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Me Too Shoes For Sale

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Me Too Shoes Felt A Social Responsibility To Get Involved In The Me Too Movement Through Donations Activism

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When shoe designer Adam Tucker founded his womens footwear business in 1996, he wanted an inviting name that stood for inclusivity, so he settled on Me Too.

Now, 22 years later, the name of the brand, which echos the viral #MeToo movement thats united women to speak up about sexual assault and harassment, particularly in the workplace, has become a renewed call to action for the family-owned business to support its female consumer.

But figuring out a tasteful way in to the conversation has been challenging, Tucker tells Moneyish.

I woke up the day after the Harvey Weinstein news broke to so many text messages, Facebook messages and Instagram posts. People were like, what are you going to do about this, man? I was shocked. Initially, I was like I cant get involved, because people are going to think Im trying to sell shoes based on this turn of phrase or take advantage, Tucker, who owns the rights to the name, told Moneyish.

For five days I said Im not going to do anything, I dont want people to get the wrong impression, but then I said if I dont do something, thats even worse.

So he posted a #MeToo blog post to the website, telling customers they could not ignore the movement, especially since they share the same name.

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