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What Is Extra Wide Shoe Size

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How Can I Measure My Shoe Width

If your 6E shoe width hurts then try our 9E extra wide width

Follow these steps to measure your feet and find a pair of shoes with the right width:

  • Wrap a tape measure around the widest part of your bare foot.
  • Place a foot on the ground as if you were standing normally.
  • Use this measurement to determine the shoe width you need.
  • This UK foot width chart should give you a good idea of the shoe width you require:

    UK Size

    What Is The Main Difference Wide Vs Extra Wide Shoes

    Finding properly fitted shoes is essential for walking, running, jumping, playing, or doing anything comfortably. However, we mostly put importance on measuring the length of any shoes to determine which size fits our feet. But measuring the width is also crucial for ensuring the comfort of your feet.

    There are narrow, medium, wide, and extra-wide shoes available and you need to take proper width measurement to decide what width is perfect for the feet. Here, Ill discuss the various aspects and differences of wide and extra-wide shoes.

    How To Measure The Width Of Your Foot

    Choosing a larger pair of shoes might also provide you a larger width, but the scenario is not the same every time. That is why you should measure the width of your feet to find the proper sizing to your feet.

    Following the below steps will help you give the proper measurement of the width of your feet.

    • You need nothing more than a measuring tape to measure the width of your foot.
    • First, wrap the tape around the widest part of your feet. Basically, the widest part is where the bunion joint is situated just under the larger toe.
    • After taking the measurement, compare this with the size chart of the shoe brand you are intended to buy your shoes and select the right one.

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    Shoe Width For Younger Ones

    Measuring the width of the feet and choosing the right fitting shoes is also important for the younger ones. There are also typically four different widths found for younger shoes. These are narrow, standard, wide, and extra-wide. Younger ones have growing feet.

    They might find wearing the same size of shoes uncomfortable for a long time. So, the shoe size should be changed frequently for them, unless this can become an obstacle to the proper growth of their feet.

    Womens And Mens Shoe Widths: What Are The Differences

    Shoe Widths Explained

    It is considered the general rule of thumb that females have narrower feet than males. And this is one of the key reasons for the availability of different shoe size charts for women and men. For example, shoes labeled with D width means wide for ladies, while it is medium or standard for men.

    In addition, you are likely to find shoes marked with 3E/EEE or greater only in mens shoes. On the other hand, the letter A and anything greater will be available in womens shoes. Fortunately, lots of shoe companies have been adjusting this to accommodate ladies with wide feet.

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    What Do A 2a And 4a Widths Mean In Shoes

    When it comes to ladies shoes, A width letter is signified as either narrow or extra narrow, but A represents extra-narrow width for mens shoes. When extra A letters are added , the shoes will become tighter. Or you can also see other forms of these. In particular, AA equals 2A, AAA means 3A, and AAAA is 4A. But some shoe companies will also use slim or super slim as another meaning for narrow or extra narrow.

    Buying Guide For Wide And Extra Wide Shoes

    Finding comfortable yet stylish footwear can be a complicated task, even more so if you happen to have broad or extra wide feet. However, you should never settle for regular shoes. Thinking that you will eventually stretch them out, or planning to wear them regardless of the pain and discomfort they may cause, is not a smart idea. Your feet will hurt and you will end up back at square one looking for wide shoes to buy. Another thing to take into consideration is that there are several parts of our body that change as you grow older, and feet is one of them. Feet will widen and lengthen the older we get. It is thus important, to avoid general discomfort and possible health problems when walking, that the shape and size of shoes is the right one for your type of feet. To aid you in your search, here are some tips on how to find wide and extra wide shoes for women, men or kids.

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    What Is A Wide Fit Shoe Your Guide To Understanding Wide Shoe Widths

    • May 22, 2019August 27, 2020

    Think you might need wide fit shoes but not sure where to start? Were here to help you out. Here at we often get asked questions like what is a wide fit shoe? or exactly how wide is a wide fit shoe, anyway?, so weve put together a quick guide to wide fit shoes and how standard UK widths compare to our wide fit range here.

    What Does 4e Mean In Shoes

    Fashion Nova Shoe Haul – UK Size 9 – Will They Fit My Extra Wide Feet? *Trina-Louise*

    Its a common incident to stumble upon the term 4E when shopping for shoes. But what does 4E mean in shoes? Well, its a term used for measuring wide shoes width.

    However, its not as simple as it sounds. The terms used for wide shoes are sometimes very confusing to all of us. Sometimes its just a letter, sometimes its size names, and sometimes they are a combination of letters and numbers.

    4E is a size that combines a letter and a number to indicate the width of a shoe. Lets dig a little deep into this issue.

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    Work Place Safety Shoes

    Do you need shoe widths explained? That is why you are here.

    Specifically, you are looking for information on shoe sizes D vs E.

    If you look at our title, you will see that this is a comparison between wide and medium. The reason is that D is medium narrow for men and E is medium wide for men, or wide.

    When buying shoes, most people just check the length and they neglect checking the width size. When their footwear is delivered, they find that it runs too wide or too narrow.

    If that happens, most people prefer to break in the shoes by stretching them. However, that would not be necessary if they had ordered the right width size.

    In the US, width size is indicated by letters.The higher up the letter is in the alphabet, the wider the footwear is. For example, B is wider than A, E is wider than D and so on. At the same time, two letters indicate extra wide or narrow.

    When ordering a pair of work boots online, most people are confused by width sizes D and E. Are they the same? Apparently not, as you will see in the upcoming sections.

    It depends on who is asking.

    Manufacturers use different letters for classifying the same width size for women and men.

    There is a good reason for this. You see, men have more muscle mass. Therefore, they not only have longer legs, but they also have wider feet.

    On the other hand, women are blessed with smaller, narrower and daintier feet. However, men with small frames can wear shoes under the womens size rating, especially the wider ones.

    Why Do Shoes Come In Different Widths

    No two people have the same foot shape and size. Thats why youll find varying widths to allow a larger variety of people to wear a certain style of shoe.

    Different shoe widths mean that the tread on the soles of shoes changes from size to size. For example, with wide fit shoes, the sole has a greater width and the toe box is deeper than a standard fit.

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    What Are Medium Shoes

    The medium shoes are ¼ inch wider than the narrow-fitting shoes and ¼ inch narrower than the wide shoes. Medium-fitted shoes are also designed for people with broad feet but their feet width is comparatively lesser than those fit for wide shoes.

    These shoes are designed specifically to give clinical support to the feet and people who are suffering from edema or feet swelling benefit a great deal. People who require a medium shoe their feet is a slightly broader than normal feet and faces lesser difficulty when wearing a narrow-fitting shoe.

    But, their toes still tend to overlap or they forcefully have to squeeze their entire feet inside a normal shoe. And, if the lack of comfort continues for a long period due to negligence it can give rise to foot or leg disorders. So, it is always recommended to measure both the width and length of a foot before buying a pair of shoes.

    The sizing for medium shoes also varies for both men and women. For men, the medium shoes are labeled as D whereas for women the medium-fit shoe is labeled as B.

    What Does Shoe Width Mean

    Shoe Width Chart

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    Navigating shoe sizes can be a confusing maze of numbers and letters to the uninitiated.

    The US and Europe use different shoe sizing metrics, there are different sizing standards for men and women, and there is almost no true standard shared by all manufacturers.

    However, within this mess of sizing nomenclature, there is another often overlooked set of designations: shoe widths.

    Getting the width of your shoe correct is just as important as getting the length right for comfort.

    This is particularly important for rigid, tight-fitting shoes or shoes that you plan to use extensively for walking or commuter cycling or road cycling.

    Shoes that are too narrow can squeeze your feet and cause cramps, while shoes that are too wide will allow your foot to move and cause rubbing that leads to blisters.

    Although it is sometimes possible to narrow or widen shoes after you purchase them, particularly in the case of leather shoes, it is much simpler and more comfortable in the long run to get the width of your shoes correct right from the start.

    To determine the width of a shoe, the key lies in a cryptic set of letters that are typically displayed alongside the length.

    There are nine different widths of shoes in the measurement spectrum used in the US, with a different combination of letters to designate whether a shoe is narrow, medium, or wide.

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    How To Determine If You Need Wide Width Shoes

    If you frequently try on shoes that fit great length-wise but feel cramped in the sides, its a pretty clear sign you may need wide width shoes. Moving to a longer length shoe is a common band-aid fix. It will give you a bit of extra width, but it will be a clumsy fit with extra space in either the heel or the toe box. This is bad for a few reasons – it can cause chafing or blisters, alter your gait and even lead to tripping. Its always best to find a pair of shoes that fit correctly.

    Another method of checking your foot width is using the Brannock Device, a tool used to professionally measure feet. While the Brannock Device is most commonly used to measure foot length, it also has a slider to measure foot width.

    Do Feet Change Width?

    People who have traditionally worn a normal or medium width shoe may be surprised to find out they should actually be wearing wide width shoes. In a lot of cases, a poor-fitting shoe is blamed on a long break-in process, when its really the wrong size. The Cleveland Clinic notes that its common for your feet to grow wider as you age, either from weight gain, or normal changes in ligaments and tendons. If you feel like your shoes are tighter than they used to be, considering trying on a pair of wide width shoes.

    Women’s Shoe Width Chart

    Since there is no standard width system used by manufacturers to measure the fit of narrow, average and wide, the best way to get an accurate measurement is to use our Foot.Science app, available for free on iOS and Android.

    Most sports brands carry the full variety of the widths and this is helped along by the fact that sport shoes usually have fastenings that allow for adjustability.

    Shop our custom collections

    Its important to point out that often, when a shoe is too tight on the arch, its not a size-up that is needed but a wider fit. The best way to tell if youve got the right width fitting is when the edges of your foot meet and align flush with the edges of the footbed, not narrower and not overlapping . The heel should sit snugly in the heel cup and the general feel without lacing up or fastening it should be comfortable without being restrictive.

    Most orthopaedic/medical footwear brands tend to run wider than the average commercial shoe. But lets face it, the aesthetics are rather bland on the bulk of whats available. If you have wider than average feet, it is worth taking the time and finding that perfect pair rather than settling for a style that will only give you limited longevity or wearability because it doesnt go with much in your closet.

    When shopping at speciality health footwear stores, you could request shoes with extra depth, these are helpful when your required size and width still feel a bit tight across the instep.

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    Are Any Other Shoe Choices Available

    Do not hesitate to contact me directly at my e-mail if you have any further questions or if you need a different pair of shoes for your child. My e-mail address is:

    Does your child have really wide or extra wide feet? Have you found a particular brand or shoe style that has worked better for his or her feet? Please share your thoughts and experiences below so other parents can benefit from them!

    What If Your Shoes Are Too Narrow/tight

    Simply Be Shoe Haul – Size 9 UK – Extra Wide! *Trina-Louise*

    Just like the too wide shoes, wearing too-tight sneakers can give rise to some foot issues, including sores, foot deformities, bunions, etc. Whats more, these shoes might limit breathability, which results in excessive perspiration. It also creates an environment conducive to bacterial or fungal infections.

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    What Are Wide Width Shoes

    Wide width shoes are variations of normal sized shoes where the overall length is the same, but the toe box and forefoot width is increased to accommodate wider feet. People with wide feet usually have a similar heel width, but have a wider forefoot and wider toes. Wide width shoes may also have greater depth because wide feet are usually taller too.

    How To Know If You Need Wide Shoes

    If you tend to be uncomfortable in most shoes, theres a good chance youre wearing the wrong size. On top of that, if you constantly feel cramped no matter what style you wear, you might have wide feet.

    So, how do you tell if you need wider fit shoes or standard width shoes without buying a pair first? Measuring your feet is easy to do, and well cover the steps below.

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    Shoe Width: Why It Matters If You Want Healthy Feet

    Your feet work hard, sometimes walking thousands of steps per day. Thats why wearing shoes that fit correctly is so important. But finding the right fit isnt just about the length, the importance of the width of your shoes is as crucial.If your shoes are too snug, your feet, and the rest of your body, can be at risk for a list of problems.

    Do You Need Wide Shoes

    If youre like most people, you probably havent given your shoe size much thought while buying shoes since your feet stopped growing as a teenager. But according to a 2018 study published in the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research, only about a third of people wear the right shoe size. How is this possible? As it turns out, the correct shoe size is just as much about width as it is about length.

    While you probably havent wondered, do I have wide feet, wide feet is a very common foot condition affecting millions of people, and it leads many to wear the wrong size footwear. If you think you may have, a wide foot measurement, you might be wondering how to tell if you need wide shoes. As seasoned footwear specialists with a passion for delivering the perfect fit, the team at Vionic is well-versed in wide fit shoe options. Are you asking yourself, Do I need wide width shoes? If so, heres how to find out.

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    Can You Correct Wide Feet

    Yes, you can correct wide feet via surgery. The surgery is usually only performed on people with abnormally wide feet or toe abnormalities, such as hammertoes. During the surgery, the team narrows the sides of the feet by shaving bones or bunions. They may also shorten the toes. The surgery is called Cinderella surgery.

    Relevant Terms Used In Shoes

    You may have noticed a lot of letters when getting a pair of shoes. Basically, letters start from A and end on E when measuring shoes. And the measurement follows the flow of the letters.

    That means A size shoes are the narrowest on the list and E size shoes are the widest. There are sizes in between. You can choose to adjust your feet and get the perfect measurement.

    Note that the measurement in numbers when compared with letter measurement can vary from brand to brand. Thats why its tough to assign any size in inches or cm to these letters. However, your preferred brand will have a chart indicating the size in numbers so you can check that out before buying a pair.

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