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Where To Buy Cheap Climbing Shoes

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Stiffness And Downturn / Aggressiveness


Most of the best beginner climbing shoes wed recommend here will have a fairly flat profile not aggressive. This means the toe wont be downturned much if at all. Some downturn is common on mid-level shoes and tends to be better for harder sport routes at the price of comfort. Very aggressive or down-turned shoes perform well on overhanging routes where hooking a toe or heel is helpful.

Shoes can have a stiff sole or body that means when you put pressure on a hold, the shoe stays rigid. This can help when putting pressure on to a toe hold on overhanging routes to get more leverage, or when edging on slabby routes so youll use less calf strength. Softer mid-soles are better if you prefer smearing the toe box on walls while keep your heel high. Soles could be one long piece that are stiffer, or two pieces that connect, or two seperate pieces for a good flex in the middle

At the beginner level youll probably want a good all-rounder

Best Beginner Climbing Shoe On A Budget

Mad Rock Drifter

Stiffness: Medium Sizing: Same as street shoe size or half a size up

Mad Rock gets big points here for a shoe that can be found for as little as $60 but offers good performance and comfort. Similar to the others its got a flat shape, roomy toe-box and a padded tongue.

This is a medium stiff shoe so its decent as an all rounder for edges and slabs. As a budget beginner climbing shoe this is a good offering and can even be found on sale for as little at $60.

So there is our exhaustive guide to the Best Beginner Shoes. If you want to jump straight in to some more advanced shoes, we have a really in depth article on what shoes professional climbers like Adam Ondra, Alex Honnold, and Tommy Caldwell wear. We also have an full in depth article on just Alex Honnolds climbing shoes.

Weve recently published another similarly in depth article on the best beginner climbing harness and best beginner climbing rope. If you are thinking about going outside bouldering for the first time, weve got an in-depth article on choosing your first bouldering mat, and a list of our top choices for a good, cheap beginners climbing crash pad too.

Keep up to date on the latest climbing news by bookmarking our page or follow us on , , or . You can also keep up to date on the latest climbing gear sales page we keep up to date.

La Sportiva Oxygym Mens Climbing Shoes

If vegan products are important to you in terms of a bouldering shoe, then the mens La Sportiva Oxygyms will be a great option for you.

Like the female Oxygyms, these top climbing shoes are made with synthetic uppers and AirTex Silver lining, with an additional 5mm FriXion RX outsole, which means that no animals have been harmed to help kit out your climbing passions.

Designed both for gyms and all-round rock climbing conditions, this option boasts top performance in a range of settings rather than suiting specific, technical climbs.

Im into the Oxygyms for a first foray into aggressive climbing for beginner boulderers or climbers. I was pretty impressed with how quickly they broke in, too I was up and on the wall fairly comfortably on the first try.

A good thing to note is that they are machine washable synthetic shoes tend to get a little smelly, so you wont have to deal with bad odors since you just chuck em in a washing machine.

A decent shoe that doesnt cost the Earth in more ways than one!

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Buying Climbing Shoes In

Your Local Outdoor Store Support your local community by heading to your local outdoor store that most towns have. Not only will you be supporting a small business, but its also a great way to meet local climbers and get the skinny on all things climbing.

Usually staffed with outdoor enthusiasts, local stores are a great learning resource with knowledgeable sales reps. They also frequently have gatherings and events for local climbers to participate in.

In addition, they often have huge discounts off older models to clear their stock to make room for the new ones.

REI The largest outdoor store chain, REI has 166 stores, all peppered across the US. Becoming a lifetime member costs only $20 and is well worth the expense to be involved in their swap meets and garage sales. Most REI staff are avid adventurers themselves and can give expert opinions on shoe selection and fit.

Bonus Tip: Most climbing stores have a small wall full of footholds to test shoes. Shoes that are used horizontally can feel completely different when you are up a wall. So make sure you try those shoes on an actual wall to see how it performs on vertical terrain.

Beginner Climbing Shoes Buying Guide

Best Cheap Rock Climbing Shoes &  Bouldering Shoes under ...

Some people would say its not worth getting a basic beginner pair of climbing shoes and to go for a mid-range or more aggressive shoe to start working on harder grades faster. We think a good pair of beginner climbing shoes is a much better idea for the following reasons:

Climbing shoes are meant to be worn very tight. Until you are used to that, you wont know how tight your shoes can go and how much shoes normally stretch. A common complaint for newer climbers is that your first pair feels super tight for the first few climbs but then a month later they are too loose. The best beginner climbing shoes are ones that you will actually wear!

Your feet take time to adjust. If youve spent a lot on a great shoe that is then too loose, there isnt much you can do. If that pair is fairly cheap then its not too much of a problem and you can wear socks to pad them out. On the other hand, getting an aggressive shoe that is too tight as you dont know what your foot can handle can be a nightmare.

If you get into climbing big time and move on to more advanced and expensive shoes, youll still have a pair of comfy and half-decent rock boots to use on easier climbs or multi-pitches where comfort is important. Having this extra pair you can do some scrambling in without worrying about wearing through expensive rubber will be helpful later.

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Scarpa Instinct Vs Climbing Shoes

Built for climbers and boulderers alike who are looking for a sensitive shoe that can deal with terrain, the Scarpa Instinct VS has a ton of power behind its build to give you a long-lasting shoe with a precise fit.

Why are these best womens climbing shoes? Well, lets take a look at the specs.

The Vibrum XS Grip 2, in the forefoot and the heel, gives you a sticky grip when you need it most. The floating power straps adds to this fit, meaning you get more oomph behind your moves this shoe aint slipping.

The rubber toe patch gives you extra hooking power, too, while the generally thin soles give you added flexibility that said, its thicker in the heel, being 2.5mm for extra comfort.

This is a great rock climbing shoe for women. Once youve broken it in, of course, it will start to really show its true potential. I reckon youll love them from the first session you have with them.

Go up a size as the Scarpa Instinct VS can have quite a snug fit .

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Best Beginner Climbing Shoes

As a beginner new to climbing, you are conscious of 2 things when selecting climbing gear price and comfort.

Your feet hasnt quite gotten use to the torture of the high-performance downheel designs yet, so go with something more versatile and not overpriced.

Dont worry, those pricey and high-performance ones will come along when you start getting more hardcore into this hobby and know what you want.

In the meantime, focus on getting acquainted with adequately tight and snug shoes that are not too down heel but can improve your technique. Sharing here my top tips and recommendations for the best beginner climbing shoes just for you.

MY RECOMMENDATIONSTIP: Get shoes that have a soft sole .PRICE: Price should be affordable an drange between US$50 U$90

About Geartrade’s Used Climbing Gear: Good As Unnew On Geartrade

8 Awful Climbing Gear Mistakes | Buying the wrong climbing gear

When you need gear to take you to the next level, we have everything you need to reach new heights. Whether you like summiting peaks or sending rock climbs, our gear selection is top notch!We know that climbing can require a lot of gear. Whether youre just getting started at sport climbing, venturing into trad, learning the ropes at mountaineering, mastering the art of ice climbing, solving bouldering problems, or even venturing into big wall climbing, were here to help. We have rock climbing shoes, approach shoes, quickdraws and protection, and boulderingpads for the warmer monthsplus crampons, ice axes, and mountaineering boots for winter. Even in the off-season, we have you covered with climbing training tools!We cant forget to mention that with all this gear to keep you safe on the wall, like helmets and harnesses, we also have a variety of backpacks that fit your needs, snacks, and vibes.Dont know where to start? Our climbing experts are at the ready and on belay, so climb on!

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Why Beginners Should Spend Less

While not quite backcountry skiing, rock climbing isnt the cheapest outdoor sport, either. A harness will run you $50 at minimum, then add in a belay device and locking carabiner for another $30 and a gym membership for up to $100 per month. Factor in $20 for a chalk bag and $5 a month for chalk. Adds up quickly, doesnt it? If you get into outdoor climbing, youll also need a rope, helmet, crash pad, quickdraws, and so on . As a beginner, its all new, and its all a hefty investment in something you know very little about.

All that said, why break the bank on a pair of shoes? More to the point, why spend extra for features you dont need? Youre a beginner, so dont worry about a highly asymmetric toe, aggressive downturn, powerful slingshot rand, top-notch heel- and toe-hooking ability, or incredible edging precision. If youre like most beginners, you probably dont even know what half of those things mean, and you dont need to. Your only job as a new climber is to enjoy yourself and figure out if you really want to commit to the sport. So go ahead, buy cheap. Permission granted. And if you continue to enjoy climbing, youll upgrade down the road.

La Sportiva Katana Lace Climbing Shoes

Constructed for excellent performance all-round, in the gym, bouldering outside, technical facing all while being comfortable my pick for the best mens climbing shoes has got to be the La Sportiva Katana Lace.

I keep talking about comfort but with shoes ESPECIALLY bouldering shoes comfort is a huge deal. Theres extra padding to keep your foot comfortably in place which, paired with the precision, easy-adjust lacing system, will keep your foot snug.

Though nowhere near as aggressive as other types of climbing shoes out there, their versatility gives you a pretty decent range of capabilities theyre fairly sensitive and does great with smears and edges. The Lorica synthetic toe box helps up your edging power.

When it comes to that moisture management, the highly breathable tongue and Pacific lining deals well with any excess sweat .

Basically if you like I was before I got my feet in these looking for something to level up your climbing above a beginner entry shoe, you honestly couldnt go wrong with this option. Theyll certainly last you a few good years worth of usage if you are mostly using them inside.

Oh and they tend to run a little big on sizes, so you will probably want to go slightly smaller than what youd usually go for.

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La Sportiva Miura Vs Mens Climbing Shoes

After beginner shoes, you may want to think about leveling up to a pair of aggressive bouldering shoes. If youre still pretty new to it all, no worries: how aggressive a shoe is basically refers to how downturned or pointed the toe is. Effectively, it ups how technical your climbs can be.

And the La Sportiva Miura VS mens climbing shoes are pretty damn aggressive.

I picked up a pair of these a while back and Ive climbed a number of times with them since then. With its cambered shape, you cannot ask for more in terms of technical edging and smearing capabilities.

They do take a little bit of time to break in, and they feel a little harsh to begin with , but after you get used to them. Theyre something I would definitely recommend!

With leather uppers and wicking Dentex linings, these aggressive bouldering shoes are built to last. The soles themselves are constructed from 4mm Vibrum XS Edge rubber, meaning that you can get a great amount of support and friction in various temperatures, and focus your weight on tiny holds.

All in all, these are a top choice, kitted out to take your climbing to the next level. Youll end up recommending them in turn.

Buyers Guide How To Choose The Best Bouldering Shoes For You

Buy La Sportiva Mens TarantuLace Performance Rock Climbing ...

So those are my choices for the best bouldering shoes out there right now. Theres a lot of great choices going on that can suit different people, but knowing EXACTLY which type is going to be best for you especially if youre going to be choosing them over the internet and not in-store is pretty crucial if you dont want to be disappointed.

So to help you out, Ive decided to go in-depth and created this handy guide on how to choose the right climbing shoes for you

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Quality Climbing Shoe Characteristics

In order to ensure optimal grip and a secure hold on every rock structure, they are equipped with a profiled, rubber-coated sole without a heel. Under the sole there is usually an intermediate sole, which can have different degrees of strength, depending on the fabric and the material. For some models, like the Five Ten Quantum, the sole has a high-strength rubber skirt that prevents stretching and abrasion of the upper material. That makes these models are good for beginners as they are very stable and hold the toes firmly together. But also professionals benefit from improved adhesion in certain climbing techniques, such as the Hooken.

In all types, the heel part is surrounded by a rubber edge as well as a band, which is the so-called slingshot edge. These create a certain pressure on the Achilles tendon and thus enable the transmission of force into the tip. The more the rubber band is tightened, the greater the pretension of the heel, resulting in the foot being pushed forward more.

A characteristic feature of a good shoe for climbing is the tightening loops in the heel area. They ensure uncomplicated putting on and taking off. It is particularly easy to slip into models with 2 pull-on loops. The heel part, which is particularly narrow in women’s climbing shoes, can be pulled apart easier. When you’re not wearing them, simply attach them to the climbing harness using the loops and a snap hook and they can be carried along easily.

Different Climbing Shoes For Different Climbing Types Or Maybe Not

Lets start with the beginners: If you just started climbing or you are not quite sure yet what type of climbing you will want to focus on, you should get yourself a shoe that fits all types. A shoe that is good indoors and outdoors, on small steps, in holes and when bouldering. This shoe has a bit of a camber but not too much and a stiff sole. That gives you most support and takes the pressure of your muscles, which is great for unexperienced climbers.

Alpine climbers are a bit more comfortable, well at least the shoe is. Because here, you will be doing long climbs, spending a long time in your shoes. Therefore, you are looking for some that are more comfortable, softer and have little or no camber. Also, such shoes are rather symmetric.

Sport climbing is where it gets tight. These shoes have a very stiff sole, are very asymmetric, have a strong camber and downturn. It makes the shoe very tight and stable, putting lots of pressure onto your toes.

Boulder shoes are quite similar. Because these are also just worn during shorter time frames but need to give you lots of stability on small steps and overhanging climbs on the rock or inside. Therefore: strong camber, tight fit and easy on and off thanks to Velcro.

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