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What Are The Best Insoles For Work Shoes

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Superfeet Copper Comfortshoes Insert

How to Select the Best Insole For Your Work Boots

Copper Comfort insoles are featured with pressure-sensitive memory foam that provides great shock absorption and great comfort to wearer.

This memory foam molds according to the shape of the foot and provides great support during running or standing all day. These are also one of the best shoe inserts for standing all day.

Stabilizer cap at the base of this insole uses to support the memory foam layer. This cap delivers great stability to the rearfoot. The forefoot foamy layer is very thick and reduces every impact on the foot.

The uppermost surface is organic in nature and prevents bacterial growth to eliminate bad odor. This insole can work best for 1 year or 500 miles walk.

After the expiry date, it starts distortion and gets flaws in its properties.


How To Remove/replace Insoles

While some boots have removable insoles that are easy to remove, some shoes and boots have insoles that are glued down. Often this can make it difficult for you to place a new set of insoles inside your boot or shoe.

For Removable Insoles: Simply wedge a finger between the side of your shoe and boot. With a little effort, you should be able to get your finger underneath the insole. Once this is done, gently grip the insole between your fingers and wiggle it until it comes out.

For Glued Down Insoles: It will be much more difficult to remove a glued down insole. If a lot of glue was used in the construction, you could run the problem of ripping most the insole out and leaving chunks of the insole remaining in your shoe or boot. When you place an insert over these chunks, it will make your new insoles uncomfortable.

To remove these types of insoles:

Quick Tip: Continue using a hairdryer to heat the glue on the inside if needed.

Try heating the shoes or boots up for a few minutes with a hairdryer. The glue will become softer when it is heated up making it easier to lift.

Pry up a piece on the back of the insole that you can easily and firmly grip.

Gently and consistently lift up on the insole until it slowly starts coming up. Continue pulling upward on the insole until eventually, the entire insole is out.

How To Replace Non

If your old insoles dont come off or if theyre glued into the shoes, all hope isnt lost via a hairdryer:

  • Set the hairdryer;on low to not overheat the shoe.
  • Allow the glue inside the shoe to slowly melt.
  • Youll notice that the insole will begin to dislodge from its spot in a few minutes.
  • Gently assist the movement with your fingers, and wiggle it out of its place.
  • Pretty soon, the entire insole should become unstuck.
  • Now you can replace the old insole with the new one.
  • Gently fold the insole to make it easier.
  • Slide the new insole toe first into the shoes.
  • Use your hands to level the insole.
  • Trim the new insole if necessary by using the old insole as a size reference.
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    Best For Wide Feet: Powerstep Wide Fit

    For those with wider feet, Dr. Rimawi recommends these Powerstep insoles. Made with a dual layer of cushioned EVA foam and a deep heel cup, these wide-fit orthotics offer ample arch support and comfort to any shoe. They have hundreds of positive reviews, with multiple customers calling the insoles a “lifesaver.” One wrote that after trying the orthotics,;they experienced “IMMEDIATE relief of ALL of my symptoms.”

    To buy: , $38

    Winner: Airplus Ultra Work Memory Plus Insoles

    10 Best Insoles For Work boots Reviewed 2018 â Buyerâs ...

    Why We Love Them…

    ;Designed to provide superior support for standing all day;Designed to prevent pain from surfacing by reducing shock;Ideal for working on hard surfaces

    Not the Best For…

    ;Those with especially high arches;Running or sports

    Editor’s Verdict:;The Airplus Ultra Work Memory Plus Insoles;are your ultimate work boot insoles, designed to provide optimal support to your feet during long shifts. They use targeted heel protection to absorb shock when working on hard floors, while memory foam improves comfort and antibacterial properties protect against odour on a long shift.

    Learn More

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    Vsonker Memory Foam Arch Support Insoles

    Coming in at #7 on our list is the Vsonker Memory Foam Arch Support Insoles that are made to keep your feet feeling nice and fresh.

    Vsonkers insoles are the best insoles because they are designed for athletes. The pads distinct features apply to nurses and hospital workers, too. You will feel light-footed and energized to work and walk.

    They provide the maximum relief for conditions like aging feet, flat feet and plantar fasciitis.

    • Soft polyurethane enables the memory foam to absorb the stress of hours of walking and standing.
    • High arch support prevents fatigue.
    • Injury is prevented by the deep heel cup.
    • Consistent support from the supple insoles
    • Breathable fabric

    Finding The Best Boot Insoles To Improve Foot Health

    Insoles will help many common conditions and ailments of the foot by providing support and stimulation to your feet and other parts of the body. Having a comfortable and fitting shoe is the first step to preventing foot pain. Next is adding an insole that helps to prevent or manage certain ailments of the foot.

    Your foot is much more complex than you may know. With 26 bones and hundreds of ligaments, tendons, and muscles in your foot, it really is a complex part of your body. Without proper care of your feet, they will become sore from the stress and trauma of everyday use. They are such an important part of your everyday life, so any added stress that you put on them in a work day should be minimized as much as possible to prevent future conditions and ailments that are common in feet.

    Some common foot conditions and ailments that a supporting insole will help with include:

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    Common Footwear Problems: Do You Need Insoles

    Do you need insoles or not? If you have any footwear problems, then insoles can help you in that regard.

    • Slippage of heel:;Heel slippage is a problem in which the shoe fits easily in the middle and toes but doesnt fit the heel. You can improve this with mid to high-volume inserts. Insoles can lessen the extra weight from the heel of the shoe and provide comfort to the heel of the foot. Furthermore, they reduce the chances of slippage of the heel, which can lead to blisters.
    • Elongation of the foot:;If there is an elongation of the foot when you measure it while standing, then in that case, insoles can provide help. Insoles reduce foot elongation by providing a good and comfortable fit. This problem usually occurs with soles that are poor-fitting and uncomfortable.
    • Low or flat arches:;People with low arches are definitely in need of insoles. inserts provide the sole support which stimulates the arch muscle to be athletic. A good quality insole distributes the pressure equally rather than converging the absolute pressure at the arch area. Hence, these insoles can help you to fix your low arch problems, providing a long-term solution to what can be a long-term problem.

    Sizing And Fitting For The Best Work Boot Insoles

    5 Best Insoles for Work Boots on Concrete

    In order to determine the proper fit of an insole, you should place the insole on the ground and then, place your foot on it. Lift your other foot off the ground and balance on the insole. Then ask yourself these questions:;

  • How stable does your foot feel?
  • Is your heel cupped properly?
  • How much pressure do you feel in the arch?
  • Is there any pressure on the front of the foot?
  • Is there any pinching?
  • Is there cushion in places that you think that you need it?
  • Next, remove the old insole in your work boots and replace them with the new ones. Put on your boots and assess the fit. Walk around. How does it feel?

    If something doesn’t feel right, then these insoles don’t work. There really isn’t a “breaking in” period for insoles. The whole idea is provide support and/or cushion to your feet right away so that you can walk or stand for long periods of time.

    You may have found the right type of insole but maybe it is the wrong fit, or this might be the wrong insole altogether. Unfortunately, without a proper assessment, you won’t really know. You will just have to try another.;

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    Best All Day Support And Comfort: Keen Utility K

    Keen is famous for making very soft, cushy shoes and boots. Their Keen Utility K insoles are best for guys who need medium arch support. They have shock-absorbing pads and a full-length layer of high-rebound foam to help prevent foot fatigue. They come in a large range of sizes from mens 6.5 to 14.

    These are only made of foam, so they cushion the entire foot with a high rebound foam. The idea for these is that they have plenty of cushioning but the foam wont compress. While they market themselves as an insole for a medium arch, they also would work for a low arch, if you dont need arch support. Guys with flat rigid feet should like these as they provide plenty of cushioning and no hard plastic bits.

    New Balance Ultra Support


    Too bulky for some users

    If your a runner who needs a pair of boot insoles that provides extra support and cushioning, the New balance ultra support offers just that. They are durable and useful as well as easy to use.

    Stability and ComfortThese boot inserts provide adequate cushioning thanks to their Abzorb cushion–which also provides excellent shock absorption. They also prevent blisters from forming.

    BreathabilityThese insoles are breathable thanks to their air flow channels.

    Cost and ValueThese insoles are a little pricier than other options but they provide extra support and even help with Plantar Fasciitis symptoms.

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    Nazaroo Orthotic Insoles For Flat Feet

    If you love the EVA memory foam that comes with the insoles of your favorite athletic shoes, then the NAZAROO Orthotic insoles for Flat Feet are your perfect affordable match.

    With soft EVA memory foam under the high-impact areas of the heel and the arch, the NAZAROO keep your feet comfortable with every step. This reduces pressure under high impact areas. A deep heel cradle holds your foot securely in place, correcting overpronation and common foot problems associated with flat feet, including ball of the foot pain and heel pain, plantar fasciitis, and ankle pain.

    Work boots tend to run hot, so NAZAROO insoles come with anti-microbial and moisture-wicking technology. This keeps odor-causing bacteria from growing inside of the insole when it pulls moisture away from your foot. They will feel so comfortable you will want a pair for all of your footwear. These insoles fit most shoes and boots.


    These insoles have a shorter life span and tend to wear down quickly. They offer lightweight protection only.

    How Do I Know If I Need Insoles

    10 Best Insoles for Work Boots 2020 [Buying Guide ...

    Insoles work for each person who wants to stay active and dont want to get tired by a long walk. But specifically, they are ideal for people who work on hard and rough surfaces for long hours. Similarly, they are also very useful for people who suffer from any kind of foot ailment. If you have foot slippage, foot elongation, or a low arch, you should buy insoles for the relaxation and comfort of your feet.

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    Red Wing Heritage Comfort Force Footbed

    Last but not least is an insole from another household name in the world of work boots. We love them because they fit perfectly inside most Red Wing boot, but work hard is any brand of boots you slip them into. Like Carhartt, theyre also made for enhanced performance with an anti-slip grip. Most notably, however, they include a high-quality, durable foam thats made to provide extreme impact protection from every angle.

    For more than 75 years, Footwear News has been the shoe authority. Our coverage spans top industry news, retail trends, head-to-toe fashion, athletic and outdoor analysis and more. Footwear News global network of editors has carefully curated all product selections featured using our expansive brand knowledge and thorough research to find quality, long-lasting items. If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, we may receive an affiliate commission.

    Why Must You Wear Work Boots

    Work boots are designed to address safety and work concerns.

    The U.S. Department of Labor requires employers to ensure that employees wear protective footwear when any danger to their feet is present.

    Dangers include dropping or rolling objects, something piercing their sole, or any electrical hazard, such as static discharge.

    Specifications for safety equipment, including work boots, are determined by a number of organizations, including: The American National Standards Institute, The American Society for Testing & Materials International, Factory Mutual Global, National Fire Protection Agency, The Safety & Equipment Institute.

    OSHA actually requires that employers provide or pay for the appropriate footwear for employees who are subjected to dangerous conditions.

    However, none of these organizations mention anything about work boots being comfortable.

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    Working On Those Work Boots

    Spending every day on your feet can be a tiresome and demanding task. Our feet were never equipped for such continued strenuous activity, and it can be damaging to our body in the short and long run. This includes developing various issues such as sore feet, varicose veins, and leg swelling.

    This is where the likes of the Powerstep Pinnacle Insoles;stand out as the best option right now, but any of our selections will work wonders on your feet.

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    Spenco Polysorb Heavy Duty

    Timberland Pro – Best Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis (2020)

    Some felt the foam was too thick

    When they say âheavy-dutyâ, they arenât kidding. These flexible, but durable boot insoles provide some severe comfort for all-day support and are designed explicitly for work shoes and work boots.

    Breathability and Weight

    The 4-way stretch fabric is antimicrobial and anti-blister, keeping your feet dry and cool. The foam is lightweight and aids in arch and heel support.


    The SpenCore ® heel strike pad has extra cushioning for heavy impact and maximum shock absorption. The SpenCore® located at the front of the insole not only provides cushioning but energy return.

    Cost and Value

    It is a steal since you get an insole that is lowly priced and high quality; especially considering the miles and impact, youâll be able to put on them.

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    Winner: Sidas 3feet Slim Insoles For High Arches

    Why We Love Them…

    ;Everyday arch support designed for relieving high arch pain;Can also prevent heel pain, ankle pain and over-pronation;Fit inside work boots thanks to the smaller design

    Not the Best For…

    ;Those with metatarsal pain or splayfoot issues;For tackling ball of foot pain

    Editor’s Verdict:;The Sidas 3Feet Slim Insoles for High Arches;aren’t just designed to tackle arch pain, but heel pain, ankle pain and over-pronation too. In fact, they are the ultimate pain-relieving insoles, perfect for anyone who’s work shift always ends with their foot in pain. The insoles use a padded design to relieve pressure in the key areas of your foot.

    Learn More

    Analysis And Test Results

    Insoles come in all shapes and sizes, with some being geared toward providing more comfort, while others are geared towards providing more support or relief for foot-related pain. While this review can serve as a guideline for what the best insoles are like, if you suffer from foot pain, it should not be a replacement for medical advice from an expert in foot care. If you are not used to arch support, it is recommended that you give your feet time to adjust to your new insoles by wearing them for longer and longer each day before you decide they are not for you.

    Some insoles can be ordered in your size, while others are of a “trim-to-fit” variety. Many of the “trim-to-fit” will have sizing guidelines directly on the insole so you can make an accurate cut with your scissors. Others you’ll have to trim yourself, and we suggest taking out the built-in insole of your shoe and tracing it onto your new insoles for precise sizing. You should always remember to take out the built-in insoles of your shoes before using your new insoles.

    Each pair of insoles was rated and analyzed according to four different metrics: fit, feel, construction, and cushion. Read on below for our in-depth review of how the 10 insoles we tested measured up in each category.

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    Best Value: Spenco Polysorb Heavy Duty

    Spenco is second only to Dr. Scholls as one of the most recognized insole brands on the market. Theyre popular because they are a great value. and they make no-nonsense insoles that provide ample cushioning.

    The Spenco Polysorb Heavy Duty protects against shocks by layering several different densities of materials. They have polyurethane foam, which is found in running shoes, and extra materials in the heel and forefoot to reduce pressure and absorb shocks.

    Best Gel Insoles For Work Boots: Dr Scholls Work Insoles

    The 10 Best Insoles for Work Boots of 2021

    Theres a lot to like about Dr. Scholls. You can buy them just about anywhere, theyre well priced, and there are a million different types to choose from. Weve picked the Dr. Scholls work insoles as the best gel insoles, because these insoles are designed for work boots.

    If you stand or walk on hard surfaces all day, these are very nice. They have extra cushioning from their massaging gel technology that also helps with foot fatigue. They also have responsive wave cushioning in the heel, arch, and ball of the foot. These are best insoles for work boots if you need more cushioning. These work well for people who dont need additional arch support.

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