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Where Can You Buy Dansko Shoes

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Danskos Are Apma Certified

Dansko Molded Clogs – Kane on QVC

Being Certified by The American Podiatric Medical Association means that the footwear has been certified as being healthy for your feet!

If you are looking for a comfortable and supportive shoes that can take on long grueling 12 hour work shifts, then Dansko’s the brand for you.

As one of the most famous and recognizable shoe brands in the world, Dansko’s popularity has soared over the years. Their nationwide warehouse facility boasts an impressive 200,000 sq.ft. and serves as their distribution center, located right in the heart of Pennsylvania.

We Are An Authorized Dansko Retailer

Family Footwear Center is family-owned and run and has been in the business for over 27 years.

We pride ourselves on the quality of shoes that we carry, and Dansko is one of our biggest sellers, both online and in our 5 store locations.

This is because Dansko makes the most comfortable clog shoes for all working professionals, as well as making an expansive line of relaxed sneaker styles, fashion boots and trendy sandals for everyday wear and weekend wear.

As an Family Footwear Center is able to provide you with a great selection of the most popular Dansko Clogs, Mules, Dansko Fashion Boots,Dansko Sneakers, Dansko Sandals, and even Dansko Shoes and Clogs for Men. We also carry many Specialty and Limited Editions Danskos that are hard to find, along with Dansko’s latest, most popular styles.

Why I Love Dansko Professional Clogs

I have 4 pairs of Dankso Professional Clogs. I love them. I love that I can get them in a variety of colors. To be honest, the only other shoes I own are flip flops for the beach. They are extremely comfortable, match any outfit, can be colorful enough to be fashionable, or choose classic colors to match everything. I have 2 pairs of black Dansko Professional Clogs. One is an outdoor/yardwork pair, and the other is for everyday wear. I have a Crimson Pair of Dansko Professional clogs, and my new favorite is the Dankso Professional Clog in Cordovan Cabrio Leather. The leather is of the highest quality, lasting for years. I think for my next pair, I’ll get a playful pattern!

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Types Of Dansko Products:

You can find a wide variety of Dansko models, including: Dansko nursing clogs, Dansko sandals, Dansko ankle boots, Mary Jane pumps and slip-on shoes in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and styles. Dansko makes footwear for men, women, and children. Browse our collection of shoes by Dansko to find great sales and the latest styles.

Experience The Extra Performance

womens pro clog you can find out more details at the> > You can find out more details at the …’ alt=’Women’s Pro Clog > > > You can find out more details at the …’/>

Nurses, chefs, teachers and professionals alike step into the Dansko XP 2.0 Shoe collection. Featuring Official Slip-Resistant clogs for men and women, the XP 2.0 styles by Dansko are hard-working, just like you.

Shop for the best selection of Dansko shoes right here at Family Footwear Center. The famous XP 2.0 Collection features beautiful clogs and shoes that are ultra-lightweight and that have good arch support.

A great choice for professionals like nurses, teachers and chefs, Dansko’s line of XP 2.0 shoes meet or exceed all safety standards for no-slip criteria and are accepted by the APMA because they promote good foot health.

Each Dansko XP 2.0 shoe provides the same rocker movement as the Dansko Stapled Clogs but features a lighter weight construction and a Certified Slip-Resistant Outsole. Each Dansko XP 2.0 is produced with a removable Triple Density EVA Footbed with built-in Memory Foam for extra comfort.

If you are on your feet all day at work and need some support, yet soft, slip-resistant shoes try an XP 2.0 clog today.

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How Can You Tell It Is The Real Dansko

A Dansko clog is recognizable by its iconic shape, clean construction, and the highest quality material . You can tell a Dansko clog from a copycat by the following criteria:

  • A Wider heel for improved lateral stability and more secure heel strike
  • Athletic footwear quality shock absorption
  • Softer and more pronounced heel cavity for additional comfort and support
  • And, of course, the Dansko name on it!

Dansko Shoes also carry the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association . The APMA awards the Seal after a rigorous evaluation to determine of it promotes quality foot health.

“whatever we make – has to be comfortable” – Dansko Footwear

Dansko Shoes are sized true to size, using European whole size standards. Dansko also offers both narrow and wide shoes in the Professional Clog Collection.

Professionals Love Dansko Clogs

Dansko Clogs are loved by so many people who work in so many different lines of work – and the reason for this is the incredible level of comfort and support that Dansko clogs provide. Here are just some of the professions that enjoy the benefits of wearing Dansko footwear:

  • Nurses
  • Waitstaff
  • Baristas

Danskos line of Professional and XP Clogs are a great choice for anyone that finds themselves working on their feet all day, especially those who have to stand or walk all day, and for those who work long double shifts. Dansko has specifically engineered styles that have Certified Slip Resistant Outsoles to assure excellent footing when crossing wet or oily/wet floors.

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Can Dansko Shoes Be Resoled

4.6/5Canclogs be resoleddoresoling Dansko clogsDansko clogs

Furthermore, will dansko repair shoes?

But for the working professional who uses them day in and day out, they can become worn down and need repair, Since they are somewhat of an expensive shoe we can reheel and resole your favorite Dansko Shoes so you can be back in your favorite shoe again. However, some clogs are made with a sole that can disintegrate.

One may also ask, how long do Dansko shoes last? between two to three years

Similarly, it is asked, do Dansko shoes have a lifetime warranty?

While we do not have a lifetime warranty, we do guarantee our footwear from manufacturers’ defects within a reasonable amount of time and wear. Normal or abnormal wear and tear is not considered a manufacturers defect.

Why do dansko soles crumble?

When a nearly new man-made sole delaminates or disintegrates soon after you buy it, it may be the result of a manufacturing defect an overheated press, a contaminated batch of material, etc. The trouble is, injection-molded polyurethane foam also crumbles when it gets old. Get used to it.

How Do You Get Scuff Marks Out Of Danskos

Dansko Professional Leather Slip-On Clogs on QVC

First, find out what kind of leather your shoes are made out of. Danskos tend to be made with box leather, pull-up leather or oiled leather. In any case, start by removing dirt with a soft, damp cloth.

If you have box leather scuffs can be treated with shoe polish that matches the leather. Let the polish dry and then buff it. Scuffs in pull-up and oiled leather shoes can be taken out just by rubbing them with your fingertips.

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Best Dansko Shoes For Nurses 2021

Nurses have to wear shoes for a long time while on duty. So it becomes necessary to choose the best nursing shoes for yourself.

Were an affiliateAs an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Thank you if you use our links, we really appreciate it!

In a hurry?If you dont have much time, use the links below to quickly find the best Dansko shoes for nurses on Amazon. These are the shoes we recommend:

The nursing shoes from the Dansko brand are considered to be one of the best not only for female nurses but for male nurses also.

These seven of the best Dansko shoes for nurses to avoid sore and tired feet are briefly reviewed here under for your consideration.

Where Are Dansko Clogs Made Are They An Ethical And Responsible Company

Most people think that Dansko shoes are made in Denmark. Au Contraire! The Dansko Company is located in Pennsylvania. Dansko has selected and worked closely with the very best manufacturers in Italy, China, and Brazil. Look inside your shoe to see where it was made! They select their sourcing partners based on their proximity/access to raw materials, as well as their expertise.

Dansko has a history of ethical business practices and responsible manufacturers.

Dansko started with 1 employee 17 years ago . 130 people are now employed at Dansko. Dansko is a part of the community, and really wants to make a difference in the community. Wants to be part of the future of sustainable living. Wants to leave the Earth better than how they found it.

The Dansko foundation has proudly supported over 80 organizations since its inception in 2002. The foundation focuses on giving back to the community through employee-sponsored grants and service projects that demonstrate a benefit for humankind .

Give Dansko Shoes a try. They may quickly become your favorite shoes.

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Not All Clogs Are Alike

While other brands may have styles that appear similar to Dansko clogs and shoes, they arent the same. Danskos contain the highest quality materials, a classic rocker bottom that provides outstanding stability and comfort, and some models even come in a variety of widths. They are also recommended by the American Podiatric Medical Association . Genuine Dansko products contain the highest quality leather uppers, durable wide toe boxes for comfort and protection, a heel counter that allows for lateral stability, a deep heel cup, an anti-microbial sock lining, and a durable polyurethane outsole that provides excellent shock absorption.

The Clogs Offer Amazing Support

Dansko Women

For starters, the Dansko Professional Clogs provide much-needed comfort thanks to a range of features, including a roomy toe box, a contoured midsole, a padded instep and shock absorption in the outsole. The shoe’s protective heel counter also helps heels move up and down comfortably, and the “anti-fatigue” rocker bottom adds all-day support.

The clog features a comfortable two-inch heel and even boasts the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance. Podiatrist Dr. Emily Splichal told Shop TODAY the clogs are a great option for nurses and anyone else who’s on their feet for extended periods of time.

“Standing long hours on unforgiving floors causes a lot of stress on the feet, lower legs and back. Doing this day after day increases the risk for musculoskeletal fatigue,” she explained. “The stiffness of the shoe, its slight heel lift and forefoot rocker provide support and a reduction of stresses placed on the foot.”

Splichal also cited the clog’s slight heel-toe drop and stiff forefront rocker, and explained that both design features take tension off the calves and feet.

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Dansko: The Perfect Shoes For When Youre On Your Feet All Day

Dansko professional clogs contain the highest quality materials, a classic rocker bottom that provides outstanding stability and comfort, and some models even come in a variety of widths. Ranging from traditional whites shoes to boisterously red sandals to black leather wedges, Danskos footwear designs are diverse enough to complement almost anyones preferences and wardrobe.

Discovered on a shopping trip to Denmark, these shoes first became popular by word of mouth. The Dansko company has been around since 1990 and has been coming up with technological innovations ever since. Using the finest quality materials, Dansko styles are intended to offer the utmost in support so that your entire body can achieve a healthy balance.

Where Can I Buy Dansko Shoes

Many cities have one or two specialty retailers that carry Dansko Shoes. Often, however, they do not carry many styles or colors. For instance, I LOVE Red Shoes. Not one shoe store that I checked, in several cities, carried Dansko Crimson Professional Clogs.

A better approach is to purchase them online. Since Dansko Shoes run true to size, you can safely order them online without problems. Remember that they are European-sized! However, a good online store will note both the European size and the US size when you order. Dansko shoes are true to width and have Excellent Arch Support. ONLY purchase Danskos through an authorized Dansko dealer. There are many copycat clogs out there.

The online retailer I recommend is Footwear Etc. They are my favorite shoe retailer, and have a large selection of Dansko Shoes. And they always have some great sales and specials.

Click the link below to save an additional $10 on your shoe purchase over $100. This is an exclusive discount for visitors. Off valid for online order only. Saving will appear in your shopping cart. Save on your order of Dansko Shoes, and get Free Shipping…

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What Is The Difference Between Dansko And Walking On A Cloud

While Dansko started in 1990 with the idea of providing clogs and shoes suitable for those who are on their feet most of the day, the line has expanded to include dress shoes, sandals, and boots. Youl find that Walking on a Cloud offers a complete line of options, allowing customers to take advantage of the quality and comfort offered by Dansko.

Our Dansko Outlet Is The Best Place To Shop For Dansko Clogs

Dansko Professional Leather Slip-On Clogs on QVC

With so many different Dansko Shoes to look at, deciding which collection would suit your needs, as a first-time Dansko customer, may seem daunting and confusing.

Our Customer Service Team will be happy to help straighten all that out for you. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have, regarding Dansko’s European sizing and their unique clog fit!

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Dansko And Nurse Mates Nursing Shoes

So, you are a nurse or nursing student wondering what type of nursing shoes that are the best shoes for nurses to wear. You have probably heard from your fellow colleagues and other nursing students that Dansko and Nurse Mates are the best shoes on the market for nurses. From my experience as a registered nurse most nurses wear either Dansko or Nurse Mate nursing shoes. However, there are a few nurses who wear other brands of nursing shoes but I hear the most positive feedback about these brands.

So what brand should you go with.Dansko or Nurse Matesdecisions, decisions? Since Im a registered nurse who is familiar with both brands I will give you my opinion on both of them and you can choose for yourself. First lets begin with Dansko!

How Should Dansko Shoes Fit

Keep in mind that clogs such as the Dansko Professional models are intended to fit loosely. Your foot is supposed to ride up and down in the shoe. This does not affect the supportive qualities of the shoe. Other models do not move quite so freely at the heel when you walk.

Danskos are popular with Celebrities too! For years many celebrities have been spotted wearing Dansko clog shoes for women and men. The list includes Julia Roberts, Heidi Klum, Tina Fey, Julia Styles, Meg Ryan, Annette Bening, Julianne Moore, Antonio Banderas, Tom Colicchio and more!

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How To Spot Fake Dansko Shoes

Lets face the facts. Counterfeit Danskos arent exactly being hawked on a corner with Lucci and Huey Vitton. If you are concerned that your Danskos might not be the real deal remember that Dansko has a wide heel, athletic quality shock absorption, and clean construction from high-quality leather.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Can be dressed up or down  either way, you

What are people saying about shoe stores in New York, NY?

This is a review for shoe stores in New York, NY:

“This independent shop has been in business for over 30 years, and one look at their selection and hello from the owner Daniel, you’ll know why. I walked in looking for Dansko shoes to try on and had heard they had a huge selection. Turns out they have a huge selection of everything! Uggs, Born, Mephisto and more. All those top brands that are especially soothing to the feet. Daniel was so helpful in trying on different sizes and types of Dansko shoes, and even after paying, he insisted I try on another size instead just “to be sure” the one I got was right. It was, and that extra effort to make me happy is what makes people coming back for decades.Congrats, Daniel, on such a successful small business. I’ll be back! 5 stars!!!!”

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Nurse Mates Nursing Shoes

Nurse Mates nursing shoes are another type of shoes preferred by nurses hence the brand name nurse mates lol. Contrary, to Dansko, Nurse Mates are shoes made just for nurses. They are specifically made to be light weight . Nurse Mates come is several different styles and designs compared to Dansko which seems to offer mostly clogs.

However, Nurse Mates tend to come in only white or blacksometimes white with gray design compared to Dansko who make a more wide variety of nursing shoes. Nurse Mate shoes contain a pillowtop footbed and are made with material that is stain resistant.

In addition, Nurse Mates are a little more cheaper in price compared to Dansko. You can buy a pair of Nurse Mates off of .

Overall, Dansko and Nurse Mate nursing shoes each have their pros and cons. Really they are both exceptionally great nursing shoes but it comes down to personal preferences. Some nurses prefer Dansko and others prefer Nurse Mates. I love them both and find them both worth the money. If you are interested in buying these shoes be sure to check out our nursing store powered by for great deals on these shoes.

*Disclosure: The items recommended in this article are recommendations based on our own honest personal opinion and experience. We are an affiliate with, and when you buy the products recommended by us, you help support this site.

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