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How Much To Ship Shoes Usps

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What Happens If Your Package Is Heavier Than The Label Usps

What happens if your package weighs a little more than the postage you printed for it? The USPS has zero tolerance for short-weighted postage. If you put postage for 2 pounds on a package that weighs 2.01 pounds, then it could be returned to you for the additional postage, or delivered to your buyer with Postage Due.

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How To Ship Shoes Without A Box

You can send a single pair of shoes in a bubble mailer. But if you are sending more than one pair, or the shoes are large or heavy, then you need to put them in boxes. Flip flops or slippers can easily be placed in the bubble mailer but other shoes should be placed in a sturdy box with padding.

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Shipping Shoes Usps In 2021

USPS is the best option for shipping shoes. If you use the Priority Mail service, there are special shoe boxes that you can order for free off the USPS website. You can use Priority Mail to ship a pair of shoes for around $20, Retail Ground for about $15, and Media Mail for about $5 with delivery times that range from 2-7 days.

If youd like to see a more in-depth cost comparison and get some insight into which shoes you can ship and how to ship them, be sure to read the rest of the article!

Max Dimensions And Weight For Usps

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Pair Of Shoes Usps

USPS First Class Mail is typically used for smaller, lighter parcelsweighing under a poundwith items whose insured value is not very high. Items over a pound and/or items of higher value work better with Priority Mail.

Restriction Type

A major advantage of USPS Priority Mail is that it includes coverage in the event that a parcel becomes lost or damaged in transit. First Class Mail offers no default coverage, however, both Priority Mail and First Class Mail do allow additional coverage to be purchased through the USPS or through a third-party provider such as Shipsurance.

Shipping Watches and Other Jewelry

While a watch almost always weighs under 1 lb and can be shipped with First Class Mail, Priority Mail offers up to $100 of coverage in the event that the parcel is lost or damaged.

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What Are Shipping Zones

Shipping zones help carriers measure how far a package will travel. Zones are categorized by taking the mileage between origin and destination zip codes, which is then used to determine a price to ship that package.

Heres what USPS shipping zones look like:

  • Local. Destination zip in same delivery network as origin Post Office.
  • Zone 1. 1-50 mile radius.
  • Zone 2. 51-150 mile radius.
  • Zone 3. 151-300 mile radius.
  • Zone 4. 301-600 mile radius.
  • Zone 5. 601-1,000 mile radius.
  • Zone 6. 1,001-1,400 mile radius.
  • Zone 7. 1,401-1,800 mile radius.
  • Zone 8. 1,800+ mile radius.
  • Zone 9. Freely associated states .

For example:

The distance between a major Los Angeles zip code and San Francisco is around 388 miles. So shipping between these locations would be Zone 4.

But going from our LA zip to downtown Manhattan is over 2,800 miles putting this journey well into Zone 8.

You can work out the zone for any two destinations by going to the USPS shipping zones calculator and selecting the Get Zone for Zip Code Pair tab:

UPS zones look slightly different, but work based on the same logic. You can see more about them here.

Common Slowdowns In The Uk

The UK has robust infrastructure for shipping and deliveries. Even with the rise of ecommerce and improved logistics operations, delivery delays can happen due to traffic, geography, weather, and general customs procedures. When shipping to the UK, keep in mind exactly where youre shipping so customers can expect accurate delivery windows.

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What Is The Cheapest Way To Ship Shoes

Most of you might want to compare the service and price of different couriers before determining how to ship your shoes. There are a lot of shipping companies for you to choose from that offer some of the best methods to ship shoes, such as USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. Although shipping shoes is not really costly, it is better to compare the delivery services of various couriers. This way, you can find the most affordable shipping rates to ship your shoes.

But before looking at the shoe shipping fees of different couriers, it should be pointed out that almost all people prefer the First Class shipping option from USPS if they want to ship lightweight packages. Another great option is the UPS Ground service. For this shipping service, it will take around 1 to 5 days to ship your shoes, depending on your delivery distance.

The chart below lets you know the estimated shoe shipping fees using different couriers.

For example, price estimates for national shoe shipping service from Los Angeles to Miami for a 5-lbs shoe package of 10in x 5in x 5in.

Courier Services
6-10 days

What Shoes Can You Ship With Usps

How To Ship Shoes With USPS! Ebay USPS Shoe Box Hack

USPS does not have any limits on the type of shoes you can ship, with some very uncommon exceptions.

Shoes you cannot ship would have to fall into the restricted or hazardous mail categories put forth by USPS.

For example, you could not ship a pair of shoes that has a detachable knife hidden in the heel.

Other than that, there are no limits on the types of shoes you can ship, only the weight of your package!

You can ship as many shoes in one package as youd like, as long as the weight is less than 70 lbs, as that is the maximum weight of packages USPS will accept.

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Usps Is The Cheapest Option To Ship Shoes

Since shoes are relatively small and lightweight items, the US Postal Service is the best option for shipping them out of all the major shipping carriers. USPS provides the best mix of affordable rates and quick delivery times, especially for smaller packages such as shoes in a box. So, look no further than USPS.

Selecting The Best Shipping Service

The best shipping carrier and service will usually come down to:

  • Cost. Most retailers just want to pay as little for shipping as possible.
  • Reliability. Packages need to arrive at the right place, within the right timeframe.
  • The national mail provider often wins this battle in most major countries USPS in the US, Royal Mail in the UK, Canada Post in Canada, Australia Post in Australia, etc.

    When it comes to USPS, ecommerce retailers tend to rely on a few main service options:

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    These Are The Cheapest Ways To Ship Shoes

    Before deciding how to ship shoes, youll want to do a price and service comparison with different couriers. USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL all offer some of the best ways to ship shoes. While shipping shoes isnt generally too expensive, comparing the services of different couriers will help you find fast-shipping shoe couriers at affordable rates.

    Before looking at the prices charged for shipping shoes by these couriers, its worth noting that most people prefer the USPS First Class option for lightweight packages. You can also opt for the UPS Ground service that takes between one and five days to deliver, depending on your destination.

    The table below outlines the estimated costs to ship shoes using various couriers.

    Price estimates for domestic shoe shipments from Los Angeles to Miami for a 10in x 5in x 5in package weighing 5lbs

    Courier Service

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    Some Tips To Remember While Shipping Shoes:

    How Much Does It Cost To Ship Shoes USPS?

    Packing is considered to be an important aspect of delivery. The receiver should find the parcel in a good condition.

    1. The regular shoe boxes are not appropriate for mailing as it can be easily crushed and cannot be securely locked. It is better to use a sturdy box to avoid high chances of damage.

    2. The shoe shipping box should be selected small but comfortable enough to fit the shoe and save money.

    3. It is advisable to use the original box of the shoe as the inner container.

    4. Secure the pair of shoes with bubble wrap or papers to protect them against all odds during transit.

    5. When one mails light items like shoes, it is preferable to bring your own mailbox as it makes it cheaper.

    6. Weigh the shoe package accurately from beforehand with the help of scale and measuring tapes to get an idea about the pricing.

    7. Recheck the mailing address and specifically include the correct postal codes to ensure delivery on time.

    8. If the sender drops off the parcel in the courier center, the delivery charges might lessen a little.

    9. Check the prohibition list from the website before shipping. Some of those are perfumes, poisons, Gasoline, marijuana, perishable items, alcohol, tobacco, dry ice, live animal, etc.

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    Box Options For Shipping Shoes

    There are many different types of shoe boxes. You want to choose the right one for your shoes. Those that need long-distance shipping, like overseas, should use corrugated boxes. If you have delicate shoes like ones with buttons or trinkets, then you can use flat cardboard mailers and bubble mailers.

    The shipping box for the shoes should be small enough to fit all of your order. If there is any extra space in the box, you can put padding in it.

    What Are The 2021 Usps Flat Rate Box Sizes And Prices

    As youll see below, Shippo offers discounted shipping rates when compared to what youd find at your local Post Office. No volume or coding requirements. To sign up for a free Shippo account, visit

    2021 USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate
    Shippo vs. Retail Rates
    Weighs 5-20 lbs. and traveling less than 1800 miles$8.20 $18.08Up to $11.10

    Keep in mind that the maximum weight is 70 pounds. And, when sealing a Flat Rate envelope or box, the container flaps must be able to close within the normal folds.

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    Send Large Amounts Of Printed Material

    Using Airmail M-Bags is an affordable way to send large amounts of printed material to a single recipient internationally. You can send newspapers, magazines, journals, books, sheet music, catalogs, directories, commercial advertising, and promotional matter. Delivery varies by destination. Postage prices start at $51.70 at a Post Office.

    How To Ship Shoes


    Before considering how much does it cost to ship shoes, you should first understand how to best package shoes for transportation. Organizing your shoes not only ensures that the shoes will be delivered to the customer well, but also helps you save costs.

    Fortunately, shoes are usually small and light, so they are one of the easiest products to pack. At the same time, they are also very strong, so they are less likely to be damaged during transportation.

    So,how to ship shoes?

    First of all, there are two situations, one is new shoes, the other is used shoes.

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    How To Pack Shoes To Ship Domestically Or Internationally

    Since shoes are quite sturdy, they will not easily get damaged like some items. Here are the detailed instructions on how to pack shoes to ship.

  • Clean your shoes if they are used. You should clean all the upper and outsoles of the shoes. And dont forget to let the shoes entirely dry before packing.
  • Use packaging paper to wrap your shoes to keep them safe during transit. The paper can also keep your shoes from moving and getting dirt during transferring if you are packaging several pairs. Make sure to secure any zippers, buckles, or other decorations to prevent breaking or snagging during transit.
  • Put the wrapped shoes in a properly sized box. Its best to use a box that is as tiny as possible to perfectly fit your shoes. But it should not be too small otherwise, it can damage your shoes shape. You need to leave a little bit of added room around the shoes, so you can pad them with bubble wrap or crumpled paper.
  • Secure the packaging box using packing tape. Then clearly label your package according to your carriers specifications.
  • If you still keep the original shoebox, you can pack your shoes to that initial box, then put that box into a bigger one with cushioning for added protection. This is optional as it depends on the shipping distance.

    Well Ship To Your Doorstep In Guatemala

    We ship to cities all over Guatemala among them are Nueva Guatemala de la Asunción , San Jose on the Pacific coast, El Estor along the banks of the Lake Izabel and these cities:

    • Guatemala City
    • Chiquimula Villa Nueva
    • Jalapa

    Dont worry if your town isnt listed above. Whether youre located in the highlands, along the Pacific coast or in the Petén region, we can deliver to your address in GTM. We ship to countries around the world, including the bordering countries of Mexico, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador, so were already in your area.

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    Using The Priority Mail Calculator

    To use the calculator, simply:

    • Enter your packages weight
    • Enter origin ZIP Code and destination ZIP Code OR select a Zone if you already know it
    • Press Calculate Rate

    When determining rates based on weight, if the package weighs under half a pound it will always round up to .5 pounds. After the first half-pound , Priority Mail rounds up any weight of a package to the nearest pound. So if your package is 2 lbs. and 8 oz. it will round up to 3lbs.

    Try different Zones and package weights to see all of the available rates for Priority Mail.

    Which Usps Shipping Services Can You Use To Ship Shoes

    How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Pair Of Shoes Usps

    The best USPS shipping service for shoes is likely Priority Mail, which delivers in 2 days and comes with a built-in tracking feature at no extra charge.

    The Priority Mail service also has boxes made specifically for shipping shoes that you can order for free off of the USPS website here.

    Priority Mail isnt your only option, however.

    You can also use Priority Mail Express if you want your shoes to deliver as quickly as possible, or if delivery time isnt as important, you can use services such as Ground Retail or Media Mail.

    Its important to note that only Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, and First Class Package include a tracking feature at no extra charge- you can always add tracking to other services, but be sure to factor that cost in when considering your options!

    To get a full price comparison of all of these different services, check out the next section!

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    About Usps Priority Mail Service

    USPS Priority Mail is the United States Postal Service’s main service for shipping packages and parcels. There are many variations of Priority Mail, including Priority Mail Flat Rate, Priority Mail Regional Rate, Priority Mail Express, international Priority Mail services, and more. This calculator will provide rates for standard Priority Mail packages within the United States.

    Packaging for Priority Mail: You may use your own packaging for USPS Priority Mail, or use boxes provided by the Postal Service for free either ordered online or at your local retail post office. If you decide to use your own packaging, the combined length and girth is no more than a total of 108″.

    Proper Ways Of Packing Shoes For Shipping

    To avoid any damage and keep the weight to a minimum, follow the instructions below.

    • If youre shipping used shoes, make sure you clean them before packing. If the shoes are made of leather, gently wipe them clean. If theyre suede shoes, you can use a shoe brush to clean them. You can also use a toothbrush to clean the shoes. Make sure the shoes are completely dry before you place them inside the final packaging.
    • Different shoes come with different designs. Some of them may come with zippers and embellishments. To ensure that one shoe doesnt damage another, wrap them with paper. This is especially effective when youre using the same box for multiple shoes.
    • Selecting the perfect box size for a pair of shoes is essential. You dont want too big of a box to pack the shoes. In comparison, you dont want it to be too small either. If the box is too small, youll have to force the shoes inside, creating a possibility of damaging the shoes. If theres space around the shoes, use bubble wrap to fill them so they dont move around when shipping.
    • If youre shipping the shoes in their original box, you can insert the shoebox into a bigger box to keep them protected.
    • Make sure to tape the box securely before you label it with the correct information.

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