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Where Can I Buy Freebird Shoes

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Steve Madden Freebird Denver

Yikes! I bought expensive boots from Facebook Ads

I had decided to live in Denver before ever visiting. I just knew I wanted to be out west. My parents, understandably, thought I was nuts so they sent me to visit a friend already living here to see if I truly liked it. I was dying in DC! Desperate for a smaller city with access to the outdoors and an easy-going lifestyle. But who am I kidding, Im a shopaholic at heart so I need a sophisticated yet low-key city. I wanted to wear my Birkenstocks and my heels too!

Anyway, on this faithful visit, we drove past Cherry Creek shopping center, and there it was Neiman Marcus. It was then I decided I could live in Denver. Seeing that Neimans meant that Denver wasnt a dusty old cow town, it was a real metropolitan and with fabulous shopping.

Once I moved, I ventured to Cherry Creek to explore my new mall! I stopped dead in my tracks at Steve Madden, no joke. I thought WTF, These boots are not online? What is this place Turns out its not your typical Steve Madden store but a Freebird By Steven store.

Two other bloggers and I were invited to come by the store and pick out a complimentary pair of shoes. Seriously, all my blogging dreams have come true. We had the best time trying on different shoes and a ridiculously hard time deciding which ones to take home.

Kristen from Everyday Grace and Courtney from Everyday Chiffon and both took home the Freebird Bond Sandals and I went for the Cairo booties.


Never Buy The Randi Shoe Terribly Made

I have 3 pair of freebird shoes and just bought a 4th. They were 50% off and final sale so I definitely got a great deal but these shoes are not good shoes. I feel like they are factory rejects. While they are pretty, they do not fit any contour of the foot. They have no arch, there are gaps between my foot and the shoe almost all the way around. They gave horrible blisters after just wearing for a couple hours. I had to walk barefoot part of the night. They are the most awful pair of freebird shoes Ive ever purchased and I do not recommend The Randi to anyone!!! Of course bc its a final sale, theres no returns.

Freebird Shoes = A Must

When I opened my email and saw a message from FREEBIRD, I about had a heart attack. I have been so in love with FREEBIRD shoes for a couple years, so to now have the opportunity to learn more about the brand is such an amazing experience. I met with two other Denver bloggers at the Cherry Creek Mall location and had the best time ever trying on a bunch of the different styles and hearing how the story of FREEBIRD started.

My favorite thing about FREEBIRD shoes is the beautiful vintage leather used for every.single.pair. Each one is unique and gorgeous in it’s own way and obviously super trendy. With each style and shoe being different I think the brand can relate to almost every type of style which to me is something so many brands can’t do. It’s hard to appeal to edgy, preppy, trendy, chic, etc. all at the same time, but I promise FREEBIRD has something for everyone. I literally spent a year saving to buy my first pair because, although, I am a huge fan of all things fashion, I am NO millionaire and reallllly have to pick and choose the pieces I splurge on. Welp, three pairs later… I can assure you they are splurge worthy

I am sharing the three styles I own and the fun pictures from my afternoon with FREEBIRD

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Beautiful Well Made Boots

Beautiful well made boots. There arent many things like them on the market that are made with quality leather and really unique styling like free birds are. There are a lot of variables in the fit and appearance and these variables are the basis for my two critiques. The first is that they only keep a handful of reviews on the website for each style of boot. This makes it a little harder to get a good read on how the boots fit . While they do offer free returns, if the boots are on sale past a certain percentage they are final sale. Because I cant trust for a consistent fit I will never buy shoes from the clearance sale. . Secondly the listings show boots that always appear more distressed and broke in than the boots that are sent. Ive been really excited only to receive a boot that was significantly less distressed than what I was looking at online. Finally if you receive a pair that is fresh off the line they stink to high heaven from the polish. My last pair I had to air out for weeks before I could stand to wear them.

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Freebird Shoes = Sucks

I hate that I have to actually give it a star. This whole process has been HELL! I ordered my shoes back in August and they never arrived. I asked for a refund. After several calls and emails they avoided the issue. It is now October 8th. They still REFUSE to give me a refund!! They and the delivery company both admitted the shoes never arrived at my address. A rep at the company claims their policy is to mail replacement shoes . This only delayed my refund. We are in the midst of a freaking PANDEMIC! Freebird has a death grip on my $376 dollars. Give me my damn money back!btw… Steve Madden is a convicted felon

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