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How Much Are Golf Shoes

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Under Armour Spieth 5 Sl Golf Shoes

Footjoy Traditions Golf Shoe Review – Footjoys Answer to Sketchers?

Tech-driven performance

+ Provides a snug fit that boosts comfort and support+ Impressive levels of grip Only one colour option available

This shoe features a unique 3D moulded footbed that features an additional wrap over the inside and top of the foot. This wrap eliminates gapping between your foot and the shoe from the inside to create a fit that is tailored to your specific foot shape.

The grip impressed us too. In fact, levels of traction seemed to be close to that of some cleated shoes because the Spieth 5 SL has firmer TPU nubs for ground penetration and softer rubber nubs in key areas to create friction, something we noticed testing when the ground was slightly damp.

The Spieth 5 SL might just be the brands most advanced shoe to date, maximising performance through a better fit but also by letting testing data with elite players and biomechanical insights shape the design.

There doesnt appear to be any trade off by going spikeless and the unique insole certainly enhances the connection you have with the shoe and the ground to boost power potential.

Footjoy Womens Lopro Collection

If youre looking for a more traditional golf shoe, I think you will love the FootJoy LoPro collection. These have more of a classic look but they dont sacrifice any comfort either.

The LoPro has a full rounded toe with a slightly more shallow forefoot and heel. Its made with light EVA to provide tons of comfort throughout the entire shoe.;

Like the popular shoe from Adidas, these also have a traditional spike system. Not to mention, they are available in all white, black/white or white/tan.

You cant go wrong with this classic shoe from FootJoy!

How Much Does It Cost To Golf At Augusta National

One cannot just simply play Augusta National and pay a certain green fee.; There are very limited ways to play golf there and even the most wealthy have to receive an invite to become a member.;

It is one of the most exclusive and sought after memberships in all of golf. The course is truly amazing and it would be a lifelong dream to play this course someday.; The chances are low, but one can always dream!

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How Much Should I Spend On Golf Shoes

As you probably noticed if you clicked on these shoes, there is a wide variety of prices. Some are $50 while others are $200 or more. So how much should you spend on your quest for the best golf shoes?

Personally, I think price is one of the last things you should consider. Its better to buy a pair of shoes that last a long time instead of a cheaper pair that arent comfortable and wont last long.

Also, I think your golf shoes depend on how often youre playing golf. If youre an avid golfer who is always trying to get better, spending more on shoes makes more sense than someone who plays a few times per year.;

Skechers Womens Max Golf Shoe

Nike Roshe G Women

Available in over twenty color combinations, these shoes are a fitting choice if you prefer stylish golf shoes which are surprisingly cheap. These shoes, however, are not known for just that but are among the best shoes because of the ultralight cushioning and a spikeless outsole. Both of these, working together, provide the highest levels of comfort which, in turn, improve your performance and raise your confidence.

In addition to that, these shoes, with a wide range of sizes and flexible materials, are among the best picks for wide-footed people. They also provide a spectacular mix of textile and synthetic with a well-employed rubber sole. For its GOGA Max insole, it helps deliver enhanced high-rebound cushioning for added comfort and high shock-absorbance, while the surprisingly durable TPU outsole just adds to its appeal too.

Other than that, the synthetic upper provides some waterproofing without compromising on breathability. And, the ultra-lightweight model, with Ultra Flight Cushioning, is highly responsive, making golfing even enjoyable. The pairs Agion technology also wicks away moisture and inhibits odor and Wide Fit choices are also available. It, lastly, has a low heel type and a lace-up closure, adding to the personalization.


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Factor #: Physical Fitness

In order to play as much golf as you would like, you have to make sure you are physically able to handle the demands of golfing everyday.; Even if you are riding a cart for every round, you have to ensure your back and other parts of the body will hold up from swinging a golf club frequently.

It is important to stay in shape through walking and stretching at minimum.; Preparing for playing golf frequently will help you maximize your number of rounds.

I would recommend starting some yoga and daily walks to ensure you have the proper flexibility, strength and base with your legs.

If you have ever played golf with a sore back, you understand the limitations placed on the golf swing and how important it is to stay healthy through a quality stretching routine and overall activity.; If you are someone that dreams about playing a lot of golf in retirement, make sure you are taking the daily actions to be physically fit in your 60s and 70s.; Start something today!

Do Pros Use Spikeless Golf Shoes

Yes, some pros do wear spikeless golf shoes while others wear traditional spikes. Its a preference thing and some golfers need the extra traction while others dont. Plus, some will switch from spikeless to spikes when playing in colder, wet weather conditions.

In the spiked or spikeless debate make sure you choose the ones that work for your game .

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Ecco Biom Hybrid 3 Gore

In case you want shoes with variants for both, men and women, in order to practice twinning with your sibling or friend, give these a try. So, created by ECCO, these shoes are made of leather, with a quality that is unparalleled by any others. It, other than adding to the style, also makes the shoes even comfortable with stretchability, while, for waterproofing, these shoes feature the latest GORE-TEX technology that works extremely well without compromising on breathability.

They, moreover, work impressively well in nearly all weather conditions while the Ortholite inlay sole makes it even comfortable. And, this, with the removable parts, also allows extra room for wide feet. Moving on, the YAK leather upper is extremely lightweight yet durable and the ECCO Tri-Fi-grip technology is divided into three zones to help with not just stability but also durability and rotational support.

Youll also be glad to know that these shoes have been made in a way as to allow you to wear them on-course as well as off-course, and with ease. Lastly, the shoes have a rubber sole, hence making them easy to clean and there are twelve color combinations available for men and just as many for women too.


  • ; ; ;It features an impressive grip, thanks to the ECCO Tri-Fi-Grip technology
  • ; ; ;The Ortholite inlay sole makes it comfortable and its removability is good for people with wide feet
  • ; ; ;The YAK leather upper is strong and lightweight
  • ; ; ;The GORE-TEX Technology keeps it waterproof yet breathable

Golf Shoes: How They Have Evolved


We have all seen how much the golf ball and golf clubs have evolved over the years but often forget about how much golf shoes for both men & women have evolved over the last 25 years or even the last 150 years.; Golf shoes in 2017 have so much more technology in them than they ever have, either providing more style, stability, waterproofing, durability, traction, and comfort.; So lets go back in time and see how much they truly have changed.

Golf shoes date back to about 150 years ago and used to be a typical pair of shoes that had small nails pushed through the sole to aid with traction.; Not only were they uncomfortable and golfers took the risk of injuring themselves if the nail pushed back into their foot, not to mention what they did to the golf course.; So it was in 1891 when the first golf shoes were introduced with spikes that you could screw in.; However, once everyone adopted these new golf shoes, greenskeepers around the world, instantly complained as the new spikes were really tearing up the greens.; Eventually many golf courses and clubs banned these new spiked golf shoes.

Spalding was the first company to come out with the saddle oxford golf shoe in 1906.; Saddle shoes became the traditional golf shoe for all golfers around the world for over a decade and are still seen today in much more advanced versions, such as the FootJoy DryJoys Golf Shoes or FootJoy Icon Black Golf Shoes.

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What To Look For When Choosing A Golf Shoe

There are a number of factors to consider when picking out your next pair of golf shoes so to help you narrow down your search and inform your buying decision, below we have put together some key points.

1. Spiked or spikeless?

The models above are split into spiked and spikeless designs and there are pros and cons of each. Spiked golf shoes offer better grip and stability but dont sit as low to the ground as spikeless models.

Spikeless golf shoes offer off-course versatility. They are perfect for driving in the car to the golf course, playing a round, and then driving home again because they are usually light and comfortable, but most wont offer as much traction as a spiked shoe.

2. Waterproofing

If you live somewhere that gets a lot of rain then a waterproof shoe is a must. The best designs will keep your feet bone dry however if you play golf in glorious sunshine most of the time, then you may view other factors as more significant.

Many players choose to have one pair for winter and another, lighter pair for summer to keep them fresh and suit different requirements.

3. Getting the right fit

When picking out golf shoes getting the right fit is important because otherwise blisters can build up. Or your feet may slide around inside, which limits your stability.

4. Styling

We hope you enjoyed this guide on the best golf shoes.

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New Balance Mens Sweeper Comfort Golf Shoe

If you rock New Balances off the course and want a pair for the links, you will love the Sweeper Spiked Comfort shoe. These rubber sole New Balance shoes not only look great but are 100% waterproof with their microfiber leather. They also have removable FTS 3.20 Pulsar spikes and have a traditional lace up system.;

Plus, theyre super comfortable thanks to the REVLite midsole. This allows them to keep the shoe very lightweight but not sacrifice any cushioning.;

The New Balance shoes are great looking shoes that are available in all white or all black. If you love one pair, grab the other color so you have one for each season.;

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Features To Look For In Spikeless Golf Shoes

While most golf shoes will have basic features as standard, everyones golf shoe needs are different. You might need a better balance, better breathability, or better lug support, so keep in mind these features when looking for a new pair to find the design thats most likely to improve your game and make golf just a smidge more enjoyable for you.

Spikeless Vs Spikes – Spiked shoes will perhaps provide you a little more traction on wet surfaces and slopes, but the cleats on them will need replacing when they wear out or break. You dont have to do this with spikeless, as the studs or dimples are molded into the sole. Spiked shoes are typically better for beginners, as they provide better support and traction on all surfaces.

While you may be loyal to spiked shoes, spikeless shoes are becoming ever more advanced so that there is hardly any discrepancy between the two types. One benefit of spikeless shoes is that they are more flexible and have better ground feel compared to spiked shoes. They are also more lightweight, as the weight of the metal spikes wont be present.

Your choice should also depend on the type, of course, youre likely to play the most on. If your home course is dry, then spikeless shoes are more suitable.

But were not here to convince you either way, and both have the benefits and their disadvantages. These are usually individual, though, and you should go with whatever best works for you.

Adidas Golf Mens Tour 360 Boost

Adidas Tour 360 XT Spikeless Golf Shoes

The Adidas Tour 360 boost golf shoes are the premiere shoes among players that are sponsored by Adidas on tour. Im sure youve seen players like Justin Rose and Dustin Johnson wearing them the last few years and have become very popular with players worldwide. They are 100% leather with a rubber sole that is perfect for comfort and style.

The spiked golf shoe comes with climaproof technology to help you play and look great in any course conditions. They also have superior cushioning and comfort with a midsole foam and new heel shape that contours to your foot.;

Plus, they come in more than 10 colors so there is a pair to match all of your golfing outfits.; to buy these Adidas now.

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Skechers Go Golf Elite 3

The Skechers Go Golf Elite 3 shoe is another low priced option for the everyday golfer but still has tons of style. And like anything Sketchers made, they were created for maximum comfort. The shoes are lightweight, 100% waterproof and come with their patented high-performance Resamax cushioned insole for stability and comfort.

With six different colors, you can buy these and even wear them when youre attending a casual dinner or happy hour with friends. These are a phenomenal choice if youre looking for comfort and style.

Laces Or No Lace System

Believe it or not, some new golf shoes dont include laces anymore . Again, this is a personal preference but youll also need to decide if you want laces or go to a new school and skip them.

On this list, youll also find a hybrid style as well. Some FootJoy and ECCO shoes have a twist switch on the back of the shoes that you tighten which replaces the laces.

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Under Armour Mens Spieth 4 Gore

Having been improved from the already splendid Spieth 3, this model is undoubtedly among the best golf shoes there is, if not the best. For one, it has been manufactured by one of the most trusted brands, hence ensuring quality.

Other than that, the shoes, with their 3D molded quarter panel and well-built shaft, provide great support for even the widest feet. Sizing also varies greatly, providing one for even the widest feet, while the Dual Durometer EVA footbed helps provide support and comfort. It is also low, considering the cleats, and, with the help of the amazing vertical ground force it provides, the pair can gain around 10 yards over most other shoes.


Q: Are Spikeless Golf Shoes Waterproof


A: The waterproofness of your spikeless golf shoes will depend on the brand and style you purchase. Some spikeless golf shoes are waterproof, but others are not. Theres also those which are waterproof for an up to 2 years but not permanently. Others are water-resistant, but not entirely waterproof as in the case of leather polyester hybrid shoes.

Leather and leather hybrids are the best shoes for waterproofness, but may also cost more money. Depending on where you live, you may not need to think about water-resistance at all. This is true if you live in an area where the sun is a fixture all year-round unless you plan on taking a tour around somewhere a little wetter. Those less fortunate who can hardly remember what a round of golf on a sunny day is like may have other ideas, though.

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Under Armour Spieth 2

The UA Spieth 2 is constructed from textiles and synthetic materials and a synthetic sole.

The uppers are made from a lightweight smart weave Clarino microfiber leather for added durability & support.

Ankle support is provided by the bootie construction that extends over your ankle for a snug, comfortable fit & increased support.

Locking the shoe to your foot is achieved by the integrated lacing system.

With The Multitude Of Options In Golf Shoes These Days Figuring Out Which Ones Are Best For You Can Be A Daunting Task Especially If You Are New To The Game Here Are Some Factors To Consider When Buying Golf Shoes

We carry full lines of golf shoes from the top names in golf shoes like Nike, FootJoy, G/FORE, Adidas and more.

Price ;Golf shoes can range from around $65 to $300 and more.;;Just like in most things, you get what you pay for in golf shoes.; They range from synthetic leather on the inexpensive end to the finest calfskin leather on the more expensive end, with a multitude of features in between.; The more expensive golf shoes will last you longer, feel better on your feet, and, yes, actually help your golf game believe it or not.;

How;often you play This is probably the deciding factor on how much you want to spend on golf shoes.; If you only play golf twice a year, you might not be willing to shell out $300 on a pair of golf shoes.; You may be just fine with that $65 pair of golf shoes.; Of course, how good you look plays a part in this as well.; If you want to look like you play golf twice a year, then go for the $65 pair.; If you want to look great even if your game isnt, then step up to the plate and get those beautiful expensive golf shoes!

If you ever have any questions about these factors or any other aspect of making your golf shoe purchase decision, please dont hesitate to;.; Were here to help you!

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