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How To Custom Paint Shoes

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Add Details And Outlines

DIY Custom $5 Shoes | How To Paint Your Shoes?

Once all your paint is applied and blended together , let the paint dry. Come back with some fine tip Sharpies and some gel pens. Outline your shapes and then step back and study. Where does the design need some highlights? Go back and add those. Where does it need to be darker in order for other details to have a better contrast? Darken those areas. Work slowly so you’ll be happy with your hard work.

How To Paint Your Sneakers: Surface Preparation

Every sneaker comes out of the box with a factory finish a clear coating used to protect the color and material of the shoe but this layer will also prevent your paint from bonding properly with the surface of the uppers. To prevent your paint from cracking or peeling the first time you wear it, you must remove the factory finish first.

  • Soak your cloth in acetone. Dont use too much: you dont want the cloth to be sodden.

  • Wipe the acetone-soaked cloth on any areas of the shoe that youll be painting.

  • On some shoes, a paste-like residue may form on the surface of the sneaker. Dont worry this is just the factory finish coming off.

  • Keep wiping until the surface of the uppers feels smooth.

  • TIP: If you dont have a spare cloth, cotton wool balls will do.

    What Will You Learn In This Online Course

    Course table of contents

    • U4. Final presentation of the shoes
    • FP

    Start off the course by getting inspired in the world of customization as Juan Pablo Bello tells you about how his career has evolved throughout the years. He also shares his influences and sources of inspiration for his creations.

    Next, take a look at the history of the sneaker and how it came to be such a key element of our clothing. Familiarize yourself with the materials you’ll be using and see how to turn a concept into a design proposal with a defined color palette.

    Move on to do some exercises on hand customization such as texture stenciling, achieving abstract shapes, and creating an aged paint look using a sponge. Now prepare your sneakers and let Juan Pablo teach you how to apply paint, the materials, and add the stitching.

    Finally, find out how to improve presentation with exclusive packaging and add value to your design concept.

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    Prepare The Base Color

    On every pair of shoes you paint, youll want to start with the lightest color paint and work darker. This is particularly true for your base color.

    Most people will start with a white base layer. After that, you might mix colors to come up with a unique base like seen below.

    Note: As you can see, Mira is using Angelus acrylic leather paint. This isnt a mistake. Acrylic leather paint can work on multiple surfaces including canvas. Angelus is the best paint for shoes.

    Notice here, Mira is mixing for a lighter teal color.

    Mix until you find a desirable result.

    Bright Diy Shoe Design Makeover

    Custom Neon Drip Shoes â Airbrush Brothers

    Glittery paint spray can be used to change the overall look of your black toe wedges. The old wedge does not need to be discarded. All you have to do now is relax and enjoy your new party shoes. Before putting the glitter or spray on the shoes, make sure theyre clean. Sprinkle the glitter on both pairs of shoes after applying the mod podge. Before you put on the glitter, make sure its scorched. You might want to paint one shoes sole first since it is more evident than the other. Be careful not to get some of the glitters on your clothes, especially if youre wearing an evening gown.

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    Beauty And The Beast Belle Shoes

    Do you want to have a beauty and the beast theme for your next party? If so, use DIY paint sprays and patterns to create your own. Make the figures and sketches using downloadable patterns if you arent great at painting. Then, make these sneakers memorable for your little angels next birthday. Shed look fantastic in these shoes with her Cinderella outfit.

    What Materials Do I Need

    To get started, you need to grab the right materials — it’s not as simple as just grabbing some paint and brushes. You also need the right tools to prep and protect the shoe.

    After you get your materials together, it’s time to learn how you can put them to use. You can customize more than just sneakers.

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    How To Paint Sneakers Best Paints And Techniques Explained

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    There are many different techniques for how to paint sneakers. Whether you want to customize an old pair, or just do a quick touch-up on a new shoe, there is something here for everyone. Ill share how I paint my shoes and the best paints and methods that Ive found. You can also check out my painting tips on how to make your custom shoes last as long as possible!

    I will get straight into the steps on how to paint sneakers but if you are not sure what paint to use or how to prepare the surface of the shoes for painting then I recommend you also read past the steps as I will be answering questions such as What paint works best for sneaker art, How do I prepare shoes for painting, Can I use acrylic paint on shoes and much much more.

    Add Sealant When You First Get Them

    How To CUSTOM SPLATTER PAINT SHOES : $18 Walmart Sneakers Transformation

    While most acrylic paints are water-resistant, some are not, and being water-resistant does not mean that they are waterproof. Water-resistant paints are still prone to damage if they come in contact with a little water such as rain. To bind the paint to the surface and provide it an external protective layer, seal the paint using any acrylic finisher. There are different kinds of finishes available in the market, like matte, glossy, shiny, etc. Get any good quality finisher of your choice and apply 2-3 thin, even coats of it over your shoes. Itll help with the following things:

    • Protection from moisture: Paint sealers form a thin layer over your paint that keeps the moisture out .
    • Prevents cracking: Acrylic paints have a tendency of peeling off or cracking when the shoes are worn, sealer will help prevent that.
    • Protects from dirt: The thin layer that stands between moisture/water and paint also ensures that no dirt, sand, etc. ruins your paint.
    • Easier to clean later: A major advantage of sealer is that it provides a smooth surface that is easier to clean and less prone to any damage resulting from using soap, foam, or water for cleaning your shoes.

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    Is Acrylic Paint Good For Customizing Shoes

    Acrylic made from water, it is easy to clean up and use. The paint can be applied with brushes, sponges, spray paint, and an air compressor. The color can be changed completely by applying it to sneakers, shoes, and boots to cover scuffs and scratches. Leather sneakers can also be customized with this kit.

    How To Paint Your Sneakers: Before You Begin

    How to get the exact color match for your paints:

    Id suggest you refer to a color wheel when selecting the color you are trying to create, says Dominic Ciambrone. Then its mainly trial and error, mixing paints until you achieve the color you want.

    What to do if you dont have any paint pens:

    You can create fabric/leather paint by mixing acrylic paints with a textile medium. Textile mediums can be found at most arts and crafts stores. The textile medium makes the acrylic paint thinner and more flexible, allowing it to bond with most fabric/leather materials and avoid cracking. Simply mix the textile medium with your acrylic paint until you achieve the desired consistency of your paint.

    Which parts of a sneaker not to paint:

    Most paints wont bond as well to hard rubbers and plastics. Paint tends to rub and crack off of these harder surfaces.

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    Purple And Blue Fade Custom Shoes

    The primary color combinations used to produce stunning doodling patterns on the shoes are purple and blue. You can make a new pair of shoes out of an old pair. Create these purple and blue patterns on the sneakers with paint spray and paintbrushes. You can only paint the sides and front panel of the shoes with selected colors instead of drawing characters on them. Spray the laces with purple paint as well.

    Preparing Canvas Shoes For Painting

    Kids Splatter Painted Custom Converse Sneakers

    Canvas shoes are easy to prepare as well.

    Clean the surface first with a cloth or sponge, ensure there is no dirt. Wash the shoe surface if needed. To prepare the shoe for painting, apply Angelus primer to it.

    You may use whatever color of paint you like after that just be sure to wait for them to dry before proceeding!

    Now before you start painting you have to ensure the soles are protected. I say this as I have seen so many painted sneakers that look ugly as the artist has let the paint drip onto the sole and you can see brush marks on the rubber side of the sole.

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    How To Prep And Paint Sneakers With The Shoe Surgeon


    The Shoe Surgeon, aka Dominic Ciambrone, is the LA-based cobbler-turned-shoe-creator behind some of the worlds most sought-after bespoke sneakers. In our exclusive series of video tutorials, we give you a unique insight into some of the core techniques used by Dominic and his Surgeon Studios team to create their 1/1 custom sneakers.

    In episode 2, Trey, Assistant Director of Schools at Shoe Surgeon, walks us through the basics of how to paint sneakers using the Nike x Sacai Blazer, including how to properly prep them. Watch the full video below and keep reading for more in-depth instructions.

    Painting was the tool I used to customize some of my first sneakers. The first pair of shoes I customized was an all-white Air Force 1 mid, turned into camouflage print using model paint and an airbrush when I was in high school. After that, I was on my journey of quality to find a higher durability paint that was more specific to leather and fabrics.Dominic Ciambrone aka The Shoe Surgeon

    Min Design Session With A Pro Shoe Designer

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    Create your very own pair of custom shoes with one of the talented members of our design team! The best part is you get the shoes you design after!

    A great gift for friends and family or company give away! If you are a company, please text +1 699-6524 to schedule a company design event!

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    How To Custom Paint Shoes

    Step 1. Start white clean shoes.

    Step 2. Use a pencil to sketch out your designs on your shoes.

    Step 3. Use acrylic paint, puff paint, or paint pens to paint your designs. Let them completely dry.

    Step 4. Seal the paint with Mod Podge. You can paint it on or use the spray Mod Podge here . Let them completely dry.

    So easy! Now go make your kids or yourself some fun custom shoes and let their personality show!

    Prepare The Sole Of Your Shoes

    How To Customize Shoes! (SIMPLE) | Xavier Kickz

    Tape should be used to protect the soles while painting your shoes. The rubber or composite material of shoe soles will hold onto paint but the material is not designed to hold onto paint forever and it will peel or crack off so its best not to paint the soles to start with unless the sole is already painted.

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    Choosing Paint And A Design

  • 1Use leather or spray paint for leather or vinyl shoes. There are acrylic paints designed to adhere to leather products, including shoes. You can buy them at your local craft store or at Amazon, like these acrylic paints. These paints go on with a brush for a smooth and lasting finish. Your other option is to use spray paint purchased from a hardware store or online here. Choose a spray can with the smallest nozzle possible to minimize over-spraying.XResearch source
  • While spray painting your shoes is easy, it wont allow you to get very detailed. Spraying works best when you are painting your entire shoes a single color. Remember to remove the shoe strings before you paint.
  • 2Use fabric paint for cloth shoes. This is a type of acrylic paint made specifically for fabric painting. It is applied with a brush and is quite durable. It also comes in a wide variety of colors, even with glitter options. Another plus is that it usually doesnt crack after drying.XResearch source
  • You can also use fabric paint for leather or vinyl shoes. However, you have to extensively sand the surface of the shoe down almost to its fabric base or the paint will not adhere.
  • 4Create a design. If you plan to paint your shoes a single shade, then its as simple as choosing the color. If you are going to do a more elaborate pen drawing or painting, then go ahead and sketch out your ideas on paper in advance. You can also create a 3-D design with a computer program, such as Photoshop.XResearch source
  • How To Paint Shoes

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    You can use paint to revitalize a pair of old shoes or to bring an original design to life. Leather paint, spray paint, acrylic paint, and even paint markers are all possible options, depending on the type of shoe. Plan out your design on paper first allowing for the colors you will want to use. Use rubbing alcohol for cleaning but don’t let your shoes get too wet. Let them dry and then wipe them again. Canvas shoes will use a different process. In each case, apply the paint evenly and let it dry. Do another coat, if needed, to get that polished look. Youve now created a work of art for your feet.

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    Decoupage Your Leather Boots

    formats onto your old leather boots. To give your leather boots a quick makeover, use ready-made stickers to adhere to the shoes. Make an innovative design on the leather footwear with the Eiffel Tower and tickets. Decoupage stickers and word stencils can be used to give your shoes a more dramatic aspect.

    What Paint Works Best For Sneaker Art

    Hand Painted Converse Shoes The Great Wave by EarthtoMarsDesigns

    The simplest way to paint your shoes is by using simple acrylic paints or acrylic paint pens. What works best are paints designed for painting sneakers. No paint is good if you dont prepare the surface.

    You can use any kind of acrylic paints, paint pens, oil paints, pens, or ink to paint sneakers but you need to pick the medium that suits the sneaker material that means, dont use water paint on leather as it wont last.

    This is because, like painting art, you need to ensure the paint type is suitable for the surface so that it doesnt crack or peel off.

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    Can Shoes Be Spray Painted

    Is spray painting shoes possible? Yes, it is! Spray paint is a fast method to cover the whole shoe. While you may want to use automotive spray or airbrush paint using an airbrush, the same type of airbrush that people use to paint model airplanes. I recommend airbrushing as you have more control and you can paint more detailed lines as large spray cans cover too big an area. Please note that if you go down the airbrush route, you will also need to invest in a good air compressor.

    Now spray paint does not always soak into the shoe surface and it remains on the surface of the shoe instead of going inside. This is a good thing but can also be a bad thing as you want the paint to stay on the shoe surface. Not going inside can be a problem. So what do you do?

    You prepare the surface such as sanding it to ensure you remove the protective coat that shoes are given at the factory. This will allow the paint to stay and soak inside the surface layer.

    Airbrushing Sealant To The Sneakers

    The sealant will help to seal your paint to the leather, as well as ad a nice gloss to your paint. I generally will airbrush at least 3 coats of sealant in 45 minute intervals. If you want your shoes glossier, you can spray/paint more coats. The Angelus brand sealant I use comes in 3 different choices: low, mid and high gloss.Again, you can paint the clear sealant on, but we choose to airbrush to minimize brushstrokes.After the sealant is applied to your custom kicks, the paint will be protected. If they get dirty, they are easier to clean than if they were brand new. Just take soap and water on a clean rag and give it a once over.Allow the sealant to dry for at least 24-48 hours before wearing.

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