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How Do I Know What Size Shoe My Baby Wears

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Finding The Right Baby Shoe Sizes

Can You WEAR Children’s Shoes?

From day one, a babys feet are a delicate work in progress, with every small step foreshadowing how their feet, leg muscles, balance and stride will develop over the years ahead. Accordingly, when they must be worn at all, baby shoes should be chosen with tender, loving care.

Baby shoe sizes are not just smaller, identical versions of adult sizes. Theyre a totally different category of shoe sizes specifically tailored for the feet of newborns, infants, and toddlers, based primarily on the childs foot length in inches.

Unlike adult sizes, baby shoe sizes are identical for both girls and boys. Furthermore, baby shoe sizes are subcategorized into those for newborns , infants , and toddlers .

Q: How Often Should I Measure My Babys Feet

Experts recommend that you measure your babys feet every two to three months. This will help you to ensure that they are wearing the correct size shoes and that their feet are developing correctly.

When measuring your babys feet, it is important to use a flexible tape measure. Simply place the tape measure at the back of the heel and wrap it around the foot to the big toe.

You can then compare the measurement to a size chart to determine the correct shoe size. Measuring your babys feet is a simple and easy way to track their growth.

Your Kids Feet Are Constantly Growing Dont Leave It To The Last Minute To Get Them Right Size Shoes

Being a parent brings plenty of challenges, and plenty of beautiful milestones you will remember for the rest of your life. Unlike choosing your childs diapers, there are many different sizes of shoes you can pick from, and as little as half an inch can affect whether the shoe is fitted well or not.

Dont leave it to the last minute, measure your childs feet regularly and make sure they have the correct shoes that will support them in their adventures.

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How To Find The Perfect Fit For Baby Shoes

Each kids feet grow another way and at separate times. In fact, it is normal that your babys feet can be larger or smaller than the suggested size for his or her age. Thats why you should measure your babys feet every few months and double-check the measurements with the size chart from the specific shoe brands.

You can measure your childrens feet at home using a tape measure or a ruler. Keep in mind that your childs feet should be fully extended, and his/her toes are not curled during the measurement.

To get his/her foot length, measure from his heel the longest toe. There is no need to worry if your final measurements are a little bit different as it is completely normal for both children and adults. The longest toe measurement will be the shoe size in the chart.

In fact, the recommended baby shoe size will be a little bit bigger than your kids foot to offer extra room for longer use and healthy foot growth. If you are wondering between two sizes, it is always recommended to choose the bigger size. In the end, it is best to choose a size based on your kids foot measurements.

What Is Good Foot Health


Despite their tiny size, baby feet are strong and complex, consisting of 26 bones, 35 joints, ligaments and fatty padding. The best-fitting baby walking shoes promote healthy feet and protect them from injury. Even if your baby hasn’t reached the walking stage quite yet, its imperative to take measures to safeguard their feet early on, so theyre ready for an active lifestyle once they reach the toddler years.

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What Kinds Of Shoes Should I Be Looking For Based On My Babys Age

Now that you understand how to check to see if the shoe youre interested in will fit your babys feet, its time to consider what kind of shoe youll need to match your babys developmental stage. Obviously, youll need to look for different key features in a shoe for a 3-month-old compared to shoes for a 2-year-old.

What Size Shoe Does A 5

A 5-year-old boy or girl will wear an 11C 12C US shoe size. This US size converts into 27-28 EU or 10-10.5 UK shoe size. Please note that there isnt a one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as shoe size can vary by brand and model of the shoe and the childs foot shape. See the kids shoe size by age chart for more details.

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Common Mistakes To Avoid

There are a few common traps in childrens shoe-buying to avoid:

  • Dont aim for a mini-me. Often will put their children in mini versions of their own athletic shoes, says Andersen. Depending on the shoe, it may not have the flexibility that a child needs to develop normal musculature of the foot.
  • Dont use worn hand-me-downs. Its best not to share shoes, says Andersen. They break down after they are worn by one child. When a shoe becomes worn, it loses its original structure. This could cause a childs foot to rub against the shoe and become irritated, or it could cause the child to shift their weight improperly while walking or running, Andersen explains.
  • Dont forget to keep an eye on how the shoes fit after you buy them. Check their current shoes often to make sure they are not touching the toes, says Andersen.

And have your childs feet measured each and every time you buy shoes for them, Andersen says, because growth spurts could take you by surprise. This could be as often as every three months. Thats right: Before you know it, youll be right back in the shoe store shopping for the next pair!

Toddler And Baby Shoe Size Chart

Find Your Shoe Size

Most of the time, your babys feet are continuously growing and developing over time. Therefore, it is critical to purchase shoes that are comfortably fit and flexible to their movement.

Before deciding which shoes to buy for your kids, the first thing you need to do is measure their foot sizes. Of course, always check the recommended shoe sizes on the website of the brands you are going to buy from.

This is not all shoe companies use the same shoe size chart for their baby shoes. But you can expect a kind of standard baby shoe size chart where you can find the most fit possible shoe size for your kids feet. And here is the most popularly suggested baby shoe size chart.

US Size
4 10.16

You might think that your newborns dont need shoes at this moment, but they have to wear socks or booties either indoors or outdoors to protect their feet from getting cold.

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Why Is It Important To Get The Right Size Shoe For My Baby

The biggest reason why it is so important to get the right size shoe for your baby is because of the way their feet develop. Babies bones are soft and flexible, which means that they are still growing and developing.

If you put your baby in shoes that are too big or too small, it can affect the way their feet develop and cause problems later on in life.

Its also important to get the right size shoe because it will be more comfortable for your baby to wear shoes that fit properly.

The Anatomy Of A Toddler’s Foot

Toddler feet continue growing at a rapid rate about a half size every 2-3 months. During this stage of development, early walkers develop fine motor skills and balance as they practice crawling, rolling, walking, climbing, jumping and every kind of movement you can imagine!

Toddlers need shoes that enhance proprioception, which is the way joints and muscles send messages to the brain to help coordinate movement. Their feet should stay low to the ground and supported so they can get all the sensory feedback they need. Thats why our SRtech shoes for early walkers include memory foam footbeds and unique sensory pods on the soles.

Many little ones remain flatfooted throughout toddlerhood. Their arches may not fully develop until around their fifth birthday. Generally, flat arches are normal for toddlers and not a cause for concern. But if your child complains of pain or you observe extreme pronation or misalignment, have their feet checked by a podiatrist.

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Printable Kids Shoe Size Chart

These shoe size charts are super handy. You can print them out, and get an instant measurement of your kids feet. You just need to ensure you print the guide accurately across the whole page.

Heres What Youll Need

  • Your kids feet

The Printable Guide Method:

  • Print the paper. Make sure the sizing of the print is accurate. Next, use the scissors to cut across the dotted line. Tape the chart to the floor, next to the wall for added stability.
  • Measure the length. Place your childs heel at the edge of the chart against the wall. Your child must be standing with their back against the wall, toes flat on the ground. Mark the tip of their longest toe to get the length of their foot.
  • Measure the width. Take a shoelace and tie it around the widest part, then mark where the end touches the lace. Measure the distance of the shoelace that went around your childs feet, and thats their width.
  • Work out their size. Take their measurements to a chart convertor and work out your kids size feet.
  • How Will I Know If The Shoes Fit Correctly

    Katie Ann

    This can be kinda tough, since, you know, depending on your kids age, they wont be able to give you a heads up whether or not the shoe feels good. Thankfully, there are a couple of key fit checks that you can do to be sure that your babys shoes are just right for their feet. If you would like more information on picking the proper fit for your babys feet, you can check out what parents or doctors have to say on the subject.

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    What To Look For In Baby Shoes

    Do you want to beeline to the store to snag that coveted first pair for your peanut? While cuteness should certainly factor into your purchase-making process, there are some other things you should consider, too. Here is what you need to look for in terms of size, fit, and function:

    • Snug with room: You do not want your baby to slip out of their shoes while racing around. They should fit snug throughout the foot and heel, but offer a bit of room for growth at the toe. Your babys little feet will grow fast and youll want their shoes to keep up.
    • Nonslip grip: A good pair of baby shoes has a nonskid bottom with ridges to help prevent slips and spills. Like those socks that help you from slipping on the hardwood floor in your home so you dont fall on your butt. But for a baby.
    • Flexible support: Baby shoes should be flexible and bendable, offering ample support but lots of give. There should be padding under the sole and heel to prevent uncomfortable friction.
    • Measure often: It is usually best to have your baby fitted for their first pair of shoes, so you can ensure proper sizing. Of course, you can also do this yourself with a simple ruler. Newborns up to 3 months of age will typically wear a size 1 which measures at approximately 3.5 inches in length. From 3 to 6 months, a size 2 should get the job done. Around 1 year, many babies wear a size 4.5 or 5 . Again, every baby grows differently so be sure to measure those little feet often.

    How Often To Measure Kids Feet

    Did you know that children’s feet can grow half a size every 2 to 4 months? While this average varies depending on age, you should measure your kid’s feet every two months to ensure their shoes are fitting well.

    Read our FAQ to learn all about how kids’ feet grow and the kind of shoes you need to support their healthy development.

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    Things To Keep In Mind When Measuring Feet

    While measuring feet and finding out shoe size is simple enough, some complications can arise and its best to be prepared for them.

    There is a chance, especially when theyre young, that a childs feet may not be the same length. The severity of this difference will differ from child to child, but when this happens its definitely best to go with the larger foot when buying shoes. Sizing up will ensure that your child is comfortable and prevent any issues arising from a lack of space to grow.

    The same applies for if your child is between sizes. Always err on the side of going too big rather than too small. Its quite common to be in between sizes, and itll be much more comfortable for the child to walk around in a shoe thats slightly too big than too small.

    Lastly, its important to remember how often to measure your childs feet.

    Young feet grow fast, especially in the first 6 years of life. A study done showed that children aged from 1 year to 2 ½ years required a shoe size change every 2 to 3 months. Following that, a change in shoe size happened about every 4 months until the age of 4. And finally, from the ages of 4 to 6, it was found that the shoe size changes every 6 months.

    Therefore, its recommended to check your babys shoe size every two monthsespecially when theyre young. After the age of 2 or 3, foot growth significantly slows down.

    How To Make Sure The Fit Is Right For Your Babys

    How To Know Your Shoe Size

    Firstly, have your baby stand straight against the wall. Make sure their weight is equally distributed on both of their feet. The shoe size will be the distance between your childs heel to his/her longest toe. You can refer to the above chart to check the babys foot width.

    To check if the shoe length fits your childs feet or not, gently press your thumb between the toe box and his/her longest toe. Generally speaking, your kids will need a room of around ½ for their toes to wiggle or move freely inside. Then, use your little finger to check the distance between your childs heel and the shoes back. For the width test, you might want to grasp some material across the largest part of his/her foot.

    Just like when measuring adults feet, you should also use the baby shoe size chart to check your kids feet measurement at the end of the day. This is because their feet tend to swell later in the day.

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    When Should Babies Wear Shoes

    While it might be tempting to scoop up every adorable pair of newborn and infant shoes you lay eyes on, the truth is: babies do not need footwear in their first few months. You can, of course, feel free to add them to the occasional outfit, but try to keep your infants feet bare whenever possible. A pair of socks will keep those sweet feet sufficiently covered.

    There are crawler or pre-walker shoe options that are specifically made to keep socks in place and get your baby accustomed to the idea of wearing something on their feet. Think of these as practice for the real deal and use them only as needed.

    As your infant begins to stand, balance, and navigate those first steps, you may, once again, find yourself drawn to the infant-footwear aisle. While we understand the motivation, it is important to remember that bare feet will help your little one grip the floor and build strength and stability in their arches and ankles as they learn to walk.

    Once they are successfully toddling, you will want to get them a good and supportive pair of walking shoes. When they start taking those first steps is when it is important to protect those feet and enhance a childs stability. Whats more, as your baby explores outdoors, shoes are a barrier from splinters, glass, and other potential hazards.

    What If A Toddler Can’t Try On Shoes

    While the best way to ensure you’re getting the correct shoes for your baby is to try them on, there are times when that’s not possible. Maybe you’re buying baby shoes as a gift and you found the perfect pair but it’s a U.K .or European brand. Or, maybe you found a deal online you just can’t pass up. Whatever your reason, you’ll need a chart to help you determine which shoe size to buy for the special baby in your life.

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    There Are Two Ways To Measure A Babys Foot For Shoes

    Now that ordering shoes online has become regular, its vital to correctly measure your babys feet right from home and to avoid ordering a few sizes at random, hoping for the best outcome. It doesnt only save you a lot of time, but also resources.

    So if youre feeling lucky, you can always try and measure your little ones feet yourself, in the comfort of your home. There are two ways to do it: you can either download our size guide from here or measure your babys feet manually for the right pair of shoes. With the right instructions, it can be super easy and even fun!

    And thats exactly where we come into play with this article: well explain all the necessary steps to help you figure out how to measure your babys feet at home, matching their feet to our baby shoes size guide, and well also give you some mommy-approved measuring tips that you shouldnt miss!

    So, get your baby ready, and lets roll! 🙂

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