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How To Wash Bobs Shoes

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Use Bleach For Heavy Stains

How do I wash my Skechers memory foam shoes?

Bleach is like the knight in shining armor for tough stains. It has excellent results in cleaning both white shoes and clothes.

Butremember to use bleach very carefully. Its a potent chemical, and too much exposure can cause skin redness, burning, and breathing difficulties.

Therefore, you have to wear gloves, and you must be in a well-ventilated room.

If youve done this, heres how to clean white sneakers using bleach:

  • Mix bleach with warm water . .
  • Use a sponge or toothbrush to loosen surface stains. You can use a lot of pressure but focus on the soiled areas.
  • Now, dampen a small microfiber towel in warm water.
  • Squeeze out excess water from the towel.
  • Gently dab the towel over the shoes. If youre cleaning sturdier shoes like boots, you can run them under the water tap.
  • Finally, let the shoes dry for five to six hours in a well-ventilated room.

Afterward, your shoes will undoubtedly look brand new.

Cleaning Your Toms In The Washing Machine

  • 1Set your washing machine to a gentle cycle with cold water. You should choose the gentlest cycle your washing machine has. It might be marked with a label like delicates or lingerie. Set your washing machine to the coldest water setting it has.XResearch source
  • 2Use 1/4 of a regular dose mild detergent. Add the soap to the washing machine. Make sure you pour it on the bottom of the machine. This way all of the soap will be covered with water and easily create bubbles. Use about a quarter of the amount of liquid soap you would for a regular load of laundry. The detergent should be mild, but not include bleach.XResearch source
  • 3Let the washer fill 3/4 of the way full. Turn the washer on and watch the water level fill up. Once its about ¾ of the way full, put the shoes in. Then let the washing machine do the rest!XResearch source
  • 4Let your Toms air dry. If you put your Toms in the dryer, the fabric can shrink and rip. Instead, take your shoes out of the washing machine and let them air dry overnight.XResearch source
  • 5Spot clean stains. If you take your Toms out of the washer and they are still stained, spot clean them. Mix together cold water and 2 squirts of a mild dish soap. Dip a soft-bristle brush into the mixture and scrub the stain. Then put your Toms back in the washing machine.Advertisement
  • Best Ways To Remove Odors From Bobs Shoes

    Many people choose to wear Bobs without socks. After all, theyre slip-ons. While thats great and all, it also means that the shoes will come into contact with the sweat from your feet. Over time, this can result in a noticeable odor. Here are a few ways that you can fix that problem:

    Put Your Bobs in the Freezer

    Bobs are relatively compact, especially the classics. This means that you can easily fit them in the freezer. If anything, thats one of the easiest ways to deodorize your shoes. The bacteria thats causing the smell wont be able to survive in the freezing temperatures. Simply leave them in overnight and take them out the next morning. Tipput your Bobs in a plastic bag!

    Pour Baking Soda Inside Your Bobs

    Baking soda is highly versatile and one of the things that you can use them for is your shoes. Pour a liberal amount of the powder inside your Bobs and wait overnight. Itll absorb the smells so that theyll smell fresh again the following morning. If you dont want to get the insoles dirty, you can always put the powder in a sock and put the sock inside the shoes.

    Wipe Your Bobs with White Vinegar

    White vinegar is another thing that you can use to clean your Bobs. Pour a bit onto a clean cloth or paper towel and use it to wipe the insole as well as the top and sides. Its weak acidic properties will neutralize any odor thats present. It wont smell like vinegar either as long as you let it dry completely.

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    Washing Skechers Performance Shoes

    Skechers Performance shoes, such as the GOwalk and GOrun, include non-leather uppers. Skechers suggest that you use its Skechers Athletic Cleanser gel and a soft cloth. Its not recommended to fully submerge the shoes or put them in the washing machine.

    Heres what you need:

    • Soft brush, toothbrush, rag or cloth.
    • Skechers Athletic Cleanser gel.

    This is what you do:

  • Take the cleaner and shake the container well.
  • Apply a small amount on a hidden part of the shoe to check for colorfastness. If nothing changes, youre good to go.
  • Then apply the solution directly to a soft brush, toothbrush or cloth. Scrub the shoes thoroughly.
  • Take a new clean, dry cloth and wipe off the surfaces to remove excess dirt and moisture.
  • Set the shoes aside and let them dry completely before wearing. Avoid direct sunlight.
  • When the shoes are dry, apply a rain and stain protector to avoid further stains.
  • Pro Tips

    • If the insoles have an odor to them, take them out and sprinkle on some baking soda and let it sit for a few hours. You can also leave them out in the sunthe light kills bacteria.
    • If you dont have the Skechers Athletic Cleanser gel, you can use a mild laundry detergent diluted with warm water. However, dont soak the shoes.

    How To Clean Canvas Shoes

    Can You Wash Toms Shoes: By Hand or In The Washer?

    Canvas shoes come in many styles from traditional sneakers to espadrilles to fashionable heels in every color under the sun. Most canvas shoes are breathable, comfortable and easy to care for.

    How to Clean Canvas Shoes
    Normal, Hand wash or spot clean fashion canvas shoes
    Drying Cycle Air dry away from direct heat or sunlight
    Special Treatment Spot clean rope soles and some stains

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    Can You Put Skechers Memory Foam In The Washer

    Most of the casual, non-leather Skechers shoes can be machine washed without issue, even the Memory Foam insoles. Use a gentle cycle and air-dry once finishednever use the dryer as the heat can damage the materials. Ensure that the shoes are completely dry and then treat them with the Water Proofer, which also keeps them clean for longer.

    For shoes with light-up features or any electronics attached, you should never put them in the washer. They will suffer significant damage from being submerged in water. Instead, use the steps from earlier to clean them.

    How To Clean White Fabric Shoes Or Canvas Shoes

    It may take more time than simply tossing your canvas shoes in the washer, but this hand cleaning method yields the best results. To keep your shoes clean, we recommend repeating this process weekly or once a month, depending on how often you wear your white canvas sneakers.

    Follow these steps to learn how to clean white canvas shoes:

  • Fill up your bucket or container with 1-gallon of water and 1 cup of baking soda
  • Add a drop of laundry detergent for extra cleaning strength
  • Remove your shoelaces and soak both the shoes and laces for one hour
  • Next, use a cleaning brush to scrub away stains
  • Scrub the inside of your shoes to eliminate odors
  • Rinse your shoes thoroughly and allow them to air dry before lacing them back up
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    Different Styles Of Bobs Shoes

    The most popular type of Bobs resemble Toms, however, thats not the only style that they offer. As it turns out, they have a few other collections as well. Lets take a brief look at them below.

    Traditional Bobs aka Toms Style

    Traditional Bobs are the ones that resemble Toms. Made from woven textile fabric, they feature a slip-on design with a tucked toe pleat front. Theres also a bone-shaped metal logo on the heel that says Bobs for Dogs. While they dont offer as much support as some of the other styles, they do come with a rubber traction outsole. They also come with a cushioned insole, something that sets them apart from actual Toms.

    Bobs Beach Collection

    These shoes are a little different in that they resemble sneakers. Essentially, theyre slip-ons with laces. You dont have to actually tie them up, though. If anything, theyre more of a decoration. After all, these shoes come with an elasticized collar so that you can slip them on and off easily. On top of that, they come with arch support and a cushioned insole.

    Bobs Marley Jr. Collection

    These shoes feature a platform sole , which is what sets them apart from the other styles. Their construction, however, is very similar to other Bobs in that they come with a memory foam insole and a flexible rubber traction outsole. Theres also a solid-colorer canvas heel and collar trim.

    Clean Your Canvas Shoes

    How to wash your toms

    On the TOMS website, it says: We highly recommend hand washing TOMS in cold water with a gentle detergent and let them air dry. We do NOT recommend putting TOMS in the dryer under any circumstances.

    While hand washing would do the job, let me show you a shortcut to save some time but you HAVE to be careful when you do this, people. If you throw caution to the wind, you could ruin the shape as well as the adhesive of the shoe and thatll make you sad.

    I agree about not putting them in a dryer, but they didnt say anything about a washing machine! This tip works for any canvas shoes, it doesnt matter what colour they are or what fabric they are even if you have sparkles on them!

    So, heres what youll need:

    • Dirty Canvas Shoes
    • Water
    • Mixing Bowl

    To start, take an old toothbrush and quickly remove any dirt or debris before washing your shoes. This will make for easier stain removal and a more successful wash.

    If you have any bad stains, you can pre-treat it with a laundry stain remover .

    To get the soles clean, add some baking soda to a bowl and create a paste by mixing an equal amount of water in. Dip the toothbrush in and gently massage the paste into the sole when youre done, wipe them clean.

    Now its time for your washing machine to do the rest!

    Well start by running a gentle cycle with cold water.

    Thats right, air dry. Not in the dryer, not over a vent

    Put them on a back porch and let the sun dry them up.

    Put it in a locking lid container or Ziploc bag.

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    How To Wash White Canvas Shoes In The Washing Machine

    Not in the mood to wash your white canvas shoes by hand? No problem! Most fabric shoes can be cleaned in the washer. Similar to the hand-washing steps above, we still recommend soaking your laces in a water-baking soda solution to prevent tangling in your washer.

  • Place shoes in the washing machine, along with a small amount of mild laundry detergent
  • Do not run laces through the washing machine, due to risk of tangling
  • Run the washing machine on a gentle cycle with cold water to prevent discoloration or weakening of glue
  • Allow your shoes to air dry and then replace the laces
  • Make Your Home as Spotless as Your Shoes

    Although Molly Maid does not provide shoe cleaning services, we are home cleaning experts with decades of experience. You can say we know a thing or two about cleaning and stain removal. Contact your local Molly Maid or call to explore the benefits of professional home cleaning services on your schedule.

    How To Clean Skechers Light Up Shoes

    Skechers light up shoes are available for children. But when it comes to looking after them, its essential to be careful not to ruin the feature. Skechers doesnt recommend using any water when cleaning them, as this could impair the light-up function. Instead, heres what you do:

  • If it has a memory foam insole, take that out and allow it to puff up.
  • Grab a small brush or rag and proceed to rub any dirt or stains. Continue brushing until most debris becomes loose.
  • Pro-Tip

    If theres dirt on the soles or other places away from the light-up feature, you can take a damp cloth and wipe those off. However, be carefulonly use a tiny amount of water.

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    Can Shoes Go In The Dryer

    If the care label on your shoes states that they can go in the dryer, its okay. If theres no indication, you may be able to do it depending on the material. If you want, you can find more tips in our Can you put shoes in dryer post.

    However, whenever possible, allow your footwear to air dry. Let them sit in a ventilated room overnight to prevent damage.

    Suede Nubuck And Sheepskin Shoes

    How to Wash Bobs Shoes Shortcut Techniques in 2021

    The Spruce / Taylor Nebrija

    The key to keeping suede or any napped surface shoe looking its best is regular care. The surfaces should be kept as dry as possible and cleaned with a soft-bristled brush after every wearing to remove loose dust and soil. Treat stains as quickly as possible.

  • Oily stains: Sprinkle the area with baby powder or cornstarch to absorb the oil. Let the powder sit on the stain for at least an hour and then brush away. Repeat until all of the oil is absorbed and then brush to lift the nap.
  • Wet stains: Blot with a paper towel or cloth to absorb moisture. Allow the shoes to air dry completely away from direct heat. Brush to smooth the nap.
  • Sheepskin boots often have shearling linings that get even dirtier than the outside. To keep fungus and odor under control, regularly wipe down the inside of the boots with a cloth dipped in a solution of disinfecting cleaner and water. Allow the boots to air dry for at least 24 hours before wearing.

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    Remove Any Smell From The Soles Of Your Toms

    You can easily make your own deodorizing powder at home with some simple ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen. Heres how you can clean smelly Toms:

  • All youll need is one cup of cornstarch, half a cup of baking soda, and half a cup of baking powder. Add all three ingredients in a resealable plastic bag and then shake it so all the different powders can mix.
  • If youd like to add a fragrance to your Toms, now is the right time to do so. You can either add about 5 drops of your favorite essential oil to the powders, then shake everything again to mix it up. Or why not try some sage or lavender essential oils specifically? These are known to have antibacterial properties. Either option will be a great addition to your deodorizing powder.
  • Next, sprinkle the powder that youve made on the leather insoles of your Toms and let it sit for 8 hours. Make sure that the entirety of each sole is covered. If your Toms are very smelly, you can even let the mixture sit inside the shoes for an entire day. This technique can be used with a variety of canvas shoes as well.
  • When the time is up, use a soft bristle brush to gently brush the Toms and remove all of the powder. This is also going to remove anything thats gotten stuck to the soles on the inside.
  • Washing Performance Or Light

  • 1Dont put performance or light-up Skechers in the washing machine. Performance shoes are the athletic version of Skechers and will break down faster if you put them in the washing machine. Machine washing will also damage the lights in light-up shoes.
  • If youre not sure what kind of Skechers you have, look at the Skechers website and compare your shoes to the photos there.
  • 2Brush off excess dirt from your shoes with a rag. Before you reach for the water, do a preliminary brush-off of the dirt on your shoes. You dont need a special kind of brush, because you can just use a rag, an old tooth brush, a sponge, or a towel.XResearch source
  • Brushing off the excess dirt means you wont accidentally be rubbing this dirt in as you try to clean your Skechers.
  • 3Put a few drops of laundry detergent in a cup of lukewarm water. Mix the detergent into the water until it’s sudsy.XExpert Source
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    Brushing Suede Nubuck Or Leather Skechers

  • 1Dont put suede, nubuck, or leather shoes in the washing machine. Suede is leather thats been rubbed to be velvety, and nubuck is a kind of buffed leather. Soaking these shoes all the way in water will break down the material, so dont put them in the washing machine.
  • If youre not sure what kind of leather your shoes are, look up your shoes online or check the inside of the shoe to see if it has any information.
  • 2Brush suede or nubuck shoes with a suede brush. Brush your shoes with quick and gentle strokes to avoid damaging the material. On the final pass of your shoes, brush the nap in the same direction for the best look.XResearch source
  • If you don’t have a suede brush, you can use a brass wire brush, a crepe brush, or a suede eraser block.
  • An old toothbrush will also work in a pinch.XExpert Source
  • Micellar Water Helps Too

    How to: Clean Your TOMS or Canvas Shoes

    Micellar water is traditionally a makeup removing product. However, you can use it for many other creative purposes, cleaning white shoes being one.

    There are only two steps to this method. Firstly, pour some micellar water onto a clean cloth. Secondly, rub the cloth on your shoes until theyre clean.

    Its that simple. Micellar water is a great hack for white leather, suede, or rubber shoes.

    The water absorbs all dirt and leaves a spectacular white finish. Therefore, its an excellent hack for shining white shoes as well.

    However, be warned it doesnt work well for deeper stains like oil or ink.

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