    How To Get The Smell Out Of Shoes: Get Rid Of Shoe Odors With Odoban Odor Eliminator

    Looking for the best shoe deodorizer spray? In this post, well cover how to use OdoBan® Disinfectant and Odor Eliminator on your shoes to eliminate smelly shoe odors and keep your shoes smelling fresh. OdoBan® is a multipurpose cleaning product and odor eliminator that eliminates shoe odors at the source.

    OdoBan® is available in a Ready-to-Use spray and an economical concentrated formula. When using OdoBan® concentrate to eliminate shoe odors, create a use-solution by mixing 22 ounces of OdoBan® concentrate per gallon of water.

    For a standard 32-ounce spray bottle, add 5.5 ounces of OdoBan® concentrate before filling the rest of the bottle with water. Learn more about mixing OdoBan® concentrate here.

    OdoBan® concentrate comes in a variety of fresh scents. Our most popular OdoBan® scent for eliminating strong odors is Original Eucalyptus. This unique fragrance is based on a diverse blend of wildflowers and botanicals that can be traced back through thousands of years of use against bad smells.

    Why do my shoes smell?

    While wearing shoes, your feet are sealed in a moist, warm environment that is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. These bacteria feed on dead skin cells and skin oils and excrete bad-smelling organic acids.

    Typically, the more your feet sweat, the more bacteria can grow and the stronger the resulting shoe odor.

    OdoBan® eliminates shoe odors at the source and is the best shoe deodorizer.

    Heres how to get smells out of shoes with OdoBan®:

    Ways To Prevent Stinky Shoes And Smelly Feet

    Michele Stanten is a walking coach, certified group fitness instructor, and running coach. She is the author of Walk Off Weight and The Walking Solution.

    Do you have smelly walking shoes and sandals? The foot and shoe odor comes from bacteria and fungi that grow happily where it is warm and damp. Your sweaty shoes are just the place they love. Here are a few tactics for keeping your shoes and sandals odor-free.

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    Why Do My Feet Stink

    Foot odor is a universal problem unless you happen to live someplace where shoes are not worn. Most of us spend many hours a day in our shoes, so lets talk about what causes foot odor.

    Our feet smell because they sweat inside our shoes. When the sweat reaches the skins surface the foot sweat encounters bacteria that break it down. The decomposing sweat releases an offensive odor. The medical term for smelly feet is Bromodosis. The common term is stinky feet.

    Heres a fun physiological fact: There are more sweat glands in human feet than anywhere else on the human body.

    Youre more likely to have smelly feet if youre in your shoes most of the day. Stress can cause sweaty, stinky feet, as can a medical disorder called hyperhidrosis. Athletes foot and other fungal infections can also lead to bad foot odor. Hormonal changes that are prevalent in teenagers and pregnant women can cause abnormal sweating which leads to heightened foot odor.

    Stinky feet = stinky shoes.

    Lets first talk about how to prevent stinky feet and then well talk about how to get the smell out of shoes and other helpful odor-fighting remedies.

    Practice Good Foot Care

    How do I get the smell out of my cycling/running shoes?

    Taking good care of your feet also takes care of the rough, cracked spots where odor-causing bacteria thrive. So, keep your toenails trimmed and any calluses filed. If cracking or rough feet are ongoing problems, get in the habit of applying a thick layer of foot lotion or petroleum jelly to your feet before bed, then sleep in a pair of socks to lock in the moisture.

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    Deodorize Shoes With Cat Litter Or Wood Chips

    If your shoes are attracting attention because of shoe odor, heres a hack you may want to try. Youll need some cedar wood chips or kitty litter. Youll also need some clean old socks or paper towels.

    This cure is easy: Fill up a pair of old, but clean, socks with either cedar wood chips or cat litter. Place one of the socks in each shoe, and let them stand overnight. The wood chips or kitty litter will absorb the foot odor hiding in the shoes. Citrus peels can also do a passable job of refreshing your shoes.

    Tips For Keeping Shoes Dry

    • Toss them in the dryer, put them near a heater, or put them in a sunny window. Canvas shoes should be fine taking a spin in the dryer, but other shoes will get ruined, so just be careful!
    • Go barefoot at home as much as possible. My 10 year literally wears his tennis shoes from the time he leaves for the bus until he gets into bed at night and his shoes suffer because of it! Im trying to teach him that the less he wears his shoes, the faster they will dry out and the less they will smell. Were still working on it.
    • Toss them in the freezer. Place your shoes in a plastic bag, then put them in the freezer. The freezer helps kill the bacteria and dry out your soles.

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    Wash + Exfoliate Feet To Prevent Stinky Shoes

    Since stinky shoes start with stinky feet, seems like thats a good place to begin. Practicing good foot hygiene can help keep the foot odor down.

    Wash your feet every day. Even if you dont shower or bathe every day, take the time to wash your feet with warm soapy water. Rinse thoroughly and then dry with a clean, dry towel. Make sure you clean between your toes where bacteria love to grow.

    Exfoliate. Removing dead skin can reduce foot odor. Wash your feet with an exfoliating pad, pumice stone, or exfoliating shower wipe.

    Keep your feet dry. The bacteria that reacts with sweat thrives in moist areas. If your socks or shoes are wet, youve set up a feast for odor-causing bacteria. Wear breathable socks made of fabric that will wick away foot perspiration. Wearing shoes without socks may be fashionably cool, but its never a good idea. If you like stinky tennis shoes, dont wear socks.

    Truly Genius Tips To Remove Mildew Smell From Shoes

    Put THIS in your shoes OVERNIGHT | Remove Odors out of Stinky Shoes | Stinky Shoes Life Hacks | Life

    Mildew can cause the shoes to have an unpleasant musty odor. This HomeQuicks article presents some useful tips to get rid of mildew smell from shoes.

    Mildew can cause the shoes to have an unpleasant musty odor. This HomeQuicks article presents some useful tips to get rid of mildew smell from shoes.

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    How To Clean Your Shoes And Insoles

    Cleaning Tips for Shoes and Insoles

    Odor in shoes and feet is common. With more than 250,000 sweat glands in our feet, sweat seems to be the main cause of odor. Keeping our feet, socks and shoes clean and dry is the first step to avoiding unwanted odors, but if this doesnt work, listed below are other options to try. Keep in mind that everyone’s body chemistry is different, so what works for one person may not work for another.

    • Use warm water and mild soap or detergent and wipe down or gently scrub with an old toothbrush or nylon brush do not saturate with water. Air-dry overnight. It is a good idea to remove your insoles from your shoes each night so that air can dry each side. This is especially important if you perspire heavily.
    • Spray your shoes and insoles with a combination of 50 percent water and 50 percent white, distilled vinegar. Spritz the mixture into your shoe lining and sole, and let it air dry for 30 minutes. You can use a hair dryer after that if you are in a hurry to dry the shoe. Follow that up with baking soda in the shoe overnight.
    • Using a mixture of 2 parts vinegar and 1 part hot water, soak the insoles for a few hours. Vinegar is a natural disinfectant and will work to kill the bacteria hiding in the shoes.
    • SofSole Fresh Fogger spray:
    • Some people use a pet odor remover found at pet stores or hardware stores. One brand was called “Out! Stain & Odor Remover.”

    Partial references

    What Causes The Stench In My Shoes

    The short answer is sweat. Your feet sweat naturally. Moisture promotes bacteria growth and that is the main cause of stinky shoes. Your feet can still produce an unpleasant odor no matter how clean your feet are. Did you know that there are up to 250,000 sweat glands on your feet that produce up to half a pint of sweat a day? Thats crazy.

    The sweat on your feet is different from the sweat on the rest of your body. This is because your feet are enclosed in shoes or socks all the time. As mentioned before, moisture trapped in your socks or shoes creates a breeding ground for bacteria and it reeks! This harbors the funk that gets stuck in your shoes. When your shoes continue to carry such bacteria, it can lead to blisters and athletes foot.

    Before you freak out about how gross feet and bacteria can be, remember that sweat is natural. Now youre wondering how to get smell out of shoes and here are some simple steps. Its fairly simple and youll surely defeat any harboring bacteria in your shoes before throwing them away.

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    Spray Essential Oils Into Your Shoes

    Essential oils are a big thing for millions around the world. If youre a fan of essential oils and their natural super powers, this essential-oils-for-stinky-shoes treatment will surely appeal to you. Be sure youre using high-quality essential oils.

    • 1. Grab a small spray bottle. The 2.7-ounce size is ideal.
    • 2. Fill halfway with unscented witch hazel.
    • 3. Add distilled water leaving just a little space at the top of the bottle for these essential oils: 6 drops peppermint essential oil, 4 drops tea tree oil , 2 drops eucalyptus essential oil, 1 drop thyme essential oil
    • 4. Screw the spray top onto the bottle.
    • 5. Shake well.
    • 6. Spray lightly the entire interior of the shoe. Dont forget the toe box.
    • 7. Place the treated shoes in a sealable plastic bag to heighten effectiveness.
    • 8. Let dry.

    Each time you detect offending shoe odor, spray again. Not only will this essential concoction deodorize your shoes, but it also has the power to kill odor-causing bacteria. It might just be the best deodorizing spray youve ever tried.

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