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How Long Do Saucony Running Shoes Last

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Saucony Echelon 8 Extra Wide

Saucony Endorphin Shift 2 – For your long distance

Price: $$

Cost, simplicity, and versatility play a significant role in shoe selection, which is why the Echelon 8 from Saucony is worth checking out. Balanced and stable, it meets a wide range of needs for runners looking for a neutral running shoe with a generous fit.

With a spacious toe box and wide mid-foot and forefoot, the Echelon is designed to give a comfy ride to wide feed. Plus, it has plenty of room for a full-length orthotic shoe insert.

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Best Saucony Running Shoes 100+ Shoes Tested In 2022

With a 120+ year history, Saucony has gained extensive experience in the running shoe industry. Not to mention that it has several lineups that have stood over 10 iterations, retaining a wide fan base.

As one of the best-rated running shoe brands, Saucony leads not only in quantity but in quality too. The brand ranks #7 in our running shoe brands rating.

Weve been following Saucony for years and have gathered over 50 of their most recent releases to find the best and brightest. Famous for their speed-oriented Endorphins, we have also selected some excellent daily trainers, supportive shoes for flat feet, as well as some wallet-friendly options.

The Best For Long Runs

Saucony Freedom running shoes were the first to introduce the stylish-yet-functional ISOKNIT upper that dynamically adjusts to your individual foot shape. A full-length Saucony Everun foam midsole provides enough cushioning for longer runs, and a crystal rubber outsole disperses impact when contacting the grounddelivering traction and durability.

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How To Get More Miles Out Of Your Running Shoes

Although you want to change your running shoes regularly, there are a few things you can do to extend the life of your running shoes

  • Own more than one pair of running shoes
  • Only wear your running shoes when you run
  • Put them on and take them off correctly
  • Wash your shoes
  • Following those 5 steps will prolong the life of your running shoes and save you money in the long run. This is why:

    Own more than one pair of running shoes

    If you can, its a good idea to have at least two pairs of running shoes at a time that you alternate between. This distributes the stress of all your running between two pairs so that they last longer.

    Alternating also gives the cushioning, or EVA foam, in your shoes time to decompress and return to its natural shape. When you run, the foam decompresses from the impact so allowing some time in between your next run in that pair of shoes will allow the foam to decompress and dry out so that it can provide the correct amount of cushioning and shock absorption that its supposed to.

    Another benefit of running in two pairs of shoes is that if you have two slightly different types of running shoe, your muscles will work slightly differently which will help keep you from straining or fatiguing them.

    Only wear your running shoes when going running

    Because running shoes are so comfy and versatile , its tempting to simply wear them as you go about your day.

    Put them on and take them off the right way

    Wash your shoes

    Dry your shoes

    Adidas Adizero Takumi Sen 8

    Saucony Triumph 18 Men

    Price: £170 / $180| Weight: 194g / 6.8 oz | Drop: 6mm

    The Adidas Takumi Sen 8 is one of our favourite new shoes of the year, and its the best of the new breed of lower-stack super-shoes. Its very light and fast, but still has enough cushioning to protect your legs over longer distances, and its one of the best 5K racing shoes going.

    At its full price, its hard to justify picking up the Takumi Sen 8 over the Vaporfly, but if you get it in a deal its a superb speed session shoe thats also great for short races.

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    What Makes The Best Walking Shoes

    Here are the important parts of a good walking shoe and the role each plays in building a comfortable and effective shoe. Not every walking shoe needs everything on this list, but they should include many of them.

    • Heel protector fitted around the heel so that the shoe grips your Achilles tendon firmly and lessens the stresses on it while you walk.
    • Heel cushion or collar makes sure that your heel is comfortably secure each time you take a step.
    • Padded tongue cushions the upper foot against pressure from laces.
    • Durable and breathable upper encloses the foot with leather, synthetics, or mesh.
    • Lacing or something similar for the best fit, the upper needs to fit properly to the individual shape of your foot.
    • Wide toe box to allow your toes to spread to eliminate rubbing and blistering and also, for your feet to expand when hot.
    • Midsole cushion probably the most important factor in comfort. Usually, gel or foam, it supplies cushion and shock absorption.
    • Replaceable insole should provide extra cushion, and include anti-microbial elements to reduce sweat and fungal development. Ideally, it can be replaced with a custom orthotic insert if needed or can be washed.

    Recognize The Signs Of A Fatiguing Shoe

    There are plenty of tell-tale signs that will suggest youre ready to retire a pair of shoes and go shopping for another pair. The first are indications of obvious signs of wear and tear of the outsole tread or the mesh upper. If you feel like your shoes have lost their bounciness or liveliness and no longer put a spring in your step, it could mean the midsole foam has compressed and has lost its ability to fully rebound.

    Lastly, if you start to get unusual aches or soreness from a pair of shoes youve been running in for a while, it likely means that the shoe is broken down to the point of no return.

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    Brooks Adrenaline Gts 21

    The Brooks Adrenaline GTS is another bestseller for Brooks, and the company has kept their popular changes made in version 19. In this shoe, youll again find Brooks four widths available for men and women so you can feel confident this shoe wont be too narrow and uncomfortable for you.

    In addition to lots of width availability, youll also experience a comfortable heel cup that works in tandem with a padded tongue for a locked-in-your foot feel. An engineered mesh upper provides further support and a dynamic fit to accommodate wider toes.

    Continued in this version are guide rails that replace traditional support found the midsole. Guide rails allow for a more custom type of stability. The shoes only correct for as much overpronation as you need. If you are a mild overpronator, the shoes provide gentle support. If you overpronate more, they allow for more support. Guide rails also decrease the weight of the shoes. They provide better, more even wear on the shoes.

    Youll find that this is a stability shoe that will help if you overpronate mildly, but youll also find that this shoe feels natural. At just 10oz, the Adrenaline is practically a featherweight in its category!


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    Shoes Similar To The Saucony Kinvara 12

    The BEST Running Shoes 2022 | ft. Nike, New Balance, adidas, ASICS, Brooks and more

    The New Balance Fresh Foam Tempo has been a historical competitor to the Kinvara. Well, not the Tempo exactly, but the Zante. However, those two New Balance shoes are nearly identical to one other from a functional lens.

    Just like the Kinvara, the NB Tempo has a low-profile midsole thats amenable to speed runs and comfortable enough up to half-marathon distances. The soft upper has a minimal design and snug fit.

    For a higher level of ride comfort, theres the Fresh Foam Beacon V3. Despite the thicker midsole, its a good fit for quick-paced outings.

    If it werent for the 10 mm heel-to-toe offset, the SL20 would have been adidass answer to the Kinvara. Despite the difference in midsole architecture, the shoe is designed with similar intentions. The SL20 is a cushioned and lightweight shoe for speed training thats fitted with a lightweight textile upper.

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    Saucony Guide 9 Review

    • Incredibly smooth ride thanks to new sole unit tech
    • Upper material incredibly breathable and flexible
    • Modest, not overbearing heel offset


    Sorry Product not found. Please try RunningWarehouse.Com to check in their assortment.
    Sorry Product not found. Please try RunningWarehouse.Com to check in their assortment.

    Previous modelThis is a shoe for intermediate level runners looking for a stability shoe with a lighter feel. it is ideal for people training for a half marathon and up.

    As someone who was fiercely loyal to ASICS shoes for a long time, Saucony is really growing on me. Their robust line of stability shoes has something for everyone, and the Guide 9 is nothing short of that.

    I have experience running in the Guide line before. I picked up a pair of the Guide 7s at a race expo and wasnt really that all impressed besides scoring a sweet deal.

    It was a standard, middle of the line stability shoe, but it didnt really offer much. When I saw the 8s, I chose to pass because it just looked the same as before.

    The 9 is the complete opposite of that. Its been completely redone and is lighter than ever. Thankfully the offset is the same so while the shoe had a complete rebuff, the foundation remains the same.

    A Few Of The Unique Functions That These Shoe Features Consist Of:

    Excellent cushioning for your concave arches.We specifically developed cushioned mid-sole for additional convenience .Incredibly light-weight to minimize pressure on your feet while you run.Gel-based, single-density mid-sole that supplies higher stability to your feet.Completely mold to accommodate your foot structure.The more excellent grip on the front and sides assist you in the running quicker.There are likewise several kinds of anti-supination shoes that are readily available in the market now.walking in a forest

    These can be divided into three broad classifications:

    Cushioning shoes: Concentrate on offering the supreme cushioning for unique kinds of feet like yours.

    Stability enhancing: Primarily for professional athletes who need higher stability while running.

    Grip-enhancing: Concentrate on increasing your feet grip on the ground while you choose a jog or a brisk walk.

    To pick the very best type for your specific requirements, you need to look into the different types of shoes discovered in the market.

    A few of the more popular brand names are Asics, New Balance, Brooks, Ryka, and Saucony.

    Let us look at a few of these shoes and offer you an overview of exactly what these shoes provide in cushioning, balancing, and stability.

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    How Many Miles Do Running Shoes Last

    Tire companies recommend replacing many popular tires around 60,000 miles, and some engine oil should be swapped when youve driven 5,000 miles. Like tires and oil, running shoes have a lifespan that you should look out for when you’re training.

    If you keep track of the miles you run in each pair, most high-quality running shoes should last between 300 and 500 milesabout four to six months for someone who runs 20 miles per weekthough that number is lower for race-day shoes, which are designed to be lighter and faster.

    Top running shoe brands recommend those intervals based on when the materials start to deteriorate, even if the signs arent easily visible. But even when your shoes are toast, they’re not totally useless: You can use them to do yard work or find ways to recycle your old shoes.

    So, if your sneakers are creeping up in miles, it might be time to shop for the best running shoes.

    Saucony Womens Guide 8 Running Shoe

    Saucony Triumph 18 Men

    This is yet another remarkable shoe from your home of Saucony.

    The sophisticated innovation of these shoes, integrated with excellent convenience and stability, makes them among the very best walking shoes for supination.Some functions that deserve pointing out here consist of:

    • Extremely resilient XT-900 product on the outsole.
    • ForeFoot Stretch ZoneTM innovation to decrease pressure on your arch.
    • Full-grain leather product
    • High-quality rubber sole
    • Additional cushioning with super-padded tongue and collar

    Theres no one-size-fits-all technique for discovering the very best walking shoes. If you are amongst those individuals who supinate suggesting your feet roll external with each action it can be a lot more challenging to discover a helpful shoe.

    Toughness, convenience, and arch assistance are vital functions your walking shoes should need to keep you walking longer, much faster, and more powerful.

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    The Best Saucony Running Shoes

    Since we tested the first Endorphin Speed it has been a fixture in our best running shoes line-up as the best all-rounder available from any brand, and by some distance. Its a comfortable shoe that you can use to cruise through easy runs, though it really comes alive during interval and tempo runs, and can be used for races as well.

    The Speed 3 is wider and more stable than its predecessors, which should make it a better option for many runners who struggled with the slightly narrow fit of the Speed 2. It uses the same PEBA-based PWRRUN PB foam as the Endorphin Pro 3 carbon shoe, but has a nylon plate instead of a carbon one in order to be more comfortable and less stiff for daily training.

    Read more in our Saucony Endorphin Speed 3 review

    The Saucony Triumph remains one of the best cushioned shoes on the market but its the shoes versatility that really makes it stand out among the competition. While its not as speedy as lighter shoes like the Speed 3 or Ride 15, the Triumph 20 can move when you want it to, and its a good all-rounder option for new runners as a result since its both highly comfortable and quick enough for your first races.

    Saucony made some smart updates to the Triumph 20: its softer and lighter than the 18 and 19, which certainly helps when you do want to up the pace in the shoe. The outsole also grips well and is long-lasting, so youll get many hundreds of miles from the Triumph 20, which will help take the edge off its high price.

    Hoka One One Mens Bondi 5 Running Shoe

    The broad toe box must be a welcome change, especially for people who have marginally wider feet. Soft responsive, its a superb selection for anyone fighting injuries or merely searching for more protection against the harsh effects of conducting.

    Many runners discovered how mild the shoe is regardless of the oversize cushioning. The grip is very great to get a street shoe it can do adequately well on mild trails, based on some couple of. A few runners mentioned their steady rides within this shoe.

    A number of people that are on their feet mostly throughout work appreciated the shoes cushioning. Outsole durability receives a boost with including rubber. Theres always likely to be a tradeoff using a maximum cushioned shoe in this way.

    You may get rid of some responsiveness and floor feel for an extremely soft ride that is smooth. Its a shoe that could withstand the daily pounding and also you are able to run inside to get as far as you would like. Find out fitness tracker for spinning.


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    A Remix On A Classic: The Peregrine 11 St

    One might guess that ST stands for Stability or Speed Trainer, but Saucony actually uses it here to designate that this version of its popular trail shoe is tuned for Soft Terrainthough its ride would make those other guesses accurate, too. A wide platform and low drop give this Peregrine its stable feel, an upgrade to premium Pwrrun+ topsole cushioning offers more go-fast energy return, and a forefoot rock plate shields against protruding roots and stones. But youll also find those features on the standard Peregrine model. What sets the ST apart is its muck-loving outsole and upper, which are built for a full send along swampy singletrack.

    The toothy lugs are 1.5mm longer, with more spacing between each to shed mud quickly, and the upper is switched to an abrasion-resistant mesh outfitted with quick lacing. To secure the shoe, just cinch the skinny bungee cords and stow them inside the tonguetheres no fiddling with wet bunny ears. Plus, the entire shoe is cloaked in its own mud guard, an outer debris-resistant mesh bolstered by overlays to block seepage. If thats still not enough splatter protection, youll also find additional loops to hook your own gaiters. The Peregrine was exceptional across the board, said one tester, wonderfully responsive and capable across deep mud and loose gravel to snow, with an amazing fit that needed none of my usual lacing tricks.

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    Q: Are Saucony Ride 14 Running Shoes True To Size

    The BEST Running Shoes of 2022 (So Far) | Daily Trainers To Die For

    A: Yes, Saucony Ride 14 running shoes are true to size. For those who dont know what this means, the shoes width, length and arch measurements are in direct proportion to the measurement with the universal foot measuring tool. So if you know all your sizes, you can rest assured that Altitude Sports will provide with a fitting pair of Saucony Ride 14s.

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    Saucony Trail Running Shoes

    Youll need something more rugged to go off the beaten path and explore the forests and mountains. Here is an overview of the brands dedicated trail shoes.

    Peregrine is the brand’s flagship trail shoe that can do it all

    Saucony Switchback

    minimalist trail shoe

    This shoe prioritizes ground feel above anything else. Light, nimble, grippy, it can take you fast along moderate trails. An innovative BOA closure is a welcome touch. Has a rock plate.

    Saucony Mad River TR

    softer shoe for semi-technical trails

    More flexible, plush, and forgiving than the Peregrine, Mad River works best for cruising on less demanding terrain. No rock plate.

    Saucony Xodus

    versatile trail-to-road workhorse

    This heavy, max-cushioned trainer can go from paved roads to technical trails easily. Its high stack and rock plate will keep you surefooted at all times.

    Saucony Peregrine

    flagship, high-performance trail runner

    This lineup is not only best within the brand itself, it is also among the top-rated shoes in the market. Outstanding grip, durability, and lockdown that work at any speed and terrain. It also comes with a rock plate for extra protection.


    Peregrine GTX – waterproof version

    Some of the road running shoes are also released in trail versions . They are meant to bring the familiar experience of your favorite road shoes to the trail, but with added grip and protection.

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