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How To Make Your Shoes Smaller

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How To Tell If Your Shoes Are Too Big

How To Make Big Shoes Fit Smaller!

Weve all been there. You try on a stylish pair of shoes and discover that your usual size is tight but the size up is a little too roomy for your liking. Maybe you have one foot bigger than the other, which requires you to fork out on two pairs in different sizes.

But, how do you know if your shoes are too big? Well, it all comes down to comfort.

It may seem fairly obvious when a pair doesnt quite offer that Cinderella fit, but we discovered that a huge 76% of people havent had their feet measured properly since school, meaning some of us could actually be wearing the wrong size without even knowing.

Well, youre not alone! The Duchess of Sussex herself is said to wear shoes that are too big for her on purpose to avoid blisters or bunions However, wearing shoes that are too big can actually do more harm than good.

We recommend accurately measuring your feet to find shoes that fit you to a T.

Use An Elastic Band To Tighten The Shoe

One hack that you may have never considered is the use of an elastic band on the shoe. This solution works best if you have at least some experience with embroidery or sewing. For this hack, youll need to stitch elastic bands to the interior of your shoes to constrict them.

This will require a specific level of expertise and a lot of attention to detail. Youll need a needle, thread, and an elastic band thats at least 12 inches long. You can use safety pins to hold the band in place as you begin to sew it into one side of the shoe. Be sure to keep the elastic tight as you sew the band into the shoe, and upon completion, simply release it.

Use Combo Of Thick No Show Socks And Heel Liners

This is my favorite method to make any big sized footwear to fit comfortably for your feet. You can get some heel liners and a pair of thick no show socks for this method.

Things You Will Need

1. First get these two things: a. Heel liners, b. Pair of thick no show socks2. Now take your big size shoes and stick heel liners to the inside of the shoes heel.3. Make sure you stick the heel liners correctly so that they do not get loose once you start walking in your shoes.4. Now wear a pair of thick no show socks. These socks will further help you to fit your shoes comfortably.5. An interesting combo of thick socks and heel liners will definitely assist you in making your big shoes smaller and fit perfectly.

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Use Natural Heat To Shrink Shoes

Similar to the other wetting and heat method, using natural heat also acts as a shrinking mechanism for your favorite pair of shoes. Since this tactic uses subtler tools to dry out boots and shoes, it is safer to apply to high heels and other delicate shoes than running them through the dryer.

Use water in a spray bottle to moisten the areas that need shrinking first. Place the dress shoe out in direct sunlight to warm. Doing this tightens it up naturally as it dries. Do not leave the heels out in the sun for too long, though. Too much exposure to the sun may cause these larger shoes to lose their color in the process.

How To Tighten Leather Shoes And Sandals

10 Shoes That Make Your Feet Look Smaller

Leather shoes require a little more tinkering to ensure a correct fit. The good news is that leather can be shrunk by using a few items youll likely have lying around your home. If youre looking to shrink dress shoes or womens sandals, follow these steps:

  • You could be looking for a tighter fit along the edges of the shoe, or you might need the shoe to fit more closely at the toe.
  • Soak the target area with a damp wash-cloth. The leather doesnt need to be dripping wet.
  • Allow the area to dry. Then, voila! Your shoes will have shrunk. The water causes the leather to tighten as it dries. You may need to attempt this several times to get the desired fit, as changes can be gradual.
  • These steps wont necessarily work for leather boots and shoes that have been heat-treated to prevent stretching. For these, its best to seek professional advice or use specialist inserts to reshape the leather gradually.

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    Stretch With A Blowdryer

    You can speed up the stretching process for leather shoes using thick socks and a blowdryer. The heat loosens up the leather, so it can mold to your foot.


    Cover your feet with one or two pair of socks

    Then put on your shoes and blast them on medium heat for 30 secondsyou want to move the nozzle to different spots on your shoes to avoid overheating any particular area and cracking the leather.Repeat this process until your feet slip in comfortably.

    I tested this on a pair of suede booties that were a little tight around the balls of my feet. After rotating the dryer around the front of the shoe for about two minutes, there was definitely more room. I was able to walk in them easily with just one pair of sockssuccess! Make sure to apply a leather or suede conditioner afterwards, as the heat can dry out leather.

    Best for: Leather or suede oxfords and boots

    Other Ways To Shrink Shoes

    Sometimes the only way to make large shoes feel smaller is by closing the space inside the shoes, rather than altering the shoes themselves. A straightforward way to accomplish this is by wearing thick socks to compensate for the extra space.

    Not only do these extra fluffy clothing items provide cushion for the foot to remain locked in place, but they offer an added barrier to protect against blisters. Using thicker socks does not work with dress shoes or loafers, though.

    Instead, try adding inserts either on the bottom or to the backside of the shoe. The first option lifts the foot upward, leaving less room between the top of the foot and the top of the shoe for sliding around. The second prevents blisters on the heels by allowing less room for the heel to slip out of the shoe when walking.

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    How To Tighten Chelsea Boots

    Chelsea boots are a classic design for men and women, because they go with a range of outfits. Perfect for winter and smartening up your outfit, its possible to breathe new life into your boots by tinkering with the fit a little.

  • Remember that the elastic part of the shoe will stretch in time.
  • Both leather and suede shoes can be tightened with a damp wash-cloth.
  • Dab the area you want to tighten and allow to dry. Be careful with suede shoes as these can be easily stained by running colours, so use a plain wash-cloth if you can.
  • Repeat as necessary until your shoes fit as required.
  • Shoes that are a little loose arent a lost cause. If you cant swap them for another size in-store, follow these simple steps and fashion your own fit. If you want more advice onbuying and fitting your ideal pair of winter boots, we can help there too.

    How Can I Stretch My Shoes Fast Take Them To A Cobbler

    how to fix shoes that are too big || make shoes smaller

    Sometimes, knowing how to widen narrow shoes is important, but you might not have the time for that. Take the shoes to a cobbler and they will do a perfect job of the same.

    When you want to know how to widen leather shoes, you might find them a tad too tough for widening. Take them to a cobbler. They may need some cobbler work and you do not have that at home. If you will be using a leather stretching solution, you might not know how much to apply. Too much could make the leather fibers too tight, and cause them to break.

    A cobbler will apply the right amount of leather stretching solution. This is something that he/she does everyday and so it is hard to make mistakes. Usually, the shoes are always narrower at the toe area. If they do not have a steel toe box, they can be stretched. If it is steel, it will be hard.

    After spraying the shoe with the leather stretcher, the cobbler puts it on the shoe stretcher such as Shoe Keeper Wooden Shoe Stretcher . They can stay there for hours as the solution that they had soaked dries up. In this stretched state, when the leather dries up, the shoe will be stretched enough for your comfort.

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    Does It Matter If Shoes Are Too Big

    Yes, but it depends on the type of shoes, how long the shoes are worn, and how oversized they are. Oversized shoes can be uncomfortable to wear and can increase your chance of falling or slipping if you lose your balance or put traction on the ground. They can also look odd if they are extremely oversized. For example, they may flap off of the heel of your foot in the back when you walk or even fall off of your foot at the slightest misstep. Also, shoes that are too big can cause you to walk in a dysfunctional and unnatural way. Prolonged wear of oversized shoes can potentially lead to foot or posture issues.

    How To Avoid Buying Your Shoes Too Big

    To avoid buying shoes that are too big, follow these tips.

    Buy In-Store:

    Measure Your Feet; Any shoe store these days can measure your feet correctly and tell your ideal size.

    Try The Shoes In-Store; If its a new brand or style, try the shoes in-store quickly to check if they are loose or tight.

    Try Them Around The House; After you bought the shoes, try them around the house for a couple of hours to ensure they are the correct size. I always said this to my clients because you cant swap them anymore if you wear them outside.

    Read what are the best shoes for overweight men.

    Buy Online:

    Read The Reviews; When you buy a new brand or style, read the reviews because its common for former buyers to tell if the brand or styles came big or tighter than their standard size.

    Try-On Shoes At The End Of The Day; Your feet are swollen at the end of the day after a long day of work, so when you try the shoes, if they feel too big, you know you need to swap them for a smaller size.

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    Custom Orthotics Offer More Protection Against Feet Getting Bigger

    If prefabricated orthotics are not providing enough support, we can prescribe use a custom orthotic. Custom orthotics will conform closer to the arch of the foot, so they do a better job stopping your feet from flattening out. In particular a total-contact orthotic that hugs the arch of the foot very close will help the the arch from flattening the foot from getting longer.

    If you are in the Seattle area;contact us for an appointment;to find out if you are a good candidate for custom orthotics.

    Use A Shoe Stretching Tool

    Heel Snugs: Foam Pads to Make Your Shoes Fit Smaller ...

    The most professional;way of stretching your shoes at home is by using a shoe stretcher. Yeah, I know, not a very creative name, right!?;

    Shoe stretchers;are great shoe accessories for those of us who have problem feet and cant get the right shoes to fit. So its worth investing in a premium shoe stretcher if this is something youll be using time & again.

    Wondering how to stretch shoes wider? Well, this a shoe stretcher a fab tool because that can expand the width and/or the length of shoes. To get the use of the two functions in one, youll want to buy a two-way stretcher, like this one.;

    There are shoe wideners & lengthener and 2 in 1 stretcher for both men and womens sizes, as well as stretchers specifically designed for stretching high heels. Some even have these little holes throughout the toe area, where you can insert plugs into for areas around the toe that are particularly tight.

    If you want to stretch boots, theres an app tool for that too! This boot stretcher happens to be cheap, cheerful & also helps tall boots keep their shape

    Of course, each product is different, so be sure to read the instructions! For a standard stretcher, you can use it per my instructions below:

    How to use a shoe stretcher:

    • If your gadget requires it, spray it;with the liquid it came with, or;suggested by the manufacturer
    • Place it inside the tight shoe
    • Turn the knob to expand the stretcher the desired amount*
    • Leave overnight. Repeat the process with the other shoe

    Shop Shoe Stretchers:

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    Consider Taking Your Shoes To A Professionals

    We have nothing against DIYs, but sometimes these types of skills are better exercised by professionals. This is particularly the case if youre dealing with an amazing shoe or high brand- something treasured, expensive, or very high quality. Whats more, you can have the cobbler fit the insoles, heel liners, heel grips, and tongue pads into the shoes for you.

    The Bottom Line

    Subsequent to altering the sizes of the shoes, keep in mind that the exterior dimensions remain the same. As such, you might want to maintain an appropriate walking posture when walking on these big shoes. Overall, learning how to make shoes smaller is a helpful hack and certainly not a bad idea. Besides, it increases your comfort and reduces the chances of sustaining injuries.;

    Stitching An Elastic Band Inside The Shoes

    If youre good with DIYs, then this hack will work for you. Else, you might end up damaging your shoes. The purpose of stitching an elastic band inside the shoes is to develop a tight fit by pulling together the inside of the heel area.

    All you need is a thread, needle, and elastic bands to stitch on each of the shoes. Although any looser part of the shoes can be stitched, the inner portion of the heel area is best suited. Once youve stretched the elastic band in place, make sure it remains tight as you sew it all around.

    Nonetheless, if youre not handy with sewing, safety pins can be helpful in accomplishing the above process. After some time, remove the elastic band because as it stretches out, the loose part of the shoe is pulled together, resulting in a relatively smaller fit than before.

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    Is There Any Way To Make My Big Feet Smaller

    I’m 14 and in my freshman year, and my feet are size 14 womens. I hate having to get boys’ shoes and never being able to wear heels or girly shoes. Is there a surgery to make my feet smaller?

    Up until the 1900s, wealthy young women in China had their feet bound because small feet were considered ladylike and beautiful. Much like having pale skin several hundred years ago in Western Europe meant that you didnt have to work outdoors and were thus part of the upper class, having your feet bound in China meant that you physically couldnt work. Binding your feet started at a very young agefrom two to five years oldand involved breaking the toe joints so you could bend them toward the sole of your foot. It was incredibly painful and often resulted in infection and life-long disability.

    Im not telling you this to gross you out, but to show you how some women have gone to great lengths for smaller feet. While Im sure there are some surgeons out there who would be willing to alter the length of the bones in your feet to make them smaller, I am just as sure that there are far more surgeons and doctors who would absolutely not recommend destroying your body in such a way.

    We want to hear from you! Send us your weirdest body questions here and it just might get featured.

    Pick your *perf* pastel eyeshadow shade

    Go To The Professionals

    How To Make Small Shoes Fit Larger

    Perhaps youd prefer a more permanent transformation, or maybe your shoes are simply too big for our previous solutions.

    Take your shoes to a cobbler that will conceal heel grips, tongue pads or insole padding underneath the lining. Although this will cost you more, its well worth the one-off payment for a pair that you wear regularly.

    We hope our tips and tricks have given you some inspiration on how to make your shoes smaller. If youve tried all of our ideas to no avail, treat yourself to a new pair from Wynsors today!

    Likewise, if youre struggling with shoes that are too small, follow our handy guide on how to make shoes bigger.

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    Shoe Filler For Shoes That Are Too Big

    Shoe fillers are to fill the space for tightening the shoes so that it wont get out of the persons leg.

    • Shoolex shoe fillers are in different sizes and ranges to help you deal with the mismatching shoe sizes. The washable and reusable nature of the product makes it more user-friendly.
    • Heightening shoe insoles are made up of superior materials and antimicrobial fabric that not only give comfort but also provide height. Future cases of irritation or infection are also uprooted.
    • There are also memory foam fits that will work wonders. Once worn the feet sinks into the shoe without causing much pressure on the foot.

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