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How Much Are Balenciaga Shoes

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Balenciaga Is Loved By Celebrities

Testing the $725 Balenciaga Football Boots – Are they worth it?

Balenciaga is expensive because celebrities wear their products. Celebrities are the ones who build hype and awareness about a brand. You may not know that much about celebrities, but most people definitely feel their influence.

Celebrities can afford the products of luxurious brands and choose to wear them because they can show off their wealth and popularity. They also receive free products and get attention to the brand.

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Caitlyn Jenner wore Balenciagas leather jacket in an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kanye West also wore several pieces from Balenciaga during his Saint Pablo Tour. In addition, Shawn Mendes wore a Balenciaga suit in the 2016 Billboard Music Awards.

People tend to follow celebrities because of their status, and if a star is wearing products from a particular brand, people will think that they need to have them.

Balenciaga Triple S Clear Sole

Brand: Balenciaga

Model: Triple S

Key Features: The Balenciaga Triple S defining feature is its quadruple-stacked sole unit, which gives the sneaker an exaggerated shape. The upper is constructed of a mesh base with leather overlays at the sides, heel, and toe box. Balenciaga branding is found on the side of the shoe, while oversized rope laces add to the exaggerated theme of the sneaker.

Release Date: Available now

Buy: Balenciaga

Editors Notes: When Balenciaga gave its stacked-sole Triple S sneaker an update, it made sure that, unlike the sneakers overall look, the update was subtle and not something that would change the essence of the shoe. That update ended up being a TPU injection into the midsole, which created an air bubble for more comfort and a lighter shoe.

Where Is Balenciaga Made

For decades, Balenciaga has prided itself on being made in Italy, with some pieces also made in France.

In 2018, however, the production of the Triple S sneaker, a street-style favorite, was moved to China. This immediately sparked a controversy. The general perception is that items produced in China are of lower quality, but Balenciaga explained that the manufacturer of the shoe was moved to China they have a savoir-faire and capacities to produce a lighter shoe.

Dont let this alarm you: Balenciaga is not saying arrivederci to Italy! Quite the opposite. In 2020, the fashion house, owned by Kering group, announced they will be opening their first leather goods production plant in Italy.

The factory will be located in Cerreto Guidi, a town west of Florence, and will allow an expansion of Balenciagas accessories production. The future opening of this new production unit will create up to 300 jobs, said the brand, mainly from the local and regional community and with a particular focus on the unemployed. The employees will be offered training in the internal training center.

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How Much Are Balenciaga Shoes And Why

Balenciaga charges up to $3,250 for a pair of shoes: the 3D 110MM Pump, made in 3D printed rubber are the French labels most expensive model, while the Pool Slide Sandals are the cheapest.

What are the reasons behind these crazy price tags? It comes down to a few simple factors.

Heres why Balenciaga is so expensive:

  • Most Balenciaga products aremade in Italy, where the brand is soon opening a new factory, training its employees, and offering workers a fair, livable wage. The Triple S and Track sneakers are the only models to be made in China, using lighter, more expensive soles.
  • Balenciaga only uses the finest materials and the most innovative technologies, such as 3D printed rubber, 3D knit, and rubber with No Memory technology.
  • Balenciaga is comfortable! Despite the size, the iconic chunky sneakers are light on the feet, and the Speed sneakers fit just like a pair of socks: the memory foam sole provides extra cushioning and adapts itself to the shape of the feet.
  • Balenciaga is a luxury status symbol. When you buy Balenciaga, youre buying exclusivity. And that comes with a higher price tag!

Luckily, we consistently have the best pricing on the market!

Discover our large selection of Balenciaga sneakers for women, men, and kids, and save up to 40%.

Meet The Paris The Latest Kicks From The Fashion House Led By Demna

Balenciagas New Track Sneakers Are Here &  Theyre Basically Destined ...

In true Demna style, Balenciaga is once again making a disruptive move, launching a limited collection of overly distressed sneakers.

Dubbed the Paris, the silhouette arrives in high-top and mule iterations. While the kicks currently available for pre-order arent as worn out as seen in the campaign imagery above, each pair is cut throughout the upper with frayed edges on the collar, tongue and lacing system. Arriving in red, white and black, the shoes feature washed-out marks all over the midsole, with Balenciagas logo appearing at the toe. The extremely distressed pairs, which prove that the Paris Sneaker is meant to be worn for a lifetime as explained in a press release, will be limited to 100 pairs in black and white.

Take a closer look at the sneakers above. You can head over to the Balenciaga site to pre-order the Paris, which retails for $495 USD for the mule and $625 USD for the high-top.

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Where Can I Get More Information About Balenciaga Speed Trainer

As we said before, the best sources of data for online shopping are the main online stores such as Amazon, Ali Express, Assos, Zalando or Carrefour among others. In these big stores you will be able to check prices, ratings, possible discounts and comments from other users.

But if you want in-depth details about balenci, you will have to do your own research. We recommend you to access Wikipedia and the OCU, where you will find very specific guides to many products.

In addition to all these sources, we also recommend you to search Youtube, where you will find thousands of videos about balenciaga shoes, although many of them are in English.

Up Your Fashion Game With Balenciaga Shoes

If you are looking for a new pair of stylish shoes, then make sure to consider Balenciaga shoes. This shoe company offers such a varied selection that you may want to get more than one pair. That gets much easier when you shop for new and gently worn Balenciaga shoes on eBay.

There are many different styles of Balenciaga Shoes

Many different styles of Balenciaga Shoes may be available, including:

  • Sneakers – Many different styles of hi- and low-top tennis shoes are available from Balenciaga Shoes, including Speed Trainers, Track 2 Trainers, and Race Runners.
  • Derbies – Open-and-closed-back derbies are available in a variety of styles, including mules, dress oxfords, and outdoor derbies.
  • Boots- When you shop for Balenciaga men’s shoes on eBay, you can find a variety of boot styles, including hi-and-low-top harness boots, rain boots and lace-up boots.
  • Sandals – Slide and BB slippers may be available when shopping for Balenciaga Shoes for men.

What materials can you find in Triple S sneakers from Balenciaga shoes?What sizes may be available in Balenciaga shoes for men?

Balenciaga shoes are sized in French. Most Balenciaga sock shoes, like the Santiag, are available in sizes 38 to 44. This translates to a size 6 to size 9.5 in the United States. Balenciaga shoes for men, like the Triple S trainers, may only be available from size 7 to size 9.5. When you are considering Balenciaga men’s shoes on eBay, someone may have already converted the size.

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How Much Are Balenciaga Sneakers

The retail price for Balenciaga sneakers depends on several different factors. The model usually determines the price, as do the materials used . Occasionally, where youre shopping can also have an effect on the price. As all apparel and sneakers come with a Minimum Suggested Retail Price , some retailers can choose to charge more than others for certain items. Geographic location is also a factor, as different countries have different taxes and import duties, that can be passed on to the shopper.

The latest Balenciaga Triple S sneakers range from $895 to $975. Balenciagas Track 2 sneaker costs $895, while the Speed Trainer retails for $780. Balenciaga sneakers are generally more expensive than sneakers from sportswear brands like Nike and adidas, due to the luxury name associated with Balenciaga products.

Balenciaga Speed Trainer Bred

The Best Way To Deep Clean Balenciaga Speed Trainers with Reshoevn8r

Brand: Balenciaga

Model: Speed Trainer

Key Features: The Balenciaga Speed Trainer has red added to the classic black and white colorway. While not an uncommon color combination, most sneakerheads will associate black, red, and white with the Bred colorways of Michael Jordans signature line.

Release Date: Available now


Editors Notes: Balenciaga and other fashion houses are no stranger to adopting silhouettes and colorways from the street, which is why its no surprise that the popular Speed Trainer model has been given a Bred-inspired makeover. The black and red colorway reminds strongly of Michael Jordans banned signature sneaker from 1988, the Nike Air Jordan 1, which arrived with similar color blocking before being banned in the NBA for breaking uniform code.

The Speed Trainer rose to prominence during the height of the sock-runner popularity. While not as popular anymore, its still a big part of the brands footwear offering, providing a sleeker alternative to the Triple S and the Track sneaker series.

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Fila Ray Tracer Tl Shoes

We found this Fila Balenciaga look-alike to be quite affordable. The shoes are carefully made employing great texture and color that make them so unique and fun. Some of the pros include the chunky rope laces and comfortable outsole.

You will also find pull tabs that make it easy slipping on and taking off and mesh upper to ensure breathability. Some said that the shoes are a little hard to style, so you might want to stick to a plain design for a more casual shoe.

Balenciaga Speed Trainer Laces

Brand: Balenciaga

Model: Speed Trainer Lace-Up

Key Features: Featuring a fully-knit, sock-like upper, Balenciaga has added a lacing option to its popular Speed Trainer. This sees the upper reduced in height. The thick, performance-inspired sole unit stays the same.

Release Date: Available now


Editors Notes: Shortly after debuting the Balenciaga Speed Trainer, the fashion house dropped a version with laces. The upper seems almost identical to the laceless version, which begs the question, why add laces if the original was sturdy enough? Well probably never know the answer but at the very least were left with an alternative option should the laceless design become to muted for our tastes.

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How Can You Tell A Fake Balenciaga Sneaker

How to authenticate Balenciaga Speed trainers at home?

The fabric material that the sock part is made of. It should be elastic, but thick and durable.

The prints featured on the knit part, the heel, the outsole and the sockliner. Focus specifically on the font and the alignment of text.

The memory sole rubber outsole.

Balenciagas Destroyed Trainers Roasted On Twitter Over $1600 Price Tag

Cheap Balenciaga Casual Shoes For Men #770303 Replica Wholesale [$187 ...

Ever thought that you needed a fresh pair of shoes because yours were getting too dirty? Dont worry, Balenciagas new launch will make you think otherwise.

The Spanish fashion house that recruited A-list celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber is about to drop their latest pair of $1,600 trainers. The sneak peek images have quickly gone viral and lets just say fans arent excited to cop them.

It wouldnt be the first time an exclusive drop from a household brand has caused so much controversy. Nonetheless, they still seem to get some people to buy them.

What price would you pay for fashion?


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Balenciaga Speed Trainer High

Brand: Balenciaga

Model: Speed Trainer High

Key Features: This version of the Speed Trainer features a high-top, sock-like, knit upper with the Balenciaga logo written across the front of the ankle cuff. It comes in the classic black and white colorway with a chunky, foam sole.

Release Date: Available now


Editors Notes: Balenciagas Speed Trainer also comes in a high-top variant for those that want to swap out the original mid-top version. The sneaker was highly popular in 2017 and early 2018 but the sock-like style quickly fizzled out as chunkier, retro sportswear-inspired designs were favored by brands and consumers alike. Still, Balenciaga continues to produce the Speed Trainer series and it is available in many different colorways and variants for those that still dig it.

The Balenciaga Sneaker Buying Guide

Need some cutting-edge kicks? Balenciaga trainers have you covered with these canât-go-wrong styles. Whether itâs the iconic Arena with its signature folded tongue or Racerunners in paneled suede and neoprene, youâll want to wear Balenciaga menâs trainers with everything you own. Donât miss the labelâs crackled-leather high-tops or monochrome slip-ons either.

With a modern approach to design, Balenciaga has become synonymous with sell-out, sought-after sneakers. The high-quality standards are unmatched, and this Parisian brand has continued to innovate and rework classic silhouettes to create a range of recognizable sneakers. Luxe sneakers can be found as high and low-tops, tech-knit sock sneakers, the iconic Triple S, Speed, Track and many more. Below, our Balenciaga mens sneakers buying guide will help you find your ideal pair, the best size for you, and provide some tips on how to make them last

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Balenciaga Track 2 Monochrome

Brand: Balenciaga

Model: Track 2

Key Features: The Balenciaga Track 2 is even more complex than its predecessor, featuring an upper composed of 176 separate pieces. A mesh base is covered in countless layers made of a mix of synthetic and leather overlays. Track 2 branding is present on the tongue, while Balenciaga branding is on the side and embossed on the toe of the outsole. A bulky, multi-layered mid- and outsole combination rounds out a techy look.

Release Date: Available now

Buy: Balenciaga

Editors Notes: The Balenciaga Track 2 is the brands latest high-fashion yet super-technical take on a retro sneaker. Its an update of the first-generation Track, with pre-worn layers that create an open-air structure, exposing the mesh base. A dual-density lightweight EVA sole gives the shoe that distinct high performance look. This specific colorway comes in either all black or all white and, ignoring the obvious exaggerated design, is the most subtle version of this sneaker available. If youre into old retro sneakers, as well as either all black Balenciaga sneakers or all white Balenciaga sneakers, this may be the right choice for you.

Balenciaga Makes You Pay For An Experience

Fake market fashion sneakers / designer. yeezy Jordan balenciaga offwhite dior gucci nike adidas

If you ask yourself, why is Balenciaga expensive? it is because luxury starts with a brand experience. The value of luxury brands is their ability to create an experience that goes beyond the product.

Products are more than just commodities they are pieces that help build a self-image. For example, products from Balenciaga show something about who you are and what youre willing to spend your money on.

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Sometimes when you shop, you may not remember what brand was that blue shirt you wanted, but you will remember the experience in-store.

Since a price depends on the ability to create extreme value for the consumer, brands like Balenciaga spend a lot of time ensuring that their product is worth its cost. They also make sure that they can connect with their consumers emotionally, providing an excellent shopping experience.

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What Is Known About The Balenciaga Distressed Sneakers

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While the Paris sneakers lineup is available in a slightly distressed look, there would be hundreds of limited edition units that would come with a fully destroyed appearance.

According to Balenciagas website listings, the limited edition sneakers come with full destroyed cotton and rubber and rippings all over the fabric. The shoes would also have the logo of the brand printed on the edge of the shoe sole, and it would appear as if the letters were written with a sharpie of contrasting color. Furthermore, the bottom of the sole would also have an engraved Balenciaga logo.

Balenciaga has unveiled a fully destroyed version of its Paris sneaker retailing for $1850

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These extra-special edition sneakers almost look as if the shoes had been buried underground and left to decompose. The cotton fabric showcases a much-frayed look, which also stresses questions about the longevity of these premium shoes.

As per the press release from the luxury label, the new shoe line is:

A retooled classic design which interprets mid-century athleticism and timeless casual wear in black, white, or red, with a white rubber sole and toe with distressed canvas and rough edges, affecting a pre-worn look.

Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers

Easily one of the most wanted styles by Balenciaga, meet the Triple S Sneaker. Sculpted treaded rubber sole gives this style a distinct modern twist that can be paired with everyday looks. Laced up for a comfortable fit, the colorblocked style has fine details from the back of the shoe with a grosgrain pull loop to the shoe size number placed at the toe. Youll find a wide assortment of colors to choose from that fits your style.

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Balenciaga Triple S Bred

Brand: Balenciaga

Model: Triple S

Key Features: The Balenciaga Triple S defining feature is its quadruple-stacked sole unit, which gives the sneaker a very bulky shape. The upper is constructed of a mesh base with leather overlays at the sides, heel, and toe box. Balenciaga branding is found on the side of the shoe, while oversized rope laces add to the exaggerated theme of the sneaker. This specific pair is available in black and red with white detailing.

Release Date: Available now

Buy: Balenciaga

Editors Notes: Balenciagas perhaps most famous and popular sneaker design, the four-sole behemoth that is the Triple S, is available in a black and red colorway. Nicknamed Bred, fans of Michael Jordans signature line will immediately know why and may be drawn to this colorway over others due to its cultural significance in the sneaker community. The design is a far cry from Jordan Brand sneakers but may present a healthy compromise between fashion forward and still in-tune with streetwear culture and retro Air Jordans.

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