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What Are The Best Running Shoes To Prevent Shin Splints

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How Do I Stop Getting Shin Splints

I TESTED Running Shoes Recommended for Shin Splints – Here is What Happened

Usually, runners get shin splints from going too hard, too fast and applying repetitive stress on the calf muscles. You can diminish the risk by following the 10% increase rule. You should never increase your weekly mileage by more than 10% of the previous weeks mileage. For example, if you ran 10 miles last week, you should not run more than 11 miles the following week.

Some other ways to stop getting shin splints are to always run on the same type of surface, keep your whole body conditioned with cross-training, stretch thoroughly and regularly and focus on shortening your stride.

Another great way of preventing shin splints is tracing the alphabet with your big toes on the floor to strengthen your shin muscles. Calf raises can also strengthen your shin muscles and prevent shin splints.

Best Cushioned Running Shoe

Hoka One One Arahi 5 This Shoe is one of my favorites, and I love its vast cushion. Its an excellent choice if you suffer from shin splints, and it also comes in a womens version. The thing about cushioned shoes is that they dont feel as fast as other options, but sometimes you need to sacrifice speed to get comfort. And if youre trying to run injury-free, you should consider that before choosing a running shoe.

Read the full review of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21

Do Strength Training And Cross

If you need to continue training or maintain fitness, focus on low-impact cross-training while you are avoiding running and letting your shins heal.

The best cross-training for runners in this situation includes:

  • elliptical/cross-trainer
  • core and upper body strength workouts

Working on your cross-training and core strength will ultimately make you a stronger runner and can help strengthen your shin muscles and other parts of your body such as your knee, ankle and foot, which can make your body more robust and less prone to injury once you are able to go running again.

However, if any of these hurt or aggravate your recovering leg, then choose another option or go swimming for a no-impact and non-weight-bearing cardio workout.

Visit our YouTube Channel for a playlist of running workouts, many of which you can do without affecting your shins.

You can also considering seeing a physical therapist to help with your shin splints rehab. Your doctor should be able to recommend a suitable practitioner.

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Common Causes Of Shin Splints

The Best Running Shoes for Shin Splints in 2021

There are several commonly cited causes of shin splints. But if you find yourself derailed with the injury, it can be hard to find the culprit.

  • Is hard pavement to blame for over-stressing your bones?
  • Is overtraining the problem?
  • Or can the wrong running shoes cause shin splints?

The answer is that any of these factors may contribute to shin splints. Or, it could be a combination of a few different factors.

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Neutral Or Overpronation Running Shoe

The perfect running shoe does not exist. Each model is unique and has a different cushioning, fit, and stability. You can subdivide running shoes into neutral shoes and overpronation shoes.

These different types have to do with the way you walk. For example, a neutral runner lands outside the heel and smoothly pushes off with the second toe. We call this a fair settlement. During this movement, the ankle weight tilts inward under pressure from the body, which we call pronation.

Overpronation shoes are suitable for runners who overpronate. This means that the foot is too far in. Support in the shoes ensures that the feet unwind straighter and less ‘sag.’

Wear The Correct Footwear

Wearing correct running shoes is vital to prevent shin splints. This is particularly essential for people who:

  • Have a high running mileage
  • Look for running shoes with cushioning and arch support to help with shock absorption. The right type of running shoe can help you avoid shin splints, especially if they’re cushioned with good shock absorption.

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    Best Running Shoes To Prevent Shin Splints

    The only running shoes that I know of that are safe for running are the type made specifically for runners. Theyre made of the same material as your running shoes, so the same benefits apply. Theyre comfortable shoes, and theyre designed to help you run. If youre afraid that you might break a bone or something, there are other types of running shoes that are not made specifically for runners.

    A running shoes sole is usually designed so that you can run in it, but if you have any shin splints, you should get some extra cushioning in the sole. So if your running shoes feel like theyre going to be rubbing your shin a lot, or if they feel like theyre going to hurt you by rubbing the bottom of your foot, get the best running shoes for you.

    The best running shoes for runners are usually made from some synthetic material such as EVA and VEVA . These are not like the ordinary running shoes you buy in the store, but they have a special rubber sole that provides extra cushioning. These types of shoes also have a special rubber outsole to keep your foot from slipping, which will definitely help reduce the possibility of shin splints.

    In this post well use the term running shoes to refer to a person whos run out of the house after having their shin splints. Running shoes are designed to keep your legs out and the runners from running. They can also make your legs run faster so you can keep them looking and looking. Its a bit of a joke, but I think its going to work.

    How To Ice The Shins To Recover From Shin Splints

    5 Best Running Shoes for Shin Splints | Review 2022

    Taking time to ice your shins after a workout can help you recover from shin splints and keep them from coming back.

    The process requires finding a comfortable spot, getting two bags of frozen vegetables, and placing the bags on each shin for 20 minutes.

    You could also use a store-bought ice wrap specifically designed for this purpose! After every 15-20 minutes of icing, take 10 minutes off to let your skin rest and regain its normal temperature.

    This treatment should be done twice a day for 1-2 weeks in order to provide relief and aid with recovery.

    Keeping your shins cool through proper icing will not only reduce pain but can also prevent inflammation and other future problems that may arise from shin splints.

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    Brooks Adrenaline Gts 22

    Whom is it best for?

    Ideal for long distance running, for trail runner, workout or gym, daily use.

    Asics GEL Nimbus shoes have been widely praised for being flexible upper yet comfortable. The cushioning system at the backfoot and forefoot helps absorb shock. Impact Guidance System Technology is designed to improve the natural gait of runners. This can be of immense benefit to runners of these shin splints because of the bad running technique of them. The sneakers utilize FlyteFoam midsole technology which enhances comfort while the heel counter provides additional heel support. The Nimbus are a strong shoes that feel good straight from the box. Run broad for narrow legs.

    What Are The Best Stretches For Shin Splints

    Stretches with an exercise band:

    Stretches without an exercise band:

    Heel raises from a step: Stand with both feet on a step, heels hanging off it. Lower your heels as much as possible, then raise up onto your toes. Repeat for a total of three sets of 20 reps, twice a day.

    Calf stretches with straight and bent knee: These are two separate stretches which work the gastrocnemius and soleus respectively, so you should feel the stretch in different areas of the calf. Hold each for 30 to 60 seconds, repeating four times per day.

    Toe raises: Stand with your back flat against a wall, and your feet roughly a foot away from it. Raise your feet up and down for three sets of 20 reps, then sit on your knees to stretch the anterior shin. Do these in the afternoon only.

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    Shin Splints Shoe Recommendations


    Most common. Typically equipped with medial support with density midsoles, foot bridges and roll bars. The inside support slows the rate of overpronation.

    Wearing the correct type of running shoe has often been the best preventive method for dealing with shin splints. Weve ensured to only list high quality shoes for each foot type, but knowledge if the shoe is right for you may only come after a few runs.

    The listed shoes are available for both genders. If you are unsure of which group of shoes are for you, look at our foot pronation guide. Using the correct type of shoe can prevent your shin splints from returning or aid in getting rid of the injury.

    Price And Delivery Time

    The Best Running Shoes For Shin Splints 2021: Reviews + Buying Guide

    The cost of the best shoe inserts for shin splints is a critical consideration during the purchasing process. However, although some best shoe inserts for shin splints are pricey due to their quality or functionality, others are not. To avoid overcharging, it is essential to pay attention to these factors. In addition, the product’s arrival time is critical, and it should be as brief as possible.

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    Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38

    What started off as a fantastic, responsive shoe in the Nike Zoom Pegasus 37 is now even better with the Nike Zoom Pegasus 38. The 38 features excellent grip and a deeper heel cup that keeps your foot in contact with their quality shoe throughout your stride.

    However, the midsole foam is still bouncy and flexible while the shoe is on the ground. The arch support provided by the foam in the midsole helps to decrease the impact of the pullback impact with excellent shock absorption. Even though the Pegasus 38 is intended for a runner with an average arch, it offers above-average cushioning and long-lasting arch support for daily or long-distance runs.

    Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

    Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

    The womens and mens models vary somewhat when it comes to comfort. For example, womens air pressure is roughly 15 PSI, whereas mens air pressure is around 20 PSI. In addition, womens neutral shoes are meant to be softer since they assume that women have smaller bodies.

    The thick upper of the Pegasus 38 has been criticized by some reviewers for trapping heat on hot days and taking a long time to break in once it does, however, the shoe becomes more comfortable.

    Saucony Womens Guide 8 Running Shoe

    Shin splints often happen as a result of strain or compression on the shin while running, which is why this running shoe is superior to others for shin splints. The shoe has midfoot outsole pods and full-length, PWRGRID cushioning that absorbs impact and cradles your foot. It also has an SRC impact zone, which distributes energy through the shoe as it hits the pavement and makes the running movement more effortless.

    On the bottom of the shoe, the outsole has superior traction to prevent slippage that can cause injury. The grooves of the shoe help you spring forward while running and make the movement more natural, because of the heightened responsiveness and flexibility in the sole of the shoe.

    The upper of the shoe is made of mesh, which keeps your foot cool and dry. There is also a flared forefoot design that increases the amount of your foot that comes into contact with the ground. This boosts stability. The mesh upper is paired with a padded collar and tongue, which lends to more give in the upper so it conforms to the shape of your foot.


    Even though the shoe runs a little small, it also comes in wider varieties. If possible, try them on in a store before you buy them online. Something else to note is that some custom insoles may not work with the shoe, especially if they are tall or thick. The shoes can cause your toes or the upper part of your foot to rub on the top of the shoe with some insoles.

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    Best Running Shoes For Shin Splints In 2022

    Almost 15% a year of running wounds are brought about by shin braces. The shoes on our rundown will help to keep you from developing blisters and injuries so that. Many of these were easily removed if the sprinter wore the proper footwear. In this article we will discuss the greatest running sneakers for shin splints, with one end goal being to help evade this excruciating experience. The shoes will help to prevent wounds to prevent you from zeroing in.

    New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v11

    Shin Splints are among the most common and frustrating injuries among runners that are really hard to prevent and in most cases, the real culprit is the running shoe.

    If you have shin splints, you might notice tenderness, soreness, or pain along the inner side of your shinbone and mild swelling in your lower leg going for the wrong or ill-fitting shoe contributes to severe pain and can worsen as your shoe ages. Well, you can alleviate your pain just by helping yourself make an informed choice while choosing the right running shoe and thats what we are here for.

    What are Shin Splints?

    It refers to pain in shin bones Tibiathe larger two bones in the lower legs. It is medically known as stress syndrome often occurs in newbies in running or athletes who have recently intensified or changed their training routines. Typically only one leg is affected when it comes to shin splints, and its usually the runners dominant leg.

    Hoka One One Clifton 8

    Top 3 best shoes for shin splints for running

    Price: $$

    Hoka One One is known for its soft and flexible cushioning, and the Clifton 8 is no exception. In fact, users often describe the experience of the shoe as running on clouds.

    Thanks to its EVA foam midsole, which provides excellent shock absorption and minimizes the amount of pressure under the heel and ball of your foot, this shoe is particularly great if youre prone to shin splints.

    While its thick and wide soles give the shoe a bulky appearance, the Clifton 8 is the lightest version of the shoe to date.

    Plus, thanks to Hokas Meta-Rocker technology, the Clifton 8 allows for quick transitions from heel to toe, despite its low 5-mm heel drop.

    • low 5-mm heel-toe drop may feel too minimalist for some

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    How Can I Prevent Shin Splints While Running

    Depending on the major cause of your shin splints in the first place, you have different options. A more cushioned shoe or changing your running form from being a heel-striker to landing on the ball of your footthe way you should runwill assist in preventing shin splints.

    In addition, using compression socks/sleeves with increase blood flow in the muscles in your lower leg, meaning that the likelihood of you experiencing discomfort, inflammation, and pain will decrease. Compression socks/sleeves are most effective for recovery, but some runners also like to use them while running. Taping your shins with KT Tape or a similar option can also help.

    What Causes Shin Splints When Running

    Shin splints are caused by different reasons, and some are easier to fix than others. They could be caused by ill-fitting or old running shoes. Also, if you overpronate, you are at the risk of developing shin splints. Muscle imbalance and failure to stretch enough can result in shin splints when you run.

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    What Should I Look For In Running Shoes When I Have Shin Splints

    Youll want to look for shoes with lots of cushioning. Cushioning runs from Level 1 to Level 5, and youre definitely better off closer to Level 5. You may also want to look into a stability shoe that will provide motion control. Finally, a lower drop shoe may help you change your form to run with better form, which will assist in avoiding shin splints.

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