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How To Return Allbirds Shoes

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Allbirds Tree Loungers Review

Co-CEO of footwear company Allbirds on decision to return PPP loan

The Tree Loungers are named after the eucalyptus tree fibers used to make them. Light and breathable, these Tree Loungers will keep your feet cool on even the warmest summer day. A blend of castor bean oil, merino wool, and low-density foam makes the Allbirds Tree Loungers comfy, super smooth, and cushioning on your feet. The merino wool specifically makes them odor resistant, so the summer smelly feets will be someone elses problem.

The Allbirds Tree Loungers sell for $95 and come in seven different colors, available for both men and women. These loungers are only available in whole sizes, and Allbirds recommends sizing up. You can find a size chart towards the end of this Allbirds shoes review.

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Comparing The Allbirds Vs Vessi Mizzles And Vessis Waterproof Shoe

Both Allbirds and Vessi have the general outgoing vibe, with special concern with sustainability and environmental matters. Thus, we decided to explore as many points as we can find to reach an accurate verdict.

To make this comparison fair and square, well focus on two similar products: Allbirds Mizzles and its peer Vessis waterproof sneakers.

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Save Money On Allbirds Shoes With The Chase Sapphire Reserve

How Does Allbirds Get Bigger? Kids Shoes and More Stores ...

Read More: Review of Allbirds Shoes

A lot of the Chase Offers pull you with things like Save 20% at until you see it maxes out at like $1.80 in savings. But, this new Chase Offer available on the Chase Sapphire Reserve gives you $50 back! That is great, of course, but keep in mind that many/most of the shoes from Allbirds are around the $100 mark so you will only see this savings if you are buying their more expensive pairs or if you are buying 2 pairs. Or, you can throw in some clothes/accessories with a new pair of shoes.

Allbirds shoes are just incredibly comfortable and the reason for that is the material they use things like merino wool and eucalyptus make for a shoe that is made from natural sources which help them to wear very well.

This is a really great deal on Allbirds which do not often see sales on their shoes. So, this is a chance to get a fine pair of shoes for everyday and travel at a discount.

Just log in to your Chase account and select your Chase Sapphire Reserve account. From there, look for Chase Offers and scroll down to find the offer here. It is good until November 1, 2021.

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Womens Tree Breezers Review

The Womens Tree Breezers are their own version of Allbirds flats. They have just the right combination of comfort and style to be dressed up or down. Since the shoes come in 16 color options, theyll complete any casual or smart casual look and pair with whatever shades you like to wear. The Tree Breezers are available from sizes 5-11 and retail for $95.

The Tree Breezer is made from eucalyptus tree fibers, a naturally-derived, eco-friendly material. This unique fiber does not only benefit the environment, but you as well. Heres how:

  • The eucalyptus pulp makes this shoe both silky smooth and highly breathable
  • The shoes ribbed knitting structure allows it to conform to your foots shape
  • Lined with merino wool, the Tree Breezer is both comfortable and odor resistant
  • The sole is made of SweetFoam, derived from Brazilian sugarcane, which gives it a bouncy comfort

Reviews Of The Best Allbirds Shoes

The Allbirds Wool Runners are the brands flagship creation, so of course, theyre on the top of the list.

As the name gives away, the Wool Runners have a merino wool construction. Made with Allbirds exclusive technology, theyre soft and itch-free inside, while durable and dirt-resistant on the outside.

The Wool Runners include the brands SweetFoam midsole. Made with Brazilian sugarcane, its contoured and quite bouncy, making them ultra-comfortable.

Whats impressive about this midsole is that its made with the first carbon-negative green EVA. The shoes are also very light, allowing you to walk for longer.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the sizes run a bit small. If you usually wear a wide size, you may have to size up to stay comfortable.

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Allbirds Shoes Revieware They Worth The Hype

Allbirds Tree Runners are Here! A One Take and Honest Review

Dubbed as the worlds most comfortable shoes, Allbirds are growing in popularity. However, the brand makes a lot of bold claims, like the no-socks needed statement or that theyre machine washable.

Were here today to shed some light on these statement kicks in our Allbirds shoes review. Well show you everything you need to know about Allbirds and if this brand is worth your time and money.

Before we get into our Allbirds shoes review, heres a quick look at the best Allbirds shoes:

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Can You Wear Allbirds Without Socks

You can easily wear Allbirds without socks.

We wear socks with shoes to protect our feet from rubbing against the lining and to keep moisture to a minimum. When your feet remain in a moist environment for a prolonged time, it increases the chance of fungal infections.

The fungus will infect your feet, causing discomfort and unpleasant odors. However, because wool is odor-resistant and moisture-wicking, you could easily wear them without socks.

Allbirds Tree Runners sneakers also include mesh at the top and liners, which increase their breathability. Still, if youre going on a long walk or run, its probably best to wear socks.

Allbirds Wool Runners Vs Mizzles

How do the Allbirds Wool Runner Mizzles measure up against the original Wool Runners?

They are both excellent cold weather shoes made from cosy merino wool with many of the same featuresthey are machine washable, odour resistant, and made from renewable materials.

Here are the main differences:

Allbirds Wool Runner Mizzles:

  • Ultra cosy and soft inside
  • More comfortable to wear barefoot
  • Easy to slip on and off without untying laces

I was initially hesitant about the Mizzles. They didnt feel as cosy, light, or comfortable as my slipper-like Wool Runners, and they rubbed the back of my foot when I wore them without socks.

Once Id worn them in, though, I appreciated the extra ankle support, traction, and rain-repellence, especially for hiking.

If you want a more supportive, structured shoe, or will be wearing them in the rain or hiking trails, the Mizzles are the better choice.

For everyday wear, I prefer the original Wool Runners. They feel as light as air on my feet, almost like Im not wearing shoes at all.

They are cosier to wear barefoot and I can slip them on without untying the laces. The lighter, floppier upper also makes them easier to pack for travel.

Both are fantastic shoes and you cant go wrong with eitherremember you have a 30-day free trial!

See my Allbirds Wool Runners review for more details about the classic version.

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What Allbirds Style And Size Is Right For Me

The first decision to make is whether youre looking for a sneaker or something a little different. Allbirds produces five types of sneakers Runners, Dashers, Toppers, Skippers and Mizzles along with two other styles, Loungers and Breezers.

The five sneaker variants differ in a few key ways, the main distinguisher being material. The Tree Toppers and Tree Skippers are basically low-cut and high-top versions of the same sneakers. The Tree Skippers are extremely lightweight and perfect for summer. The Tree Toppers are pricier, but were big fans of the stylish high-top. Both shoes feature a slightly flatter sole and wider toe box, giving your foot more space but less support.

Womens Tree Skippers

Mens Tree Skippers

Womens Tree Toppers

Mens Tree Toppers

The Wool Runners and Tree Runners are Allbirds classic styles. The sneakers are particularly flexible and supportive, and truly engineered for all-day comfort. Theyre the perfect type of shoe for city trekking, day trips or long walks. If youre not sure which material to opt for, wool is softer and better for colder climates, while the Tree is breezier and better for warmer climates.

Womens Wool Runners

Mens Wool Runners

Womens Tree Runners

Mens Tree Runners

Womens Wool Runner Mizzles

Mens Wool Runner Mizzles

Womens Wool Runner-up Mizzles

Mens Wool Runner-up Mizzles

Womens Tree Dashers

Mens Tree Dashers

Womens Wool Loungers

Mens Wool Loungers

Womens Tree Loungers

Mens Tree Loungers

Styles Of Allbirds Mizzles

Allbirds Men

Allbirds makes several styles of Mizzles. They are all made from merino wool with a water repellent shield and are available in mens and womens versions.

Casual Shoes

These are the most similar to the classic Allbirds Wool Runners. Despite the name, they are designed for casual use rather than running.

  • Wool Runner Mizzles These are the original Mizzles and have a sneaker style like the Wool Runners. These are what I have and will be writing about in this Allbirds Mizzles review.
  • Wool Runner-Up Mizzles This high-top version comes higher up on your ankles.

Running Shoes

If you want to run in cold, wet weather, the Dasher Mizzles are the shoes for you. Some people also like them for walking as they have more supportive soles with increased traction compared to the Wool Runner Mizzles.

They feature a tongue-less design and come in half sizes, but they arent as warm as the Runner Mizzles and are more expensive.

See my Allbirds Tree Dashers review for details on the warmer weather version, which I wear for running.

You can also see my Allbirds review, which focuses on the original Wool Runners, for a full breakdown of all Allbirds shoes.

My Allbirds flats review compares the Tree Breezers to other popular ballet flats.

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Allbirds On Nasdaq: Shares Hit High Of $us27 On Debut

New Zealand-founded shoe maker Allbirds has had a strong debut on the US Nasdaq technology dominated stock exchange.

Former US president Barack Obama, celebrities such as Leonardo diCaprio, and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are among the fans of the woollen shoes made by Allbirds. Photo: Supplied

The San Francisco based-company was founded by former All Whites and Phoenix footballer Tim Brown and makes shoes from merino wool, plant based products, and recycled materials.

The company has made much of its sustainable manufacturing and lower carbon footprint, and gained considerable exposure from being bought by high profile sports people, former US president Barack Obama, celebrities such as Leonardo diCaprio, and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.

“We believe that there’s an opportunity to unlock growth and financial opportunity for a business by also having very good impact on the environment,” said Joseph Zwillinger, co-chief executive officer.

The company is a B-Corp, which makes it legally bound to balance profit and purpose and publicly share an impact report on how it is improving society or the environment.

It had revenue of about $US220 million last year, most from online sales, although it had a loss $US26m and has forecast losses for “the foreseeable future”.

Brown founded the company in 2016 in partnership with a US technology entrepreneur and got backing from the New Zealand wool industry through a grant.

Are Allbirds Waterproof

To put it simply, Allbirds shoes are not completely waterproof. They will still retain moisture if they become substantially wet. However, Allbirds lines their insoles with merino wool, a fabric that is naturally moisture wicking. Meaning, the insides of your shoes wont absorb any moisture, even on those sweaty summer days.

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Allbirds Sizing And Fit

Allbirds footwear runs mostly true to size. Following some investigation, it seems that most feedback from users states that the sizes fit as expected.

Most Allbirds styles are available in sizes ranging from 5 to 11 for women and 8 to 14 for men.

It doesnt offer half sizes on all models, so if youre between, we recommend that you size up. Still, the styles are quite comfortable, even if you have wide feet. The sneakers have flexible uppers, enabling the material to stretch and conform according to the wearer.

Sneaker Brand Allbirds Leaps 93% In Debut After Upsized Ipo

Sustainable Fashion: Allbirds Shoe Review

— Allbirds Inc. rose 93% in its trading debut after its initial public offering topped the shoemakers goals to raise $303 million.

Most Read from Bloomberg

Accounting for employee stock options and similar holdings, the company has a fully diluted value of almost $4.7 billion. Thats up from a funding round last year that valued it at $1.7 billion, according to data provider PitchBook.

The company and its existing shareholders sold more than 20 million shares Tuesday after marketing 19 million of them for $12 to $14.

The companys listing is one of 417 on U.S. exchanges that have raised an all-time high of more than $137 billion, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. That excludes special purpose acquisition companies, or SPACs.

Dutch Bros, Federer

Consumer IPOs accounted for $55 billion of that total, led by listings including the $1.78 billion offering by Olaplex Holdings Inc. and the $557 million raise by coffee chain Dutch Bros Inc. in September. One of those listings was the $858 million IPO in September by On Holding AG, the maker of high-performance shoes backed by tennis star Roger Federer.

Allbirds has been expanding beyond the wool trainers favored by environmentally minded shoppers to include apparel. The direct-to-consumer brands net revenue for the six months ended June 30 rose 27% year-over-year to $118 million. In the same period, its net loss widened to $21 million from $9.5 million.

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Are Allbirds Really Machine Washable

You can clean your Allbirds in the washing machine. Use a gentle cycle and allow them to air dryavoid using the dryer as the heat can cause felting, shrinkage and damage to the wool.

Allbirds tree fiber shoes are also able to take a machine wash. But again, avoid the dryer. Leave them in a well-ventilated room overnight to dry.

For both types, use a gentle detergent. Never apply bleach or hard cleaners that could ruin the material.

For more information, please go to our How to Wash Allbirds guide.

Great For Short Hikes

The Allbirds Mizzles are more structured than the Wool Runners with higher ankle support and more traction on the soles.

I often wore my Wool Runners for short walks, but the extra traction has made me more confident wearing my Mizzles on longer hikes that include hills and uneven trails.

So far the longest hike Ive done in them was 13km/8 miles in Abel Tasman National Park on a chilly morning. Even after three hours of walking my feet felt totally fine.

Ive now worn them on multiple hikes and bike rides and even played tennis in the rain.

The reviews agree:

I walk my dog every morning in these shoes. We go 4 to 5 miles on rocky, hilly trails. These shoes are the best. Cozy and warm without being too warm.

Amazing! I am a nurse assistant and I average 5.5 miles a day walkingsometimes runningon the job. These shoes have saved my feet. The support is amazing and they absorb shock. They make you feel light on your feet, bouncing off each step.

That said, the Allbird Mizzles arent hiking shoes so I wouldnt recommend them for very long or challenging hikes.

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