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Where Are Pikolinos Shoes Made

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Pikolinos Shoes Are Simple And Authentic

How is made a pair of Pikolinos shoes?

For men and women who like to wear the latest trends, Pikolinos has a huge variety of shoes including boots, ankle boots, heels, and even fashion trainers. Everyone can find something in their collection which suits them for that sophisticated, casual look that you have been trying to achieve. For women we strongly recommend Pikolinos ankle boots, because they are feminine, comfortable and strong thanks to their quality manufacturing. For men, you’ll certainly be convinced by Pikolinos men’s boots which go perfectly with your wardrobe, and are incredibly comfortable to boot.

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Our shoe website is always looking for the best designer brands and the best prices. That’s why we can offer you the entire collection of Pikolinos shoes at low prices. Shop our site regularly and you’ll be surprised at the great deals and discounts that we have on Pikolinos. Other top Spanish designers are also available on Spartoo that you will certainly love as well, including Camper, Art or El Naturalista, who all bring together quality and comfort when it comes to making shoes.

Buy Pikolinos Shoes In Catchalot

Buying Pikolinos shoes at Catchalot has many advantages. Our shoe buyers have a lot of experience in the footwear sector, this means that we select and buy the best shoes of each brand. For this reason, seeing our catalog of Pikolinos shoes is seeing the best products of the brand and the most exquisite Pikolinos offers.

In addition, our prices are very competitive and our main characteristic is that we have a lot of stock. Don’t miss the opportunity to see our entire collection of Pikolinos shoes on the web, keep up to date with Pikolinos sales and buy online with the Catchalot guarantee.

Advantages of buying Pikolinos shoes online at Catchalot:

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Product Description Pikolinos Royal Shoes

The design of the Pikolinos Royal W4D8770C1 model catches the eye with its originality, and on the other hand with its coherence and simple composition – the designers took care of compliance with current trends. The shoe is additionally characterized by good quality. The upper is especially worth paying attention to – it was made of material, which ensures easy ventilation and fits perfectly on the foot. The use of modern design solutions is responsible for comfort. The sole is also an important element of everyday shoes. In this model, Pikolinos is durable, flexible and provides optimal grip – it is made of a good rubber blend. The thermal comfort of this model has been adjusted winter. Universal women shoes Pikolinos are years of experience of designers and tens of thousands of hours of testing – convenience and comfort every day.PikolinosRoyal Shoes is available with different characteristics. Buy it at dressinn and benefit from all the advantages. In addition, PikolinosRoyal Shoes has the official guarantee of the brand Pikolinos. Also, you can complement your order with other product from our Women´s shoes catalogue and Boots and booties category.

A Quick History Of Pikolinos

Ladies Pikolinos Shoes Size EU 35 US Size 5 Made In Spain Two

Pikolinos was founded in 1984 by Juan Perán Ramos, a man with a plan to create stylish comfort footwear. His foundation for Pikolinos identity centered on three core values: authenticity, originality, and naturalness. These are the values that continue to guide the company today, and have even led them to write their Happy Creators Manifesto. This manifesto proclaims that the best work is done by artisans who are content and who are free to find inspiration in whatever inspires them, be it a walk in nature, a visit to a coffee shop, or something else entirely. Pikolinos commitment to these core values has driven them to great success in the past 30 years.

Their first of many successes came just 5 years after they were founded. In 1989, Pikolinos began to export their products to France. The business boomed today 80% of their production is exported to the United States, France, Germany, Italy, and Russia. They were the first footwear manufacturer to receive quality certification for their manufacturing and marketing processes by ISO and the IQNet association, respectively. International recognition for their work continued as they were awarded the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification in 2003.

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Pikolinos Promotions & Discounts

Trying to get your hands on some Pikolinos boots at a discounted rate? Weve got good newsyou can get 10% off your first order by subscribing to the brands emails.

Unfortunately, we couldnt find any other active discounts at this time. But by signing up for their newsletter, you can stay updated on their latest deals.

What Shoes Does Pikolinos Offer

Pikolinos stands out for manufacturing fashionable shoes for women and men using top quality materials. The leathers used in the manufacture of Pikolinos shoes are soft, resistant and adaptable.

The use of the foot-sewn manufacturing method allows the Pikolinos shoe skin to be more flexible and adapt to the foot of each person, achieving maximum comfort.

Each new season is a challenge they face by contributing all their experience and know-how, from Pikolinos sandals to Pikolinos ankle boots. It is a brand that stands out in all shoe varieties since Pikolinos does not conform, constantly creates and reinvents footwear.

“Authenticity – Originality – Naturalness”, these are the values that define Pikolinos shoes for men and women.

Discover the magic of Pikolinos women’s shoes!

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Is Pikolinos Worth It

Pikolinos has been around for a while, and they definitely know what theyre doing when it comes to shoemaking. Their handcrafted shoes carry on a Spanish tradition that can still be appreciated today.

This Pikolinos review has determined that the brand is worth browsing. They have classic and contemporary styles available, and their materials are high-quality. They could last a long time with the proper care. Plus, theyre involved with many social causes, and itll feel good knowing that youre helping people in need.

Despite mixed reception, its safe to assume that Pikolinos representatives work hard to rectify any rising issues. Still, if you end up with a pair that doesnt suit you, they offer solutions like free domestic returns.

What Is Pikolinos Return Policy

Pikolinos Leather Sport Sandals – Petra on QVC

Pikolinos has a free 30-day return policy for US customers. No refunds or exchanges can be issued past this period. To be accepted for return, your item must be in its original condition and packaging.

You can initiate a return by logging into your account and clicking on My Orders. Then, Pikolinos will send a confirmation email along with a prepaid shipping label. The company recommends using a trackable service to ensure items dont get lost.

This Pikolinos review uncovered the following US returns address:


NW 7th Street, Suite 1406

Miami, FL 33126

Your refund should be processed within 30 days. If its taking longer than a month, Pikolinos suggests contacting their team by email. Note that if youre opting to exchange an item, you must send a Cancellation Notice to the same address. Then, simply allow your return to be processed and place a new order.

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Invest In Mediterranean Splendor And Quality

From Italys delicate leather-clad boxes, a small memento originally made for Catherine de Medici, to the remarkable Spanish leatherworking traditions, the Mediterranean has always provided premium leather for the world. It’s coveted for its velvety, buttery finish, durability, and oh-so-delicate stitching, and the Pikolinos brand is no exception to that rule. Indeed, its one of the last vestiges of the true leatherworking traditions that still remain within the consumers budget today. Why is that? Because of how each show is manufactured, designed, and the leather is cured originally. Each step of crafting a pair of Pikolinos is a study in quality control and passion.

When you unpackage your pair of Pikolinos shoes, you can smell the Mediterranean sea and the spices of Spain, you can sense the fine work and attention to detail in every angle and valley of the shoe. Its a visceral and tactile feeling that is solely based on the old traditions used still to create each shoe. The experienced leatherworkers at Pikolinos only work with water-based leather treatments, which is where the distinctive Mediterranean smell and feeling comes from. The natural finishes on each shoe are the result of this careful process, and the careful brushwork on each piece of leather results in a remarkably artisan feeling thats palpable the moment you hold the show in-hand, let alone slide it onto your foot.

Pikolinos Boots San Sebastian W1t

For your winter walks, Pikolinos offers the San Sebastian W1T-8812. These ankle boots have a flexible rubber sole along with some tread so you can get a good grip while strutting the streets during colder months.

The San Sebastian boots are designed with a 2-inch heel, adding a bit of flair to your outfit. And, for an extra comfortable fit, the shoes have a cushioned inner sole and collar so they can fit around any ankle.

Once youve got the fit you want, you can slip the boots on and off with the included zipper. Of course, the San Sebastian boots would go perfectly with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings. Either way, youll get a great candid photo for your Instagram feed with these shoes.

The 100% calfskin leather boot retails for $235.

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Do You Know The Pikolinos Shoe Brand

The Pikolinos shoe brand is a lifestyle, a way of seeing the world. It is the search for happiness that always begins with the comfort of your creations.

Pikolinos recommends enjoying the trip more than the destination. Therefore, it combines the essence of the firm with the application of the highest technologies, guaranteeing its consumers the acquisition of a unique high-quality footwear.

Design, raw materials and passion are some of the characteristics to be highlighted in Pikolinos shoes because, although they constantly seek innovative ways to sell, they always maintain tradition and essence. Such is, that his skin is the same since 1984.

Passion, commitment to a job well done and the involvement of the entire team make quality the highest of its qualities.

Pikolinos is a brand that was born to create and love what it does.

The Pikolinos Social Responsibility Philosophy

Ladies Pikolinos Shoes Size EU 35 US Size 5 Made In Spain Two

To us, it takes more than a good product to make a good company. Being a good company, even a great compny, requires more: attention to quality, environmental stewardship, and special responsibilities to employees and the world at large. A company, even one with fantastic products, that fails to be a good corporate neighbor doesn’t warrant our attention. Again, this is a reason why we’re happy to wear Pikolinos.Values matter as much as product. Here are some of the ways that Pikolinos gives back:

Juan Peran Pikolinos Foundation: The Foundation was created in 2007 as a way for founder Juan Peran to give something back to the society that has so greatly benefitted him. Operating in countries from Spain to Kenya, more than 16,000 families benefit from various initiatives. Learn more about the Foundation’s work HERE.

Pikolinos Maasai Project: The work of the Juan Peron Pikolinos Foundation led to the founding in 2009 of the Maasai Project. This line of ethnically-inspired footwear is crafted by the women of the Masaai community in Kenya. This line of shoes, and other products, provides decent jobs to these deserving women. .

Commitment to Environmental Quality: As mentioned earlier, Pikolinos pays special attention to its environmental impacts. They lead the industry through their use of toxic-free, chromium-free leathers, natural dyes and water-based glues.

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Disaposable Shoes Pikolinos Does Not Honor Warranty

Their shoes are disposable and they do not honor their warranty. Their prices are anything but low, but the quality is truly awful.I bought a few pairs of sandals and boots, some on sale, others not. The shoes are really light, which I found a great feature, but I soon realized the reason for the lightness: the shoe cushions are made of paper!!! Seriously, it’s all paper. I saw it after the soles came off, which didn’t take long. I could barely believe it, but the soles came off after a little wear and the shoes are half made of paper.But hey, they have warranty right? WRONG. The company refused to repair or replace, saying that it’s normal for the soles to come off. What a scam.EDIT: in response to their response below, I’m not even going to waste any more of my time wih these scammers. They’re replying just to look less bad to readers of Trustpilot. Let me share the exact quote from the email they sent me, after I mentioned how my shoes fell apart: “we dont see any quality default .” Bottom line: they can’t speak English even though they claim to cater to English speakers, and they do not honor their warranty. Again, I submitted my claim well within the warranty period and was *denied* warranty as explained above. Yes, I had pictures etc. etc. etc., but they seemingly have a book of excuses to pick from.Up to you whether you want to spend 100EUR+ on disposable shoes. I know I do not.

Reply from PIKOLINOS

Pikolinos: The Perfect Fit

Shoes. We all wear them. We all need them. As with any product we bring into our lives, from an environmental perspective it’s important to assess shoes with special attention to their, and their manufacturers’, impacts. We have worn Pikolinos shoes for many years as a testament to their quality and durability, we have several pairs over a decade old, still going strong! Their comfortability and laid-back design have made them our favorites. In a throwaway, here today-gone tomorrow society, it’s nice to know that there are companies out there that still stand for quality.

A shoe that lasts for ten years, and longer, is a shoe that doesn’t need to be replaced very often. That keeps an enormous amount of waste out of our landfills, and reduces the energy needed to constantly be producing new shoes. We love that. And we can’t help but love the fact that Pikolinos makes such long-lasting, cool-looking shoes and is also devoted to giving something back to the world in the form of its environmental stewardship and foundation intiatives.

To learn more about PIkolinos, visit their website HERE. To shop for Pikolinos shoes online, visit .

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Pikolinos Shoes For Women

Founded in Spain, in 1984, Pikolinos shoes for women feature artisan craftsmanship with decorative style elements. Traditional colors from this product line include cognac, garnet, and black.

What are features of womens Pikolinos?

The brand is known for their Spanish design. Features like buckles and tassels give the footwear an edge. Each style has heels that are 2 inches high or lower. Some other things of note about these shoes for women include:

  • Craftsmanship: Its skilled artisans use premium leather techniques passed down through generations.
  • Insoles: A breathable leather footbed with a gel-foam midsole offer comfort and stability.
  • Outsoles: Synthetic outsoles provide flexibility for heel-to-toe movement and traction for long-lasting wear.

What styles are available?

The shoes make casual styles for work and play. Styles span from Mary Janes to knee-high boots. Boots are menswear inspired while retaining a feminine flair. Stylish embellishments like whip-stitching, perforated patterns, and cutout accents will give your wardrobe a boost.

What outfits can you wear with this footwear?

There are a variety of styles in neutral colors. They coordinate well with a number of looks and styles. If you are looking for shoes to wear to the office, try the brands loafers or Mary Janes. Here are a few shoe style suggestions.

Content provided for informational purposes only. eBay is not affiliated with or endorsed by Pikolinos.

Reported A Cracked Sole In One Shoe

Pikolinos Leather Ankle Strap Sandals – Cadaques on QVC

Reported a cracked sole in one shoe, supplied photos to show they were otherwise in very good condition. They do not want to even look at the problem and no local shoe repairer can help because of the way the shoe is constructed. Never came across a faulty shoe that the manufacturer wouldnt even examine and that couldnt be repaired anywhere else before. These are expensive shoes and should last more than a few wears.

Reply from PIKOLINOS

Hello Josie,Thank you for your opinion.If you want to make use of the warranty, we would need some kind of proof of purchase, a bank statement would suffice. Without it, we cannot help you.You told us by email that these shoes have more than 3 years old, in that regard, our warranty only covers for 2 years prior to January 2022. We apologise for any inconvenience we may have caused you.For any further information do not hesitate to contact us.Kind regards,

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Pikolinos Shoes: A Brief History

Pikolinos was started in Spain in 1984 by Juan Peran, who continues to lead the company today. The company expanded in 1989 to international markets, and opened their first retail stores in 2002. By focusing on quality and style, Pikolinos continues to be a worldwide leader in footwear, with an added emphasis on giving back to those in need.

Pikolinos Shoes San Telmo M1d

Another great day-to-night shoe that this Pikolinos review landed on was the San Telmo M1D-6032. Whether youre walking around the city or getting ready for an adventurous date, these shoes can do it all. For added comfort, the soles mold to your feet.

The San Telmo M1D-6032 offers generous flexibility thanks to Pikolinos traditional hand-sewn stitching. So, as we mentioned, it makes for a great walking shoe. Plus, with the shiny calfskin leather, you can look just a touch fancier when sporting them. And throwing on some black pants will definitely dress them up.

As a bonus, you can even wear these in the office and turn your colleagues heads. The San Telmo M1D-6032 style retails for $180.

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