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Where Can I Buy Kobe Bryant Shoes

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Kobe Bryant Basketball Shoes:

Kobe Bryant: I help design my shoes

: These are basketball shoes made by Nike for the 2010-11 NBA Season

Where to buy them:

Players wearing these Shoes: Kobe Bryant

Official Description: The Zoom Kobe VI: Low-profile support.

The Nike Zoom Kobe VI was built to help the league’s most dangerous player defend his title with super-strong, ultra-lightweight support using the least amount of material. Scaled down to size, the Nike Zoom Kobe VI Boys’ Basketball Shoe offers the same low profile and supportive fit for budding ballers.


  • Durable, yet lightweight synthetic upper for a comfortable, supportive fit
  • Cushioned liner with mesh tongue for excellent ventilation and comfort
  • Black mamba-inspired rubber outsole for excellent traction

Profile: Much like the Kobe V, the Zoom Kobe VI uses less material at the collar for a low-to-the-ground feel and enhanced flexibility through the ankle, allowing for a lightweight feel and excellent support.

Fit: This adaptation of the Kobe V features a tighter heel, which makes for a better fit at the back of the shoe. A thin layer of cushioning wraps around the collar, and a special nook secures the Achilles to help keep the foot comfortable.

Additional Details:

  • Kobe signature logo on the tongue
  • Flex grooves for more natural movement and enhanced flexibility
  • A stability feature at the outsole to help keep the foot from rolling during side-to-side movements

* Information updated on Feb 2011 / Source: Shoes official website

Shoes: Nike Zoom Kobe Ii

NBA Season: 2006-07

These sneakers are Kobe Bryant second signature shoes made by Nike and released in April. 2007 The picture shows the Sheath version, the first of…

Official Description: Advance. Adapt. Attack. The Zoom Kobe II embodies the constant elevation and creative style of the gam’s most passionate performer. “It fells like you’re looking at a piece of yourself… that’s how you know when a shoe works. When it captures that feeling.” Kobe Bryant…

Shoes: Nike Zoom Kobe Vii

NBA Season: 2011-12

These are basketball shoes made by Nike for the reduced 2011-12 NBA Season. It includes two interchangeable drop-in midsoles that allow to customize the shoe based on performance…

Official Description: The Nike Kobe VII System Supreme: Versatile performance to Attack Fast or Attack Strong. The Nike Kobe VII System Supreme isn’t just a shoe. It’s a customizable, high-performance system that revolutionizes basketball footwear. This shoe comes with two interchangeable insertsAttack Fast and…

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Shoes: Nike Kobe 8 System

NBA Season: 2012-13

Official Description: Speed. Precision. Vision. Versatility. Each of these traits is powerful on its own. When you bring them together, theyre unstoppable. Nike Basketball factored in every dimension of Kobe Bryants formidable game in creating the KOBE 8 SYSTEM, which brings together performance innovations to…

Nike Zoom Kobe 4 Chaos Joker 2009

NIKE KB Mentality Kobe Bryant Men

As legendary a basketball player Kobe is, his interests extended far beyond the hardwood. For proof of that, look no further than how many of his sneaker colorways paid tribute to tv and movie characters.

2009s Chaos Joker colorway is one such example. Named in tribute to Heath Ledgers Oscar-winning turn as the Joker in Christopher Nolans The Dark Knight, this sneaker combined metallic shades of silver with Nikes Abyss and Nightshade colors over a Flywire base and a Lunar Foam midsole.

It manages to look nothing like the Joker, which is quite frankly, a good thing.

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Several Answers To Vanessa Bryant’s Questions About Nike Kobe 6 Protro Shoe Release

    Vanessa Bryant revealed in a series of social media posts earlier this week that she was blindsided upon seeing an image of a shoe she helped design, a black and white “Mamba Forever” special edition of the Nike Kobe 6 Protro, from her late husband Kobe Bryant’s signature series with the brand.

    The specific colorway in question, featuring subtle gold accents throughout, was created as a tribute to her daughter, Gianna.

    “It was going to be called the MAMBACITA shoe as an exclusive black and white colorway on her daddy’s shoes,” she wrote in one post. “I picked the colors in honor of her uniform, the number 2 she wore just like her uniform, the inside pattern, Kobe and Gigi on the back in gold instead of Kobe’s signature, the inside shoe details , etc.”

    The sneakers, designed in conjunction with Nike nearly a year ago, were originally scheduled to be released this summer before being placed on indefinite hold after Vanessa and the Kobe Bryant Estate elected not to renew the contract with Nike this year.

    Legends Are Forever: The Passing Of A Cultural Icon

    “Heroes come and go, but legends are forever.”

    Kobe Bryant

    On the morning of January 26, 2020, Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter Gianna “Gigi” Bryant, and seven other people boarded a Sikorsky S-76B helicopter on their way to a basketball game. Bryant was scheduled to coach the Lady Mambas at their noon game at the Mamba Sports Academy in Thousand Oaks.

    Tragically, the group never reached their destination. At around 10 a.m., the helicopter crashed in Calabasas, California, killing everyone on board. After the horrible news about Kobe Bryants death broke, people from all across the globe started paying tribute to the basketball icon.

    Just like his idol Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant had transcended the game. His “Mamba Mentality” not only inspired the next generation of athletes but also people from all walks of life.

    The outpouring of love is a testament to Bryant’s larger-than-life persona. He was an unstoppable force on and off the court. He was a devoted husband to his wife Vanessa and a loving father to his four daughters Natalia, Gianna, Bianka, and Capri.

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    Kobe Bryant Shoe Ad Their Worth Now

    The late Kobe Bryant was the next big thing after Michael Jordan. Its clear as day how Jordan influenced Kobes moves. Both of them are mid-range shooters and have smooth glides towards the ring.

    That being said, their shoes also both took the market by storm. The shoes of these two legend NBA players are worth more than the others. So if youre a collector or a die-hard Kobes fan, its worth every single penny.

    18 years ago today, Kobe and MJ gave us this iconic moment in Jordan’s last game at Staples Center


    After Kobes death at a plane crash in Calabasas, California, his sneakers that were already out in the market and those others that were newly released suddenly grabbed their spot in the limelight.

    Why so? Their prices were spiked. With every sneakerhead or Kobe fan grieving over their loss, all they wanted was a memento of their legend Kobe. What a perfect way to have a remembrance is to buy Kobe Bryant shoes.

    For example, Kobe 9 Protro Undefeated Los Angeles Lakers, which was initially sold for $190. After Kobe died, the price came spiraling up to $945. Even a takedown Kobe shoe that retailed for only $99 suddenly increased in heaps that theyre selling it now for $150. Resale sites like StockX even placed some of their Kobe shoes on bidding, and oh boy, does the bidding stack up to a heaping $1000.

    Nike Kobe 9 Elite Hi / Low / Em


    BUY NOW: Starting at $127

    The Kobe 9s came in three different models. The Elites came in both high tops and low tops while the EM was specifically created in the lows. The Elites feature Nikes FlyKnit material which also the first shoe to introduce the light, strong, and supportive material to the basketball court. Full Performance Review

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    Nike Zoom Huarache 2k5

    As Bryant and Nike were working on the starting points of his signature series, he was the headliner of the brand’s Zoom Huarache series for two seasons before the Zoom Kobe 1. Taking inspiration from Nike’s Free Running series, the shoe featured more sculpted flex grooves and a higher, strap-affixed protective collar. The design never quite crossed over casually but was loved by ballers who put them to their intended use on the court.

    News: Kobe Bryant Shoes For The Olympics

    April 7, 2008: with the presence of Kobe Bryant, Nike launched the Hyperdunk shoes, its “lightest and strongest basketball shoe ever”.

    Kobe and other olympic players like Manu Ginobili, Yi Jian Lian, Pau Gasol and Dirk Nowitzki will wear them in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

    The shoes, to be released in July will feature colorways and characters to represent each player.

    Kobe showcased his brand new sneakers against the Clippers but what amazed everybody was an officially released video of Kobe jumping over a full-speed Aston Martin with his Hyperdunks on. It spread fast throughout the internet, with people saying his crazy, how can he put the Lakers future and his own life at risk but in a short game interview when asked if he actually jumped over the Aston Martin, he responds âHollywood.. if Rambo can take on a whole army I can jump over an Aston Martin…”

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    At The Nike Zoom Kobe Media Summit In Los Angeles Nike Officially Unveiled Kobe Bryant Signature Shoes: The Nike Zoom Kobe Ii It Won’t Be Just Another Basketball Shoe It Will Be A Line Called Weapons Of War And Conformed By 3 Basketball Shoes: The Zoom Kobe Sheath Strength And Lite

    Kobe worked with the design team at Nike to ensure that his Zoom Kobe II, a product that demanded 18 months of design process, would cover his expectations: a creative signature shoe to could also provide speed, strength, increased flexibility, traction, and support.

    Kobe Bryant Basketball Shoes Pictures:

    Links related to Kobe Bryant with more data about him and his Nike sneakers

    Nike Zoom Air Huarache 2k4

    [fisaie]Nike Kobe Bryant AD EP Basketball Shoes Mens ...

    BUY NOW: Starting at $80

    Kobes stint with adidas ended after his unhappiness with the KOBE TWO. He knew he needed a shoe to fit his performance needs. He spent a year as a sneaker free-agent and wore kicks like player editions Jordans. Kobe signed with Nike but unfortunately his legal issues kept the Swoosh from giving him his own signature line. Kobe and the Huaraches go hand in hand. The 2K4 would mark the end of the Shaq/Kobe Lakers era as they were unsuccessful in their attempt to four-peat. It would also be the beginning of the Kobe Bryant era.

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    Adidas Plans To Bring Back Two Of Kobe Bryants Sneakers In 2022

    The late basketball playerâs Adidas Kobe 1 and EQT Elevation are slated to return â seemingly without Vanessa Bryantâs approval.

    The divorce between Kobe Bryantâs estate and Nike has been a messy one: After Vanessa Bryant allowed her late husbandâs contract with the Swoosh to expire earlier this year, the company proceeded to produce Nike Kobe 6 Protro âMambacitaâ sneakers, which Ms. Bryant said were designed in honor of her late daughter Gigi and never intended to be made . Still, the footwear made its way into the hands of resellers, who offered the shoes online for nearly $7,000 before their listings were ultimately removed.

    Evidently, Nikeâs disrespect turned the Bryant estate away from participating in any further brand deals Vanessa also launched her own âMambacitaâ brand to carry out future commemorative drops. Yet Complex reports that in 2022, Adidas plans to re-release two of the sneakers Kobe Bryant wore while he was signed to the German sportswear brand through the late â90s and early â00s.

    A nod to the good old days â Bryantâs signature sneaker from 2001, the Kobe 1, and the EQT Elevation , are set to return next year, a source familiar with Adidasâ upcoming releases tells Complex.

    Adidas has not announced the Crazy 97 EQT or Crazy 1 â images of the sneakers are leaks not authorized by the brand, courtesy of Complexâs source.

    Adidas Kobe Bryant: Kb8 Ii

    BUY NOW: Starting at $54

    In Kobes third season, he became a household name. The KB8 II also features the popular Feet You Wear technology but due to legal issues, they would also be the last pair with the technology. Aside from Feet You Wear, the KB8 II also employed Adidas very own adiPRENE heel cushion support system, which was developed to counter the shock of constant impact while performing The third installment of Kobes was released during the NBAs lockout season which was shortened to 50 games.

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    Nike Zoom Kobe 5 Protro Alternate Bruce Lee 2020

    Dropped as a holiday release last year, the Kobe 5 Protro Alternate Bruce Lee was released alongside a new iteration of the original Bruce Lee 5. The Alternate features the same construction and design as the OG, but with a black and white color scheme.

    Its a controversial take, but I prefer the Alternate over the original. It might not hold the cultural weight of the legendary colorway it was inspired by, but overall, its a better design.

    After The Lakers Lost The 2004 Nba Finals

    These are the BEST Kobe Bryant Sneakers

    After the Lakers lost the 2004 NBA Finals, ONeal was exchanged and Bryant turned into the foundation of the Lakers. He drove the NBA in scoring during the 200506 and 200607 seasons. In 2006, he scored a vacation-high 81 focuses the second most focuses scored in solitary game allied history, behind Wilt Chamberlains 100-point games in 1962.

    Bryant drove the group to two sequential titles in 2009 and 2010 and was named NBA Finals MVP in two events. He kept on being among the top parts in the alliance through 2013 when he endured a torn Achilles ligament injury at age 34.

    He subsequently endured season-finishing wounds to his knee and shoulder, separately, in the accompanying two seasons. Referring to the physical decrease, Bryant resigned after the 201516 season.

    RIP Kobe Bryant

    Reports by the Los Angeles County coroners office give a clinical, however unvarnished gander at exactly how ruthless the accident was, portraying broken bones, dissected body parts, and an odor of fuel on what survived the garments that copied.

    The pilot flying Kobe Bryant and seven others to an adolescent ball competition didnt have liquor or medication in their framework, and none of the nine quickly continued deadly wounds when their helicopter hammered into a slope outside Los Angeles in January, as per postmortem examinations delivered Friday.

    The realistic report made it understood: Bryant and the travelers in all likelihood died in a moment because of obtuse injury.

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    Nike Zoom Kobe 6 Grinch 2010

    Quite possibly the most iconic signature sneaker in the whole Kobe lineage, 2010s Grinch is still highly coveted amongst sneakerheads, and for the first time, the decade-old colorway was re-released in 2020, predictably selling out in minutes. It wasnt easy an easy pair to cop, but the people who were able to score a fresh pair of Grinches last year realized one of their wildest sneakerhead dreams, and thats a beautiful thing.

    Featuring a bright Volt Green colorway with a translucent outsole, crimson red accents, and a synthetic upper, the Grinch wasnt the official name given to the shoe by Nike. They called this colorway Green Mamba, in reference to the polyurethane scales that mimicked snakeskin on the shoes base and Bryants Mamba persona.

    But given the sneakers holiday release date, and its resemblance to the iconic Dr. Seuss character, the fans saw fit to rename it, and the shoe is more recognizable for it.

    Shoes: Nike Zoom Kobe Iii

    NBA Season: 2007-08

    Also called Air Zoom Kobe 3, these are Kobe Bryant third official signature shoes made by Nike and released in February 2008 (more info at

    Official Description: The Zoom Kobe III Men’s Basketball Shoe by Nike injects your game with venomous performance. Versatile, light and highly responsive, this sleek stunner is ideal for aggressive players….

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    Adidas Kobe Bryant: The Kobe

    BUY NOW: Starting at $45

    Many will remember these as the original space boots as they released in 2000. Its unique molded upper was designed to look like the Audi TT Roadster. Kobe would go on to average 28 points on the season and made it to the Finals against the Indiana Pacers. Jalen Rose intentionally stepping below Kobes feet on a jumper has to be the most infamous moment in these kicks. His ankle injury kept him out for a game but it wouldnt be enough to keep him away from a championship ring. In these kicks, Bryant would eventually earn his first of five NBA championships. Fans seem to be either hit or miss on these. In the looks department, The KOBE has to be one of the most unique to ever see the floor. When they were retroed, adidas renamed the shoes the Crazy 1.

    Kobe Bryant Signature Shoes: The Air Zoom Kobe I:

    New Kobe Bryant 4 Basketball Shoes 354187 001 Gray Gold ...

    Finally, Kobe Bryant officially have his own Nike signature shoes. The shoes are called “Air Zoom Kobe I” and are on sale nationwide from February 10, 2006, along with Kobe’s signature clothing line also under Nike.

    Although everybody knew that the Air Zoom Huarache 2K4 and 2K5 were shoes made specially for Kobe Bryant, Nike refused to say whether they were signature shoes, so the new Nike Zoom Kobe I are officially the first Nike signature shoes for Kobe Bryant. He started wearing these shoes in the Lakers-Heat game on Christmas Day, 2005.

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