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What Are The Best Shoes For Pregnancy

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The Best Shoes For Swollen Feet

The best shoes for pregnancy With Swollen ankles : Pregnancy fashion and style

During pregnancy the feet can swell. This means that your feet will take up more space inside your shoes and you may find that you dont even fit into your regular pair! Factoring this into what shoes you wear during your 9 months is essential. Investing in a pair of womens sneakers that have give, and can stretch without putting unnecessary pressure on your feet is vital during pregnancy. Theyll also be super-comfy to wear once your little bundle of joy arrives too.

What Kind Of Shoes Are Best For Pregnancy

Listen, I have no problem with wearing amazing heels during pregnancy. I say if you can swing it, then do it. You can even check out my post on high heels for the people that tut tut you about them.

However, when I was pregnant, the swelling in my feet made them look like two loaves of baked bread that had been crammed into gravy boats Cinderella-stepsister-style, so I was always on the lookout for comfortable shoes.

Here are some of the best lightweight, supportive, and most importantly, comfortable shoes for pregnancy and beyond recommended by pregnant people.

Casual And Sporty Shoes That Youll Love

I really, REALLY recommend these shoes! Trust me. Youll love them.

Toms are classics, and you cant go wrong by picking up a pair. Theyre all easy to slip on, and come in a huge variety of colors and designs. You might think they dont look comfortable but once you put them on, youll change your mind.

A great thing about Toms is that for every pair purchased, they donate a pair to a child in need! What a great company.

Sanuk shoes are really, really light, breathable and all-around comfortable footwear for the warmer months.

Theyre made of hemp, which I think is really cool. Theyre easy to slip on, look casual without being sloppy, and are a generally all-around good shoe.

Dansko makes a number of quality shoes that are ideal for pregnant women. They happen to be a favorite of nurses who are known to spend 8+ hours a day on their feet, so that should tell you something about how comfortable and supportive they are.

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The Best Shoes For Pregnancy In A Nutshell

If we had to sum up the characteristics of the perfect pregnancy shoe, here is what wed say:

  • Lightweight shoes with proper cushioning and arch support
  • Wide toe boxes
  • Flat soles or very low heels
  • Easy to put on and take off

Moreover, you dont need to spend a lot of money on new shoes. There are many styles and brands available that meet these requirements.

With that said, lets look at the best pregnancy shoes.

Our Favourite Memory Foam Insoles For Pregnant Women

15 Pregnancy Shoes That Are Stylish and Supportive

Memory foam insoles are invaluable to those suffering with foot-fatigue or soreness. This can be exacerbated during pregnancy due to changes in your hormones, body and sleep cycle. If you’re looking for a little more cushioning, or somewhere to rest tired and weary feet, look no further. Airplus Ultra Memory Plus Full Foam Insoles are designed to take the weight off tired and overworked feet.

What We Love:

  • Memory foam foundation fabric is invaluable to tired, fatigued feet
  • Thick 10mm cushioning absorbs huge amount of shock and impact
  • Distributes pressure across the entire foot which is vital during pregnancy

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Vionic Womens Spark Minna Flats

Vionics Womens Spark Minna Ballet Flats will take you to work, out on the town, and keep your toes wiggling happily all the way home. Wrapped in leather these shoes will contour to your unique shape and pamper your feet.

What I Love

Comfort: Wrapping your foot in leather with elastic around the top to keep them in place is the best way to ensure stay-ability and all-day comfort. Great for mom-to-bes with plantar fasciitis, too.Appearance: Matte sides and shiny tips, these adorable shoes will add style to any outfit and without heels!Support: Built-in arch support and rubber soles will keep your feet relaxed for hours.Size: Buy your size or a size up if your feet gained a size, but normally these flats fit true to size.Traction: These flats are great for walking around the mall and work.

What I Do Not Love

Price: Thankfully the shoes will not hurt your feet as the price probably will. The price varies by color and size so you might get lucky.Quality: These ballet flats are wildly comfortable but have not proved to be super durable. Maybe avoid going into the woods with them.

Why Are Shoes Important During Pregnancy

There are many health significance of wearing shoes during pregnancy. First, a nice-fitting shoe is well-designed to maximize comfort-ability, reduce and accommodate the swelling of your feet, thus reducing pain. A pregnancy shoe offers support and prevents injuries such as excessive sweating, burning, or overheating, resulting from swelling and hormonal changes.

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Skechers Performance Womens Go Walk 3 Slip

Ive always loved Skechers for its really comfortably Memory Foam. This pair also comes with Goga Pillars technology for its midsole and outsole. Its very lightweight and has breathable mesh to cool your feet. I always feel very supported and stable walking in these!

Why Its So Popular:

  • Great arch support and deep heel cup with wide toe box
  • No blisters or any other foot pains
  • Two adjustable straps make it comfortable

Keep In Mind:

  • Some people have gotten fake versions from sellers
  • You may need a size up
  • May not last very long if you wear every day

Are Pregnancy/maternity Shoes Effective

These slip-on shoes made pregnancy a lot easier.

Yes, the maternity shoes are especially wonderful for sailing comfortably through the last trimester, when the baby’s weight increases faster and puts pressure on the whole body including feet and back. They are soft, padded, breathable, cushioned, lightweight, comfortable, and soothing to the feet.

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What About High Heels

Sorry, but youre going to have to skip the high heels, at leave them for special occasions.

According to the panel of health experts at BabyCenter, the reasons are:

  • Swelling of the feet is common during pregnancy, making them excruciatingly uncomfortable, especially in your third trimester.
  • Lower back pain is more common due to the hormones your body produces during pregnancy. The hormone relaxin causes your ligaments to loosen up. This makes your pelvis loosen up, but then puts more pressure on it, causing the pain.
  • Heels change your posture slightly, putting pressure on the knees and ankles and causing pain there.
  • Some women feel more clumsy or dizzy during pregnancy, and the last thing you want is to fall.

Of course, sometimes you cant avoid wearing heels. If so, try to at least stick to shoes with a small heel to be on the safer side.

Experts Answers For Readers Questions

Is it okay to wear tight shoes when pregnant?

No, wearing tight shoes can restrict your blood flow and lead to many foot problems like ingrown nails or calluses. The better course of action is to wear maternity shoes that are half or 1 size bigger because your feet might swell up towards the third trimester, needing more room to stay comfortable.

Will my feet get bigger during pregnancy?

Its normal for feet to grow during pregnancy. The exact increase in size varies from person to person, but on average, the growth is less than half an inch. In a lot of women, the size stays bigger even after giving birth.

How can I relieve sore feet during pregnancy?

There are several techniques for relieving soreness caused by pregnancy. Exercising and walking regularly, drinking plenty of water throughout the day, and elevating your feet with a pillow from time to time help in decreasing pressure and inflammation. Also, wearing the right shoes that are soft and supportive can go a long way in keeping your feet comfortable. Stretch your legs often, avoid walking barefoot, and finally, wear seamless socks to facilitate better circulation.

How does pregnancy affect your feet?

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Crocs Womens Swiftwater Sandal

If you are looking for comfortable house-wear, crocs sandals should be in your bucket list. Crocs Womens Swiftwater Sandal are lightweight and have features that ensure maximum stability and support. These sandals are water-resistant, and the flex grooves on the outsole work to enhance traction and flexibility.

Crocs are famous for their comfortability hence a good fit for pregnant women. Besides, they do not have tie laces therefore, they can be worn anytime with ease. Nonetheless, the crocs sandals come with even more benefits.

When comparing the heels, you can as well find sandals that have flat soles almost anywhere. However, with crocs sandals, the heels are a bit thicker to enhance support, stability, and act as shock absorbers.

The supportive lace present on these croc sandals covers the back of your ankle and the toe.

This lace aids in feet movement and makes sure that your swollen feet have ample breathing space. The raised beads on the soles of the crocs act as an effective shock absorber.


Clarks Womens Brinkley Keeley Flip

Best Shoes For Pregnant Women

Clarks no-nonsense flip-flop isnt one of those cheapies you can get at the dollar store. Its quite a bit dressier than those.

On the downside, there is no arch support whatsoever.

But on the bright side, its easy to adjust the strap to suit your particular foot. You certainly cant do that with rubber thongs.

Choose from a handful of basic colors.

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Best Supportive Slip On Walking Sneakers For Pregnancy: Dr Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Madison Sneaker

Hands down, Dr. Scholls is known for foot care. So, if youre concerned about getting enough support, you cant go wrong with the Dr. Scholl’s Madison Sneaker. This cute slip-on style features a microfiber upper and a memory foam insole insert for added comfort.

We like that these shoes feature twin goring panels which give you a bit of stretch to accommodate your fluctuating feet. However, we did note that a common complaint was that these shoes may not hold up if youre wearing them as a daily go-to option. Depending on where you shop them, they come in a wide array of colors/styles:


Hunter Womens Original Chelsea Boots

Searching for maternity shoes that can withstand any weather? Try these waterproof Chelsea boots by beloved British outerwear brand Hunter. The elasticated side-gussets and pull-tab makes slipping them on and off extra easy, while the treaded soles provide traction on wet, slippery surfaces. Better yet, this pair has been engineered for comfort with a wider ankle circumference and an increased curve in the heel and around the Achilles tendon.

Buy it: $140,

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Best Shoes For Pregnancy In Summer

Pregnancy is one of the greatest joys, but it can also come with lots of physical discomforts. Nausea, heartburn, fatigue, back pain, and swollen feetto name a few. Speaking of swollen feet, this can be particularly uncomfortable when the weather heats up. And sometimes, it might seem like your regular shoes dont fit anymore. Whats a mama-to-be to do? If youre like most expecting mothers, you might be wondering about the best shoes for pregnancy.

Summer is arguably one of the best seasons, but with it comes scorching heat and high humidity, which can make carrying a baby even more strenuous. Not only that but as your belly grows, putting shoes on can be a real challenge. So, what are the best shoes for pregnant women to wear during the sunny season? Breathable walking sandals, of course! Below, weve outlined eight of the best shoes for pregnancy in the summer.

Skechers Womens Ultra Flex

Trendy Shoes for Pregnant Women : Pregnancy Fashion & Style

The Skechers Ultra FlexToning Walking Shoe will make you feel happy with every step you take. The soft, textile upper readily stretches to accommodate your foot.

The upper molds to the foot allow breathability, creating a custom fit no matter how swollen your feet get during pregnancy. This breathable shoe will keep your feet cool and dry throughout your nursing shift.

The tongue of these shoes stays put, so theres no gaping at the top of the shoe. The toe box is roomy enough to prevent pinching. The wide, supportive straps are easy to adjust to customize the fit.

The insole provides cushioning that protects your feet from your body pressure. The outsole is slip-resistant so you can wear it in wet or slippery conditions. The midsole is wrapped in memory foam to absorb shock with every step.


  • Arch Support: Maximum Arch support
  • Color: Black, blue, Gray

Final Remarks

It is the best support shoe for pregnancy, and pregnant nurse has to stand long hours. You can wear these shoes all day without any problem. It also has a rubber outsole, so you dont have to worry about slipping or falling down even though you are pregnant. The upper materials are manageable and breathable for a comfortable fit.

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Minnetonka Womens Thunderbird Softsole Moccasin

If youre looking for a soft pair of moccasins to wear, look no further. These are made from suede cow leader with a leather sole, so the entire design is soft. The padded cushion inside is just an added bonus.

Wearing these around almost feels as if youre walking barefoot. Even though theyre moccasins, theyre designed for indoor and outdoor wear. The beading on these shoes give them a very unique look. Theyre also a great material for your pregnant feet since suede and leather tend to stretch over time.

Why Its So Popular:

  • Stretches easily to the foot
  • The leather is very soft, and looks great too
  • Great for knee and ankle pain

Keep In Mind:

  • They do not stretch as well as others over time
  • Can be a little slippery on carpet

Best Comfortable Pregnancy Sandals For Swollen Feet

Adidas designs very supportive footwear for men, women, and kids. The best indoor slippers for pregnancy, Adidas women comfort slide sandal is very supportive for pregnancy symptoms.

You can easily slide in and enjoy safe inhouse activities. The upper part has color strips for unique Adidas design and outlook. These slippers are available in different colors and styles.

These are known as the best bedroom slippers and keeps your steps safe and secure on slippery floors.

Adidas designed their outsole with rubber material to ensure grip and makes your walk cycle balanced.

Features and Benefits

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Best Pregnancy Shoes Of 2022

The whole body of an expecting mother goes through a major transformation during pregnancy. Hence, lots of care and support is needed during the sensitive pregnancy period. Especially, the feet get swollen and even the most mundane chore looks like a task. To prevent and ease feet, joints, and knee pains and the associated discomfort, it is imperative to wear specialized shoes for pregnant women for the sheer comfort they provide.

This article will throw light on the meaning, benefits, efficacy, and the list of the best maternity Shoes. So smile, relax, and go through all the relevant details just by scrolling down.

What Are Maternity Shoes

Best Shoes For Pregnant Women

The constant weight gain puts a lot of pressure on the legs and feet leading to swollen feet, knee, and back pains. Even the usual slippers and shoes become tight. In such a scenario, specialized footwear that takes the shape of the swollen feet and evenly distributes the whole body weight is available and these are known as maternity shoes.

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Ugg Womens Classic Mini Ii Boot

Why its great: Uggs are the definition of comfortable shoes. Theyre warm, cozy, and easy to get on and off all of which are also important when youre pregnant. They are made of durable materials, and are pre-treated to be water resistant. The tread on Ugg boots offers great traction and flexibility, so youll be sure footed where ever these boots take you!

One of the most amazing features of Ugg boots is their ability to regulate temperature. Sheepskin and wool have been used for years to create clothing and footwear that provides warmth and comfort while wicking moisture away.

Keep in mind: Uggs do not offer much in the way of arch support, so an insert might be worth looking into. Also, the water repellant treatment does need to be reapplied every so often.

Good for: Moms that live in colder climates who will appreciate the warmth and coziness that Uggs have to offer.

Tiosebon Womens Athletic Walking Shoes

An almost perfect rating from thousands of makes these slip-on sneakers really stand out. We recommend them as pregnancy shoes because of their breathable mesh upper material, stretchy elastic topline, supportive arch insert and overall lightnessthe last thing you need right now is for your feet to feel even heavier. Bonus: These affordable maternity shoes also come in tons of stylish colors.

Buy it: Starting from $17,

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Q: Is It Okay To Wear Heels While Pregnant

: Shoes for pregnant women come with some restrictions, and its a bit of a bummer, but you should absolutely not wear heels while pregnant. Your center of gravity is harshly thrown off due to the child, so youre going to end up walking funny, increasing your chance of tripping or falling, and putting unnecessary stress on your plantar fascia and legs. If theres a special occasion that calls for heels, find an alternative with no more than 0.75 of a platform.

Rockdove Womens Original Two

â¶ï¸?Top 5 Best Pregnancy Shoes in 2021 – [ Buying Guide ]

RockDove makes the most incredible memory foam slippers that your feet will ever meet. They feel like youre walking on pillows. Youll wish your bed was this cozy.

But the slip-resistant rubber soles protect you outdoors and on wet floors and will keep your feet comfortable.

The upper has a waffle knit that lets the breeze through on warm days. Plus, you can toss the slippers in the machine to wash them when needed.

The only downside is the small selection of colors. These are some of the finest shoes for pregnant women.

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