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J Crew Nordic Hiker Boots

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Jcrew Nordic Boots Review

Review of J. Crew Kenton Pacer Boots

I should have gotten this post up sooner as these boots are seriously hard to find right now. With all the sales going on through November people seem to have had the same idea as me, snap these up while you can!

I have been suffering through the really cold days with boots that might work for warmer winters south of the border, but not for Canadian winters. The JCREW Nordic boots are a game changer.

Everyone loves UGGs right? They are so warm. But the classic boots dont really hold up very well with the salt and slush. The JCREW Nordic boot takes what we all love about UGGS and remakes them in a hiking boot style. I love the red laces! They also come with neutral laces but I will be honest I will never switch out those red laces.

The cuff can be turned up and turned down. As much as it looks cute turned down I have been wearing the cuff flipped up more than turned down because it adds extra warmth.

In comparison to my UGGs these JCREW Nordic boots do have a bit less wool lining. I found these less snug but it could also be due to the lace up style allows for a looser fit if you dont tie the laces too tight.

I read some reviews that said to size up but I would disagree. Stick with your usual size. They will fit more snug the first time you wear them but as you wear them more and more the wool lining will smoosh down.

Since the JCREW option is sold out I also like the look of this and this form UGG and this from . These are the ones I almost ordered

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

These boots have a few downsides: Most important, as we noted previously, the Quests are the heaviest of our picks they may be too much boot for shorter hikes. Their rigid build and heavy weight make them slow to break in, with about double the mileage required compared with most of the other boots we testedit took 10 miles, while most boots we tested felt broken in by 5 miles. Additionally, the laces on the updated Quest 4 pair are sheathed with a material thats supposed to make them more secure, but in our experience it only made them difficult to tie, because they were quite rigid. Even when we double-knotted the laces, they came untied or loosened as we walked to get a more secure fit, we opted to replace them with another pair of laces we had at home.

Our Pick: Salomon Quest 4 Gore

The Quest 3D boots were our top pick when we first tested hiking boots in 2018, and again in 2020. In 2021, the fourth iteration of these boots still stood up well against the competition. Theyre versatile, well-tractioned, supportive, waterproof, and accommodating to many foot shapes. That said, the newest iteration is a bit clunkier than past models if you prefer a lightweight boot, check out our also great pick, the La Sportiva Ultra Raptor II Mid GTX.

Over the past few years, weve tested 10 pairs of three versions of the Quest. Our testers have crossed glaciers, braved tough trails, and climbed rocky terrain, and theyve waded through streams, navigated late-spring snow, and slopped through knee-deep mud. So we can promise you this because weve tried nearly everything: Whether youre scrambling, climbing, or walking down a paved sidewalk, these boots can handle it. In addition, they have a wide toe box thats likely to fit many different foot shapes. We also appreciate that the Quests strike that ideal balance of being both breathable and waterproof, a combination that can be tough to find. And these boots fit true to size .

After a long, challenging hike, these boots left our feet feeling far less sore than most of the other boots we tested.

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How And Where We Tested

In 2018, we tested 26 pairs of boots. In 2020, we tested 10 more, and in 2021, we tested seven additional pairs plus an update of our runner-up pick. To get multiple opinions, we handed them out to 26 testers, both male and female, plus the guide authors. We asked each of our testers to hike at least 30 miles totaland they went for it, hiking in 13 states and three provinces. They tackled loose gravel, groomed trails, and brush. They schlepped through mud, splashed in water, scampered up steep inclines, slid on snow, and even wore the boots into town and around the block. They hiked during the spring, summer, fall, and winter months.

Our testers hiked for over 1,200 miles, taking more than 2 million steps across 13 states, three provinces, and four countries.

And while they hiked, they tracked their steps and distance using fitness trackers. They also recorded information about the hike and the weight of their packs. And they took notes about the terrain and climate, in addition to recording their thoughts on the boots and the break-in time required for each pair. Some hiked with kids, while pregnant, and with dogs and friends. In the end, during 2018, 2020, and 2021, our testers hiked for over 1,200 miles, taking more than 2 million steps.

Who Should Get This

Nordic boots

Whether youre just starting your hiking journey with a local day hike or youre planning a one-month thru-hike on the Appalachian Trail, you need a pair of good hiking boots. You can tromp through the woods in many different types of shoes, including hiking boots, hiking shoes, or trail-running shoes. But most hikers who want to tackle intermediate trails should choose a pair of hiking boots because they provide over-the-ankle support, whereas hiking shoes generally stop before your ankle bone. Youll need that extra support to keep you stable if youre carrying weight on your back.

Hiking boots fall into a few categories: hiking, backpacking, and mountaineering. In this guide, we cover hiking boots that bridge the hiking and backpacking categories to accommodate day hikers, campers, and weekend warriors. Most of the boots in this guide should be able to support a hiker carrying a backpack weighing up to 25 pounds, but we wouldnt recommend using most of these for a mountaineering trip.

We chose boots that would accommodate a range of gaits. Our picks will likely work for you whether you pronate or supinate , and all should accommodate high or fallen arches. Theyll also work for you no matter your gender.

  • After hiking 160 miles in 18 pairs of hiking socks, we chose the mens and womens Darn Tough Light Hiker Micro Crew as the best hiking socks for most people.

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Why You Should Trust Us

For the first iteration of this guide, which we published in 2018, writer Ebony Roberts spent 25 hours researching popular boots and working to understand how foot shape and hiking style might affect your boot choice. She interviewed experts including Beth Henkes, who at the time of the interview was the sales lead for footwear at the REI store in Alderwood, Washington and residency-trained podiatrist and former Wirecutter writer Jim McDannald. She also chatted with Mike Armstrong, head of operations for Outward Bound Hong Kong at the time of the interview.

In 2020, writer Jenni Gritters scoured the scene for new boots. Jenni has worked as a journalist for nearly a decade and has edited dozens of Wirecutter guides for the outdoor, travel, sleep, and babies/kids sections. She has also written for the New York Times, Outside, and Gear Patrol. She spent dozens of hours reading through editorial boot reviews from sites like GearLab and Outside Online, as well as reviews on REIs site, after which she tested a set of new boots in the Pacific Northwest. In 2021, Jenni updated this guide again after extensive research this time around, she took updated boots to the high deserts of Utah and Oregon. She has also been long-term testing several of our picks throughout the fall, winter, and spring months while carrying a 30-pound kid on her back.

Budget Pick: Merrell Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots

Weve been recommending the Merrell Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots to hikers for four years now. These boots are a much-loved standby among both backpackers and hikers, who prize them for their versatility, lower price, and decent grip. The Moab 2 boots come in both wide and medium-width sizes, which our testers with wider feet appreciated.

In 2018, the Moab model got a redesignand we think these boots have lost nothing in the process. Although the Moab 2 boots are the least expensive of our picks, theyre still sturdy and waterproof, fairly breathable, designed to offer decent underfoot protection, and capable of handling a 5-mile day hike. That said, we found their comfort and traction lacking on steep, wet, and rocky treks of more than 5 miles.

The Moab 2 boots weigh a middle-of-the-road 2 pounds 4 ounces per pair, and they offer relatively good grip on varied terrains. They also have a quick break-in distance: We thought they felt broken in after just a mile of walking on a well-groomed path. The Moab 2 boots are also waterproof, but while our feet stayed fairly dry through multiple creek crossings, the suede leather sections on the boots themselves got soaked. We doubt that in rainy, wet climates these boots will be able to hold the water out for long.

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Go Off The Grid In These

Is this your brand on Milled? .

Go off the grid in these…
Limited to orders shipping to the continental U.S. and U.S. P.O. Boxes via standard shipping . Free shipping and handling valid on purchases made at Offer not valid in stores at or on phone orders. Offer cannot be applied to previous purchases and cannot be redeemed for cash. Return requests must be made in accordance with our return policy. Terms are subject to change. Offer is available to all J.Crew Rewards members. This rewards program is provided by J.Crew and its terms may change at any time. Clickhere for full J.Crew Rewards program terms and conditions.Please add to your address book to ensure our emails reach your inbox.To unsubscribe from all future emails, please click here.We want you to hear about what’s just right for you. Update your email preferenceshere.This email may be considered an advertising or promotional message.J.Crew Customer Relations | One Ivy Crescent Lynchburg, VA, 24513-1001

Other Good Hiking Boots

How to Wear the Adidas® Stan Smith | Menâs Sneakers

If youre looking for a stylish, all-leather boot that molds to your foot after a long-ish break-in period: Consider the Danner Mountain 600 Hiking Boots , which are comfortable and stylish. Some of our testers found them to be too wide, but others loved the slightly bulkier fit if you do find these boots attractive, we recommend trying them on before you buy, as well as ordering in your street-shoe size rather than sizing up. The Mountain 600 boots have a longer break-in time than some of the others we tested because theyre made with suede leather. But once theyre broken in, theyre more likely to mold to your feet. The underfoot protection kept our feet happy during a 6-mile hike through fairly easy terrain, and theyre unexpectedly lightweight at 2 pounds 5 ounces theyre lighter than the Salomon Quests and similar to our budget pick, the Merrell Moab 2 pair. But on wet days, we didnt feel secure on wet rocks, and our feet got hot quickly since leather isnt very breathable. In addition, these boots arent likely to be waterproof for long, considering their suede materials, nor are they a good option for mountaineering or even advanced backpacking trips. But for day hikes on moderate terrain, they should do just fine.

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Whats The Difference Between Water

So, materials like polyester and nylon naturally withstand more water than cotton just because of their construction. But a water-resistant jacket can only stand up to so much rain. A waterproof material, on the other hand, provides a complete barrier to water. In this sense a plastic bag is waterproof.

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J Crew Nordic Boots Review

J. Crews Nordic Boots have become quite popular the past few years as it meshes the look of a hiking boot with the functionality and style of an everyday boot. The shearling detail and red laces are what got me when I was researching this style a few years ago. I got these for Christmas in 2017 and I admit they were a LIFESAVER at that time. I was in my last months of pregnancy and my feet were swollen to the point where I could only wear my L.L. Bean Boots and shoes I borrowed from my mom . These boots not only fit my swollen feet well, but they provided the warmth and comfort I craved at that time. After wearing them the past two winters, there are some pros and cons Id love to share with anyone considering this boot.

Many people consider these boots to be snow boots but I would never categorize them that way. I have worn them in snow, but not deep snow, nor would I wear them if I planned on spending a long time outside in snow. They are NOT waterproof, and can accumulate permanent stains from snow and salt quickly if you arent careful. I knew this going into owning these boots so I treated them with Nubuck waterproofing spray, but that was only to keep light snow stains off and would not test them against walking through deep snow. Below are a picture of Carly the Prepsters who did not treat them before wearing:

How To Find Your Best

J.Crew Nordic Genuine Shearling Cuff Winter Boot (Women)

Foot shape and gait are unique to each person, so a shoe that fits one person might not fit another. Our picks in this guide offer certain featuresincluding expertly designed lacing systems and wider toe boxesthat will be comfortable for you whether your foot is wide or narrow. Still, theres no replacement for trying on a boot to see exactly how it fits your foot.

If you buy your boots online, we recommend that you order several different boots or several sizes of one boot from a retailer that provides free shipping on returns. When ordering online, always order your boots true to size or a half size upbut never a half size down. Generally speaking, I tend to size everyone up a half size, said REIs Beth Henkes. For example, if I measure someone, and they are dead on an 8, in most boots I am going to grab them an 8½ and at least start there.

Better yet, go to an outdoor-gear store, ideally at the end of the day. Feet can swell and change sizes, so its important to buy the boots when our feet are their largest, said residency-trained podiatrist and former Wirecutter writer Jim McDannald.

You should do the following things at home or in a store to test whether your new boots fit you well:

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Danner X Untied By Blue

If there is one pair of hiking boots that are a standout, its the Danner X United By Blue Collection. This style is one of the brands most iconic hiking boots and feature a 100% waterproof exterior. They also include a wide outsole with ridges for stability and traction. These boots have a hefty price tag of $390 but will be a staple in your wardrobe for years to come.

United By Blue X Danner from Danner on Vimeo.

These Are The Most Stylish Hiking Boots You Can Buy This Season And They’re On Sale Right Now

Courtesy of J. Crew

If you’re preparing for a hiking trip but want to maintain your sense of style, it might be hard to find a pair of boots that are comfortable, durable, and fashionable. While J.Crew might be an unlikely source for hiking boots, we found a pair that checks all these boxes and more. And if these boots catch your eye, there’s no better time to shop, since they’re currently on sale for 30 percent off, bringing their price down to $140 from $198.

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The Nordic Hiker Boots from J.Crew are made with a leather upper and lining with a supportive synthetic sole, as well as Vibram Rollingait outsoles, which means the boots are designed to support the natural motion of your foot. These soles also provide plenty of traction without weighing you down or appearing bulky. In fact, as opposed to many other hiking boots on the market, this version is much slimmer and sleeker, allowing you to transition them into your everyday wardrobe while you travel.

The chic Nordic Hiking Boots are available in two color combinations: Camel Beechwood and Slate Mint , both with light-colored laces and coordinating pull-on tabs that make slipping the shoes on and off easier. They come in full sizes, ranging from five to 12.

To buy:, $140

Courtesy of J. Crew

To buy:, $140

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