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What Shoes To Wear With Scrubs

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Making The Most Of Your Vionic Pro Shoes

What Shoes & Socks to Wear with Shorts

Like most new pairs of shoes, Vionic Pro styles often need to be broken in. We suggest wearing them for a few hours or half on each shift the first couple of times. That way, the material will have a chance to conform to the shape of your feet while you adjust to the orthotics. Also, we recommend wiping off your work shoes regularly with a clean cloth to remove dust and liquid spills. Though all Vionic Pro shoes are water-resistant, theyll need to be air-dried if they become damp.

When it comes to shoes to wear with scrubs, theres really no reason why they shouldnt look as good as they feel. For fashion-forward professional footwear with orthotic support, Vionic has you covered. Try our contemporary styles for women and men today. Were confident youll find the right shoe for work.

1. Sanah Faroke and Jen McCaffery. 12 Best Shoes for Nurses and Other Workers Who Stand All Day, According to Podiatrists. Prevention. Oct 6, 2021. 2. Standard Test Method for Using a Portable Inclineable Articulated Strut Slip Tester . ASTM International.

Adidas Mens Alphabounce Beyond Running Shoe

This is an awesome shoe with great flexibility and comfort. The Alphabouce Beyond has a natural stretch to adapt to your every move. It also features a molded heel counter. This provides a natural fit and excellent movement of your Achilles. Not only does this shoe offer comfort, but solid traction for all floor types.

Adidas purchaser writes

Ive had these shoes for 8months now and theyre still in as good of condition as when I bought them. I usually do not buy best shoes for nurses online because I have a wide foot and most of the time they dont fit, but these shoes fit people with wide and regular feet. They are extremely comfortable with the padding on the soul of the shoe and are great for athletic activities!

Finding the right pair of shoes can be a trial and error process. Its important that you feel comfortable, love the style and its easy to clean because youll be wearing them often! If you are struggling to find the perfect pair, visit a local running shoe store. They can fit you into the best shoes for nurses for your foot type. At the end of the day, you want a shoe with great support, breathability, a rubber outsole, and a padded tongue. Of course, a great style is vital too. Dont be afraid to try a variety of styles and brands. Youre on your feet way too often to settle for anything less than the best!


Best For Surgeons: Calzuro Autoclavable Clog

  • Little tight in the top part
  • Lack of endurable ventilation in holes
  • Should be checked the size range

CALZURO Autoclavable Clog is made from Italian and it has many great features that make them suitable footwear for any healthcare professionals and surgeons as well. It could be autoclaved, machine washable, sterilized, and bleachable.

Outsoles have an anti-slip feature so they support your feet even if you have to walk on wet floors or slippery surfaces. Due to perforated uppers, the shoes are also built on well ventilated and allow you to take the footwear on for many hours with ease.

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What The Experts Say

The ultimate choice really depends on how the wearer is feeling at the end of a shift. Some nurses may find that they can wear whatever shoe and feel the same at the end of a shift. However others may observe a difference in foot/leg fatigue after using different types of shoes. Dr. Diane Koshimune, a communications committee member of the American Podiatric Medical Association and podiatric surgeon with Kaiser Permanente

Tennis Shoes To Wear With Scrubs

What Color Shoes to Wear With Navy Pants?

May 14, 2021 by Leornard

Shoes are very important in the life of a nurse and wearing the right shoes can save you a lot of back and foot pain and discomfort all day. Tennis and athletic shoes are an excellent choice when it comes to comfortable shoes to wear if youre looking for an alternative to the nursing clogs and typical nursing shoes. Tennis shoes will provide you with better leg and feet support, shock absorption, and an overall comfortable feel.

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Nurse Mates Dove Slip

This line was explicitly designed with nurses in mind. The lightweight rubber soles will keep you from slipping on slick hospital floors, while the steel shanks on the sides of the shoes provide extra stability. These slip-ons also feature a stain-resistant finishperfect for when things get messy. You need a shoe that doesnt allow blood and bodily fluids to penetrate, Dr. Langone says.

helps through 12 hours of standing through surgeries and are merciful on the back and feet, an Amazon customer explains. If bodily fluids fall, like blood, they wipe off easy. The leather prevents a possible falling tool from slicing through the shoe, so they protect your feet in more ways than one!

New Balance 608v5 Sneakers

You just cant beat a classic, like these tried-and-true kicks from New Balance. With a super-cushioned base, comfy foam near the ankle, and a flexible outsole, these sneakers are designed to keep you on your feet all day long. And on top of all that, their leather uppers are stain-resistant, meaning theyll look crisp long after youve broken them in.

I have worn nothing but New Balance for close to 25 years, one reviewer, a nurse who works 12-hour days, writes. If you have a job where you are constantly on your feet, THIS IS THE SHOE FOR YOU. I wear compression socks as well. They are true to size, and after working long hours my feet dont hurt.

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Skechers Ghenter Bronaugh Lace

Skechers Ghenter Bronaugh Lace-up Work shoe blends a casual sneaker design with a high-quality work shoes effectiveness and efficiency.

This work shoe comprises a human-made mesh fabric exterior with a water and stain-resistant finish and Scotchgard protection in terms of material. The mesh fabric and roomy interior offer a breathable design that allows air to flow freely throughout the foot for all-day comfort and coolness.

A well-cushioned collar and tongue provide comfort and protection while ensuring a cozy fit around the feet. And the lace-up construction allows the shoe to be easily adjusted for adequate support with a heel pull tab for easy off/on transitions.

Inside the work shoe, theres a memory foam insole for added cushioning and shock absorption however, users can opt for their own premium aftermarket insole if they prefer a different fit or support level. Being able to quickly swap out an insole for better optimization for your feet can definitely make a huge difference in overall comfort, shock dissipation, and support.

A high-quality, rugged midsole offers an optimal amount of flex during heel-to-toe walking transitions. Simultaneously, the lower bottom of the shoe comprises a slip-resistant rubber outsole, which offers a good amount of traction and support across wet surfaces. The traction grid system resembles a car tire, allowing for quick stopping power when needed most.

Hoka One One Clifton 6

How to Wear Chinos: Fit, Style, Shoes, Colors and Favorite Brands

HOKA ONE ONE shoes are known for their plush cushioning, and the Clifton 6 is no exception. HOKAs proprietary EVA foam is specifically designed to provide maximum energy return and durability, helping you power through the hours every week. Youll also benefit from the unique Active Foot Frame in the midsole that cradles the foot for exceptional support.

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Keen Womens Kanteen Clog Work Shoes

This shoe is designed to get the job done. The stylish leather upper is waterproof and stain resistant, while the patented WET TRAX outsole is slip resistant to help keep you safe. Inside, a TPU shank in the midsole provides the support you need. Keen also offers this work shoe in an Oxford style for men.

What To See While Buying A Shoe

There are few things that you need to acknowledge before entering a shoe shop. Not every good shoe will prove to be good for you here are three things to keep in mind before taking out your money.

Your own feet

It might sound weird, but its your feet you have been walking with It for a while. You need to know what type of feet you have, are your feet flat? Are they wide? Maybe overarched. Do you distribute your weight on them differently? The first thing is to understand what your feet need in order to be comfortable.

Hospital policies

In some hospitals, there are rules to be followed. In few hospitals, you might see directors walking around in tennis shoes. While some hospitals have very strict policy overshoes, they might want you to have hardcover shoes. So, make sure you understand your policy before buying a shoe.


You need to find a shoe thats comfortable, stylish, and affordable. So, you dont necessarily have to invest all your money in a good shoe.

Increase comfort life of your feet

A nurse job is one of the hectic jobs you have to be on your toes all the time at this time, you cannot afford self-injury. You will have to take really good care of your feet and choose the right shoes for you, so you dont have to experience unnecessary pains this can be done by increasing the comfort life of your feet by using some techniques.

Compression socks

The insole or personalized orthotics

Regular exercise and breaks

In a nutshell

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Best Physician Shoes: La Milano Double Monk

  • Little expensive
  • Lack of removable insoles

Dansko is a prominent name of footwear in the world. It comes from Denmark and was found in the 1990s. The meaning of this brand is everything is ready for work and the wearers ought to feel confident in their styles. They are also comfortable when stepping on the surface through Dansko professional clog.

Made of leather in the upper and a full rubber in the soles, you will have a high-quality pair of shoes. It is spill-resistant and easy to clean with a few simple steps. Because the materials are high-quality, the price is a little expensive.

The product has a wide room in the toe box, so wide feet people still are comfortable when taking on. The rocker bottom supports your back muscles and enhances the spines curve, so a long shift is not a big problem.

What Shoes To Wear With Blue Scrubs

What Shoes Do I Wear With My Jeans? A Style Guide for ...

When you work as a medical worker and are wearing a blue uniform, then you can combine the same color of footwear, so that it looks good and looks bright in a hospital with a slightly dark room, due to the density of activities and the many rooms that trigger dark shades. Here I give the option of Fiona pro-slip-on shoes in blue, to make them look bright. Fionas discussion here is not just a matter of color, but these shoes are definitely safe to wear to work in hospitals and comfortable to wear.

Closing: Working in hospitals has a high risk, because of the large number of bacteria and viruses that can harm the health workers bodies. Therefore, health workers require to protect themselves with appropriate protection in accordance with health and safety tests. Not only the upper body needs protection but footwear also needs attention seriously in order to be safe when working. Choose good and safe footwear for use in the hospital area according to your needs.

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What Shoes To Wear With Your Scrubs

Last but not least, your shoes should blend comfort with fashion. You could potentially be on your feet for hours at a time, so you want something that wont kill you at the end of the day.

Enter Crocs, which have risen back to popularity for their comfort and bold colours. Theyre easy to wipe blood and other stains off of as well, making them a good choice for the OR.

Alternatively, consider low drop sneakers or slip-ons — colour-coded with the rest of your outfit, of course.

Best White Shoes For Nurses: Hawkwel Womens Nursing Shoes

  • Lack of rooms in the toe areas
  • Not suitable shoes for wide feet

A good pair of shoes can make your appearance look wonderful because of your style and personality. Thus, a dedicated manufacturer probably identifies this point and creating many shoes in different styles. By doing this, they seduce several customers with different personalities. Hawkwel often produces shoes for women, and some models for men and kids as well.

Comfort is the first criterion to look for a pair of shoes and Hawkwel Nursing Shoes meet this demand for healthcare employees. The product has a soft foam padding to make sure that your feet will be snug and safe during many hours of rounds. It also assists the foot slips on the surface without hazardous notice.

These shoes have two colors , you can select the one you want. With the white pairs, you do not worry about the clogged dirt. This is because the synthetic leather in the uppers is easy to wash with soap.

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Best Doctor Recommended Shoes: Skechers Womens Work Relaxed Fit

  • A little bulky in construction
  • Not being a comfy fit for the first time

Skechers Womens Work Relaxed Fit is a tremendous pair of work shoes with good features such as supportive feel, comfortable cushions, and non-slip soles. Several buyers said that they do not feel pain on their feet, heels, ankles, and legs when wearing these Skechers.

Even if they have to work more than eight hours or take a long shift. For healthcare professionals, they should try these shoes to protect their feet completely.

Durability is the most popular feature in this footwear because the product can last many months of everyday use. Some previous buyers said that the heel parts are a little narrow but you could choose the right size with clear details from the manufacturer.

The Relaxed Fit® design makes this pair have more room in the toe areas, so it is still snug for those who have wide feet or problems in the foot. Memory foam is added to the cushioning system to make the shoes super cozy.

For more ankle support shoes, you may want to see more of top 15 best boots for ankle pain.

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  • Best Overall: Dansko Professional Clog.
  • Best Value: Naturalizer Marianne Slip On Sneaker.
  • Best Sneaker: Nike Tanjun Sneaker.
  • Best Sneaker Runner-up: Brooks Ghost 12 Shoe.
  • Best Traction: Skechers Work Sure Track Trickel Slip-Resistant Shoe.
  • Best Slip-ons: Nurse Mates Dove Shoe.
  • Most Stylish: Nike Revolution 5 Shoe.

What shoes do you wear with scrubs?

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How To Find The Right Fit For Your Walking Shoes

Heres how to tell if your sneaker fits properly, according to Dr. Richardson:

  • You do not feel the top of the shoe with your toes, and you can comfortably wiggle your toes.
  • The sides and top of your foot are supported while your toes still move freely.
  • The heel cup does not slide off or pinch. The pressure around the entire foot and heel should feel cradled without any points of extra contact or squeezing.

And dont forget: Try to replace sneakers every 300 to 400 miles. There are different signs it may be time for a sneaker refresh based on your foot type and pronation. A person with a flat foot will notice that the outside of the heel wears out faster, whereas a person with a higher arch may notice the outside border of their shoe wears out more quickly, says Dr. Cook.

Walk off weight! With Preventions Walk Your Way to Better Health, youll discover the one-two punch of combining interval walking with simple exercises that fire up your metabolism and burn more fat and calories than traditional walking plans.

Dansko Mens Wynn Slip

As you can see these Dansko shoes are quite like the Merrells listed above. But, they appear to have greater support in the heel. The Danskos have a contoured footbed and are 100% leather which keeps them looking and feeling new.

Proud Dansko owner writes

This is my 2nd pair of Dansko. They are tough, durable, and great for keeping my feet comfy. My first pair lasted me 5 years of constantly being in the kitchen and behind the bar before replacing them since they no longer look proper for professional use. I still use my old pair for day to day outings, and Ill most likely get another pair of Dankso in the future.

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