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How To Take Pictures Of Shoes To Sell

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How To Sell Feet Pics On Kik App

How To Take Pictures Of Shoes To Sell On Ebay – Ebay Selling Shoes

Start out with the Kik app if you want to sell feet pics. The app is available both on iOS and Android.

It is a completely anonymous app but you will still need to take precautions to ensure privacy .

To signup, all you will need is an email address. No phone number.

You can start looking for groups with # Feet Pictures and you should find a lot of them.

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Of Feet In Shoes Sideways Angle

Sitting or standing, taking a shoefie from a side angle is always a fun, unexpected shoefie twist!

This is essentially when you stand at an angle, but instead of taking the shot directly above you take it lower & to the side.

When done well this shoefie perspective can actually look like someone else has taken the picture. But even so, if you’re the one who took the pic, then a shoefie it still remains!

Works great when capturing a reflection of your shoes in a mirror too

Hot Tip: You can point one toe to maximize your high heels.

Paying Taxes On Your Feet Picture Income

You cannot and should not escape paying taxes on your feet picture selling business.

So, the only other option is to be prepared for it.

When you start out, you are doing it solo. So your taxes are calculated normally as a self employed individual

Dont even try to evade taxes because most online payments can be easily tracked and you will be jailed and fined for evasion

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Choose Your Location Wisely

Your Shoe photography ideas and concept will mostly depend on the goal you wish to achieve through the shoot. Among these, choosing the location of the shoot will play a critical role to achieve your goals.

When shooting indoors, the lighting, as well as the background, are always in your control. You have much more mobility and control over the shoot. This works great if you are capturing the subject for eCommerce. You can avoid any background distraction, stay consistent and create symmetry among the product images.

At the same time, if you wish to showcase the shoes in the natural habitat for social media, ads or banners, you can choose to go outdoor.

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Obtain Consent Before Using Customer Images Online

Selling Shoes on eBay: How to Clean and Polish Shoes ...

If you routinely take pictures of customers using your products or services, you must get permission to use the photos on your website or social accounts. Anything you share on social media with a business account is considered commercial use. Its presumed that if your business maintains social networks, its for the purpose of marketing your products or services.

If you photograph customers trying on the clothes you sell in your store, even if the caption is, Happy customers having a blast trying on shoes!, its a commercial communication because its for the purpose of demonstrating to the viewer whats appealing about your store and why they should shop there.

However, if you take customer photos, you can publish them if the person is not identifiable. Images that show the back of a customers head or one body part , or an angle where you cant see their face, would be permissible even without the persons consent. Be sure that if you put employees in charge of photography or social media for your business, theyre aware of this rule, too.

If you want to use customer images, obtain written consent and keep the document on file. If this is something that you would like to do often, have a boilerplate consent form that includes all the ways you might use the photo and the duration for which consent is granted.

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What Gear Do You Need For Stock Photography

Commercial photography was once limited to those who could afford an expensive DSLR, and while many stock photographers continue to use top-notch gear, some are branching out into mobile photography.

The old rule holds true: the best camera is the one you have with you. Sure, a DSLR with a collection of different lenses might be ideal, but you dont need to wait until you have the equipment of your dreams to start shooting and submitting.

In terms of studio space, use what you have. You can use your kitchen counter for food shoots or your living room for a lifestyle session. Enlist friends and family to be your models, or trade time for prints with local businesses in exchange for a signed property release.

You can rent any accessories you need, or try a DIY solution for professional-looking lighting. Props and clothing can be found at second-hand stores and in models personal collections. A digital asset management tool like Adobe Lightroom can also be a game-changer when editing and organizing hundreds of photos for submission.

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The Process Of Reselling Shoes

While earning over a million dollars for reselling shoes at this stage is still possible, there are lots of obstacles you must overcome to reach that goal. Aside from bagging clients willing to shell out serious dough for sneakers, you need to learn where to find and acquire the most sought-after shoes.

The competition nowadays is fierce as youll be lucky to establish a client base as a beginner.

Therefore, you need to immerse yourself in the sneakerhead culture and apply yourself 100% to have a fighting chance. There are more individuals than ever involved in sneaker collecting so the sneaker resale market has room for more entrepreneurs .

Weve already discussed the sneaker industry in general above. Now, its time to delve into the process of the actual process of reselling shoes and sneakers.

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You Need To Avoid These Things

Never leave a shoe just stay flat or fall on the ground carelessly. Always find a shoe model so that customers can get an idea of how the shoes will look when worn. If you cant find a model, at least fill the boots up with some clothes or maintain the height with a thread.

  • Never choose the wrong fit for your shoe. If the shoe size doesnt match your models size, it will look horrible.
  • Just dont choose the model without fulfilling any essential criteria. Find a slender long beautiful leg for your photography. A dirty, ugly foot may ruin the impression.
  • Dont use a too colorful background for your shoe. Customers will get confused.
  • You can use props such as flowers or kittens, but dont use too many accessories or colorful things. It will distract your customers.
  • Never take a blurry image. A blurry photo never helps your customers to test the product.
  • Dont take a picture from the wrong angle. Even if your shoe is beautiful enough, it cant look attractive due to the wrong angle.
  • Dont use soft focus.
  • Never photoshop too much. It will change the color and details, and your customers will never get an accurate idea.
  • Shoe Photography Editing Service Provider

    Clipping Path CA

    Shoe photography is an excellent job if you actually know photography. You just need a DSLR or a regular camera. Even you can use your phone. Also, you can create a blog site. You can create your Facebook page or Instagram page.

    How To Sell Feet Pics On Instagram

    Shoe Product Photography | Tips From A Poshmark Seller

    With a following of about 1 billion people, Instagram positions itself as a great social media platform where you can start selling feet pictures to interested buyers even today.

    Want to know how to sell feet pictures on Instagram?

    Heres How You Sell Feet Pics on IG

    If you want to successfully sell photos of your feet on Instagram, you have to:

    • Open an Instagram Business account dedicated to selling feet pictures then start posting beautiful photos
    • Build a following by reaching out to people who have shown interest in buying feet pictures previously from other IG profiles or photos
    • Connect with other feet pic sellers on Instagram.
    • Use the right hashtags to attract the attention of feet pic lovers e.g #feet #feetpicsforsale #prettyfeet #beautifulfeet #instafeet
    • Get high-quality photos that attract potential buyers
    • Post consistently to keep buyers engaged so that you can get repeat sales.
    • Set themes for the month whether its crazy socks, sandals, barefoot, etc.

    Remember, just because you have an Instagram account doesnt mean you have to show pictures of your face or keep comments on.

    Use your Instagram solely as a tool to market your feet pictures and sell them to paying customers.

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    How Much Can You Make Reselling Shoes

    The short answer? Millions.

    JV is a guy making six figures a year reselling shoes. He got his start flipping sneakers as a side gig while working retail. After 4 months in, he was clearing over $10,000 per month.

    Hell teach you how to do the same thing he does, clear the big bucks, in his online course. If you add the code NICHEMONEY, you can get an extra 10% off.

    Reselling shoes isnt a rare phenomenon. A quick look at Amazon and eBay will reveal you a secondhand pair of sneakers up for grabs for every brand new pair. The process of shoe selling is all too common that there are people who made reselling shoes a profitable full-time job.

    However, there are only a handful of people who have built an empire as shoe resellers. Arguably the most successful sneaker reseller is Benjamin Kapelushnik. Also known as Benjamin Kickz and owner of the sneaker marketplace Sneaker Don, he started in the business at 13 in 2013 and made it big two years after.

    He rose to fame as the shoe supplier to DJ Khaled who referred him to his friends in the music and entertainment industry. He made his first million in 2016 and had been reselling rare and expensive shoes and sneakers to high-ticket clients since then.

    Sneaker collecting is a thing and for individuals who can get a good deal on rare or hard to find sneakers like a limited release commemorative pair of Nike Air Jordan 2 Just Don, the Nike SB Dunk, or others, it can be ridiculously profitable to be reselling sneakers.

    Tips For Creating A Plan

    Good product photographers always do plan and research. when I went for shooting before that I talked with my clients.

    I asked them some questions like what sorts of photos they looked for? and how many pairs they are going to shoot for?

    And then I made a plan for his/hers photos. so you have to follow the same thing. when you go for shooting, you need to plan and research first, because if you dont do any planning then everything will be messed up. So you need to figure out the plan and do well research when you will take a shot.

    All the gear needs to be monitored and ready before taking pictures of the shoes. Perhaps you know very well about this shoe photographing method, but still recall that before taking your photography you have to schedule it.

    Tips 1: Select a suitable Shoe/white background

    For product photography, Background plays a significant role. Because if you cant use a good background on your product photos then you cant easily sell that product in the e-commerce business.

    Which is one of the most effective shoe photography strategies I would like you to learn? The shooting of shoes is quite challenging. You need to keep everything precise, specifically the background since the shoes are delicate.

    So, in shoe photography, I want to prefer to use a white background. Why?

    One more thing is while you choose white background color, then you have to ensure that shoes look their best, creating the illusion that someone owns them.

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    Do Not Use Soft Focus

    This effect might look pretty in other photo genres, but never in product photography. Soft focus will only cause your photos to look blurry, and thats exactly the opposite of what you want to achieve! You want your customers to be able to see every detail of your product, and blurring it out will be counter-productive.

    So, when taking photos of shoes, use a higher aperture, such as f/11, to ensure the clearest and crispest images possible. Make use of a tripod as well, because this will reduce camera shaking.

    Can You Make Money With Stock Photography

    Selling Shoes on eBay: How to Take Great Photos to Help ...

    You can certainly earn money from stock photographya few years ago, 500px founder Evgeny Tchebotarev made $1,602.50 in just a few weeksbut it usually doesnt happen overnight.

    There are things you can do to make your photos sellable, like including people, adding keywords, and following the briefs set out in 500px Licensing Quests, but still, it takes time to start earning steady money from your work.

    When entering the stock photography business, its important to know how it works and what to expect. Its unlikely that youll make a lot of money in a single sale its far more likely that youll get a series of smaller payments for multiple downloads over time. These numbers can add up, and thats when you start seeing returns.

    The photographers who earn a living in stock photography are those who have built up portfolios of thousands of images, applied relevant metadata, and continued to add fresh content. They also arent afraid to try new things and adapt to this exciting and fast-paced market. Stock photography isnt a get-rich-quick deal, but results do come with time, organization, and consistency.

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    Photography is more essential than ever for modern branding, with an estimated 32% of marketers citing images as the most important form of content for their businesses, and stock photography remains one of the easiest and most reliable resources for companies small and large.

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    Sell Feet Photos Online

    Dollar Feet is 1st page of most search engines for how to sellfeet pics, feet pics, feet pictures, buy feet pics, buy feet pictures, buy feet clips and many other terms feet lovers & buyers use to find pretty feet.

    We pay you directly for your video clips. We dont want any money from you to sell your feet pictures or videos like other websites. You send your video clips & get paid instantly, thats simple!

    We can also add your profile to our Models Page If a client orders a custom clip with you, you receive between $30 $100 for 10-mins video.

    You can find the frequently asked questions and answers below. If you have any further questions, please let us know through Contact Us page.

    How can I receive my money?

    You can receive your money through PayPal, Paxum or as Gift Card.

    I uploaded videos, when will I get paid?

    When we approve the videos, you will receive the payments within 24 hours. We usually pay within 8 hours.

    Where will videos be published?

    Videos will be available on our websites and some video marketplaces. When you upload the videos you accept the Terms & Conditions.

    How much do you pay per video?

    We pay $15 per accepted video . The price may depend on the appearance of your feet. If youre a professional foot model, we may pay more. So If you send 5 videos, youll be paid $75

    What should be the video quality and the resolution?Do I need to show my face in photos / videos?

    Correct Lighting And Color

    One of the most important things consumers look for when buying a pair of shoes is the color. Remember my magical brown boots that werent so brown after all? This was a case of too-warm lighting left uncorrected.

    If that photographer had used neutral lighting and if theyd made sure their white balance was spot on either in camera or in post the color would have been more accurate on the website.

    One more thing on that point – when youre fixing your white balance in post-production, make sure that your monitor has been calibrated recently and that youre exporting your files correctly. These two things can make even a good SOOC image go wrong.

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    Collect Feet Pics Payment With Paypal

    PayPal is the most used platform to accept payment.

    It is easy to use, available in most countries and almost everyone uses it.

    However, the trust that gets build automatically with Paypal comes with the hefty fee they charge eventually. It is a pretty expensive online payment option.

    Depending on which country you live in, you will be charged anywhere from 2.9-4.4% plus $0.30 cents for each transaction.

    How To Edit Shoes

    Uncle Hustle Episode 8 / How I take pictures of sneakers and shoes to sell online on ebay

    If you take photos for your e-commerce store on social networks, you might already know that its easy to since the platform doesnt have any strict requirements. A regular color correction might suffice especially if you need to edit a creative product photo.

    However, you want to make your images more professional and attention-grabbing, make sure to edit them. For instance, you can enhance them with the help of .

    However, if you have never used such programs before, it might take a long time to master them, which is why it might be better to contact professional . To test my editing skills, I used an image taken without professional equipment and tried to enhance it in Adobe Photoshop.

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    Do I Need To Pay Tax On Feet Photo Profits

    Its highly likely that you will be considered self-employed for tax purposes, so do check with your countrys government-run taxation or revenue service if youre unsure.

    Most websites will state somewhere in the small print that you are responsible for reporting and paying your own taxes. Do keep records so you can track all your income as well as any business-related spending that may be counted as costs.

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