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What Are The Best Shoes For Standing All Day

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Clarks Womens Hope Roxanne Flat

The Best “Standing All Day” Shoes | Teacher Shoes | Work Shoes

These shoes come with a cute rouching detail on top and are an ideal choice for women who want the look of a trendy flat, but not the pain they can get from the lack of cushioning. As many working ladies already know, sometimes comfy clogs can make your feet appear bigger than they actually are, but these comfortable work shoes are the exception. Some fashionistas say these shoes make their feet look smaller!

The skid-proof sole is a nice feature for anyone who may spend their work day on hardwood or tile floors. The Clarks come in black, dark brown, or navy so theyre easy to match to any work uniform. The ortholite footbed can also keep your feet feeling dry which is great for women who work in a hot or humid environment. These shoes are sure to keep your feet feeling cozy all day even if you spend hours standing or walking on a concrete floor.

Looking For The Best Shoes For Standing All Day

With all of the different jobs available, not everyone is bound to be an active salaried professional with a 6-figure salary. Some of us work odd schedules and perform labor tasks. And some of those include standing at a counter, taking orders, or performing boring, but essential, tasks for unappreciative bosses just so we can pay our bills.

But any job is better than none at all. Still, when the feet suffer, our financial security does as well. Pinched toes, foot cramps, sweaty feet, and poor arch support lead to painful, annoying, and unattractive foot concerns. The right comfortable footwear will address those issues and look attractive enough to work with your uniform or required work apparel. The following 30+ options are some of the best work shoes for comfortably standing all day on the job for both men and women.

Mens Soft Stride Canopy Slip Resistant Work Boot View On Amazon

This 100% leather boot from Skechers features a rubber, slip resistant sole. A lot of work boots claim to be slip resistant, but when put to the test in tougher conditions dont actually perform. This is not the case with the Soft Stride Canopy Work Boot. The boots sole is genuinely effective at handling wet conditions. This Work Boot is perfect for walking extensively on uneven or wet and unpredictable concrete.

The boot from Skechers for Work also has a solid heel cushioning of an approximate depth of 1.5 inches. Users from a wide variety of professions offer feedback that this cushioning provides the ideal amount of support for walking or standing on hard concrete surfaces all day.

Additionally, the Mens Soft Stride Canopy Slip Resistant Work Boot from Skechers has inner sole inserts that are memory foam-padded. Across the board, owners rave about the long-lasting comfort provided by the combination of this boots extra thick heel and the memory foam inner padding.

  • Sturdy heel measuring 1.5 inches
  • Slip-resistant rubber and ridged sole
  • Composite toe design
  • Not as much lateral ankle support
  • Bulkier / heavier boot

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The 11 Best Shoes For Standing Around All Day In 2021

Why does it feel like we are constantly on our feet? Can we ever catch a break? Lines in the grocery store, commutes to work, traveling all throughout your building at work for eight hours straight. It seems that no matter what it is we do, we end the day with our feet feeling like theyre in shambles. Maybe the sneaks were wearing now arent the best shoes for standing all day after all.

If you think you own the best walking shoes that money can buy and your feet still hurt after busy days, you clearly dont own the best shoes for standing around all day. Sorry to tell you, but youve been fooled. The best shoes for standing around all day should provide the right amount of support to keep your tootsies feeling comfortable and supported day in and day out.

Not only are the best shoes for standing some of the more obvious like Crocs and Dr. Scholl, but additionally you can expect sandals, various sneakers and comfortable dress shoes in the mix. It doesnt have to be about what the world already knows about in terms of comfort. We like to keep you on your toes here at SPY.

And, yes, comfortably.

If youre ready to keep your feet feeling fantastic day in and day out, youve come to the right place. Read on and discover all of the best shoes for standing all day below.

Dansko Mens Wayne Slip

Top 87 Best Shoes For Standing All Day 2021

The Dansko Mens Wayne Slip-On is another smart looking work shoe with a strong leather upper, a simple slip-on shape, small 0.75 platform and a durable construction. It is smart enough to be paired with work trousers for the office. However, the strength of the shoe, the outsole and the comfort features within also mean that it is well suited to people that have to be standing all day inside their workplace or walk outside to get to meetings.

The padding and leather lining are a nice touch for a little softness and added protection on those long hours. The dual elastic side goring help to improve the fit for a more adaptive feel and a secure, comfortable fit. Some feel that it runs a little large, but most are impressed with what is on offer here. The arch support and foot protection runs through the shoe in layers. From that leather lining down to the nitrol rubber outsole. There is a riveted shank to support the foot and help to prevent against pain and fatigue for those that need to walk long distances. The outsole then has strong shock absorption to protect the entire foot. Finally, the insole is molded to suit the ergonomics of the foot and can be removed if needed.

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Best Work Shoes For Standing All Day Jobs

Theres a lot of information available about how to handle your bodys needs in a sit-on-your butt type of job. And theres tons of info out there for the best types of shoes to realign your body if youre expected to walk all day. But theres not much discussion on what our body needs and what are the best shoes for standing all day at work.

Nike Tanjun Sneakers $3851 $8500 At Amazon And Zappos

If youre looking for a more stylish yet comfortable pair of shoes, these Nike Tanjun shoes are for you.

The Nike Tanjun sneakers are named after the Japanese word for simplicity, and the design shows it.

These shoes have a streamlined design made of breathable mesh material. They feature a lightly padded collar and tongue, fabric lining, and textile insole for added comfort.

They are also shock absorbent, thanks to the cushioned foam midsole and outsole that provide grip and stability.

These shoes are available in seven color combinations, perfect for fashion-forward individuals who are also looking for all-day comfort.

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New Balance 608v5 Sneakers

You just cant beat a classic, like these tried-and-true kicks from New Balance. With a super-cushioned base, comfy foam near the ankle, and a flexible outsole, these sneakers are designed to keep you on your feet all day long. And on top of all that, their leather uppers are stain-resistant, meaning theyll look crisp long after youve broken them in.

I have worn nothing but New Balance for close to 25 years, one reviewer, a nurse who works 12-hour days, writes. If you have a job where you are constantly on your feet, THIS IS THE SHOE FOR YOU. I wear compression socks as well. They are true to size, and after working long hours my feet dont hurt.

Saucony Womens Progrid Integrity St2 Walking Shoe View On Amazon

The Best Shoe For Standing All Day

Last but certainly not least, we introduce you to the Saucony Womens ProGrid Integrity ST2. This shoe makes the list of best shoes for concrete for many reasons, but the number one stand out feature is that this shoe perfectly blends classic style and all-day work comfort.

The ProGrid Integrity ST2 Walking shoe is incredibly lightweight and at first glance seriously resembles an attractive everyday walking or running shoe. This visual design makes the shoe especially appealing for users that want to transition their workday, utility shoe into other non-work oriented activities or events.

While the shoes style is excellent, the comfort level that this product provides is next level. Users describe this shoe as plush, roomy, and supportive. This can be equated to the ST2s proprietary ProGrid, cushioned insole and a unique aspect of the full-grain leather upper. At the front of this upper, there is a built in Stretch Zone, that features improved toe space and a more forgiving fit for people that are walking on traditionally unforgiving surfaces like concrete all day.

  • Limited shoe design coloring options

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Grasshoppers Womens Windsor Slip

Moving away from the typical slip-on loafers we have a very different approach with the casual Grasshoppers Womens Windsor Slip-On Flat. This model was inspired by boat shoes and is great for offices with a more relaxed dress code. This is the sort of shoe where women can get many pairs for different occasions. The black and pewter options can be smart enough for business casual events and less restrictive offices, but but there are also denim options and brighter colors.

This fabric shoe should be much lighter and airier than some of the thicker, leather options in workplace footwear. This leads to light, cool feet when standing all day at work for long periods of. This is enhanced by the use of the moisture wicking lining and odor control. In fact, the specification boast that women can wear this shoe sock free for a truly freeing, comfortable experience should they feel inclined to do so. There is elastic goring around the tongue and memory foam padding for an adaptive fit to increase the glove-like feet and effortless approach. Finally, there is one of those must-have removable footbeds with a cushioned arch. This Grasshoppers model may be casual, but it definitely ticks a lot of boxes when you need a comfortable shoes for standing all day.

Best For Nurses: Reebok Womens Princess Lite Classic Shoe

  • Shoes are quite simple and bulky
  • Materials do not last very long

The Reebok Princess Lite shoes would deliver you a classic and gentle style. Theyre very convenient and suitable for work types such as nursing, serving, or office work. The arch and toe construction are supportive and make it comfortable and easy for you to move on concrete floors. Plus, you would find it super easy to clean and preserve these shoes. Theyre also very long-lasting that you can wear over and over time.

With the rubber outsole, the memory foam midsole, these shoes would keep your feet in the state of comfort and lightness. You will always feel so comfy and cushioning when you wear these shoes that you even dont need socks.

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Q: What Can You Do For Tired Feet

A: Theres nothing worse than that feeling of tired, aching and fatigued feet at the end of a long shift standing all day. Theres also nothing better than the sweet sensation of removing your shoes and work socks, allowing your toes to wriggle and breathe and if you have someone whos up for the task, massaging your feet for you. Such bliss! You could of course always try massaging your own. You dont need to be an expert, just loosen up the muscles and joints with your hands and apply some gentle pressure to any sore spots.

Icing your feet is also a great way of relieving that dull and aching feeling, especially if theyre swollen and inflamed after a particularly long, hot and grueling day at work. Generally giving your feet a bit of a pamper session will also go a long way to picking up your spirits. Happy feet equals a happy you! Give them a good old stretch too. Its essential to fully release, relax and let go of any built-up tension throughout the day and to lengthen and elongate tight and shortened muscles with some good old stretches.

Best Value: Skechers Mens Glides Calculous Slip

The 15 Best Athletic Shoes for Standing All Day // ONE37pm
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Make you look good with work clothes


  • You may need to wear socks inside

A pair of leather shoes would be ideal for every man working at the office or restaurant. It helps to increase your elegant demeanor and give your feet the best protection. These Skechers Mens Glides Calculous shoes will fit you perfectly right out of the box. You would feel like wearing a pair of slippers, not leather shoes.

One outstanding thing about these shoes is that it has high durability so that you can wear them for the long-term. Theyre also suitable to use in every season, like summer or winter. The rubber sole makes you have a light foot. Plus, the exceptional insole mesh with aired-cooled memory foam provides you a feeling of comfort and breathability.

Lots of customers review that these Skechers shoes fit them perfectly right out of the box, even with the people with extra wide feet sizes. Theyre also super lightweight and make you look good with your work clothes. They would be the best pair of shoes with the high value you ever have had.

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Salomon Reelax Slide 50


Sometimes all you need is something to slip on before you head out of the house for a couple of errands. Although these shoes arent necessarily the all day type, sometimes a long line at Target or walks from the house to the mailbox can feel like its taking forever. Lucky for you, Samomons Reelax Slide 5.0s are the best slip-on shoes for the job. Made for comfort, rest and relaxation, these slides have a soft foam liner and breathable mesh to keep your feet cozy for your short but long-feeling daily endeavors. Throw these on with your favorite joggers and you should be ready to go.

How The Pressure On The Feet Can Be Decreased

For extreme activities, that are done by doctors and nurses that have to walk around the hospital all day or they have to stand alongside patients all day, feet must be relaxed. The outsoles design should not be protruding, as it may cause discomfort for the person. Shoes with flat and broad outsole are the best for extreme activities.

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The 10 Best Sneakers For Standing All Day According To Podiatrists

The right footwear can make or break your day, whether you’re heading to the gym, running errands, or walking around and exploring. And if you’re someone standing on their feet all day for work or school, then you know that not every style is made to withstand your grueling shifts or classes, which can result in major discomfort, strain, and fatigue. That’s why it’s important to consult the pros and lean on customer reviews to find the best sneakers for standing all day. Here, explore the styles that come approved by podiatrists and find out how to ensure that you’ve found the right sneaker for your lifestyle and footwear needs.

Mizuno Womens Wave Rider 23 Waveknit Running Shoe

Best Shoes for Walking and Standing all Day

The Wave Rider 23 is a running shoe aimed at providing for road-use. It achieves this with a combination of midsole foams that keep your feet cushioned. The cushioning is on the firmer end of the spectrum, with a durable rubber outsole to ensure the excellent grip provided by the Waver Rider 23 is maintained for as long as possible.

Up top, there is an abundance of breathable mesh fabric to keep your feet cool and fresh. Of course, this means that the shoe is not waterproof, but you have to make trade-offs somewhere. There are several colors available, but it should be noted that the sides of the outsole are a little on the visible side, which may pose a problem for workplaces with strict dress codes.

A strong contender in our list of best shoes for standing all day, the Wave Rider 23 is definitely better suited to the more active standing jobs, though it will do the job just fine for more sedate jobs, as well.

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What To Look For In A Supportive Sneaker

Regardless of your sense of style or profession, Brenner lists arch support as the most important factor to consider when shopping for supportive sneakers to stand in all day. “You can look for this in the thickness in the arch,” she says. “The thicker the arch, the more supportive.” From there, she notes that you’ll want to ensure your chosen sneaker has a wide toe box with a mesh material and a thick chunky heel: “If the toe box is too narrow, there isn’t support in the arch of the shoe this is also true if the heel is too thin.” Also worth noting: To ensure all-day comfort, Brenner recommends investing in orthotics for extra support and cushion. Her favorite insoles are the Superfeet Orthotic Insert and the Powerstep Pinnacle Arch Support Insoles.

As for what not to buy, Brenner adds, “Avoid a shoe with a hard material that goes over bony prominences. Make sure the shoe is semi-rigid and not too flexible.” Instead, you’ll want to check for an arch that is thick, a wide chunky heel, and make sure you can’t bend the shoe in half, she adds. To really ensure a perfect fit, Brenner recommends trying on the shoe towards the end of the day “when your feet are true to size” and having feet measured for width and size.

Ready to upgrade your footwear to something that will actually provide all-day support? Below, shop the best sneakers that come recommended by podiatrists for people who are on their feet all day.

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