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What Kind Of Shoe Is Good For Standing All Day

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How Our Shoe Choice Is Linked To Our Workplace

Top 5 Best Shoes For Standing All Day in 2019

This is another important point to consider. Our workplace should be in our mind while selecting shoes. Our shoe choice is our appearance and ones appearance is very important in employment. Three main factors that affect our appearance and must be kept in mind are,

1. Shoe Color:

If ones workplace has a formal environment, they must select shoes with plain colors. Nude colors are the most acceptable for formal environments. Bright-colored or glowing shoes may not be acceptable for a formal environment. It is all about the aesthetic sense that makes you look presentable. It is not something non-negotiable in fact, it is the last thing that someone might notice about you. If you are very conscious about your personality you must look for plain colors.

2. Low-Maintenance:

When your job is hectic and engages your whole day, you dont find time for yourself. In such a case, shoes also demand maintenance, as they are also involved in the hectic routine. So if you want to free yourself from unwanted jostle you need shoes that require low maintenance.

Maintenance-friendly shoes can help you a lot. These are made of leather that is easy to wipe and stains dont stay on such leather, so that during the extreme routines if you somehow spill something on your shoes, it should not become a problem for you.

3. Non-Marking Sole:

Keen Mens Austin Work Shoe

The final model in this womens section of the most comfortable shoes for working on hard surfaces all day is the Skechers for Work Womens 76550 Sure Track Work Shoe. This work shoe takes a different turn from the other models by being a lace-up, sneaker style. This is ideal for anyone working in kitchens and warehouses that would much rather wear a sport shoe for long-term support and cushioning. This thick, black shoe would easy go by unnoticed in the workplace as the only detail is the small S on the side. This is because the focus is on the shape, construction and support.

The lace up closure helps to ensure a great, adjustable fit and there is a nice pull loop at the back to help here. There is only a very small number of people that feel the sizing runs a little small. These shoes contain a memory foam insole to help fit sink into the right position over long shifts and this sits on top of a shock absorbing midsole to disperse pressure and increase comfort. This long-term comfort is also aided by the use of mini perforated panels on the side to keep feet cool and dry over long shifts standing or walking on the job.

Merrell Mens Jungle Moc Pro Grip Work Shoe

The key selling point to the Merrell Mens Jungle Moc Pro Grip Work Shoe lies in the name. This slip-on leather work shoe has a slip-resistant Suregrip outsole to help protect against spills and other dangerous surfaces. This is a great starting point for any men that find themselves working all day on hard floors and require the very best security. However, there are even more benefits for this type of work environment in the comfort features that are provided.

The shoe has a padded collar, for soft cushioning around the ankle and not a hint of blister forming over the long shift. It also fits pretty true to size thanks to the use of the flexible goring inserts. There is also an air cushion insole to provide a light, comfortable surface between the foot and the floor. This M-Select fresh insole also prevents against sweat and odour for fresher, drier feet on those long shifts. This is sold as a very low maintenance shoe and it is hard to argue. It is also easy to see why buyers like them so much and see them as one of the best options in user-friendly footwear.

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Adidas Barricade Classic Bounce Tennis Shoes

Another solid option when youre looking for the best tennis shoes for standing all day long is Adidas Barricade Classic Bounce Tennis Shoes. Made with a high-quality construction that combines cushion, support, and stability, these shoes work really well on hard surfaces. Although there are only 4 color options available, each of them is very attractive and stunning.

As you mightve guessed, these shoes name refers to the Bounce midsole. It offers both cushion and shock absorption for heavy footwork. Furthermore, theres also a molded foam insole for deep cushion and supporting the arches while the Adituff toe guard prevents missteps.

Salomon Reelax Slide 50

The best shoes for standing all day, according to a foot ...


Sometimes all you need is something to slip on before you head out of the house for a couple of errands. Although these shoes arent necessarily the all day type, sometimes a long line at Target or walks from the house to the mailbox can feel like its taking forever. Lucky for you, Samomons Reelax Slide 5.0s are the best slip-on shoes for the job. Made for comfort, rest and relaxation, these slides have a soft foam liner and breathable mesh to keep your feet cozy for your short but long-feeling daily endeavors. Throw these on with your favorite joggers and you should be ready to go.

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Q: What Helps With Pain From Standing All Day

A: Being mindful of your posture and ensuring that you are stood correctly will really help with the pain from standing all day long. That and a good comfortable and supportive pair of arch supporting insoles. You might think that flat shoes are going to be the best all-day shoes you can wear, but in reality, you need a little bit of heel elevation and an excellent supportive arch to really help minimize foot pain. If you are really in pain, then you could consider a pair of custom insoles that will better do the job of evenly distributing your weight across the entire surface of your foot.

If your posture is out of whack, it doesnt matter what shoes you are wearing, you will still feel uncomfortable. So be mindful about whether youre tilting too far forward or backward and try and stay in a neutral spine position. Today it might just be a bit of pain, but left unchecked, poor posture can lead to much more severe issues with your back and hips as well as causing digestion issues too. When standing for a prolonged period, keep your feet shoulder-width apart and allow those arms to fall and hand naturally by your sides. Keep the knees slightly bent rather than in a locked out position and make sure that you routinely and regularly shift your weight from one foot to the other as well as from your toes to your heels. In addition, we made a selection of footwear for back pain relief, feel free to check them out.

Calzuro Classic Clogs With Holes

These Italian clogs are a cult favorite among everyone from cheesemakers to emergency medicine physiciansand for good reason. With a slip-resistant sole, anti-static material, a genuinely cool silhouette, and a slight heel to reduce fatigue, theyre practically made for nurses. And Calzuro clogs are among the easiest shoes to clean, since they play nice with both dishwashers and autoclaves.

I do 24-hour shifts and these shoes keep my feet happy, one reviewer explains. I especially love how easy they are to clean. In my profession they can get pretty gross, so a run under water in the sink and a wipe down and they are as good as new.

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Skechers Performance Mens Go Walk 3 Slip

If you are looking for a walking shoe that looks more like casual footwear and less like a standard walking sneaker, look no further than the Skechers Performance Shoe. These are designed for those who want the comfort of a walking shoe but are not prepared to sacrifice their style for a standard pair. Sleek, black and stylish, these shoes look like casual shoes but offer incredible traction on the bottom of their rubber soles. The superb traction on these shoes are created by the perfectly sized, thicker grooves. These shoes are slip-on style so you will be able to simply step into them and walk out the door when the mood to be outside strikes. Ultra lightweight, you wont have to worry about these walking shoes weighing downy your feet and tiring them out before the day is done. They have a comfortable mesh upper that encourages air to flow in and out of the shoe every time you walk, promising a comfortable and breathable step to help keep your feet cooler and dryer. Inside of these skechers, there is a goga mat insole that provides your feet with plenty of cushioning. The memory foam liner offers all of the support you need.


Dr Scholls Massaging Advanced Insole

The Best “Standing All Day” Shoes | Teacher Shoes | Work Shoes

One of the pioneering brands in the orthopedic foot care industry is Dr. Scholls. It was founded in 1906 in Chicago by Dr. William Scholl.

This insole was specially designed for people who stand all day as well as those who work on hard surfaces. It is built with massaging gel technology and superior cushioning. With its shock-absorbing properties, the insoles should keep you comfortable and energized at work.

This insole has also been proven to be effective in allowing its users to move more. One recent clinical study proved that participants were able to move over than 10% more when they placed these massaging gel insoles inside their shoes.

While this is not the least expensive on this list, this insole is a good choice if youre after quality. Expect it to last for a year or so.

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Skechers Sport Mens Memory Foam Fit Reprint Lace

With these, you are getting a classic sneaker that is able to be worn no matter what you intend to do. Whether you want to train, run, walk, jog or just enjoy a game of sport, you can do so with the Skechers Sport Mens Memory Foam Sneaker. These sneakers are versatile in their neutral color and can be worn with any of your athletic attire. They are made out of 100 percent leather, making for durable shoes that can be worn for many years to come. The leather is also sleek and smooth to the touch. This sneaker features layered leather around the lacing, which is standard lacing that can be used to tighten the shoe to your liking. There is a strip at the tongue that provides extra cushioning for the top of the foot and perforations along the top and the sides in order to offer plenty of airflow with every single step you take. This can help you enjoy a longer walk without your feet getting uncomfortable or sweaty. There is a memory foam insole inside of the Skechers that will provide you a cushioned and comfortable step with every movement you make. The tab at the back of the shoe will make it easy to step into.


Merrell Encore Slide Shoes For Normal Arch

This sophisticated, slide on the shoe was designed with the great outdoors in mind. It is a professional choice ideal for those seeking comfort while on feet for most of the day. Perfect for everyday use while running errands or for those standing in assembly lines, cooks, dishwashers, busboys, nurses, doctors, etc. This incredible slide on the shoe will help keep your tired feet relaxed.

The shoe is durable due to the full-grain leather in the upper part and is breathable due to mesh inside lining. The EVA removable footbed with M select for odor-free treatment provides comfort, and air-cushioned heel absorbs shock and prevents heel pain due to standing on concrete floors all day.

The outsole is made of ground gripping SureGrip. This shoe prevents any slips and falls while running around. The comfortable midsole is well cushioned, and the footbed is treated with FRESH control, making it not only a great support for your feet as your work but also no odors regardless of how long they are worn. This is an absolute must for safety, comfort, and freshness.


Recommended for normal and high arches.

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What To Look For In The Best Shoes For Standing On Concrete All Day

If you experience foot, knee or back pain, I recommend for biomechanical foot assessment and gait analysis for overpronation and underpronation before you buy a pair of correct shoes for your foot problem.

A. Extra Cushioned Shoes with firm Arch support and proper fit

You look for a pair of shoes that provide excellent shock absorption and a thick sole. You might want to have still a little style in your shoe, and that is taken into consideration for the following list as well. You will notice other key features that are reoccurring but different among certain brands. Look for Dansko, Crocs, Clarks Wave, Asics) which are APMA approved shoes.

B. Shoe Inserts

Before reading the recommendations for shoes, it is also important to point out that orthotic inserts may even be more helpful than good shoes. Some traditional shoes even come with removable footbeds, so there is room for the inserts. Of course, you can find foot inserts that are directly made to slip on top of the footrests.

You can purchase these inserts off-the-shelf at many drugstores and shoe stores. One example is Powerstep ProTech Orthotics. You can also get custom-made orthotic inserts from a doctor. The proper pair of orthotics will help in relieving the heel pain of plantar fasciitis due to standing long hours. Also, your best choice depends on the nature of your foot problem and your budget.

Factors To Consider When Buying Shoes For Standing All Day

Best Shoes for Walking and Standing All Day: Say Goodbye ...

If you are looking for some guidance when it comes to choosing the best shoes for standing all day, youre not alone. In fact, there are many people looking for shoes that can keep them comfortable all day at work as they stand. There are actually manner factors to consider when buying shoes for standing all day, so keep reading for a breakdown of those features.

1. Arch Support

One of the most important aspects of a shoe is the ability to provide arch support. This is key for alleviating pain for those who are one their feet all day. Flatter soles are not good when youre on your feet. Instead, get a shoe with a shock absorbing arch support if you want more comfort.

2. Durability

Durability is another factor to consider when buying shoes for standing all day. You want a shoe that has quality construction and wont fall apart after a few weeks of wearing them. If youre working overtime, your shoes need to be able to do the same without wearing down and becoming uncomfortable.

3. Materials

You should also consider the materials of a shoe, like leather versus synthetic materials. Leather is easier to keep clean, but synthetic materials are often more lightweight with better breathability. However, leather is often more durable and isnt as prone to rip and tear. Weigh the pros and cons and think about your job duties and environment before selecting a pair of shoes.

4. Weight

5. Slip Resistance

6. Breathability

7. Height

8. Comfort

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Rockport World Tour Classic Shoes For Men

Are you in search for the best shoes for walking on the concrete floors all day? Well, this Rockport world tour classic shoes will help you. Rockport is renowned for the manufacture of the best walking shoes. Walking in terrible and uncomfortable shoes for long distances can harm your feet. These shoes are very stable and offer exceptional support to keep your feet grounded throughout your long trek.

If youre a fashion forward individual who loves buying walking shoes that match your clothes and these come in a different range of colors. These are well-cushioned shoes that can provide all the comfort your need regardless of your foot type. This is the perfect pair of shoes to keep your feet comfortable throughout the day if you are always on your feet all day.

First, the shoes have a flexible midsole that acts as a shock absorber especially for people who love walking in rough terrains. Secondly, the shoes have ultimate stability, thanks to the reinforced steel shank found in the midsole. Third, the upper leather is soft and supple enough to provide comfort to your feet all around. Therefore, if you have bunions, claw toes or other types of foot disorders, you can enjoy comfort for every part of your foot.

Discover The Crocs Unisex Classic Clog:

This is one of the best clogs for standing all day, available for men and women, the Crocs Unisex Classic Clog is really the ultimate walking shoe. This shoe is world-renowned for being extraordinarily comfortable and it definitely has a distinctive appearance. Today, were going to talk about this unique and famous shoe and all that it has to offer. Once youve learned more about this particular pair, youll be ready to decide whether or not these clogs belong in your shoe wardrobe.

Comfort is Their Main Benefit

Why are these Cros so comfy? Well, its their innovative design which has made them a worldwide sensation! If youve never worn them, you should know that they offer supreme comfort and that you may wear them almost anywhere that you want to go. These shoes have so many awesome comfort features, including light weight, the ability to breathe, durability, water-friendliness and easy-care materials.

Theyve been molded out of CrosliteTM in order to provide a high degree of comfort. As well, youll find that they float, so you will be able to find your shoes easily if they slip off while youre in the water. These shoes have soles which wont mark surfaces and they offer a relaxed and spacious fit.

These Shoes are Really Affordable

Let me give you some Pros and Cons:

  • Unique design
  • Not a snug fit

Are These Crocs Right for You?

Heres a comprehensive buying guide for choosing the best shoes for being on your feet all day.

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