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How To Wear Sneakers To Work

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How To Choose Sneakers: Understanding Your Sneakers & Trainer Types

How To Wear Sneakers To Work | How To Wear Tennis Shoes To Work

Sneakers come in many shapes and sizes these days. From basic unstructured canvas to the brightest, finest leather from minimalist looks to metal fastenings and high technology there are few rules when it comes to trainers. With so many options available, it can be hard knowing exactly whats what and even harder to know whats most likely to suit your wardrobe and taste.

Luckily, you have us here to make things easier. Weve put together a How To Wear Sneakers Style 101 guide that should have you acing your footwear exams in no time.

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Sneakers You Can Wear To Work

Wearing sneakers to work can be a cardinal sin if executed poorly. Whether youre starting a new job or youve been working for years, its important to be well-presented in the office. No one wants to do business with someone who looks like theyve been sleeping under a bridge. Luckily for some of us, our work attire doesnt require a suit, tie and a pair of business shoes. The main thing to remember is just because weve been blessed with the freedom, this doesnt mean we should take it for granted.

Sneakers are one of the best ways to express yourself in the office. So show off a bit of taste and personality in your work outfit and wear a pair of sneakers to work. If youre worried about how you might pull off this rambunctious fit, fear no more. Weve put got some tips to help you wear sneakers to work. Combine these tips with our list on the 10 sneakers you can wear to work and youve got a winner. Get out your best pair of cuffed pants and get ready to put the office on notice.

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Fashionable Sneakers You Can Wear To Work

Were all about comfort when it comes to finding the best pair of heels, flats, wedges, and more. Since athleisure has made its way into everyday apparel, were one step closer to ditching our slacks for workout pants that look like real pants and trading in our heels for office-appropriate sneakers.

Were not talking about your running sneaks, but instead trendy sneakers that are stylish enough for the office.

Below, 17 fashionable sneakers you can wear to work:

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How To Wear Sneakers And Look Fashionable Not Frumpy

Finding the right sneaker and styling it to look fashionable, not frumpy can be daunting. Southern stylist Cynthia Kelley offers up three essential sneaker styles, plus a set of styling rules that should never be broken.

What is the number one item clients want in their closets? The right sneaker and an arsenal of go-to looks for wearing them, without looking frumpy.

Finding the right sneaker can be overwhelming with all of the current sneaker options. Shelves are stocked with high-tops, mid-tops, colorful, neutral, sporty, canvas, suede, and platform sneakers, just to name a few. They span from super comfortable to super luxe.

So, how do you choose which ones to purchase? And how do you style your sneakers with your current wardrobe?

Current sneaker trends vary widely in rise, color, and price range but sneakers can be styled for any age range or personal taste. Youve just got to find your perfect fit! Image: Cynthia Kelley

Sneakers are a footwear trend that grossed $79 billion in 2020, and theyre my very favorite item in the continued athleisure trend. They can be worn as daywear, in the workplace, and even for smart-casual affairs. Sneakers are seen on catwalks, as sportswear, and in daily street style. They can make any outfit look fashionable and put together and allow you to feel confident yet comfortable walking out the door.

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How to wear sneakers to work

Image credits: HannaElise

The Original Poster starts his story by introducing his girlfriend. Apparently, she doesnt like to buy things that are unnecessary and impractical, she only buys something new when the thing she has is no longer usable and she doesnt put on makeup or jewelry.

It isnt because of political reasons and she isnt consciously being a minimalist, she just genuinely doesnt care about having a lot of things and them being there just for the beauty of it. It isnt about the money, either, because when she does buy things, they are expensive and of good quality.

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Shopthe Sluffer Shoe Is Shaping Up To Be The Hottest Trend For 2022

And we’re not the only ones who think that. Just ask celebrity stylist Brendan Cannon.

Sneakers really go with everything right now,” Cannon told Shop TODAY. Not only are they extremely versatile, but they add an instant cool factor to any outfit.”

To channel a hip, laid-back vibe to all of your outfits, we rounded up sneakers that can easily be worn from day to night. Keep reading for the best stylist- and Shop TODAY-recommended kicks to pair with everything from dresses to mom jeans to work slacks and beyond.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 70 High Top

The Chuck 70 is the remastered version of the Chuck Taylor from the 1970s. The sneaker utilises vintage details to celebrate the original design by including stitching on the sidewall, heavier grade canvas for the upper, and a slightly higher sidewall. Put the current Chuck Taylor alongside the Chuck 70 and you will notice these subtle changes amount to a more premium sneaker. Its the subtle differences that can be the difference between acceptable office attire and an outfit that is best kept for the weekend. The Converse Chuck 70 has an unmistakable design, one that is widely adopted by artists, musicians, thinkers and originals across the globe. This shoe is best paired with selvedge denim jeans, and a nice polo or bowling shirt to reflect the vintage vibes this shoe gives off.

Sole: Rubber 100%Features: organic cotton canvas, OrthoLite® cushioningPrice: $130

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How To Wear A Dress With Sneakers

While both pieces look good on their own, they work well together when you want a chic-but-comfortable outfit. For example, style your go-to Keds sneakers with a floral-print midi dress. Alternatively, step out in a classic pair of Converse sneaks with a short miniskirt silhouette. The combinations are as limitless as your imagination, and this trusty duo will always be there when you need it, from the airport to the office and beyond.

How To Wear Sneakers To Work And Look Professional

How To Wear Sneakers For Work | Office Style

Ive always been the type of person to commute to work in sneakers and then change into flats or heeled booties once I got to the office. After hours of wearing heels and shoes without support, I had back and foot pain and realized I had to wear more comfortable shoes. And what are more comfortable than sneakers?! But could I pull that off without looking like I was a) going to the gym or b) pulling a Casual Friday on any day but Friday? The answer is yes! Today, Im defying heels and all painful shoes and sharing how to wear sneakers to work and look professional.

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Which Dress Sneakers Are Right For You

  • White is, of course, the most sneakerythats a word, right?but would be fine for casual-leaning work environments.
  • Black would be the most formal looking, because it is black, after all.
  • Brown would be somewhere in the middle, and Id argue, the most versatile out of the three.

I own all 3 so I got my bases covered , but if you can only get one, Id suggest the brown.

If you can afford two and you dont yet have a pair of clean white leather sneaks, Id go for brown and white.

Perf! So now that you have the right pair of dress sneakers, lets move onto tip #2.

Alexander Mcqueen Oversized Low

You can probably see a trend here. The Alexander McQueen Oversized Sneaker is the younger brother of the Stan Smith. Its the younger brother that took all the good bits of the older siblings work and made them bigger, better, and more luxurious in every way. The size of this oversized shoe is impressive, but its nothing for the faint of heart. While you mightve been able to blend in with the stan smith, the AMQ will make you stand out, especially for those who know. The Alexander McQueen oversized sneaker is best worn with a neutral coloured button-down shirt, and casual suit pants . Before you go ahead and cop a pair of these, make sure you have the closet that matches the designer aesthetic these portray. You run the risk of looking just as clunky in these as you would in a pair of Jordans.

Made in: ItalyLining: Leather 100%, Fabric 100%Outer: Calf Leather 100%Features: round toe, chunky rubber solePrice: $780

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Take Tips From Others In The Workplace Who Wear Sneakers:

Sometimes while noticing other people you might end up picking up a few tips of your own. So do look around in your office and see how others wear sneakers to work. Once you take note, you can apply your own ideas as well. Just because you like the manner in which someone has put together their look, that does not mean that you have to copy it exactly. Blindly copying someone else is one of the worst things which you can do as it will show you to be someone who has no mind and personality of their own at all.

How To Style High Top Sneakers

Casual Friday Workwear

One of the best things about high-top sneakers is that they go well with almost any style of clothing, which allows them to be worn with everyones favorite clothes. To keep it basic, high-top sneakers can be worn with sweats, gym or athletic sports clothes, or jeans. On the other hand, you can flip a complete 180 and also choose to wear them with dresses and skirts. The options are endless.

While they may not be a very formal shoe, people have found many different ways to style these shoes so that it also works with formal clothing! Not only that, people have started to incorporate this shoe as one of their go-to, staple shoes, that will work with whatever they choose to wear that day. This is why it is so popularly known as one of the most versatile types of shoes.

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Common Projects Original Achilles

The Common Projects Achilles is the sneaker that took the dress sneaker trend to new heights. This simple shoe stuck out amongst the Jordans of the time and brought levels of minimalism to the footwear market. This shoe is for the man who only wants to impress those who know, and the shoe stands out only by the gold style code on the heal. CPs can be dressed up as much as they can be dressed down, catering to the individuals own sense of style. The Achilles is just as at home under some suit pants and a white button-down as it is with some fitted grey sweat pants and a hoodie. You can do what you want stylistically with this sneaker and you will look professional under all circumstances.

Made in: Italy Features: matte finish, gold-tone logo, branded insolePrice: $490

Style Tip: Find Shoes That Really Work For You

“I have always loved a dramatic heel, and for most of my career, I wore heels to work every day. As I get older though, my body is no longer thrilled with me when I wear a stiletto pump for a 10-hour workday. I found a great place of compromise with platform boots and sneakers. I love my Converse Run Star Hikes because they go with everything, and the platform sole gives me support as well as an elevated work look. I am also a huge fan of lug soles, so I shop for boots with big soles. This way I can still feel fashionable and elevated, but I also give myself the gift of being comfortable on my feet all day.

At the end of the day, the art of dressing is a very personal one. Your wardrobe should make you feel good and look your best. I believe in trends being a fun way to expand or challenge your traditional looks, but no matter what should always reflect your true style. Fashion is so much fun, and if your wardrobe doesnât make you excited to dress every day, then we need to upgrade it. Shopping with a personal stylist that knows your body and wardrobe is a great way to accomplish building your wardrobe with intention and make sure you always feel great in your clothing.” â Pilorge

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Your Sneakers Should Not Be Out Of Tune With Your Outfit:

When thinking of wearing sneakers you should go about things in the proper manner. Never choose to wear sneakers with traditional outfits as they do end up looking a little bit out of place. So ensure, your sneakers are not grabbing too much of negative attention to themselves as that is defeating the purpose of wearing sneakers. Sneakers are usually meant to come across as cool, casual and under stated as well.

The Op Described His Girlfriend As Non

WORK OUTFIT IDEAS 2022 | What to Wear to the Office

Image credits: u/Throwaway1451451455

The problem the boyfriend has is that she sometimes dresses weirdly. In his eyes, the clothes she pairs up doesnt match and it is hard to buy her things as she wont care about them. Her view on things makes the OP think that she is autistic, even though she hasnt been diagnosed.

For the most part, the OP can bear it, but in the comments he expressed his frustration: I do appreciate her! Its just sometimes it feels like she doesnt even try to be a girl what do you buy for a girls birthday if she doesnt see jewellery as anything more than expensive rocks?

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Which Dress Sneakers Do You Like Best

All white? All black? Brown leather?

If youre still unsure about dressy sneakers and wondering if it makes sense for your work environment, first observe what everyone else around you is wearing and that includes the people above you on the ladder.

From there, assess how dressed up you need to be. If its imperative you wear brogues and a suit every day, dress sneakers may not fare so well in your workplace .

If your boss consistently shows up in a hoodie and jeans Id say youre clear to sport some nice dress sneakers with your smart sharp outfit to the office.

Hopefully this article helps you put together awesome smart, sharp, casual outfits for work, especially in those business-casual-but-more-casual-than-business environments.

Sneakers To Work A Guide On How To Avoid An Hr Run

2022 seems like the year of going back to old habits . So now, youre gonna have to go back from wearing loungewear and slides to dress codes. But what if we told you we have a solution for you to stay comfy without getting a call from HR? We prepared a guide on how to wear sneakers to work while still looking dapper af! Check out the tips and tricks to look and feel amazing at work .

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How To Wear Sneakers & Look Damn Fine At Every Occasion

Yes, there are rules. This is how to wear sneakers, the right way.

24 January 2022 by Luc Wiesman

In case youve been living under a rock, your sneakers are meant for more than just the gym these days. Though they got their start as flimsy plimsolls meant for working-class holidaymakers and purpose-built footwear designed for athletes, sneakers have become a staple in every mans wardrobe. From lifestyle to the red carpet to sports, nowadays your sneakers can be an expression of yourself. And today were showing you how to wear them perfectly.

Just Because You Have Worn Sneakers Doesnt Mean You Cant Look Professional:

Outfit Ideas: How to Wear Sneakers to Work

The manner in which you act in and around the workplace really defines you as an individual. In the office people do not merely look at your work, they also take into consideration the manner in which you speak, dress and act. It is for this reason that you cannot make any mistakes in the workplace. Both your words and deeds have to be on point and very professional. It is very important that when wearing sneakers you ensure that your outfit is not looking too casual. If you feel you are looking too casual then you ought to opt for a formal shirt or blouse which will add that professional touch to your entire ensemble.

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Tip #: Muted Colors Are Your Friend

Muted colors and subtle patterns lend a more formal, refined vibe to your overall look.

If its spring or summer when youre reading this, you cant go wrong with your mid grey and pale pastels in combination with your menswear neutrals. For these looks, I typically go with an all-white or cognac leather dress sneaker.

If its fall or winter, you have many more shades and tones to work with. See my article about mens winter fashion we break down the color and types of clothes you should have in your closet for this time of year.

So in addition to the menswear neutrals, you can wear more rich, vibrant tones like deep purple, forest green, burgundy, burnt orange, mustard, and so on.

And as far as the dress sneakers, you can go with any of the three colors I mentioned: all white, cognac, or black.

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