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What Size Am I In Kids Shoes

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Is It Better For Running Shoes To Be Tight Or Loose

What size am I in Chaya boots? – CHAYA SKATES TECH TALK | No.17

A properly fitting running shoe should feel snug in the heel and midfoot, with wiggle room around the toes. While standing, check for proper length and width by pressing your thumb down next to the ball of your foot and around the toes. A good fit should allow for half to a full thumbs width of space.

Kids’ Shoe Sizes By The Numbers

Shopping for kids shoes doesnt seem like it should be overly difficult, but, unfortunately, figuring out kids shoe sizes can often be a confounding process. To help clear things up, here are the most important things to understand about kids shoe sizes:

Toddlers sizes run from 013: The smallest sizes in this range are tiny baby shoes, but the larger sizes often fit kids who are 4 or 5 years old or even older. Important: These shoes are often marked with T for toddler up to size 7 . Sizes 813 are typically marked with Kids .

Bigger kids sizes run from 17 : Heres where lots of parents get tripped up. Shoes for bigger kids start at size 1 and run up to 7, creating the confusing fact that a size 1 shoe is the next size up from a size 13 shoe . Sometimes shoe brands will help you out by having their 17 toddler sizes marked with T and their other sizes designated as Kids. Thats how you tell little toddler shoes from kids’ shoes even if they have the same number. For example, if you see a shoe thats available in size 5 Kids, you know thats the bigger kids’ 5, not a toddlers’ 5.

Not all brands and retailers use the same language:

If You Know Your Shoe Size

Check the size of your best-fitting women’s shoe. This size will be marked in U.S., U.K. or European measurements. If the shoe is in European measurements, no conversion is necessary.

Find the number of inches that corresponds to your shoe size on a shoe-size chart. If your women’s shoe is a U.S. size 7, for example, your foot is 9.25 inches in length.

Find your foot length under the kid’s size section of a shoe-size chart. If your exact length is not provided, round up to the nearest length, which will be within 1/16th of an inch. For example, a 9.25-inch foot is a U.S. women’s size 7, a U.K. women’s size 5, a U.S. child’s size 5.5, and a U.K. child’s size 4.5, according to a shoe-size chart.

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How Women Can Find Jordan Shoes In Their Size

by Chris Wolff | Jul 11, 2019 | Basketball, Shoe Genius, Women

Everybody wants a fresh pair of Js. The problem, if youre a woman, is that the sizing can be a little bit tricky when it comes to Jordan shoes. So lets break it down.

A lot of women buy mens Jordan shoes in OG colorways, but Jordan has also continued to expand their offerings specifically for women. While Jordan shoes dont come in womens sizes, the brand does offer extended girls sizing to accommodate women who want to buy these sneakers. Typically, girls sizes range from 3.5-7. Jordan girls sizes extend all the way up to size 9.5, which is the equivalent of a womens size 11.

To convert your regular womens size into a Jordans grade school girls size, simply subtract 1.5 from your normal shoe size. For example, if you wear a womens size 8, then you would buy a Jordan shoe in a grade school girls size 6.5.

Check out the conversion chart below to conveniently find your size. Now that you know how the sizing works, go cop a new pair and rock those Jordans.

Adidas Shoe Size Chart Fitting And Tips


Adidas shoes are common to all types of shoe wearers. These can be athletes, office people, industrial workers, children and so on. However, the main concern to most shoe wearers is whether the shoes fit them. Will the shoes be a little bit larger or smaller, or will they fit them perfectly? The primary cause of their concern stems from the fact that most people are unable to select the right type of shoe size when they are shopping online.

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How Do I Save Money Buying Kids Shoes

Youll notice a remarkable price difference between womens and childrens shoes. If youre not convinced, look up any shoe online and do a price comparison between a womens model of shoe and the youth equivalent, if there is one. Do a simple size conversion, and youll realize youre getting the same shoe from the same brand at a fraction of the cost. Not only are you growing your shoe collection, but youre also growing your savings too!

Basic Kids’ Shoe Shopping Principles

  • Everything we said about how to measure adult feet on the Online Shoe Store Shoe Fitting Guide is also true of children’s feet – except squirmier with more whining and fussing.
  • Regardless of your child’s age, never let a child wear a shoe that is too small for their feet! Children’s feet are still growing and developing and many adult foot problems have their origins in poor-fitting shoes during childhood.
  • Never put your child in a shoe that is more than a size too big or the child is likely to trip when walking.
  • If you are buying a children’s shoe that uses the U.S. or U.K. sizing system , be sure to remember that the notation system starts over at around age 6. At age five your child may wear a children’s size 13 and at age 6 your child may wear a youth size 1.
  • If you are buying a children’s shoe that uses the European sizing system the notation system is the same for babies, children, and adults.
  • A youth size 5.5 is equivalent to an adult women’s size 7 and an adult men’s size 6. For older children and teenagers please use our Men’s & Women’s Shoe Sizing U.S & European Shoe Sizing Guide.

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Did You Know That

.. .. the word “crocs” has until recently meant elegant crocodile leather shoes? Today, Crocs is an almost iconic brand of footwear, the hallmark of which are ergonomic shoes made out of a special, elastic Crostile material providing exceptional comfort for the wearers feet. How is it possible that shoes with such a specific design have become recognizable all over the world? Apparently, nowadays the look is not everything – the world of fashion is slowly focusing on good quality as well.

Stop Buying The Wrong Pair Of Shoes For Your Childrenlets Start Taking Care Of Their Feet

How to Convert a Woman’s Shoe Size to a Kid’s Shoe Size in the United States : Tips for Fashion
I created this webpage to help parents understand the importance that shoes have in healthy foot development and how they can prevent foot problems in the future.Join the rest of the parents who are taking care of their kids feet and get my guide for free: 10 Mistakes Parents Must Avoid When Buying Shoes for their Kids.
  • Elmarie

    it is great to get information from the horses mouth I can really tell that you have a lot of knowledge about this topic. Yes getting the right shoe early on can save a lot of health problems later on. I always wonder why shoes have to be so narrow in the front i have never seen a foot that is pointed like a pyramid so why should shoes look like that, and that high heals. is just asking for back problems later in life. Thanks for this very interesting information

  • Juan Pablo Valenzuela


    Your comment about never seeing a foot pointed as a pyramid made me laugh! There are certain brand of shoes that accommodate wide feet such as New Balance and Saucony. New Balance makes the shoes with the roundest toe-boxes. wearing the right type of shoe will save you a lot of foot and back problems later in life!

  • Amy

    I never even considered that I could buy shoes in the kids section- might have to try that sometime! I cant believe the amount of money I could have been saving!. Im going to have to look a little more closely at the kids shoes- mine certainly seem to grow out of theirs soon enough!

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    How Do Boys Shoes Sizes Work

    This depends on the age of your boy. When they are a toddler, your boy will wear small kids shoes which run from size 0-13. Most boys will wear toddler shoes until they are up to 4 or 5 years old. Most 4 year old boys, for example, will wear a size 11 toddler shoe. Toddler sizes are often marked with a T so a size 11T would be a size 11 toddler shoe.

    Next, there are Youth shoe sizes. These range from 1-7 and are often labeled with a Y, so a size 1Y would be a size 1 youth shoe. Youth sizes are for bigger boys a size 1Y shoe is bigger than a size 13T shoe. After your child outgrows the largest 7Y shoes, its time to move onto adult shoe sizes. Good to know: Youth Shoe Sizes are the same as Men Shoe Sizes!

    Shoe Shopping Tips For Older Kids

    • Let them move: Once your child is wearing both shoes, let them do a strut around the shop. Watch how they walk and see if the shoe provides support, or looks uncomfortable. Then ask your child how they feel be specific ask if they feel tight or too loose.
    • Thumbs up: While your child is wearing the shoes, try to fit your thumb between the heel and the back of the shoe you want it snug but not tight, so you avoid blisters. Then use your thumb to press at the front feel for the big toe and how far forward it sits. There should be a thumbs width between the toe and the end of the shoe.
    • Dont think too big: If youre on a budget, It can be tempting to buy a shoe thats a few sizes too big. This isnt ideal at this age, your child is active and needs a supportive shoe that wont come off unexpectedly.

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    Shoe Shopping Tips For Toddlers

    • Bring socks: Unless youre shopping for sandals, your tot will likely have to wear socks with shoes. Use the appropriate socks thick for winter boots and light for summer sneakers. Then the shoe will fit right even when theres extra padding.
    • Forget trends: Dont give in to the latest trends of clogs, pointy boots, or high heels. These arent likely to provide any beneficial support to a toddler whos still mastering their walk. Instead, go for something supportive.
    • Provide options: Some toddlers want to decide what they wear. If so, find a few different, but appropriate, shoes and ask your little one to choose which they like best.
    • Opt for Velcro: A hook and loop closure such as Velcro is much easier for a toddler to put on without assistance. This way, your child learns how to put on shoes, and you save time otherwise wasted tying shoelaces.

    Womens To Kids Shoe Size Conversion Chart

    Kids Shoe Sizes Explained

    Heres the formula: Your Shoe Size 2 = Your Youth Size

    To convert your womens size to a youth size, simply subtract 2 sizes. For example, a womens size 7 shoe is equivalent to a youth size 5 shoe.

    Here are examples of on-trend shoe styles that are available in nearly identical womens versions and kids versions:

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    Shopping Online And The Risks Involved When Choosing The Size

    Shopping from a catalog or an online store has always carried a minor concern of uncertainty, which can offset by the increased selection and usually lower price.

    Therefore, if buying online is the way you want to go, let us be the first and possibly last stop. With all the charts from all the countries and manufacturers making the shoes at your disposal, your task becomes easier. You need a starting point, like men’s loafers size 9, or women’s heels, size 5, double A.

    Then you find the pair you want to buy. With your size information in your hand and the wealth of information from this site, and with a little luck, you should be able to find some way to make the comparison between what is being sold and what you need. This will ultimately allow you to make the right choice.

    Finally, many people, of both sexes, like to exaggerate about the size shoes they wear. Large men will wear big shoes. Allegedly, women will often claim to wear a shoe smaller than their shoe size, or that is what Hollywood would have us believe. The key is to be truthful.

    In the movie “Steel Magnolias”, Dolly Parton runs a beauty shop and the subject of shoes came up. She says something to the effect that she wears a size six, but because a size seven are so comfortable, she buys a size eight. The numbers may be off, but as we all know, show sizes can vary, and we do not know where the shoes she allegedly purchased were from a country where a size 6 may equal a size 8.Do your homework ahead of time.

    Use A Shoe Size Gauge

    Using a size gauge is another simple method of measuring your kids shoe size. Theyre available to buy online and at some shoe retailers.

    Heres what you need:

    • Measuring device.

    And heres what you do:

    • Stand up straight: Ask your child to stand up with their back straight, facing forward.
    • Place the foot: Have a look at your measuring device and locate where the heel should be. Then place the right heel in position.
    • Note the results: Write down the numbers facing you, and you should have the correct length.
    • Measure the width: Some shoe measuring devices have a bar that you slide over your childs foot to measure the width. Consult the instructions. If not, you can use the ribbon or shoelace techniques mentioned in the two methods above.

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    How Does Womens Shoe Size 6 Compare To Kids

    Womens 6 in kids: According to the conversion chart, if youre a women size 6, your kids size would be between 4 to 4.5. As you can see, the your size minus two formula will not always give you a clear-cut answer. Again, to determine where you fall between these two sizes, you really have to try the shoes on.

    Finding The Correct Shoe Size Get It Right

    How to find the right-sized shoe for your child

    Keep in mind that the letters used to describe the width of kids shoe sizes are different than the ones used to describe the width of womens shoe sizes. When buying kids shoes for yourself you will see these different width options:

    N= Narrow width

    W=Wide widths

    XW= Extra wide widths

    A lot of mothers have asked me why they cant find wide or extra wide shoes in their womens sizes. Now that you know that you can shop for kids shoe sizes, the selection of wide and extra wide widths opens up TREMENDOUSLY!

    Below you can find a selection of the best kids running shoes when it comes to support, structure, and stability! Some of them are also available in wide and extra wide widths!

    Remember that you will be able to fit in any of these shoe styles as long as you wear ashoe size 8 1/2 or smaller.

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    Shoe Cleaning With Natural Helpers

    • With the banana peel we can polish the shoes. Rub the entire surface and then wipe off the remains with a cloth. Then let the shoes dry for a few hours. This agent is very effective in leather or leather shoes.
    • Olive oil has very beneficial properties. In materials such as leather or skin can help to keep it smooth and shiny. Apply only a few drops of oil and rub the surface with a cloth. With this trick you can forget the special waxes and keep your shoes clean.
    • With the crumb of white bread you can have some shiny shoes because it looks like an eraser. Rub the areas of the shoes with the bread ball. This trick is ideal for materials such as satin, canvas or fabric and suede.
    • To clean and shine your shoes , you can use a potato . Halve it and rub it over the shoe. Next, clean the surface with a clean cloth. This way you leave your leather and leather shoes soft and very light.

    How Often To Size Your Kids Feet

    Tiny tootsies grow fast between the ages two and six, their feet can grow up to half a size every two to four months. Experts recommend that up until four years, you make a shoe change every two to three months. To ensure the size is correct, look to measure their feet every two months .

    After their fourth birthday, foot growth does slow down a bit, and they may not need a shoe change that often. Experts recommend every four to six months. However, continue sizing their feet at least every three to four months.

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    How To Measure Your Kid’s Feet

    Measure the foot of your kid from the heel to the longest toe using a tape measure.

    This is your child’s shoe size. Differences in length can happen that is why you should always measure both feet.

    A 6mm difference is quite normal but it is important to consider this difference when buying the shoes.

    You can download and print the measure kids shoe size PDF to be sure about your kids’ shoe size.

    Sizes vary from brand to brand so shoe sizes should be used as an approximation especially when shoe shopping for smaller kids.

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