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What Are The Best Nike Shoes For Walking

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These Shoes Are Made For Walking


Walking shoe designs favor support, stability, and, as we mentioned already, comfort . They often have a beveled heel to help propel you forward, a more cushy footbed, and feature easy entry/exit strategies, like slip-on styles. All of these features makes them ideal for walking on rail trails, hitting the gym, or wearing when youre on your feet all day. Built-in support will keep your feet and joints better protected against impact and fatigue. For people whose feet need more lightweight, flexible shoes, weve got options for you, too.

Building The House Of Swoosh And Air

Early successes helped the company establish itself among runners. In 1972, Knight and Bowerman released the Cortez, one of Nikes most iconic shoes. Designed to be lighter and more water-resistant than other sneakers, the Cortez gained a following for its full-length cushioned EVA midsole, a new feature that gave runners unprecedented comfort. Another notable Nike invention of this era was the Air Sole design, which featured an air-filled bag in the midsole to absorb shock. It debuted on the Air Tailwind shoe in 1978, but Nike continued to refine the design and released Zoom Air cushioning in 1995. This technology continues in the Air Zoom shoes of today.

Best Cushioned Walking Shoe: Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37

The Nike Pegasus is a comfortable shoe that’s built with React cushioning, giving you a springy feel, Garcia says. A light sneaker constructed with airy mesh, it has strategic padding to help reduce hot spots.

This focus on cushioning makes the Pegasus one of the best shoes for walkers who have obesity or high body weights. Its soft, pressure-absorbing cushion helps reduce any excess stress on your knees, ankles and lower back.

Buy ; ; Price: $120

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Nike Shoe Features For Healthier Feet

Firstly, Nikes shoes are designed to be ergonomic to reduce strain on the feet in a variety of ways. This is one of the reasons that theyre among the first brands to be recommended by podiatrists who suffer from some form of foot pain.

Nike shoes are flexible yet not overly so. This prevents sprains and applying too much pressure on places like the plantar, which can result in injury. Furthermore, their deep cushion and excellent arch support provide shock absorption on the foots most sensitive areas.

Similar, some of the shoes listed above offer motion control. These sort of features in the heel offer extra stability as it encourages the foot to maintain a natural gait. Consequently, your feet dont hit the ground at an angle, which could encourage pronation or sprains.

All the above features are excellent for walking. While running will consist of heavier strides where both feet may be in the air at a given point, walking can be intense with more prolonged contact with the ground.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 Flyease

10 Best Walking Shoes for Women in 2018

Nikes Pegasus sneakers are beloved by runners and likely one of the best Nike shoes of all time but their stability and support features are ideal for walking, too. They have extra toe room for stability and to accommodate your foot as it swells, which might happen after a few hours of walking. These also include; mesh uppers for superb breathability.

Buy:Nike Mens Air Zoom Pegasus 38 FlyEase$120

Buy:Nike Womens Air Zoom Pegasus 38 FlyEase$120

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Nike Walking Shoes On Hard Surfaces And Light Trails

Nike Joyride For Men

Best Features:

  • Tiny foam beads in two sealed compartments under the heel and midfoot provide custom support and cushioning.
  • Extra cushion in the forefoot for comfort in roll through.
  • Breathable mesh upper promotes excellent airflow.
  • Durable rubber strategically positioned on the outsole at points of maximum wear.;
  • Heal and toe rocker for a natural gait.;
  • Visible windows to make the bead cushioning visible as a style feature.

The Nike Joyride cushioning is ideal for pampering tired legs and feet the sensation is like walking on wet sand with custom support underneath. The flexible upper hugs your feet and gives you the comfort of wearing supportive Nike walking shoes that are light.

These Nike walking shoes are excellent for walking long miles, but the soft uppers are not protective against rough terrain. In addition, there isnt any significant traction on the outsoles to deal with slippery or uneven ground so keep these Nike walking shoes for covering distance on city streets or civilized trails.

Nike Men’s Flex Experience Run 8 Sneaker

Have you ever wanted to walk barefoot but couldn’t? These Nike walking shoes will allow you to do just that while still protecting your feet from harm and discomfort. This Nike walking shoe has a flexible sole that enables you to feel like you’re walking barefoot but with extra cushioning and protection.

This best walking shoe is lightweight because it combines insole and outsole cushioning. Because of this, the heavy rubber outsole is reduced. You shouldn’t worry about slipping as this walking shoe comes with a tread pattern that gives you sufficient grip. The comfortable knit fabric breathable upper comes in various colours for you to choose from.

This well-cushioned shoe is perfect for casual walks thanks to the breathable uppers and comfortable cushioning. The next time you’re going for a picnic and are not sure what shoes to wear, these Nike walking shoes will come in handy.


  • Gives you natural barefoot foot movement
  • Comes in a range of colours


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New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo V5

What sets these shoes apartby faris their ability to help you shave time off your miles. Theyre springy and cushioned, yet remain extremely lightweightlike, freakishly so. However, take note: They’re pricier than most other running shoes, and have a stacked heel that make them fairly impractical for anything other than speed work on asphalt. But if youre training for a race and seriously focused on your time, these are the shoes that will get you a PR.

Nike Women’s Flex 2016 Rn Running Shoes

Best Shoes For Walking and Weight Loss!!

If you are a lady who will spend most of the time resting your body weight on your feet, you may need to consider NIKE Women’s Flex 2016 RN Running Shoes as your next shoe. We found this shoe to have an excellent natural fit and support which is key to ensuring you don’t fatigue so fast.

When in NIKE Women’s Flex 2016 RN Running Shoes, you are guaranteed of a breathable shoe atmosphere. The engineered mesh keeps the feet fresh all day. The mesh also allows your feet to relax and expand naturally as it is very flexible.

Even though you may be only looking for a standing shoe, you may want a shoe that will give you utility in different activities like running, walking or just normal strolls. We found Nike Flex 2016 a very good working shoe for different arches. The Co-molded midsole ensures that different feet shapes have a smooth ride while in them.

To sum it all, you are cushioned from excessive pressure when you are in this amazing Nike running shoe. The rubber sole absorbs any shock or impact that would have an adverse effect on your feet. It also gives the shoe a lightweight feature which qualifies it to rank as among the best Nike shoes for working for long hours.


  • Has a high arch hence a good standing shoe for high arches
  • Has a light shock absorbent sole
  • Has flywire cable to enhance the shoe support
  • The outsole is of Tri-Star design for flexibility


  • The shoe may have fit issues to wide feet as they may run big with time

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Nike Revolution 5 Features Of Interest

Good Things


So whats the deal with all this Nike Air and Air Max marketing?

I go into this in a little more detail in the information section but basically, Air Max is the air system provided within the midsole for the full length of the shoe. Hence Max!

It is the latest version of the Air Max series after the Air Max 90 and Air Max 97, which have seen some recent revival.

The original Nike Air shoes had the little air bubbles coyly hidden within the structure of the midsole and they didnt run the full length of the shoe either.

Then, the system was extended full length but remained hidden until a spark of genius in Nikes design office came up with the idea of unclothing it.

And so a little window was cut into the midsole for all to see the genius of the air filled plastic bag that everyone had been running on for years.

Not only was the world amazed and captivated by this see-through window through the bottom of the shoe but sales rocketed. So much so that more and more of this transparent plastic marvel was exposed.

The Nike Air Max 270, removes all the flows from the middle to the bottom and shows a transparent plastic shapely bottom!

Thats a bottom that provides excellent cushioning to your heel as it bangs into the ground.

With a dual density foam sole and issues insole chiming in and sandwiching the air pod, you have an excellent cushioned and shock absorbing system for the heel.

For walkers, this is a wonderful invention.

What’s Special About Nike Air Shoes

Nike brought true revolution to the world of sports and, courtesy of celebrity marketing, the streets of hip hop with the introduction of Nike Air.

It was a simple idea brought to Nike by Marion F. Rudy who was an aeronautical engineer whose idea was basically to fill a plastic bag with air which would compress and spring back on pressure. Stick it in a shoe and it should enhance the cushioning properties of the sole.

So they did. And IT did improve cushioning that is.

Anyway, Nike Air was born and hidden away in the first model to feature it the Nike Tailwind. Interestingly the Tailwind was apparently made on the sly in the factory of the Japanese company the founders were distributing and offering design ideas to. The company found out, sued and the resulting case ended with both manufacturers marketing the same shoe.

Being expert at branding, Nike expanded the original rather small pod in the Tailwind and decided it would be a good idea to let people see the wonders of walking on Air, exposing the transparent airbag and enlarging it in the Air Force 1. So successful it was that they gradually exposed more and more of it in ensuing models.

Then came Nike Air Max which was basically a new name for putting even more Air into their shoes from heel to tip. And then Air Max 2 which was just an upgrade to the pressure of gas used in a slightly more resilient bag.

And there you have it how the Nike Air is indispensable to athletes everywhere.

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The Nike Revolution 4

The Nike Revolution 4 is one of their newer designs and combines a mesh upper with a Phylon midsole. This light and springy Phylon provides a high level of cushioning while at the same time preventing the shoe from becoming too heavy.

The outer sole is made of durable rubber and provides plenty of traction. There are also embedded pods in the sole of the shoe that will add some spring to your step. The pods essentially compress as your foot presses against the ground and then spring back up when the pressure is released. Combine this response with the Phylon midsole, and youve got a comfy, shock-absorbent, well-cushioned shoe.

This shoe model also comes in a FlyEase variant with a zipper hidden under a Velcro strap. The zipper unzips to the side of the shoe, making it quick and easy for you to slide these shoes off. The mesh knit upper makes the shoe both light and breathable.

Even though it doesnt feature Air technology, the Nike Revolution 4 makes you feel like youre walking on air.

The Nike Revolution 4 is available in sizes 6-15 for men and 5-12 for women . Similar to the Air Force 1, it has a medium width.

Pros of Nike Revolution 4

  • Knit upper for maximum flexibility
  • Lightweight

Put Some Power In Your Step

The 8 Best Nike Walking Shoes of 2020

Shereen Lehman, MS, is a healthcare journalist and fact checker.;She has co-authored two books for the popular Dummies Series .

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts; youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

Verywell / Chloe Jeong

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Dr Scholls All In Cozy Faux Shearling Sneaker

We love all things cozy here at Underscored, and these Dr. Scholls sure do fit the bill due to the synthetic faux shearling lining inside. One reviewer writes that these are extremely soft, plush and comfortable so much so that you dont even need to wear socks. Available in seven colors, these lace-up lightweight sneakers are even sustainably crafted from linings made of recycled bottles and eco-conscious fabric. These are a great option if you want sneakers to resemble your fave slippers.

Best Overall: Nike Men’s Tanjun Sneakers

Nike fans looking for a great walking shoe that they can take from the gym to a casual night out will love the Tanjun. This lightweight pick is well-cushioned yet breathable, with a streamlined design that adds a sleek edge to your favorite jeans or your workout clothes. The outsole unit helps absorb shock for a more comfortable stride, and the mesh upper will keep your feet comfortable on sweaty walks.

Walkers on Amazon loved the Tanjuns for their all-day wear, remarking that they held up for months of daily fitness walks and treks around town. One reviewer commented that he bought five different colored pairs to match his outfits. These shoes are a great value for the money, which earns them our Best Overall badge of approval.

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Nikes Advanced Upper Constructions

Many Nike shoes utilize a Flyknit upper construction, where a lightweight yarn is woven tightly in some areas of the shoe and loosely in others. The loose weave allows the shoe to flex with your foot for greater comfort, and the tight weave provides support in key areas where you need it. More recently, Nike debuted the Atomknit material on the Alphafly Next%. Its made by stretching and steaming Flyknit fabric, resulting in an even lighter upper. Theres also Vaporweave , a blend of TPU and nylon thats lighter than Flyknit and also doesnt absorb moisture, so rain and sweat wont weigh it down.

Find Out If You Pronate Or Supinate

Best Nike Walking Shoes – Nike Free 5.0 v6 Trainers (Unboxing)

If your ankles collapse outward or inward , you may need to look for a more stable, cushioned shoe .

Again, looking to the above wet test can help. People with flat feet tend to over-pronate, while those with especially high arches , often over-supinate.

Another strategy? Place your phone on the ground and record a video of your feet as you walk away from the camera. Then, you can look closely at the film to figure out whether more stable shoes are right for you.

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The Most Comfortable Nike Walking Shoes For Men

I remain convinced the most comfortable men’s Nike walking shoes in 2020 are still the Nike Monarch IV because they are a multi-purpose shoe at a very good price and are durable which is great for walkers.

Most Nike shoes are produced only in the standard medium width fitting but the wider range of widths available for the Monarch IV makes it less likely that you will be trying to fit your foot into a Nike shoe that is really not big enough.

I think this gives the Monarch IV a huge advantage over the other Nike shoes so far as male walkers are concerned. See our review below.

Super Comfy Shoes For Counting All Your Stepsor Lounging

Shoes youll love cruising around in as much as your favorite pair of running kicks.

As a running magazine, we often tout the health benefits of our sport, but honestly, walking is pretty great, too. In fact, research shows thatjust like runnerspeople who walk at a moderate intensity regularly have a lower risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. Turns out the most important thing is that youre getting miles in, wherever and at whatever pace you can. And what you put on your feet can either make you or break you in that mission. But dont worrywere here to help.

Whether youre a high-mileage walker, a runner recovering from an injury, or someone who simply wants to squeeze as many steps into your schedule as possible, weve found a pair of shoes for you. We review hundreds of shoes every year and test the latest foams and materials at our shoe lab. Many of those same technologies are used in these pairs, which gives us unique insight into how theyll perform and hold up over the long haul. See a sampling below for the best walking shoes and read on to learn more about how to pick the pair thats right for you.

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The 10 Best Nike Running Shoes

It all started with outsoles made in a waffle iron. Now Swoosh builds the fastest shoes on the planet.

The company that would become one of the biggest names in sports all began with a University of Oregon runner selling imported shoes from the back of his car. Phil Knight started Blue Ribbon Sports in 1962 to sell Onitsuka shoes in the U.S., and by 1964 his former coach Bill Bowerman had joined him. The pair began experimenting with new running shoe designs, and that itch to push the envelope has been a Nike hallmark ever since. Now a global behemoth, Nike maintains its strong commitment to creating shoes that help runners go faster and farther.

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