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What Are The Shoes Nurses Wear

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Skechers Work Sure Track Trickel

BEST 2020 Registered Nurse Shoe Review! (NIKE, DANSKO, CROCS, REEBOK, BROOKS)

Comfort and traction all in one! These shoes have a removable memory foam pad, slip-resistant outsole, and pull tab for easy on and off. This sure sounds like the perfect shoe for comfort and stability. Lets be honest, we all know you run into some messy situations keep your footing with theseSkechers!

Skechers owner writes

This shoe has so many positive things to say about, I hardly know where to start. First, let me say it is the most fantastic shoe I have ever worn.

Best Shoes For Nurses 2021

What are the best shoes for nurses and healthcare professionals? It seems like a simple question. But, the answer can get really complicated. Not just any old walking shoe will do for nurses. That’s why we asked nurses themselves. Here are the shoes that were most recommended by our online nursing community of over 133,000 nurses:

Benefits Of A Quality Pair Of Nursing Shoes

A nurse on the floor can spend 12 hours or more a day on their feet. Having uncomfortable shoes that dont fit properly or offer enough support will not only leave you with aching feet but more complex aches and pains in the legs and back. Sometimes this pain and discomfort can translate to long term back and leg problems that are difficult and costly to treat. Fortunately, there is a wide array of nursing shoes, specifically designed to address the unique needs of nurses. We spend a lot of time focusing on finding the most comfortable nursing shoes, but we also ensure that we cover features of the shoe that you may not feel directly, but will impact you in the long term.

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What Are Comfortable Shoes For Nurses


  • Skechers Womens Comfort Flex Sr Hc Pro Health Care Professional Shoe
  • Easy Works Womens Lyndee Health Care Professional Shoe
  • Skechers for Work Womens Eldred Shoe
  • Alegria Womens Classic Clog
  • Easy Spirit Womens Traveltime Mule
  • Dansko Womens Pro XP Clog
  • Easy Works Womens Bind Health Care Professional Shoe

Why Comfort Shoes Matter For The Nursing Industry

Nurse Shoes: Designed for Medical Comfort of Nurses ...

Wearing your favorite pair of shoes to work might not be practical, especially if your shoes do not fit correctly or lack in terms of support. These shoes may look stylish, but you will be putting yourself at serious risk of foot conditions by wearing them at a job that requires you to stand all day. Nursing entails long periods of standing as part of the day-to-day responsibilities of the job. Whether its running next to a gurney or tending to multiple patients in the emergency room, nurses can put a lot of wear and tear on their feet. When a nurse is shopping for a shoe, he or she should look for a brand that specializes in comfort and optimal support for those who spend most of the day on their feet. Fortunately, at Lucky Feet Shoes we carry the top comfort footwear brands for those working in the medical field.

Here are the Top 10 Comfort Shoes for Nurses available and why they are effective:

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Sanita Professional Oil Clogs

Thanks to their durable leather frame, these clogs are ready for anything. If you tend to have achy arches after a long day, the American Podiatric Medical Association recommends these kicks because of their top-notch, long-lasting arch supportideal for nurses with flat feet. Plus, reviewers say, theyre a great alternative clog if Danskos just dont work for you.

This is my fourth pair of Sanita clogs and I wear them to work as a health care professional, an Amazon reviewer explains. The sole of the shoe is hard, but they remain comfortable all day because of the undying arch support.

Brooks Ghost 13 Sneakers

When youre dealing with all of the responsibilities of being a nurse, you want a shoe that can withstand the rigors of a marathon, Dr. Langone says. Brooks is known for its quality running shoes, and Ghosts are no exception. Theyre described in terms typically reserved for luxury cars: plush, with a smooth ride. Tons of supportive cushioning and a secure fit ensure that you’ll stay comfy throughout your shift, too.

I stand on a concrete floor every day for eight hours, says an Amazon shopper who used to experience intense pain in their back and feet after working. Brooks is the first shoe I have kept and used for work and has consistently good performance results.

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2. Knapik JJ, Trone DW, Tchandja J, Jones BH. Injury-reduction effectiveness of prescribing running shoes on the basis of foot arch height: summary of military investigations. J Orthop Sports Phys Ther. 2014 Oct 44:805-12. doi: 10.2519/jospt.2014.5342. Epub 2014 Aug 25. PMID: 25155917.

About the author

Casey Mazzotti, DPT, earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2018 and has worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings to maximize patient outcomes and facilitate a safe and productive environment for others. Additionally, she is a freelance writer, working to educate and empower those navigating the healthcare system.

Why Do Nurses Need Comfortable Nursing Shoes

How to Dress as a Nurse | Nursing Apparel Tips

Because of the nature of their work and the need to be able to move around fast, it is a must to have comfortable shoes for nurses. Nurses work for about 1215 hours per day, and most of the time they are either standing or walking around. Sometimes, they also need to carry heavy supplies and push hospital equipment. This puts a great strain on their feet and legs.

Without the proper support of good shoes, nurses experience pain and extreme discomfort in their lower extremities. They are more susceptible to experiencing arthritis and heel spurs, and are prone to overstretching the muscles and tendons that hold up the foot arch. These conditions are easily aggravated if they do not wear the proper nursing shoes.

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Skechers Sure Track Trickel Shoes

Skechers garner high praise from service workers for their comfort and durability during long work days. Theyre also water-resistant with memory foam insoles and non-slip rubber bottoms, which keep your feet glued to the floor through spills and any terrain. And on top of that, these sneakers come with a shock-absorbing midsole, meaning your feet will feel like theyre floating all day long.

First let me say it is the most fantastic shoe I have ever worn, one buyer raves. I have never had a more comfortable and supportive shoe than this one. They literally massage my feet all day long. There is a memory foam pad that fits under the base of my toes and its so comfortable.

What Are The Best Shoes For Nurses

Earlier, we listed out the best shoes for in general for healthcare workers. With that said, maybe youre only looking for the best shoes for nurses only.

If so, heres our top recommendation:

Theyre simply hard to beat when it comes to quality, comfort, and getting the most bang for your buck. That is why, in my opinion, these specifically are the best shoes for nurses.

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Nurse Mates Dove $7699

The Nurse Mates Dove is a very popular slip-on style shoe that was designed specifically for nurses. Theyre lightweight, come in multiple widths, and feature a leather upper that makes it easy to wipe off any spills. The Nurse Mates Dove come in no-frills white or black, making them an easy and unobtrusive choice for personalities or work environments that require a subdued design. The Nurse Mates Dove may not be flashy, but they are a solid, dependable, and affordable choice for nurses. They also have mens nursing shoes and can have a padded collar to reduce foot pain.

Characteristics Of Good Nursing Shoes

Best Nursing Shoes: Review and Buying Guide

Although they may look similar, nursing shoes differ from regular shoes. They are made to meet the needs of nurses in their everyday duties in the hospital.

The primary focus of these shoes is to ensure comfort without forsaking safety. By meeting this standard, tedious tasks in the hospital will be easier to accomplish.

A good pair of nursing shoes should have the following characteristics:


Nursing shoes should be lightweight so they will not be a burden to wear during busy and extended shifts. Lightweight shoes will also aid in preventing health problems associated with stress and fatigue from work, like low back pain and muscle cramps.

Easy to clean

As a nurse, you dont have the luxury to clean your nursing shoes every day. You are also vulnerable to accidental spills of blood and other body fluids. These are the reasons why a good nursing shoe should be easy to clean with just a wipe of a damp cloth.


Because being a nurse involves a lot of footwork, it is important to get a tough and durable pair of shoes. A pair of shoes will only last for several months if its not tough enough to survive clinical duties.


You will encounter a lot of spills on the hospital floor and if you are not careful, you might slip accidentally while walking or running. For this reason, going for a non-skid shoe is always recommended to ensure safety.

Fits perfectly

With arch support

To know more, you can watch this really helpful video below:

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Do Nurses Wear Socks With Crocs

Nurses wont support the idea of wearing socks with Crocs because that would hide the very purpose of wearing the shoes.

When you wear socks with Crocs, there would be less ventilation.

In general, nurses have to work for about 12 hours in the hospital.

As such, they need to get themselves relieved from the sweaty feet.

But, there are people who like to wear socks with Crocs.

So, it can be concluded that wearing socks with Crocs is purely a matter of choice and anyone can wear them if they feel comfortable.

The question of wearing socks with crocks have been a major subject of debate for a long time.

Some nurses feel that wearing socks with Crocs makes you look dumb. Yet, some nurses put them on because they feel extra comfort.

Crocs somewhat became a fashion statement.

And, many people including nurses hold the view that wearing socks with the shoes make you look old.

Talking about its origin, Crocs were developed to be used on boats.

These shoes are slip resistance, waterproof, and the holes present on the top help circulate air and allow water to drain out.

When you wear socks, the whole purpose of the shoe gets ruined.

On the other hand, some people are of the opinion that anybody can wear whatever they want.

Because, thats their feet, and they have the liberty to choose whatever that suits them fine.

Nurses understand how important it is to have comfortable shoes.

Some nurses wear socks with Crocs because they feel comfortable wearing them.

What Shoes Do Male Nurses Wear

Male nurses tend to wear sneaker-like shoes that offer all the qualities that a great nursing shoe or a shoe worn by people who are on their feet every day chose to wear. Some male nurses will also wear clog-like shoes such as Clogs just like their female counterparts. The important aspects of any shoe that you are going to wear when nursing applies to both males and females such as safety, comfort, support and to alleviate the stress on your feet.

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Mens Adrenaline Gts 19

Mens Adrenaline Shoesare the perfect balance between design and functionality.

These shoes have an ideal structure and softness for comfort.

These shoes are designed with BioMoGo DNA and DNA loft cushioning, which ensures the feet are comfortable when playing and working for long hours.

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They are also designed with a cushioned midsole for support.

These shoes also come with a perfect amount of support for the arch, making them an ideal pair for male nurses with flat feet.

The best feature of these shoes is the guide rails holistic support system, which locks with the floor to keep the feet stable.


  • Streamlined body for a snug fit.


  • Narrow fitting making it unsuitable for wide feet.
  • Curved at the toes can make them too tight for some.

K-Swiss was developed as tennis shoes though it can be worn by nurses to work and remain comfortable all day.

These are a perfect pair if you are looking for quality and durability.

These shoes are designed with a memory foam that automatically corrects grooves and offers ultimate comfort throughout the day.

The body of the sneaker is made of leather.

Then heal is also designed to absorb shock with every step and throughout the training.

The bottom is made with deep treads that improve traction and prevent slipping even on wet floors.


  • The heel is designed to absorb shock.
  • Easy to wipe clean.
  • Available in black, white, and grey, which can be worn in a strict work dress code.


Top Pick: New Balance Womens Training Shoe

Before you buy those nursing shoes

The New Balance Womens Training Shoe is my top pick tennis shoe for nurses because it ticks every single box going.

I have a pair of these and when I am not wearing my clogs, this is what I go for. Theyre extremely comfortable, affordable, and stylish without being overt which Is exactly what you need in the workplace.

Not only that, but a ton of people also swear by them. The user reviews speak for themselves for this training shoe from New Balance.

A consistent best-seller, it is difficult to find a negative opinion about them. And considering the volume of shoes being sold, that is quite an achievement.

However, enough of the hyperbole, what exactly are you getting here?

First off this sneaker features what New Balance has labeled ABZORBs rubber heel technology.

This, of course, is designed to increase comfort by adding superior support to the heel area of the foot.

Wearing these provides extra cushioning and compression resistance exactly where you need it most.

The sneaker also has an internal shank reinforced for improved stability and control.

The heel of the shoe is actually quite large at 1.75. This does aid posture, however, forcing forward mobility that will help keep you bouncing through the clinic/ward on a busy day.

Superior comfort and design exist within the insole of course. Inside your feet will enjoy a breathable textile lining with a padded mesh tongue that helps stabilize the fit.

My number one pick for good reason.

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Nursing Shoes For Women Buyers Guide

Finding the right nursing shoe requires thinking through many different features and functions. Weve written up some of the most important things to consider to find good nursing shoes in our buyers guide. Well help you find the nursing shoe that is most comfortable and functional for you. You can find it below the write-up of each pair of nurse shoes just skip to it now.

What Are The Best Shoes For Healthcare Workers


  • Easy Works Womens Lyndee Health Care Professional Shoe
  • Skechers for Work Womens Eldred Shoe
  • Skechers Womens Comfort Flex Sr Hc Pro Health Care Professional Shoe
  • Skechers Work Sure Track
  • Easy Works Womens Lyndee Health Care Professional Shoe
  • Skechers for Work Womens Eldred Shoe
  • Alegria Womens Classic Clog
  • Easy Spirit Womens Traveltime Mule
  • Skechers Work Sure Track Trickel
  • Dansko Womens Pro XP Clog
  • Easy Works Womens Bind Health Care Professional Shoe

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Crocs Womens Neria Pro Ii Work Clogs

The Crocs Neria Pro II Work Clogs are specially designed for women who work long hours on their feet. The relaxed fit gives your feet room to breathe, while enhanced arch supports can help carry you through long days. The outsole features patented Crocs Lock treads for slip-resistant traction, and the fully molded design is easy to clean with soap and water.

Adidas Mens Alphabounce Beyond Running Shoe

Many Shoes Are There, âBut What Shoes Do Nurses Wearâ

This is an awesome shoe with great flexibility and comfort. The Alphabouce Beyond has a natural stretch to adapt to your every move. It also features a molded heel counter. This provides a natural fit and excellent movement of your Achilles. Not only does this shoe offer comfort, but solid traction for all floor types.

Adidas purchaser writes

Ive had these shoes for 8months now and theyre still in as good of condition as when I bought them. I usually do not buy best shoes for nurses online because I have a wide foot and most of the time they dont fit, but these shoes fit people with wide and regular feet. They are extremely comfortable with the padding on the soul of the shoe and are great for athletic activities!

Finding the right pair of shoes can be a trial and error process. Its important that you feel comfortable, love the style and its easy to clean because youll be wearing them often! If you are struggling to find the perfect pair, visit a local running shoe store. They can fit you into the best shoes for nurses for your foot type. At the end of the day, you want a shoe with great support, breathability, a rubber outsole, and a padded tongue. Of course, a great style is vital too. Dont be afraid to try a variety of styles and brands. Youre on your feet way too often to settle for anything less than the best!


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