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How Much Are Basketball Shoes

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Best Budget Basketball Shoes

How much Height do Adidas Dame 5 Basketball Shoes add?

There are a lot of great budget basketball shoe options out there. Since they dont get as much hype as other shoes, you may not be as aware of them, but since we at Weartesters test almost every single basketball model released every year, we can help you find great the best basketball shoes on a budget. Here is our top budget basketball shoe pick, but you can also check out the full list of our top budget basketball shoes if you like.

Features To Look For In Basketball Sneakers

Play out on the court is fast and furious, and your shoes need to be able to take the strain of an intensive game. Whether its on the hardwood or an outdoor surface, to make sure your feet stay light, youll need to consider the following before buying your new basketball shoes:

Playing Style before adding the flash to your feet, you need to know how you play and how you want your game to progress. Personal playing style makes the difference when it comes to choosing basketball shoes. Are you a long-range shooter or do you like to be up front in the key? Is your playing style based on speed and sheer, turn-on-a-dime agility or are you out back and ready in defense? Match the specific spec of your basketball footwear to your own playing style and youll get all the support and performance you need to keep your game on target.

Cushion the right cushioning in your basketball footwear is not just about comfort, its also about protecting your feets most vulnerable pressure points such as the heel and forefoot. Most basketball shoes go for mid-level cushioning to help keep a solid base for your foot on the court. Materials used for mid-sole cushioning include lighter EVA foam and compressed EVA foam or the denser and more durable polyurethane, while air-based cushioning can provide a more responsive ride.

Mens Basketball Shoes Never Give Up

Its time for you to rise. In mens basketball shoes, youll have dynamic looks of the kings of the court. Grab Nike, Jordan, adidas, PUMA, and other faves helping players excel on the hardwood. Pound up and down the court, jam defenders, and take it to the hoop in more comfort and control than you thought possible. Pick up some new mens basketball socks and complete your outfit for gameday.

Grab Fire for Your Feet

Theres nothing better than playing like a great. Mens Jordan basketball shoes are all about it step onto the court wearing expert construction built from decades of mastery. These basketball shoes for men have mixed material and a light upper construction, which lets your feet breathe and doesnt weigh down your game.

Fly higher than ever before when you wear Nike Air Zoom shoes. They deliver unparalleled speed by utilizing lightweight mesh it also brings close support and breathability for an all-around feel. A pair of Zoom units under the ball of the feet absorb energy and push it right back.

Dont Stop Hooping

Mens basketball shoes from adidas offer a seamless heel-to-toe transition and a precision fit. Youll barely even feel them while youre playing against top talent. The iconic Lightstrike cushioning tech means you can explode at a moments notice for the quickest cuts. Theres no doubt these mens adidas basketball shoes are ready to hit the hardwood this season.

Play Your Game

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The 10+ Best Basketball Shoes In 2022 Expert

At WearTesters, our team of expert reviewers tests hundreds of basketball shoes each year. After testing, we collect the Best Basketball Shoes available and include them here for easy reference.

We regularly update this page to feature the highest performing, currently available basketball shoes. The shoes listed are in no particular order. Check back any time you buy new basketball shoes.

Weve also reviewed many other basketball shoes that didnt make this page. Every foot is different, so read the reviews carefully to find the best shoes for you. For details on methodology, see the detailed description at the bottom of the page.

Also, if you enjoy our content, you should know that we have a great community where we discuss sneakers, reviews, and all sorts of other topics. Community members also enjoy behind-the-scenes footage, invitations to WearTesters events, early access to merchandise, and automatic entry into shoe giveaways.

  • How to break in a basketball shoe
  • The Best Basketball Shoes Of The 2021

    How Much Should Basketball Shoes Weigh?

    The 2020-2021 season was a tricky time for all sports. The unprecedented year wreaked havoc on timetables and forced leagues to think outside the box. In comparison to other leagues, though, the NBA seemed to adjust quite naturally to the upset. In fact, with the players living inside the NBA bubble for much of last season, we had a concentrated Petrie dish for players style.

    Funnily enough, walk-in fits were more in the spotlight than ever and on-court drip didnt slow down either. Now, as the NBA season gears up to start again with usual programming last seasons 72-game slate returns to the normal 82-game schedule the world of basketball shoes has never looked so strong.

    So, in time for the seasons tip-off, weve scoured the net, read hundreds of reviews, and rounded up the best basketball shoes that youre likely to see in the NBA 2021-2022 season. Rather than our usual style-first approach, for this selection, weve looked at fit, technology, traction, quality, to offer up the definitive best basketball shoes of 2021-2022 list.

    From Trae Youngs brand-new signature shoe to strong general releases from PUMA and Nike, here are the only basketball shoes that you should be wearing on-court this season.

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    Will Mold To Fit Your Foot Perfectly

    This basketball shoe features all leather on the upper section and after your first few times of using this shoe, the leather will mold and conform to your specific foot shape giving you maximum comfort. Keep them looking great with their special chalk color, adding a touch of class which is very eye-catching. The laces are hidden with a zip-up shroud, keeping them tight so you wont have to worry about them while youre on the court.

    Best Cheap Basketball Shoes Overall


    Old Cushioning Technologies

    Cheaper basketball shoes make use of old technologies. A good example is Nikes Air technology, which is light and comfortable.

    EVA Foam

    Closed cell ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer foam or EVA is among the most commonly used material for midsoles primarily because it is durable, water-resistant, and comfortable.


    Synthetic fabric

    The upper of cheap basketball shoes also need to be durable, hence synthetic fabrics are usually used.

    Artificial rubber

    The upper material is sometimes reinforced or infused with much cheaper artificial rubber such as neoprene to ensure comfort.

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    The Importance Of An Extra Few Inches In Basketball

    When playing competitive sports, all points matter, all teammates matter and, you guessed it all inches matter. For this reason, adding a few extra inches with the right pair of shoes can bring you a competitive edge. The most obvious benefit is an extended reach. This means it will be easier to score your shot, even with an opponent attempting to block it. Another practical benefit of added height are longer strides. This proves to be very important when racing back and forth on the court. Lastly, you wont have to work as hard to propel yourself forward when dunking the ball. As we know, those extra couple inches on your shoes can mean you are that much closer to the hoop when neck and neck with an opponent.

    Its interesting to explore how basketball leagues such as the NBA quantify the players height. In fact, prior to 2019, the height of players was not universally measured the same way. In other words, some players heights were recorded with shoes on and others with shoes off. This disproportion was evened out in 2019 when they created a standard. This standard means the players height is recorded without basketball shoes on barefoot.

    When it comes to composition, basketball shoes are made of a few different materials. Most of them have a rubber sole. This rubber sole is responsible for providing good traction on the court. The rubber also acts as a shock absorber. It allows players to land more comfortably and enables them to play long games with ease.

    Adidas Performance Mens Pro Bounce

    Best Basketball Shoes of 2021 … So Far


    The last shoe that we want to recommend you get is for those who are on a budget and want an excellent regular fit, mid-top shoes. There are not many mid-top shoes in the market, and along with the Adidas Pro Next, this one is a hidden gem.

    Impact prevention is not at the highest level, unfortunately, but there are not enough cushions to add flexibility and comfort to the shoe. We should feel cozier in our shoes. These are the worst cushions on this list.

    As for the materials, it is quite good, but I did not like the specific toe box gap. I have no idea why it is there, and probably that is something we will never understand.

    Lastly, I would like to talk about ventilation. I do not know what they did, but whatever they did is working. I have never felt my feet this good after a long basketball session. No overheats, no excessive sweating It is like walking in the park.

    Feel and Features

    When we talk about traction, the Pro Bounce is not the best, to be honest. It just will not grip as hard as the others on our list. It is merely the worst but still better than the most that did not make our list.

    Apart from these, the fitting is a bit awkward. It can be due to this toe box issue that I mentioned earlier or something else. Yet, something was not fitting well. I noticed that my feet were just hanging around in the shoe and everything. It needs a betterment.



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    Best Low Top Basketball Shoes

    Low-cut basketball shoes are some of the most popular styles of basketball shoes on the market. They feel sleeker and more agile than other styles and after Kobe Bryant re-popularized them back in 2008, hoopers cant get enough of low-top basketball shoes. You can check our full list of the best low-top basketball shoes if you would like to as well.

    Under Armour Lockdown 5

    Affordable Basketball Shoes

    Under Armour Lockdown 5 is quite comfortable due to the increased midsole by an inch from 10 to 11 inches. This extra inch gives more cushioning, ankle support and better stability. The upper part is made of a durable synthetic material that provides strength and good looks. The toe box has been increased by 2mm from previous versions for added protection.

    Another feature that makes these shoes special is their very good traction on multiple floor types, making them perfect for indoor games. The rubber sole grips the court really well and keeps your foot locked on the ground during play. As a result, you stay on your feet instead of losing control while going for risky dribbling.

    Key Features:

    • Strong rubber sole ensure great comfort and good mobility. The sole is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of outdoor courts
    • The upper part is made of breathable mesh and synthetic overlays to give proper structure and prevent it from wearing
    • The toe area is covered with TPU film to enhance durability
    • Mesh tongue adds in the comfort for long wears
    • The minimal sockliner is designed using anti-odor technology to keep the foot fresh for a long time
    • Responsive EVA sole provides protection from jumping impacts and returns explosive energy while high jumps
    • Ample heal cushioning to ensure heal protection
    • Not suitable for wide feet
    • Heavy players will find less cushioning
    Best Budget Basketball Shoes under $100

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    Finding The Best Fit In Basketball Shoes

    Its obvious that you should get the right size to maximize a shoes potential. Whats not so obvious are the factors that affect your size-related decisions.

    Brands fit differently. RunRepeat is equipped with a tool that helps you find the right size given the brand. This tool can also use your actual size, brand preference, and inputs from other users to come up with sizing recommendations.

    Consider the thickness of your braces. Ankle braces provide additional support to your foot. Braces basketball players use are thicker than normal. If you plan to wear braces, get shoes that are at least half a size larger than your usual shoe size.

    Nike Mens Lebron Soldier Xiii Sfg Basketball Shoes

    how much was lebron james nike contract,Nike LeBron 14

    Are you tired of the old traditional lacing system? A new laceless system has been developed for this sneaker. The high-quality laceless system replaced the old conventional lacing system. They wrap your foot so that your foot remains consistent in the grip. It is the most comfortable for wide feet and highly suitable for basketball courts where you can efficiently run and dunk by wearing them.

    • The new lacing system wraps the whole foot one lace wraps your midfoot, and the other goes to the ankle. Due to the lacing system, the support to the ankles and midfoot remain consistent.
    • The solid rubber traction pattern provides an excellent grip on both surfaces. Play like a pro at harsh surfaces also.
    • The cushion is not much comfortable but is acceptable. But the forefoot and zoom unit will never disappoint you by providing the mix-up of court feel. It also provides impact protection.
    • The bottom is zoom-loaded protection which helps out in a quick-cut direction even after 5 seconds preventing any injury.
    • The attractive pair is for all heavy feet with almost zero weaknesses.
    • The shoe is much more responsive because of the zoom air unit. Pressing the foamy midsole pushes the zoom air unit hence, your foot comes back quickly during jumping.
    • Easy to wear basketball sneakers with the only help of one hand. You can quickly strap the lace.

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    Indoor Basketball Vs Outdoor Basketball

    This is the question of where youll use your shoes. If you play primarily indoors, durability wont be a huge issue. But if youre an outdoor hooper, thats a different story.

    The best basketball shoes for outdoor basketball will need more durable materials along the upper, harder rubber on the outsole,more cushion to protect against the hard blacktop, and an appropriate traction pattern. We have a full guide on how to choose outdoor basketball shoes that you can check out.

    Under Armour Embiid 1

    Wide Toe Box Shoes

    The very first Joel Embiids signature shoes are designed to cater to huge feet like Joels. The shoes are manufactured solid all-around to provide optimum support to big feet players. The thick sole keeps up the weight of the player and lockdown wings provide a lockdown fit.

    The reason to add this pair to the list of best wide basketball shoes is that we experienced comfort and a solid locked-in feel on both courts – indoor and outdoor. We did not find any foot-swelling or toe redness after hours of play.

    Read detailed features of the Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes.

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    Q: How Much Should I Spend On My Basketball Shoes

    A: With basketball shoes you are buying a key part of your equipment and the right pair of sneakers will have you highflying on the court. So, when considering your budget, if your new footwear is for serious basketball play rather than fashion, then go for the best pair you can afford. With such a vast choice currently out on the market, there is no need to break your bank to get the spec you need, and you can get a decent pair starting from around the $75-$100 mark. Go for one of the quality brands and check out their full range so you dont get your head turned by a design or style that simply wont add to your game. Know your playing style, the type of court you play on and how often you play, and youll find the right basketball shoe for your budget. But remember, your sneakers are central to both your game and helping to keep you injury free and are a good investment.

    The Top 100 Basketball Shoes Of All Time

    Does It Basketball? $70 Nike Precision 3!

    This is it. The debate ends here.

    If you’ve never had a pair of kicks from this list, you don’t deserve to step on a court. These are the shoes worn by legends as well as trendsetters.

    This list ranks kicks by style, on-court performance and off-the-court reputation.

    These are the top 100 basketball shoes of all time.

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    How Do I Find A Basketball Shoe That Fits My Playing Style

    No two basketball players are the same. Everything from a players height to their weight, to their build, their skill level, etc. are factors that will determine their playing style. And even players that seem very similar, can have different tastes in what they like from their footwear. Damian Lillard and Kyrie Irving for example have vastly different signature shoes, but somewhat comparable styles on court.

    Smaller, more agile players will usually favor shoes that can accommodate their shiftier style of play. This means that they will need great traction, great support features, and reactive cushioning. The Curry line and the Kyrie line are good examples of this type of setup.

    For bigger, more powerful players, on the other hand, the main focus will probably be a plush cushioning system that will absorb a lot of impacts and a very supportive build. In this case, LeBrons signature line is the best example available.

    This of course is a general rule of thumb, and each player will have their individual tastes, but this is a good starting point to find the best basketball shoes for you.

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