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How Much Are Gucci Shoes

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How Much Does It Cost To Make Gucci Shoes

Gucci 2018 Ace Embroidered Bee Sneakers | Unboxing & Review | Size Comparison

As footwear prices continue to hike, you probably got yourself wondering how much it costs to make a Gucci shoe, and perhaps, how much is the brand profiting off of their footwear line up. Thankfully, several reviews have unleashed a detailed analysis of these statistics so that buyers can be aware of the brand mark up. With a view to product pricing, various things need to be considered:

Material cost

The type of material employed in the product itself may have varying prices. Gucci may use certain top quality fabrics, which are in lower supply, than those used by most standard brands in the same industry.

Labor cost

Gucci boasts manufacturing their product in Italy, and they often use no-standard cuts of raw materials. This, in turn, leads to a higher labor cost, considering that Italy features more stern labour laws and ethical standards.

That could suggest higher minimum wages and lower working time that employers would agree to, compared to China, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, for instance. Speaking of high-quality build material, custom capital, and machinery is much of a necessity for this to be achieved. This only makes the product much pricey.

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Manufacturing overheads

The cost of purchasing/renting a land or factory building in Italy, for that matter, would be notably more costly than simply getting a Chinese factory to execute the production.

Gucci Exclusivity

Some premium branded models are made to last

Bottom Line

How Much Will A Pair Of Gucci Shoes Cost Me

Again, it depends on what you would like to buy.You could find a wonderful , stylish vintage pair for 180 euros or even less . But, if you would like to buy a pair from the GUCCI new era by Alessandro Michele you need more than 500 euros, right now .

And if you buy it second hand you need more than the half money. So 35o and up. But , you need to know that GUCCI increased the prices this year! Oh yes ! This September I was in Paris for the Fashion Week and on my last free day there I went to a GUCCI boutique to try some new mules. There I saw a pair of classic flat mules that last year cost 450 euros now were 500 euros! OMG! So girls hurry!

How To Spot Fake Gucci Shoes

Gucci shoes are incredibly expensive, far more expensive than other popular brands like Air Jordan or Yeezys.

But that also means theres going to be lots of fakes.

People want to make money making knock-off Gucci shoes and they are succeeding.

Gucci products are some of the most common knocked-off products sold, and its a problem for people wanting genuine Guccis but getting ripped off instead.

I dont want you getting ripped off and I dont want your friends and family getting ripped off.

In this article I will teach you how to spot fake Gucci shoes.


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Are Gucci Shoes Comfortable

The most comfortable designer shoes I have ever tried! I love GUCCI shoes for two reasons.

First, the incredible design, and second the comfort. I have walked many kilometers on GUCCI shoes during Fashion Weeks and I was more than ok. Imagine me all day in the streets of London on GUCCI heels running around.

I need something comfortable and stylish and GUCCI shoes are exactly what I need! Im telling you, its the perfect combination of luxury, style, and comfort! If you want to invest in a pair like this, GUCCI is the answer!

Shoddy Logos And Colors

What is the name of these and how much

Get accustomed to the Gucci logo.

Because guess what?

For some reason, knock-offs cant seem to get this right.

Often times fake Guccis will have too-bright colors, misaligned logos, shoddy stitching, etc.

However, even though they may get the logo and colors right, that doesnt mean its real.

All the other tips in this article still apply because there are some Gucci shoes that look absolutely amazing but they are knock-offs.

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Are Gucci Shoes Worth It Or Waste Of Money Let Me Explain

Are Gucci shoes worth it or a complete waste of money?

In this article I explain in detail the quality of Gucci, what youre paying for and if they are worth it or simply a bad investment.

I am no stranger to Gucci as I have written articles on them before and know where they stand within the fashion industry.

So without further ado, lets get right into it.

Gucci Footwear Philippines Philippines

If you are looking for Gucci Footwear, you can choose among Gucci Sandals, Gucci Heels and Gucci Shoes. Gucci Footwear today are sold in either Yellow, White and Silver. With discounts up to 79%, you can now have your very own Gucci Footwear! Ace Sneaker…, Shoes Ace Bee and Shoes 100% Original From Dubai Pa Po Yan Kaya Bilhin Niyo Na May Freebies Sa Bibili Hehehehehe, are the two most popular Gucci Footwear from the brand.’, Nike, adidas and Vans are some of the many options you have if you are not sure about Gucci Footwear. For a 110.00- 596,456.00 price range , you can get yourself a brand new Gucci Footwear on iPrice!

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The Best And Easiest Way To Avoid Getting Ripped Off

The easiest and most effective way of not getting ripped off is to buy from official online stores and official Gucci stores.

Dont bother with shady vendors from eBay, cheap prices and shady websites.

They are a recipe for disaster.

Of course a Gucci shoe selling for $79 might seem like the deal of a life time, but they are only trying to make a quick buck.

In layman term, a huge fake.

Well that concludes this article.

I hope you learned how to spot fake Gucci shoes.

Please let me know in the comments below if you have any questions or concerns.

Cheers and have a great day.

The Quality Of Gucci Loafers And Dress Shoes

“Dirty” Gucci – Screener Sneakers – Worth the Money?? Unboxing & On Foot

Gucci dress shoes are made immaculately.

They get some of the top fashion designers in the world to design their shoes, keeping up with current fashion trends while staying timeless.

This means if you put down a Gucci shoe today and pick it up in 50 years, its still going to have the same visual impact and appear to be expensive and of quality.

Thats what I mean by timeless.

Their shoes are stitched together rather than glued, they have top quality leather, attention-to-detail and a very strong construction.

The only way to damage Gucci loafers and dress shoes is to tear the material which is not an easy thing to do.

Also I recommend taking them to a cobbler every couple of years for a full service.

This makes a huge difference between lasting 10-20 years and 50+ years.

Is it worth buying loafers or dress shoes?


Their loafers and dress shoes are some of the best in the world and youre actually paying for quality, construction and durability, as well as the brand name.

They can last 50+ years if looked after properly and they are definitely worth the money.

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A Virtual Steal: The Digital Gucci Sneakers For Sale At $1799

Luxury brands first digital shoes can be worn only in virtual or augmented worlds online, but some believe the concept will take off across fashion

Gucci sneakers usually retail for well over $500, but this week the luxury fashion giant has started selling a pair for $17.99. The catch? Theyre digital only.

The Virtual 25 sneaker is a chunky slime green, bubble-gum pink and sky blue shoe that wouldnt look out of place in a robots orthotics clinic and can only be worn via augmented and virtual reality.

Available via in-app purchase from either the Gucci or Wanna AR apps, users can try on the sneakers and wear them in other virtual worlds, including VR Chat, a massive multiplayer online game, and Roblox, a gaming platform whose valuation hit $38bn US after the companys IPO on 10 March.

The shoes are Guccis first digital model, but the brand is not new to the world of in-app purchases. The fashion house already sells digital arcade games in its app, and in January began offering AR functionality, allowing customers to virtually try on sneakers and watches.

Known for its digital innovation, the brand earlier this year released Pokemon GO avatars wearing Gucci x North Face costumes, which were geolocated near retail outlets. Meanwhile, rival Louis Vuitton collaborated with League of Legends to create virtual trophy cases in 2019.

The Quality Of Gucci Sneakers

On the other hand, Gucci sneakers are still made with attention-to-detail and good materials, but the construction and durability isnt up to par.

Basically, they are not made with materials that can last for decades, even with regular service.

Gucci sneakers wear down much faster and theyre irreparable due to how they are constructed.

So if they wear down in a couple years, they are permanently damaged and can never be repaired.

Is it worth buying Gucci sneakers?

Unfortunately when it comes to the sneakers, youre really only paying for the brand name.

The quality is not up to par with dress shoes and they wear down much quicker, which is impossible to repair.

The sneakers are not worth it but a complete waste of money, in my opinion.

The only exception here is if you dont care about paying for status, importance, want to stand out and have the money to do it.

I put an emphasis on having the money to purchase them, because most people would rather go without or skip rent to buy Gucci clothing.

And thats not even exaggerating.

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At The End Of The Day

At the end of the day, it all comes down to how much you like Gucci shoes and how much youll be wearing them.

If you are constantly going out and like to dress to impress, a $500 pair of Gucci loafers or dress shoes will probably do you well and pay off in the long run.

Even if you only use them 3-5x a year, that is a good investment.

But when it comes to sneakers, it is completely up to you.

In my opinion I think they are a waste of money, but you might absolutely love them because you are a fashion person and have lots of disposable income.

If so, thats okay, but dont skip rent or buy less food for your family just to get the latest Gucci sneaker.

Female Gucci Shoes Prices In South Africa

Women S Shoes With Red Soles #BOCWomenSShoes Code: 2899395038

Any lady looking to join the gang of Gucci owners must be able to part away with some of the prices listed next to the shoes below:

  • Gucci GG – Canvas Logo Plaque ankle boots sell for around R20,000
  • Horsebit-detail block-heel boots are about R13,500
  • GG Monogram espadrilles cost about R10,500
  • Open toe Logo Mules goes for around R6,350
  • Princetown slippers cost around R12,500
  • Double G slingback pumps sell for R13,000
  • Knee-high GG boots are about R25,850
  • Interlocking G-combat boots sell for R21,000

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But How Do I Know The Insole Measurement Of A Gucci Pair

From my own personal experience and my four wonderful GUCCI pairs, I know that 39 means 26 cm . Also noticed that these pairs are different. They are not the same shoe type and they dont have the same height, so saying that 39 means 26 cm in gucci shoe sizing is quite reliable!

But all the beautiful girls out there dont have the same length like me so I wanted to help you out with your first gucci pair .

Dont panic, its easier than you think. Lets say that you already found the perfect Gucci pair, you can always email the retailer and ask them to tell you the insole measurements. I have done this 100 hundred times or more!!!!

For example before buying my orange GUCCI Marmont loafers from , I emailed them and asked them to tell me the insole measurements in cm for the specific model. I think they got back to me in less than 24 hours with the measurements. And then I was 100 % sure about the size and I just bought it !

Even if you would like to buy a second-hand Gucci pair , sizing is not difficult. For example, has a very beautiful and easy customer experience. You can mail them and ask them to tell you the insole measurement of the specific shoes you like.

So ask the insole measurements before you buy your first GUCCI pair , every decent online store provides a customer service mail or chat where you can ask anything you need

So , wide or narrow feet ?

Where Should I Buy My First Pair Of Gucci Shoes From

Well , that depends on what type of GUCCI shoes you want to buy.Would you like to buy a brand new pair or you would like to save a lot of money by buying a second-hand or vintage one?

If you would like to buy a second-hand or vintage one, you can always buy from luxury preloved online stores like and . Now you have to know that vestiairecollective doesnt have a return policy . You cant return the product, you can only resale it on the site. But you can always leave a comment below the product to the seller and ask them to tell you the exact insole length and other details.

If you are more traditional and you want to buy a new one, you can always shop from sites like , , etc.

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What Are Gucci Shoes Prices In South Africa In 202: Where To Shop In Sa

Almost everybody, if not everyone, likes to look good. However, a good skincare routine, an excellent fitting of clothes, bags and jewellery are incomplete without a pair of nice footwear. So, whether you want to slip your feet into something casual and comfy or high-end shoes to finish your looks, you might want to know what the current Gucci shoes prices in South Africa are.

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Gucci shoes are not for the feeble-pocketed. The money that must leave your bank account to own a pair of luxurious shoe brands worldwide is consistent with the Nothing good comes easy maxim. When you walk into any of the brand’s showrooms to pick up a shoe, you may eventually spend beyond your budget because of the beautiful and long-lasting products you will get. This is just a friendly heads up if you want to know the price of any Gucci sneakers in South Africa.

Gucci Sandals Prices In South Africa

Are Gucci Sneakers Worth It ? | Fresh2deathJeff

Below are some prices of sandals produced by this luxury brand. Note that these are international prices.

  • Mini Double G sandals – R9,021
  • Double G Touch strap sandal – R17,124
  • Mens Gucci Off The Grid Slide – R8,409
  • Mens Slip-on Sandal – R6,880
  • Mens interlocking G slide sandal – R5,810
  • Mens slide sandal with straps – R10,550
  • Mens thong sandal with web – R8,409
  • 2015 Re-Edition mens sandal – R11,008
  • Mens GG supreme slide sandal – R7,492

Gucci shoes prices in South Africa can quickly put off a not-so-buoyant buyer. However, with quality comes a real cost, which is true of the brand.

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Gucci South Africa Online Shopping

As of 2019, South Africans who wanted to own any of the brand’s products had to make purchases within their country of residence. This is because the brand was not offering direct online delivery to individuals in South Africa from their factory.

If you cannot buy from a store physically for one reason or the other, the other option available to you is to order online from different stores that operate in that space. Again, you may pay on delivery or before however, be cautious of protecting your details so you do not fall victim to fraudsters. Some online stores and their websites include:

What Size Should I Buy My First Gucci Pair What Do I Need To Know About Gucci Shoe Sizing

The most important thing about Gucci shoe sizing is the insole length

Its true, the first thing you need to know before buying your first Gucci pair of shoes and every pair is the insole measurements!

Its so important! A lot of girls totally ignore this! They dont even know what that means! And thats a big mistake. You can never, ever go wrong with the insole measurement ! So, read carefully!

First, you have to know your feets length in cm or inches. You can do this easily by using a tape measure . My feet measurement is 25 cm so I buy shoes with insole length 25,5 26 cm depending always on the type of the shoes .Meaning that , when you buy flat shoes ,you definitely need that plus one centimetre and you might need even more!!! On the other hand, when you buy super high heels i dont think that you need more than 0,5.

In Gucci shoe sizing , 39 means 26 cm insole length which is just perfect for me. So the plan is to measure your feets length and then find a shoe with an insole 0,5 1 cm bigger.

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