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What Shoes To Wear For Crossfit

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Are Chuck Taylors Good For Crossfit

What to wear for CrossFit

Now is a good time to talk about why I, and many other CrossFitters, prefer Chuck Taylor All-Stars. To no surprise, Chucks have a thin, flat, hard sole. This makes Chucks ideal for any type of lift. I initially bought my first pair of Chucks for lifting but I quickly found that they are very versatile.

Cushioning & Heel Drop

Cushioning and heel drop are two of the most important factors in choosing a shoe for CrossFit. Its also the first thing you notice when you put on a pair.

As far as cushioning goes, theres a delicate balance to maintain. Too little cushioning can be wildly painful during high-impact movements. Unless youre used to barefoot shoes, these movements can give your feet a beating on long runs.

Too much cushioning, however, can lead to a loss of power and responsiveness, especially during weightlifting. Most CrossFit shoes strike a balance between cushion and support, with some leaning toward one end or the other.

Heel drop refers to how high the heel is off the ground versus how high the toe is. For CrossFit, 4 mm seems to be the sweet spot. It strikes the perfect balance between cushioning on runs and balance on lifts.

What Is The Difference Between A Training Shoe And A Cross

CrossFit Shoes Shoes specifically made for CrossFit are very similar to training shoes in that they have a flat sole, but they have a couple of features that will make them more durable to withstand the intensity of the sport. The big names in CrossFit are the Nike Metcon, Reebok Nano, and Inov8 F-Lite.

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Are These Also The Best Shoes For Rope Climbs

Some people like the Nike Metcon for the shoes signature rope grip. I would argue a sharper edge on the Reebok Nano 9s make them the best shoes for rope climbs. This could boil down to a preference, and many people will decide the best CrossFit shoes for rope climbing based on the technique their use on the rope.

What About Basketball Shoes Do They Work For Crossfit

What Shoes Should I Wear for CrossFit?

Lastly, you might be thinking basketball shoes might be able to work for your CrossFit workouts. We generally recommend staying away from that assumption. The makeup of the shoe can be similar and the movements comparable with lots of sprints, running, and jumping. However, basketball shoes are generally bulkier and are often high-tops which restrict some movement in the ankles. Quite frankly, they are just not that comfortable to workout in.

CrossFit shoes have a nice, flat sole which allows your foot to make even contact with the floor during heavy lifts. How many basketball shoes do you know of that have flat soles? Maybe the old school Converse shoes , but those are the only ones I can think of.

The main issue is basketball shoes are made to provide excellent cushion on high jumps which is great, but can often take away from the all important lifting components in CrossFit. Generally, we recommend staying clear of basketball shoes as we believe they are often times overly cushiony at the heel.

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What About Lifting Shoes For A Crossfit Workout

Another common question that people have is whether or not they can use their weightlifting shoes for a WOD. These kinds of shoes have a very minimal heel-toe differential and often come with a strap across the midfoot for extra support. Theyre heavy, durable and have non-compressible foam in the heels.

If youre doing a WOD thats focused almost entirely on lifting, then youll be fine in a pair of these powerlifting shoes. However, if its not? Youll likely be pretty unhappy. These shoes are most certainly not for running or jumping.

How Much Do Crossfit Shoes Cost

Heres an overview of the average MSRP of the most popular crossfit shoes in the RunRepeat database.

Keep in mind that MSRP is only a listed price, so if youre not eager to get the shoes the moment they hit the market, you can always look for a good deal. Weve covered this process in our guide on finding cheap shoes.

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Is Your Crossfit Workout Gear Helping Or Hurting Your Performance

You see a lot of things when you are a CrossFit coach for 5+ years and teach the majority of the classes at your gym. For example, take the cartoon above.

You get somebody into the gym for their first week. You take the time to go over the fundamentals, build up from a PVC pipe to an empty barbell, and slowly work through first week soreness. Answer questions like, ‘What gear do I need for CrossFit?’ – and everything seems to be straight forward. Their first few classes go fine as they scale back and get to meet others in the gym.

Then something magical happens around week two. The same athlete walks into class with a brand new duffle bag, and proceeds to pull out wrist wraps, knee sleeves, a weight belt and a brand new pair of Adidas lifting shoes.

What To Wear For Crossfit

What Are The Best Crossfit Shoes?

Men and women of every age group wish to improve their fitness in every possible way.

They think about how to effectively achieve their fitness goals and them willing to follow the Crossfit plan suggested by fitness experts and make a better-informed decision to enhance their look and appearance together.

As a beginner to the Crossfit world, you may get confused with loads of fitness brands of clothing and gear items in different categories.

You can read unbiased reviews of top brands of Crossfit items and take note of the latest suggestions from Crossfit experts.

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Breathability Of The Crossfit Shoes

Breathability is crucial. It influences the entire training process. Shoe designs that are totally sealed will lack the breathability of mesh alternatives. From this, comfort levels will decrease, sweat will build up, and you can experience severe rubbing and discomfort.

Heat accumulation of the inside of the shoe produces excessive sweat, leading to an overall decrease in the performance of a CrossFit workout. It can also have detrimental effects on the grip present between the inner sole of the shoe and the foot, as well as the generation of obviously unwanted odor.

Many times, including in our testing regimen, CrossFit workouts are performed outside in the sun. At these such occasions, breathability plays an even larger role. The best CrossFit shoes have breathable uppers, allowing air to flow freely around the foot and into the shoe.

Foot Injuries From Wearing Improper Shoes

If you are worried about knee injuries, having a proper running shoe is essential as overpronation or the act of turning your foot inside as you run increases the likelihood of your knee dislocation. Other problems linked to turning in of your foot are shin splints, foot ailments such as bunions, and plantar fasciitis.

The other problem with foot placement, is when you push your foot too far outward as you run, known as supination this accentuates stress upon on your joints, muscles and tendons.

Furthermore, running with this form increases the likelihood of knee injury. Apart from that, running with the correct running shoes will also provide greater grip against a variety of surfaces and aid with protection against the various elements.

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When Should I Replace My Cross

Most experts recommend replacing shoes after 100-200 hours of wear. In our experience, thats about right. You can exercise 2-3x a week for a year before having to replace them.

If you exercise more frequently, then you may have to replace your athletic shoes every six months or so. Of course, if you notice any wear or tear then youll want to do it sooner. Its just not worth it when youre trying to avoid injuries.

Nobull High Top Trainer

Reebok Nano X

Although each of the shoes featured here on our list is designed to support your training sessions from the ground up, there are times when a bit of extra ankle bracing is in order. Enter the Nobull High Top Trainer. It comes with a high-cut collar that provides a plush and secure fit, enabling confident movement in any direction. Whats more, NoBull has given the shoe a series of SuperFabric guard plates on top of its flexible mesh base layer, an addition that creates a 360-degree defense against unwanted wear. Underneath, youll find an outsole lug pattern that was designed to provide the right balance of flexibility and support in any environment. In other words whether youre accelerating on astroturf, scrambling up rope climbs, or pounding pavement in the parking lot, the High Top Trainer has your back. And when you consider that NoBulls offering also comes with a reflective element for visibility, a perforated microsuede tongue for comfort, and high carbon guards for sidewall protection, it makes for an understated alternative to the above picks from Nike and Reebok.

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What To Consider When Looking For The Best Crossfit Shoes

CrossFit shoes should have a firm heel with minimal drop, secure midfoot wrap for stability during lateral movements and a grippy rubber sole. Features include supportive lifting foundations, toe bumpers, rope climb protection, grippy outsoles and super flexible uppers, says Fran Calvert, Inov-8 training marketing manager. The variety of features gives you support, flexibility and protection in all of the right places without hindering any singular movements.

Jonczak advises its important to get new CrossFit shoes regularly. Just like a running shoe, CrossFit shoes wear down, so replacing them every 3 to 6 months is suggested.

Below, shop the 13 best CrossFit shoes for men and women. We included styles backed by Calvert and Jonczak, as well as our own testing and enthusiastic customer reviews.

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What Is A Crossfit Shoe Breaking Down The Essential Elements

A good CrossFit shoe must be able to withstand the rigors of all different types of CrossFit movements. Some of the common movements include squats, deadlines, sprints, box jumps, and even scaling a long rope. Basically, the movements to be a fit human being (ever see those athletes in the CrossFit games? CrossFit is the ultimate workout.

A true CrossFit shoe can provide support during heavy lifts and jumps, but also have the versatility to not be a hindrance during runs or rope climbs. Thus CrossFit shoes are generally heavier and more protective than a running shoe. The sole of the shoe is normally broader than other shoes and usually more supportive and stable than that of a running shoe.

Often times, CrossFit shoes have unique, cool features like the Reebok CrossFit Nano 5, which has the RopePro carbon rubber that helps provide traction and helps you get a good grip on rope climbs.

Or take for instance, the Nike Metcon 2 Synthetic Trainers that have a Flywire midsole technology that helps lock the foot into place and helps prevent blisters and ensures comfort. And if you can accomplish those difficult, handstand pushups, the zero-drag heel helps ensure smoothness next to the wall.

So these are just a few of the reasons that CrossFit shoes are different than the norm. Below we simplify further what separates a CrossFit shoe from the rest of crowd.

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Even Less Of The Time

You might be asking yourself, what about if we do something which has lots of running in it?

Well, without getting too detailed on what types of shoes you need to be running in know two things:

  • You can run in your standard CrossFit shoe. You could even run long distances in your CrossFit shoe. I use mine to run 3 or 4 miles at a time without issue, for example
  • If, and I emphasize if, you are currently running in something resembling the shoe box more than the shoe, dont make the switch to something else quickly
    • Apply the 10% rule
    • If you are running a mile , run ONLY 160 meters in your new shoes
    • Do this for a period of time before you work your way up from there
  • This is a general rule of thumb. You NEED to listen to what your feet, shins, knees, hips, back, and everything are telling you when youre switching and at what pace
  • What Are Crossfit Shoes

    What Are The Best Shoes For CrossFit-Insanity-P90X3-HIIT?

    CrossFit shoes are designed to provide a ton of support for a variety of activities like weightlifting and jumps. Theyre also light and flexible enough to handle sprints or other cardio. Plus, theyre durable enough for rope climbs. Theyre usually heavier and offer a bit more protection than running shoes as well as have a lower heel to toe differential.

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    What About Cross Trainers For Tennis

    If youre choosing a pair of shoes for that big tennis match , then opt for the cross-trainers over the running shoes for sure. They are designed for a range of activities and have some support for the lateral movement that youll encounter a ton of while playing.

    However, a pair of tennis shoes can be a better choice if you plan regularly. They have thicker soles and insoles that are designed to absorb the shock from hard courts. Combine that with more support for sideways movement and youll be going a long ways towards preventing injuries if you plan tennis regularly.

    Finally, crosstraining shoes may mark up a court, which is very bad form if youre playing somewhere like a private club. The shoes of tennis shoes have a non-marking sole for them.

    Running vs CrossFit shoes

    Do You Really Need Crossfit Shoes

    Most people who do CrossFit use CrossFit shoes because theyre a nice all-around shoe thats supportive, flexible and durable. This allows for maximum athletic performance while reducing the risk of injury. However, some people prefer to use a pair of cross-training shoes because theyre often cheaper but offer many of the same features of Cross Fit shoes.

    Do I really need CrossFit shoes?

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    Can Training Shoes Be Used For Walking

    In general, if youre going to be using sneakers for walking, we recommend sticking with running shoes or walking shoes and not cross-trainers. The reason is the same as why you wouldnt want to use crosstrainers for running: the too low of heel height.

    When youre walking, ideally youd have a pair of shoes that will transfer energy from foot strike to foot strike, along with absorbing lots of shock to prevent injuries. Youll want a sneaker with a heel height of 10 mm or slightly more than that, along with a lot of cushioning under the feet.

    You can check out some of our top picks for walking shoes here:

    The Best Crossfit Shoes Of 2021

    What Are The Best Shoes To Wear For Crossfit

    June 20, 2021 | By Billy Brown

    Despite its intense reputation, CrossFit is a sport thats accessible for people of all shapes, sizes, and skill levels. Get ready for the WOD with the best CrossFit shoes of 2021.

    CrossFit athletes know no two days are alike. The sport asks a lot of you and your shoes. With activities ranging from heavy deadlifts and Olympic weightlifting to gymnastics and distance running, its no surprise that finding the best CrossFit shoes can be a challenge.

    We researched and tested a variety of shoes that are excellent for specific forms of functional fitness, as well as some that do well in every form that CrossFit can take. After much sweat, some blood, and maybe a few tears, we are proud to present our list of the best CrossFit shoes for 2021.

    Feel free to go through all of our recommendations, or if youre looking for a specific category, you can jump to it using this list:

    Best Overall: Reebok Nano X Mens& Womens

    Reebok, the first company to make a CrossFit-specific shoe, has had 10 years to refine its Nano line. And the shoes 10th iteration, the Nano X , feels like a shoe a decade in the making. Striking the perfect balance between cushioning and stability, the Nano X feels as good jumping onto a box as it does hitting a clean PR.

    Best CrossFit Shoe for Running: Nike Metcon 6 Mens& Womens

    Best Barefoot-Style CrossFit Shoe: inov-8 Bare-XF 210 V2 Mens& Womens

    Best Grip: inov-8 F-Lite G 300 Mens& Womens

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    Best Crossfit Shoes For Running Workouts: Nike Free Metcon 4

    Best CrossFit Shoes for Running Workouts
    • Not easy to put on
    • May not stand up to rope climbs

    So, heres what happened: Nike took the Free running shoe and the Metcon training shoe and they had a baby. And you got the Free Metcon, specifically the Free Metcon 4, which we tested.

    This is a great blend of both shoes. You get the foot hug feeling that the Free running shoe offered, but still have that stability that the Metcon has always provided. In testing, we found that the Free Metcon 4 moves really well with the foot, especially when running, even on treadmills. It weighs 11.2 ounces, so its not quite as light as a straight up running shoe, but its not as heavy as the more CrossFit-specific shoes are.

    The Free Metcon 4 has a lot of features that cater to CrossFitters: a wide heel that is great for squatting movements, webbing along the midfoot that forms to your feet for support on agility movements, and a flexible forefoot for running. The bottom tread is incredibly grippy and feels great when doing any kind of running or jumping.

    We did notice that the Free Metcon 4 runs small. If you have a very narrow foot, you may get away with sticking to your actual size. Otherwise, going up half a size may give you a little more room. These are supposed to fit snugly, but you also dont need to lose any toenails. Lastly, this is a great shoe for running workouts, but the outsoles might not withstand rope climbs.

    Check out my full Nike Free Metcon 4 review.

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