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How To Choose Hoka Shoes

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Cushioning Affects Comfortbut That Magic Amount Is Individualized

HOW TO CHOOSE LONG RUN AND EASY RUN SHOES | and my current favourite options (NB, SAUCONY, HOKA)

Cushy foam in the midsole of your shoe cradles your foot and absorbs the force of the impact generated each time it hits the ground. Different brands and models use different types of foam and also vary its positioning. This is one of the most critical factors when it comes to how shoes feel, according to Gray.

Most shoes use ethyl vinyl acetate, or EVA, which is lightweight, durable, and easy to mold and shape. Some sneakers, like Adidas BOOST, use blown thermoplastic polyurethane , which is also lightweight and bounces back quicker, Gray says. However, its often more expensive to manufacturea cost thats usually passed on to the buyerand it might not last as long.

One type of foam is not any better than the other. Again, you should be picking the kind that feels the most comfortable to you. But that doesnt mean you should always choose shoes that feel pillowy-soft the moment you lace them up, Gray says. Make sure you run for a minute or two in the shoes.

Another reason you dont want to go gangbusters on the cushioning is that it affects the weight of the shoe: The more foam you have, the heavier your shoe, and the more energy it takes to move it through the air with each step, exercise physiologist Kyle Barnes, Ph.D., a researcher at Grand Valley State University, tells SELF. That reduces something called your running economy and can make every effort feel harderin addition to slowing you down.

Finding Your Level Of Support

Once you’ve decided what kind of ride youd like to experience from your shoes, depending on your biomechanics, you can find a level of support in your shoes to bolster your gait. There are three categories of running shoe support: neutral, stability and motion control .

Neutral shoes:

  • They can work for mild pronators but are best for neutral runners or people who supinate .
  • They typically do not have motion control features such as medial posts that reinforce the arch side of each midsole.

How To Choose Your Trail Running Shoes

5 min read


Trail running involves running off the beaten track. Its often considered to be a completely different sport to road running, but in fact, there are many similarities. They do, of course, take place in two very different environments but the main principle is the same you have to put one foot in front of the other! However, the big difference in environment means that the runner’s requirements are also different. So lets start by looking in more detail at shoes.

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Consider Where You Are Going To Run

Running on concrete and running on natural trails are very different beasts that require very different shoes.

Road shoes need to fight the hardest and harshest surface therefore their focus will be in maximizing the shock absorption, in various degrees, depending on the points above.

Trail running shoes need to focus on other characteristics such as traction, protection and breathability.

How To Fit Yourself For Running Shoes At Home

How to pick a better running shoe

We usually recommend getting a professional fitting and gait analysis from a licensed retailer to make sure you have the right fit, stability, and comfort before buying a pair of running shoes.

As solo running is suddenly the most available method of exercise, many people have good reason to buy new running shoes without access to a professional fitting.

So how should you go about doing it yourself? Start with the basics.

1. Trace Your Feet

What youll need:

  • A pair of running socks
  • Enough paper to trace each foot onto
  • Two different color writing utensils
  • A ruler
  • A calculator

Before you trace your feet, go for a long walk. The human foot expands after walking, and youll want to get a shoe that fits your foot in its most swollen state. Taking a long prep walk before tracing your feet will help you get a more accurate measurement.

Trace one socked foot at a time while kneeling on the opposite knee. Use a towel as a knee pad for comfort. Try to keep the leg of your trace foot bent at about a 90-degree angle.

If you have access to a helper, have them trace each socked foot while youre standing with equal pressure on both feet shoulder length apart with your knees slightly bent.

Youll want to do two traces of each foot, without moving your foot off the paper between traces.

Trace both feet. Its common for them to be different sizes

2. Measure Your Footprints

Why two traces?

Youll want to use this averaging method to measure the following:

3. Convert to Your Size

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Do Hoka One One Bondi 7 Run Small Or Big In Size

To help you answer that question we have compared HOKA One Ones shoe sizes to Nikes shoe sizes.

Women: Compared to Nike, Hoka One One Bondi 7 shoes for women are running a bit big in size. Buy your Hoka One One shoes in a 0.5 US size smaller than your Nike shoes.

Men: Compared to Nike, Hoka One One Bondi 7 shoes for men are running a bit big. Make sure to buy your Hoka One One shoes in a 0.5 US size smaller than your Nike shoes.

Hoka Regular Womens Shoe

The Hoka One One regular womens shoe series was designed with comfort in mind, and the shoes are manufactured in Australia.

All of the products in this line are made with full-grain leather upper and a vulcanized sole that will provide years of wear and tear.

The Hoka shoes include several different types of shoes, including sandals and flat shoes.

You can find the sandals as both sandal and flats. The Hoka sandals are perfect for summer wear, or as a casual shoe, but the flat shoes are designed to be worn all year round.

These shoes are available in various styles and colors. The styles vary depending on the type of shoe that you choose.

The Hoka line has several styles that are designed for different types of activities and sports.

If you are looking for a shoe that is both functional and fashionable, the Hoka Womens Casual Shoe Collection is perfect.

The casual shoes are designed with a flexible rubber sole that allows you to move freely in the shoe.

If you prefer high fashion while still wearing comfortable shoes, then you will enjoy the designs from the Hoka Womens Fashion Shoe Collection.

The shoe collection includes an open toe, and the style comes in a variety of colors, including black, brown, and red.

This collection is designed with the look of a high-end shoe and is perfect for casual wear or day wear.

These shoes are available as both flat and sandal styles.

This collection features a wide variety of colors, including black, red, and tan.

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How To Choose The Best Running Shoes For You

Good running shoes can make the difference between a run realized and a run refused. And even though zeroing in on the right pair for your feet and goals can involve some trial and error, the payoff is real: Youll have shoes that lay the groundwork for a comfortable, rewarding, and enduring pursuitwhether youre running primarily for your health or for personal bests.

Hoka One One Neutral Daily Trainers


Here is the bread and butter of Hoka One One. From the lightweight Rincon to the maximally cushioned Bondi, these shoes are meant for long mileage daily training and do not have a medial wedge or similar support feature.

Hoka One One Clifton 8

  • Comfortable upper with secure lockdown
  • More versatile than the previous version
  • High level of cushioning
  • More snappy forefoot
Recommended for
or buy them here: Men / Women

Hoka One One Bondi 7

  • Rocker geometry improves ride efficiency
  • Memory foam collar comfortably locks down the heel well
  • Plenty of arch support
Recommended for
or buy them here: Men / Women

Hoka One One Rincon 3

  • More durable than previous versions
  • Lighter than the Rincon 2
  • More outsole rubber
  • Smoother ride
Recommended for
or buy them here: Men / Women

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What Do Regular Arches Mean

If theres a portion of the inner side of your foot that doesnt show up on the cardboard, then youve got medium arches. This means youll want a neutral running shoe. In the past, if youve accidentally chosen a shoe with arch support when you didnt need it, this could also cause some discomfort.

Hoka Womens Gaviota Running Shoes

If you or anyone you know has pain in the middle of the foot, then this could be just the right pair to help repair that. The Gaviota are brilliant in the way they support the mid foot area, utilizing what they call arch lock wings, to provide that stability needed. With the upper using a 3D printed frame, its super strong yet going to be lightweight and no longer too taxing upon your feet. They are made with a slight rocker design, a meta rocker if you will, which is also going to be helpful toward the heels. If you want your feet to absolutely be locked in for a change, then this is the pair for you to turn to. On top of that, they also have the added bonus of being quite wide in the toe box, making them exquisite if you just cant stand being hemmed in way too much. Many have been so enamored with them as standing-only shoes as well, making them a great option if youre used to long shifts on your feet.


  • Superior mid foot support

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Hoka One One Bondi 6 Review

First up on our Hoka Shoes review is the HOKA ONE ONE Men’s Bondi 6 Running Shoe.

We are giving this product 95 out of 100 for a few reasons. One is that its good reviews online attest to its excellent overall quality. The second is that it’s one of the best-cushioned shoes around and that it’s the right shoe for people with foot discomforts.

These best Hoka shoes for walkingand running recommended by orthopedic doctors.

Lastly, perhaps what we love most about it is its efficiency in its functionality and in terms that you can use it all day, even in casual times.

What Can You Do With Old Running Shoes

Hoka One One: How To Choose One 2021

It is generally advised that you retire your running shoes after 300 to 500 miles. But that doesnt mean your favorite pair is unusable after that point. According to estimates by the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans funneled 13 million tons of clothing and footwearrunning shoes includedinto the trash in 2018. Running shoes, which are composed of multiple materials bonded together, arent typically recyclable. But donated shoes in a range of conditions can be put to use. If youd like to delay or avoid throwing away your old trainers, there are ways to do it.

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Hoka One One Clifton Review

What I noticed right away was that they did feel different, but they werent awkward or heavy.

In fact, they were so light I was absolutely shocked. And when I tried to go back to my old shoes they felt like rocks. Ive now run in the Hoka Clifton 1, 2 and 5. The 2 went a little off track, but by 5 I was in love again and will be buying 6.

InjuryThe knee pain that I had been battling in 2013 quickly got better as I transitioned to the HOKA Cliftons.

Of course I was also doing all of the PT hip and IT band exercises that I continually recommend for all of my runners as well. So I cant credit the shoes 100%, but I believe they have played a factor by likely helping to improve my stride or slightly correcting an inward foot roll.

Maximal shoeIll did separate detailed post comparing maximal and minimal shoes in the future, but for now here is what HOKA has to say about their shoes:

maximum cushioning material is designed for excellent shock absorption and an inherently stable ride.

FitFit is the one thing that has bothered me a little as I have a more narrow foot and so sometimes my foot has felt a bit like it was too small for the shoe. However, I have read many other reviews that state its a very average fit, so this youll need to test out for yourself.

I wear the same size 11 in these as I have in all other running shoes for many years.

I would consider these a Hoka Neutral Running Shoe.

Weight/Heel Drop :Clifton 8oz, 5mm

Hoka One One Shoe Sizes Compared To Nike

Women: Compared to Nike, Hoka One One shoes for women are running a bit big in size. Buy your Hoka One One shoes in a 0.5 US size smaller than your Nike shoes.

Men: Compared to Nike, Hoka One One shoes are running a bit big. Make sure to buy your Hoka One One shoes in a 0.5 US size smaller than your Nike shoes.

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Try On And Ensure Proper Fit

Trying on the shoes is the last step. Different companies use different technologies to achieve the same goal, so try on a few different pair to compare the feel. When trying on the shoes there are a few things to look for.1. Make sure you have enough room in the toe. A good general rule is to have about a thumbs width between the top of your toe and the end of the shoe.2. Make sure there is enough room in the width. You want the shoe tight enough that your foot is not sloppy in it, but you want enough room for your foot to spread out and allow for swelling when you run.3. Run on a treadmill or do a few laps around the store to make sure there are no hot spots or slipping in the heel. If you follow these simple steps when looking for a new running shoe, not only will you avoid an overwhelming shopping experience, but you will have a shoe that fits your specific needs and will make running that much more enjoyable!

Hoka Shoes Review: 6 Best Hoka Running Shoes For Men Women


As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Getting the perfect pair of shoes to suit your daily activities should yield a lot of benefits. Not only do you feel the comfort it brings, but at the same time, reduce your risk of any injury. Don’t forget that our shoes support our entire body for us to be able to handle the grind of a hard day’s work.

This is utterly important when one is going through intense physical activities. Donning the appropriate pair should boost not only our energy but our performance as well. This article is a Hoka shoes review, one of the leading brands for running shoes.

Let’s discuss how this product can push you to your limits and let you stay on top of your game.

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Determine Your Foot Type

In order to determine your foot type, the easiest way is to check your arch height by taking the “wet test”To do this, wet both feet and stand on a paper bag for about 10 seconds. Then step off of the bag and observe the imprint your foot made on the bag. you have a normal arch if:There is a distinct curve along the inside of your foot with a band a little less than half the width of your foot connecting the heel and toe.you have a low arch if:The imprint shows most of your foot and there is not much of a curve along the inside of your foot.You have a high arch if:There is a very noticeable curve along the inside of your foot and a very thin band connecting your heel and toe. If you have a really high arch, you may not even see anything connecting the heel and toe.

How Much Cushioning Do You Want In A Running Shoe


A very popular trend in the run game is the maximalist running shoe . Just look at any pair of Hoka One One shoes, whose claim to fame is their ridiculous levels of cushioning, and the first thing youll notice is the ridiculous stack height.

A lot of runners describe these plush cushioned shoes to running on marshmallows or sinking into pillows. This isnt necessarily better for your feet or joints, its solely a preference. But if youre planning on running an ultramarathon, or just prefer a ton of cushion for your daily runs, you may like a shoe with plush cushioning.

One caveat to a heavily cushioned is exactly that…theyre often heavier. Just something to keep in mind.


Some runners feel that ultra plush cushioning can hinder their run performance. They appreciate a soft landing, but dont necessarily love the feeling of the foot sinking into the shoe like a pillow, or the extra weight that comes with extra cushioning. These runners prefer a medium cushioned run shoe.

Most medium cushioned run shoes still have a surprising amount of cushioning, but without that squishy, sinky feel. So if youd prefer riding a little higher on top of your cushioning, a medium cushioned model might be best for you. Most moderately cushioned shoes are great for your average runner, not necessarily looking to break any records.


For this reason, shoes with responsive cushioning can be great for really long runs.

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