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What Are Court Shoes For Volleyball

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Are Tennis Shoes Good For Volleyball

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May 10, 2021 by Leornard

Regardless of the sport you choose to play, it is very important to do plenty of research before you get into it. The correct gear will not just make you look good for the game, but also prevent you from various problems that can arise as you play your sport of choice and shoes are among these vital choices.

If you are reading this, you are probably wondering what the difference is between shoes after all, isnt one type of shoe from one sport applicable in another sport? Well, the answer is not as straightforward as you might think and it is due to several factors that you must keep in mind. One of these is the question of whether you can use tennis shoes on a volleyball court, which we will discuss in this article.

What to keep in mind

Different sports require different features when you are buying their gear, and it is for good reason you do not want to compromise on your safety. Even though they seem similar and interchangeable on the surface, get gave various subtle differences that make them distinguishable from each other.

Criteria for volleyball shoes

Volleyball demands plenty of cushioning and grip in the shoes, while allowing you to make quick and flexible movements, and they should handle the great intensity that is subject to your feet. Wearing them while playing other sports might look stylish, but they also wear down very quickly in the sole area .

Ideally, they should have the following features:

Whats The Difference Between Volleyball Shoes Andbasketball Shoes

Imaginefor a moment, a basketball game. The players dribble the ball down the court,pass, and quickly run a play. One player jumps and shoots and all the playersrun to the other end of the court. There is a large amount of small, quicksprints mixed with a few jumps.

Ashoe for this sport is designed with the activity of the athlete front andcenter. In this case, quick sprints and some jumping. Dynamic cushioningbecomes necessary for basketball, and much of that cushioning is located in theinsole. The design of the shoe itself is for the purpose of moving forward andrunning.

Volleyballshoes, in contrast, must be designed for lateral movements mixed with a largeamount of jumping. It is not enough to simply move forward one has to moveside to side and forward, backward, up and down. Because a basketball shoeisnt designed for the sheer number of jumps that a volleyball player has, itquickly breaks down after a few months.

Interestingly,with volleyball, the force of landing an approach is at the amount of ninetimes our body weight. Yes, you read that right, nine times. A shoe has to becreated to support the amount of force repeated time and again throughout amatch.

Theweight of the shoe matters. Basketball shoes tend to be heavier and broader inshape. While this helps for the purpose of basketball, for volleyball, thewidth of the shoes can be cumbersome on the court. The weight works against theability to jump, using more energy than necessary and breaking down your game.

What Makes Tennis Different From Volleyball

As I said earlier, tennis and volleyball are similar and different in many respect. Lets look at some of the similarities and differences.


Firstly, both sports are about hitting a ball over the net. This is one of the key elements between both sports. When you are watching both sports, you would see the ball going back and forward over the net.

Secondly, both sports require you to use your hands. What I mean by that is with tennis you have to use your hand to hold the racket and hit the ball.

And with volleyball, you have to use your hands to hit the ball over the net and serve with it.


Despite their similarities, there are still a lot of differences between the sport.

First and foremost, volleyball normally requires a total of six players on each side of the team. Whiles tennis, on the other hand, requires two players to play singlesand four players to play doubles.

Secondly, the scoring system is different. With tennis, you normally play three or five sets. If you are playing three sets, you need to win two sets and if you are playing five sets, you need to win three sets.

Moreover, in tennis, each set requires you to get to six games. If it is six games all, then it goes to a tie-break. However, in the fifth set, if its six games all, you have to win by a marge of two games in the tie-break.

If you want to learn more about volleyball and it rules, please check this awesome post.

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Men Vs Women: Color Isnt The Only Difference

Color and style are an obvious difference between womens and mens court shoes. Size probably comes to mind as well. However, in addition to being larger, there are a few differences between them.

Men have wider feet than women. Athletic shoes come in different widths, which can compensate for this issue. However, mens shoes have a squared-off toe while womens shoes have a rounded toe. The rounded toe actually gives women a little extra push by providing a greater surface area.

Women have a greater angle of extension from the hip, which causes their feet to turn inward. Womens shoes require extra midsole stabilization to compensate for this. Mens shoes are considered to be more durable than womens, although its hard to say whether this is simply perception or reality given how far shoes have come.

Best Volleyball Shoes For Women

PRO ASE Court Volleyball Shoes Blue

ASICS Womens Gel Rocket 7 at a Glance

  • Size: Womens 6-12 medium including all half sizes and 13
  • Color Options: Available in six different color combinations
  • Sole Type: NC rubber outer sole for increased traction
  • Shaft: Low-top from arch
  • Weight: 9.4 oz

The Asics Rocket Gel Rocket are our Editors Choice for the best womens volleyball shoes because they feature a gel cushioning system located at the forefoot to help reduce the shock from impact. This helps to reduce pain caused by constant jumping while playing volleyball.

Made from textile and synthetic materials, it also features a rubber sole that contains more than the average rubber content, allowing for better traction.

Our team ranges in shoe size and each performed well when tested. We love that they were consistent across sizes and each were able to choose colors that suited their personality.

We put the Asics volleyball shoes through the ringer and they came out the other side with great results.

  • Shaft: Low-top from arch
  • Weight: 9.7 oz

These synthetic, low-cut shoes feature a parallel wave plate for added traction to help making quick shifts and changes in lateral motions easier.

While at the same time, the wave plate provides more stability. This is a great, professional level, lightweight volleyball shoe that is breathable and allows room for an ankle brace without being too loose when a brace is not worn.

  • Shaft: low-top from arch
  • Weight: 10.1 oz
  • Shaft: Low-top from arch
  • Weight: 9.8 oz

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Can You Wear Tennis Court Shoes For Volleyball

Now lets tackle the ultimate question that everyone has been asking, can you wear tennis court shoes for volleyball or what is the difference between both shoes.

The history of sports shoesemerged as one under the category of SNEAKERS. However, over the years each sports shoes has taken its own form and labels.

This is why it is essential that you do your homework very well so that you wear the correct shoes for whatever sport you are participating in.

If not you are going to have a difficult time on the court.

The simple answer to this question is NO! Here are the reasons for the answer by looking at the different part of the shoes.


Generally speaking tennis shoes midsoles are specifically designed to have an aggressive sole. This way it gives the player a good grip on the tennis court and good movement.

Volleyball shoes, on the other hand, are designed to give you good support, cushioning and rapid side-to-side motions on the court. This allows them the freedom to start and stop at quick interception throughout the match.

Also, volleyball shoes are built very strong to give them good performance and decrease the risk of injury.


Normally volleyball shoes are designed with gum rubber soles.

This gives them good traction on the court and prevents them from sliding on the court.

As I said earlier, tennis shoes have aggressive sole to give you a firm grip and traction on the court.

This way you dont slip away and lose your balance.




Other Volleyball Shoes We Reviewed

We looked at several other volleyball shoes. Even though they didnt make the cut for our 8 best volleyball shoes list, they still might be worth checking out, especially if youre brand-loyal.

The ASICS Gel Tactic features something that is often overlooked but can make a real difference for players.

What were talking about here is a toe guard that can provide protection for your toes when you are diving to the floor, and jumping and running around all over the court.

Besides the toe guard, the upper also features a padded tongue and heel collar for better comfort, a lightweight design, and Air Mesh for better breathability.

The midsole features the same Rearfoot Gel Cushioning System that is found on many of the other companys shoes that effectively works to disperse shock.

The outsole is made from NC rubber that again is found on many ASICS shoes and features more natural rubber than many others for better traction. The Trusttic System on the sole is also designed to reduce the weight of the sole to reduce foot fatigue.

Key Features:

View Price & Reviews: WOMENS | MENS

One of the best aspects of this shoe and main differences compared to some other shoes on the market is its Gel Cushioning System.

In this case, cushioning is found in both the Rearfoot and Forefoot to not only disperse shock but also allow for movement in multiple planes key for volleyball players.

Key Features

View Price & Reviews: WOMENS | MENS

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Under Armour Womens Highlight Ace 20 Best High Top Volleyball Shoes

Best High Top Shoe There aren’t many high top volleyball shoesout there, but the Ace 2.0 is certainly the best

The Under Armour Womens Highlight Ace 2.0 is the best high-top volleyball shoe for women. Not only do they look great but they provide everything you need when playing.

They are lightweight so you can move around the court quickly. The mesh design, especially in the forefoot and the mesh tongue, enhances breathability to stop your feet from getting sweaty.

Support and cushioning are great thanks to the extended ankle collar that also makes the shoes easy to slip on and off. The midsole is designed to absorb impact as well as possible.

View Price & Reviews: WOMENS

The 5 Best Tennis Shoes For Volleyball

Volleyball Shoes vs Basketball Shoes?

The dynamics of movement in tennis and volleyball are very similar. Both require high speed movements, sharp changes of direction and stop start motions. The impact on the feet is a similar one meaning many volleyball and tennis shoes are transferable. This makes tennis shoes an ideal alternative to specialized volleyball shoes. Having more options when choosing a volleyball shoe can work wonders in terms of price range, individual requirements, and overall level of choice. This is particularly useful if you are living in an area that lacks a specialized volleyball shoe shop. In the below article, we will look at the five best tennis shoes for volleyball.

The main difference between a volley ball shoe and a tennis shoe is in the arch. Tennis shoes tend to be designed primarily to support forwards backwards movement. This means the support will be weighted to make stops and starts on court as comfortable as possible. In comparison volleyball shoes will traditionally have a stronger arch support, because most of the game is played on the balls of your feet. Arch support also allows for a more comfortable three-hundred-and-sixty-degree movement. The difference between the supports however is a subtle one and some tennis shoes will be a perfect fit for your volleyball game. This is especially true if you are playing in a defensive position where your movements will mirror a bass-line tennis game.

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Best For Opposites: Adidas Women’s Crazyflight Bounce 3 Volleyball Shoes

  • Better for narrow feet

  • White shoes are hard to clean

The opposite position in volleyball is a great all-around player who hits and blocks, while occasionally passing and setting. Designed with a lightweight, breathable construction, the Adidas Crazyflight Bounce 3 volleyball shoe allows for a great range of movement and jumping, making them perfect for the position.

A comfy, cushioned midsole softens every landing and offers good responsiveness to keep you on your toes. Plus, the lightweight, mesh upper allows for breathability, while providing good stability on the court. Available in womens sizes 6 to 12, this sleek, versatile shoe is a fantastic pick for opposites or any volleyball player looking for a comfortable, stable shoe.

Materials: Mesh upper,rubber sole| Closure: Lace-up

  • Narrow in the toebox

  • Expensive

The lightweight, supportive design and grippy rubber outsole of the Asics Netburner Ballistic FF MT 2 volleyball shoe make it ideal for players who need to be agile on the indoor court. Like Asics popular running shoes, they feature the Gel Cushioning System in the rearfoot and forefoot for excellent shock absorption and comfort when jumping and making quick moves. Lightweight FlyteFoam midsole cushioning adds to the overall responsiveness.

With a mid-top profile and a mesh and leather upper, youll get good stability on the court. The shoes rubber outsole features Asicss Flextion grooves for additional traction, and they come in mens sizes 6 to 15.

Guide To Volleyball Shoes

Volleyball is a fast, physical sport based around power, agility and rapid footwork on a hard court. Whether youre new to volleyball or are taking your game to the next level, you will seriously benefit from shoes that match the needs of the sport.

We are continually improving ASICS volleyball shoes based on feedback from players at every level. So what makes volleyball shoes different to other court sports footwear and which features should you be looking for?

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Best Budget For Women: Mizuno Women’s Cyclone Speed Volleyball Shoes

  • May run small

  • Better for narrow feet

At a budget-friendly price, these versatile shoes from Mizuno are an excellent pick for all-around volleyball players. The responsive EVA midsole provides good cushioning to protect your feet and joints as youre jumping and running. Like all high-performance volleyball shoes, they also have non-marking rubber soles to offer excellent traction for quick movements on the court.

The synthetic mesh upper moves with your foot, so you get a good range of motion in addition to a very secure fit. They come in womens sizes 6 to 11, and some suggest going up a size as they seem to run small.

Materials: Synthetic and mesh upper,rubber sole| Closure: Lace-up

  • Better for narrow feet

  • Break-in period required

Whether youre brand-new to volleyball or an experienced player who wants to add an affordable pair of shoes to your collection, the Asics Upcourt 4 shoe is a solid choice. Lightweight and durable, it features the cushioning, breathability, and performance that youd expect from more expensive shoes. The rubber gumsole grips the court surface to keep you from slipping, and the mesh paneling keeps your feet from overheating. It’s also constructed from synthetic leather for additional support.

Available in mens sizes 6 to 13, they come in a few different color combinations, so you can choose one that coordinates best with your uniform or favorite volleyball attire.

Materials: Synthetic leather, rubber sole | Closure: Lace-up

Volleyball Attack Position Shoes Will Give You:

PRO ASE Court Volleyball Shoes Blue
  • Excellent cushioning to handle the demands of jumping on a hard-court surface
  • Lightweight material to help you jump higher and further
  • Excellent fit to give you stability when moving fast around the court
  • Optimal traction to allow agility and quick movement without slipping

Check out the ASICS SKY ELITE for men and women for an innovative and aggressive volleyball shoe.

For more volleyball shoes in the UK, check out our complete range.

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Cushioning Is Another Big Volleyball Shoe Factor

While I list this as a safety thing, if youre only playing casual volleyball it wont be such a factor.

When you start to play more often, however, its important to take care of your knees and joints.

Volleyball shoes typically have a very generous cushioning design to absorb the shock of repetitive jumping.

In your average volleyball match, you can jump anywhere between 35 and 70 times. In practice, this number can jump up to over 100.

Having a pair of shoes that can help your joints cushion some of that force on landing could go a long way to improving your long-term health.

Issues like patella tendonitis and lower back problems are some of the most common volleyball-related injuries. And while even a pair of good volleyball shoes wont save you, it can only help.

Court Shoes Give You Lateral Support And Stability

While court shoes arent uncomfortable for toe-to-heel forward motion , their primary function is to keep you in control over your feet during side-to-side, lateral motion.

Many of the quick movements in court sports are side to side, not forward and back. Court shoes support your feet in lateral motion. Because your feet undergo greater impact when you are making lateral moves in court sports, court shoes have greater support at the sides than at the heels and toes.

Why not just make a shoe that accommodates both kinds of activities? When you are running a race, every ounce counts. Running shoes are made both to cushion heels and toes and to be lightweight. They are so lightweight that many people wear running shoes for everyday activities.

Court shoes arent lightweight. They provide support for the kinds of motion that are important for a winning edge in court sports. You will feel a lot better wearing court shoes when you are playing a game on the court, but very few people would use court shoes when they arent playing their game.

Court shoes are considerably more durable than running shoes. Usually, its time to discard your running shoes after the tread on the sole wears down. If you dont, you are at heightened risk of taking a fall on the wet or slippery pavement after about 500 miles of running.

The soles on-court shoes, in contrast, seldom wear out. When you have to replace your court shoes, its usually because you have worn a hole in the side of the shoe.

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