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How To Get Funky Smell Out Of Shoes

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Most Common Rv Smells And How To Get Rid Of Them

Cleaning Funky Smelling Vibram Fivefinger Shoes – Step by Step

RVs and camper vans naturally develop musty smells over time and while regular airing out can help prevent musty, stale odors from accumulating indoors, sometimes you get other smells that are harder to get rid of.

Read on to know about the most common RV smells that youll encounter and how to deal with them.

Here are 9 Common RV Smells, their reasons and how to deal with them.

Trouble With The Work Boots

Most of the work-boots are manufactured with an insulated design and their lining are sealed very tightly to protect the foot from the job-injuries. But, at the same time, this insulation can make it hard to pass-through for the air.

This insulation is good in winters but not in summers. The foot is less likely to sweat in winter but a little up in the temperature during summer can cause excessive sweating to the foot. This sweat is the breeding ground, inside the boot, for fungus and molds causing the terrible odor.

Although, some non-insulated boots are also available in the market but that too doesnt help much.

The boot, in a work environment, usually gets covered with oil, dirt, mud etc. that hogs the way for the air to pass through.

This is the inner mesh and the insoles of the boot that soaks all the sweat and hosts all the funky bacteria.

How To Get Rid Of That Nasty Shoe Odor In Your Room

Its one of those days when you enter your room and youre suddenly arrested by a funky smell. You search left and right for the source, hoping to be rid of whats causing the bad odor. Much to your dismay, you look down and you realize that its your feet that have been emitting the scent that could rival the moldy cheese you throw from your ref. To make things worse, the bad smell has lingered and youre left with a funky odor in your room.

This might seem funny but if youre sharing a room with someone then this could be annoying to the point of downright embarrassing. But you need not suffer from your feets smell, here are some tips you could follow to eliminate the bad odor in your room.

Use Air Fresheners That Are Both Natural And Artificial

First thing you do is to open the windows to let out the scent. The fresh air is very helpful in thinning out the smell. If your room does not have any windows that could be opened, you could switch on a fan and open your door to let the odor out.

Next thing you could do is to take out the cause of the smell, which unfortunately, is your shoe. You could clean and deodorize it outside in the open air so that it would stop emitting the nasty smell in your room. You could also spray air freshener in your room once the scent has waned. Never spray it while the scent still lingers, as it would mix up with the funky scent that could produce a more foul-smelling odor.

Remove The Source Of The Bad Odor

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Seconds Shoe Disinfectant And Deodorizer

Tester Smell Score: 5 out of 5

  • Neutralizes odor without an overpowering smell
  • Helps absorb moisture from wet shoes
  • Odor-fighting prowess diminishes after 3 months

These amazing little bean bags received top marks from every one of our testers. Since the beads are activated by heat, we suggest tossing them in your shoes while theyre still toasty from a run for the best results. Even at room temperature, Gear Halos pouches wicked moisture, eliminated nearly all stink, and smelled clean and fresh. This actually smells really nice! one tester said. Its a pleasant, lightly floral scent with no trace of the cheese.

On The Origins Of The Infamous Vibram Five Fingers Stink

Smelly Shoes: How To Get Rid Of That Funky Smell  Burju ...

Most folks wear their VFFs without any socks to preserve the barefoot feel and VFFs typically have permeable fabrics that allow things from the outside to get inside. As a result, after a few weeks of sweating and stomping through the mud, VFFs may acquire an odor that is tough to shake. Forum member, allawayr, gave a more scientific explanation of the process:

Also, every time you put your foot into VFFs, you essentially re-inoculate your VFFs with these bacteria.

Its worth noting here that stinky feet are a by-product of wrapping your feet in dark, sometimes dank environments footwear. Though there are other critter risks that result for being barefoot all the time, feet exposed to the air dont typically stay moist as they do in shoes and Vibrams are, after all, still shoes.

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How To Prevent Smelly Shoes In The First Place

  • Help avoid shoe odor by wearing athletic socks made from a blend of synthetic fabrics , which will help keep feet dry, says Kathy Gates, owner of the Running Well Stores in the Kansas City, Missouri area.
  • Don’t wear the same shoes day after day. If you can, alternate between shoes so each pair has a chance to air out.
  • If you’re storing sneakers away for the season, clean them first. Then stuff them with newspaper to absorb moisture or sprinkle the inside of the shoe with a deodorizing powder, such as baking soda. Vacuum up any excess powder before wearing.

The Definitive Guide To Cleaning Vibram Five Fingers Aka How To Get The Smell Out Of Your Vibrams

Vibram Five Fingers can stink. Indeed, VFF stank the Vibram Five Fingers of Funk is such a pervasive problem that VFF fans so afflicted with smelly Vibram Five Fingers are often left wondering, Are those strangers looking at me because Im wearing five-toed shoes or because my five-toed shoes reek?

The funkiness of Five Fingers was one of the first discussions on the forum back in June 2009, a thread that has since grown to thirteen pages of solutions, soaks, pre-washes, and other inventive means of getting the odor out of everyones favorite five-toed foot gloves.

In an effort to consolidate all the methodology under one roof, and with the understanding that these methods fall within the realm of self-experimentation, below youll find a veritable compendium of information about how to clean your Vibram Five Fingers.

not simplystenched

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How To Make Your Sneakers Not Smell

Smelly sneakers are not fun for anyone, least of all, you. If your sneakers have been a little whiffy recently, you’ll want to know how to make your sneakers not smell. Presumably, the only place you want a cheesy smell to emulate from is your plate and certainly not your footwear!

Suffering with smelly feet can be frustrating, but when you throw a pair of sweaty sneakers into the mix, trying to escape your funky footwear can seem impossible. Of course, sneakers are typically worn when you’re perspiring whether this be getting a little glowy on your commute to work or getting your sweat on at the gym. There’s nothing wrong with sweating â heck, it’s a natural bodily function you should not be embarrassed about y’all â but if the scent of your sneakers displeases you, there are options for ridding your training shoes of any lingering odors. Although, it’s not just hitting the gym regularly that could be causing your sneakers to smell: There are a bunch of reasons why your feet may smell that you might want to look into.

“Shoe smell is usually caused by bacteria or fungus growth in your shoes and/or on your feet,” explains Dr. Janet Prystowsky, board-certified dermatologist and founder of Livad Skincare. “The best way to make your sneakers not smell is to take precautions to protect your shoes and feet,” she elaborates. So here are Dr. Prystowsky’s top tips on banishing bad odors from sneakers.

Why Do My Boots Smell Bad

How to Get Pee Smell out of Shoes

Boots smell because feet stink. Plus, boots have less ventilation than other shoes, so it traps the odors in a lot more fiercely.

Feet stink because they sweat. A lot. This is more likely to happen if youre on your feet all day, wear enclosed shoes, are going through hormonal changes, are stressed or have a medical condition called hyperhidrosis .

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Washing Inserts And Insoles

This step also works for non-washable shoes. Even shoes that cant go in the washing machine may have removable insoles that you can wash to get rid of shoe odors. If you have orthotic inserts, you should wash them, too. All you need to do is fill a sink with 2 cups water and 1 cup white vinegar then let your inserts soak for 5-10 minutes. Rinse them well then press the inserts between dry towels to blot excess moisture. Let your inserts fully air dry before putting them back in your shoes. Do this once a month to keep your inserts and insoles fresh.

Will Freezing My Boots Kill Bad Odors

Many sources suggest putting your boots in the freezer to kill odors. While you can definitely do that, we havent put it on our list for one reason. Freezing doesnt kill bacteria it just prevents it from growing .

So once you take your shoes out of the freezer, you may still notice some bad smells. We dont recommend this for killing odors, but if you cant get around to cleaning your boots for a few hours, pop them in the freezer until you have time to clean them.

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Homemade Foot And Shoe Deodorizers

Once you make these shoe odor removers, you can store them indefinitely. Stash a bottle of the spray or powder in your closet, and maybe another in your gym bag. Then use it immediately after you slip off your shoes. If foot odor is a severe problem, you might also want to go soak your feet as soon as youre done.

White vinegar is a natural disinfectant. Tea tree oil kills bacteria. This effective shoe spray uses both to get rid of odors and the bacteria that cause them.

Shoe Deodorizing Spray

Combine 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup distilled white vinegar, and 5 drops of tea tree oil in a spray bottle. Shake well. Mist the inside of your shoes, or apply the spray to a cloth and wipe the shoe interior. Avoid getting the spray on the outside, visible part of your shoes. Once youve sprayed them, let your shoes air dry before wearing them.

Baking soda is a natural deodorizer, and tea tree oil kills bacteria. Using cornstarch helps keep this shoe powder from clumping. Store it in an air-tight container so it remains effective.

Deodorizing Shoe Powder

Combine 3 tablespoons baking soda, 1 tablespoon corn starch, and 5 drops of tea tree oil in a small container. Lightly sprinkle this deodorizing powder inside your shoes after you take them off. Let it sit overnight to absorb sweat and kill odors, then shake the excess out of your shoes before wearing them.

Deodorizing Foot Soak

Try Baking Soda Or Vinegar

How to Eliminate Shoe Odors in Small Closets

Both baking soda and distilled white vinegar can be used to reduce odors. To start off, the powdery consistency of baking soda will harden over dampened areas when left in your shoes overnight. In addition, the ingredients in the product are also good at warding off fungus.

On the other hand, distilled white vinegar, when reduced with 50 percent water, is effective at rubbing out or spraying away bad smells. Applying the mix with a cotton ball or spray bottle will combat smelly shoes. Just allow the mixture to set and dry for 30 minutes.

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On The Efferdent Soak Solution

A specialized soak that has gotten some attention is Efferdent tablets like those youd use to clean your dentures! Apparently, the anti-bacterial effervescence of Efferdent tablets works wonders on Vibram Five Fingers!


xz123 Soak them in vinegar for 15 minutes, rinse, soak them in water with several effervescent denture tablets for 15 minutes, rinse, wash them with normal washing stuff, rinse, stuff with paper, let them dry. Its still not perfect , but sufficient for now.

AlexMontilla I can vouch for efferdent tablets! I follow the instructions, except I drop one tablet inside each shoe. After air drying in the sun, there is no more funk! I throw them in the wash whenever I wash my clothes, & use efferdent cleanings in between washes.

innocuous Last night, I tried efferdent for the first time. I let them soak in warm water for 1 hour. Thereafter, I put them in the washer on spin for 5 mins to accelerate the drying. When I removed them from the washer, they smelled great. The best since my first week in them. Im now a convert to efferdent.

Getting The Stink Out Of Your Shoes

There are more sweat glands in your two feet than anywhere else on your body. And when bacteria breaks down that sweat, it can stink.

Because of all the sweat from your feet, which inevitably soaks into your shoes, stinky footwear is a rather common occurrence. While in some cases its a minor annoyance that really only impacts yourself, in others its a truly embarrassing matter people can smell it if theyre simply sitting next to you on the subway, and if you take your shoes off around folks, the stink can bowl them over!

The amount you sweat and the pungency of your body odor is partially genetic, and if youre on the more stinky end of things, youll just unfortunately have to do more to fight it .

Below youll find how to do just that. We start with a handful of tips focused on prevention, and then move into a number of mostly natural options you can try before youre forced to throw your permanently putrid footwear in an incinerator.

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Have You Tried The Vinegar Spray

If none of the previous methods hasnt been useful for your boots, you may also try to make a vinegar mixture. Heres how to do it:

1. Add equal parts of vinegar and water.

Keep in mind that just some of this solution will go a long way, so dont overdo it. If you do, its fine as you may use the spray for killing bacteria on your car, bed, carpet, and so on.

2. Pour the solution

Pour the solution into a water bottle, and mix it very well.

3. Use the solution

You may now spray the vinegar solution right into the footwear, but allowing it to sit throughout the night. Dont use the spray on the outside of the boots, as you may ruin the color.

How To Clean Smelly Sneakers

How to Get Smell Out of Shoes: Get Rid of Shoe Odors with OdoBan (Best Shoe Odor Spray)

wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 57 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 1,240,464 times.Learn more…

Shoes can get smelly easily, especially if you walk a lot throughout the day. Shoe odor can be an embarrassing problem and buying new shoes can be expensive. There are plenty of ways to eliminate the odor in old shoes. You can try washing the shoes, by hand or in the machine. If you’re uncomfortable washing your shoes, you can try applying things like dryer sheets and orange peels to remove the scent. To prevent a recurrence, be sure to do things like wear socks and use foot powder to keep odor away.

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Begin With The Insoles

Nine times out of ten, the nasty smell develops on the insoles. Cheap insoles become sponges that soak up moisture and sweat. Sometimes, cleaning the insoles with some dish soap and warm water will eliminate the bad smell. However, you have to use the right amount of soap to deal with a foamy disaster.

Rub-down the insoles thoroughly, using your fingers. You have to continually squeeze the soap through the material, rinsing at the same time. Dont stop rinsing until you get all the soap out of the insoles. Hiking in soapy footwear is anything but pleasant.

If cleaning the insoles doesnt get you far, you will have to take more measures, but its not scouring the boots were talking about.

Keep in mind that its not possible to cover up the bad smell developed on the insoles. When dirt, sweat, skin, and everything else combined, unpleasant odors risk is significant.

The Stinky Sandal Solution

My boys love sandals. And since we live in Texas, where sandal season is literally 7-8 months out of the year, they wear their sandals a LOT. Lots of sandals and lots of summer means lots of sweaty feet and lots of STINK! Last year, I really felt like the stink had gotten quite embarrassing. Any one of the boys could clear out a room just by taking off their shoes. It was awful. Something had to change, so this summer, I have been on a quest for a stinky sandal solution!

First, let me say that our sandals are pretty much exclusively Keen Newport H2s . Weve been buying them for years and handing them down. Theyre easy to put on, they protect the boys feet, and they last through an 8 month sandal season and can still be handed down! I try not to pay full price if I can help it. I got Aidans current pair last fall for $18 on clearance! I dont always do that well, but there are deals to be found if you watch for them.

Anyway, the first few pairs of Keens that we owned did not smell as bad as the more recent pairs, so Im not sure if they have changed their materials or what. They are machine washable, which is great. However, I have found that machine washing is not enough to keep the stink away for more than a couple of days!

I dont know if this would work for leather sandals, but I imagine that it would work for any sandals that can be washed.

Does your household struggle with stinky sandals? Please tell me were not the only ones!

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