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Where To Buy Running Shoes Online

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Six Tips To Get The Right Shoe In The Right Size

How to Find and Buy Running Shoes Online || REI

Find your exact shoe size.

Sure, you’ve been a size 11 since ninth grade. But we’d still recommend tracing your foot onto a sheet of paper and measuring it to the sixteenth of an inch and using a conversion chart to double-check.

When in doubt, go up a half-size.

When youre pounding the pavement repeatedly, your foot tends to swell. A slightly roomier fit reduces the potential for busted toenails and other too-snug issues, like irritation of the tendons on top of your foot.

Figure out what kind of feet you have.

Everyone has a unique gait, and manufacturers offer shoes that conform toor help addressspecific gaits. Particularly over-pronation, where the feet roll inward excessively, transferring weight to the inner edge instead of the ball of your foot. There’s an easy at-home test for this: Get your feet damp and step onto a piece of cardboard or a paper grocery bag. If there’s more than a thin sliver of arch showing in your footprint, you’ve got flat feet and should look for shoes that say they’re designed to help with stability. People with normal arches can opt for a neutral shoe. And if there’s a gap between your heel and the ball of your foot, you’ve got high arches, and should opt for a neutral shoe, tooa stability design will be counterproductiveand consider a thicker-midsoled shoe, because high arches don’t absorb pounding as well.

Think about what the type of running youll be doing most.

Note the return policy.

Dont overthink it.

Honorable Mention: New Balance 1080 V11

The New Balance 1080 v11 also deserves some recognition in the best-cushioned shoe category. Continuing to feature a soft yet lively Fresh Foam X compound, the 1080 maintains phenomenal protection, a smooth ride, and an amazing weight to cushioning ratio. Finished off with an even more comfortable upper design, the 1080 v11 is built to feel good mile after mile.

Honorable Mention: Saucony Endorphin Pro 2

As a shoe that many find is the biggest competitor to the Nike Alphafly and Vaporfly, the Saucony Endorphin Pro 2 is an excellent choice for race day. With an all-new upper that improves lockdown at fast paces, the Endorphin Pro 2 is more ready than ever to tackle those elusive PRs. Featuring a PWRRUN PB midsole , this shoe offers a unique ride that is not only extremely responsive but also has fantastic durability. If you’re looking to add to your carbon-plated arsenal, the Endorphin Pro is definitely worth the look.

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Buy Discounted Gift Cards

Once youve decided where you want to buy your shoes, maximize your savings by purchasing a discounted gift card to that retailer.

Gift card reselling websites like Raise buy unwanted gift cards and sell them at a discounted rate. You can get gift cards up to 15% off from brands like Ann Taylor, New Balance, Adidas, and Reebok. Rakuten also offers cashback for shopping at Raise.

Where To Buy Sports Shoes Near Me

Skechers Gray Running Shoes

Finding a suitable store to buy your shoes can be a challenge. Many retail outlets are fairly limited in what they can carry, and mega sports stores are often missing out on the appropriate specialist training to give you great footwear advice. Shopping online with a sports specialist store like Sportitude gives you the best of both worlds – a huge selection of shoes, and specialist expert advice from a team who are as passionate about their sport as you. Our team is just a click or a phone call away and our online store is open all hours. So you can shop from the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you and get free delivery to your door for orders over $100.

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Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Track Running Shoes

If you are new to running track, you may not realise that there are guidelines you should follow when you go shopping for your track running shoes. Many buyers make the mistake of investing in regular running shoes these shoes will not provide you with the right type of foot support.

  • Here are some of the common mistakes that runners make when they buy shoes and how you can avoid them to enjoy your running in comfort:
  • Not trying them on with your running socks. Different types of running require you to wear different kinds of socks. When you try on your track shoes, remember to take a pair of track running socks with you to ensure that the shoes fit correctly.
  • Buying newer brands online. The cardinal rule of shoe shopping is to never buy a new brand online unless you have previously tried them on and are confident that they fit correctly and provide the right ankle support.
  • Not shopping at the right time of day. Throughout the day, your feet will expand and contract depending on the weather. Shoe stores recommend that you shop for new running shoes at around 4pm, as it is the time when your feet are at their normal size, helping to ensure that you purchase the correct fit.

How To Clean Sports Shoes

Most sports shoes are an investment that needs to be looked after. If your shoes are muddy and dirty giving them a good clean can help increase their life. While most shoes have a synthetic upper and they are easily cleaned, care still needs to be taken to make sure that you don’t inadvertently damage some of the material. If your shoes have a leather upper you may need to take more care and use a leather protectant after they have been cleaned.

If you have several pairs of shoes, it is a great idea to take care of them all at the same time. This will make cleaning more efficient and can be a great time saver. Get your cleaning area set up before starting, the tools you’ll need are, a soft brush, a clean and dry cloth, a small brush , wooden toothpicks, a newspaper, and a bowl of lukewarm water with sensitive dishwashing liquid. Then you can follow this short guide for cleaning your shoes:

  • Clean off all the large chunks of dirt from the upper with the soft brush. Then tackle the sole, you can use the toothpicks to scrape away anything caught in smaller grooves.
  • For the deeper dirt, dip the brush in the water and go back all over the shoe, be careful not to press down too hard as it may cause damage.
  • After you’re happy with the cleaning, wipe them down with the cloth.
  • Ball up some newspaper and place inside the shoe, don’t overdo it though.
  • Place the shoes in a warm and shady place inside your home to dry out naturally.
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    Why And When To Buy

    Owning running shoes gives you more than just street cred it opens up a whole new world of opportunity you never thought was possible. Just like you wouldn’t show up to a skate park with a football, you shouldnt enter a 5K wearing clunky gym shoes. Fit and comfort are the cornerstones to a properly designed shoe. In fact, its often said the best shoes are the ones that cradle your feet. No blisters, no aches, and no pains mean youve got a winning pair.

    For consistent runners, a shoe will last anywhere between 300 to 500 miles, or three to four months. If youre not into calculating the sum of anything, you can instead see if a shoes worn thin simply by pressing the midsole with your fingers. Does the area feel weakened? Is the cushion completely flattened? If so, then thats a strong indicator for purchasing a new pair of kicks.

    To double check your findings, hold the shoe upright, cup your palm around the heel, and try to fold the toe back toward your arm. Any visible creasing or cracking in the middle of the sole means youre long overdue.

    How Many Pairs Of Running Shoes Should I Own

    Buy running shoes online?

    It makes sense to own several pairs of running shoes: If you own at least two different pairs of running shoes, you prevent your foot from being permanently loaded one-sidedly during training. The muscles receive different stimulation. This also prolongs the life of the shoes. Just like your body, jogging shoes need a certain regeneration time to develop their full cushioning qualities again. 48 hours is considered sufficient. As a rule, you should change your running shoes after 800 to 1,000 kilometres. By then, the cushioning and materials have largely worn out. If sports shoes remain unused, the materials and cushioning will still age. Depending on storage conditions, running shoes can “wear out” by up to 200 km per year.

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    Flex Grooves And Toe Spring

    To make the shoe bend like your foot bends, many shoes use grooves under the ball of the foot. Turning the toe up, called toe spring, or cutting away the midsole into a rocker pattern also allows the foot to roll through the stride. Small differences in location or angle can alter the mechanics and feel, and what degree of flex works best for your stride as it changes with speed.

    What to look for: A shoe that flexes or rolls the way your foot wants to moveat the pace for which youll be using the shoes.

    What You Need To Know About Running Shoes In Australia

    Unlike regular sneakers, running shoes in Australia are specifically designed to prevent you from injuring yourself with the repetitive motion of your feet hitting the ground. The cushioning inside the shoe acts as a shock absorber and allows you to continue running with ease and in comfort.

    When deciding on the right running shoe for you, you need to consider the fit. A shoe that doesnt fit well will make your run painful and could result in an injury. At The Running Shop, we stock all types of running shoes, especially options for trail runners in Australia. Make the right decision with your next purchase: allow us to assist you with finding the correct shoe for the type of runner that you are.

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    How Are Running Shoes Constructed

    Every running shoe is made up of several elements. Each component fulfills its own task:

    • The outsole protects against uneven ground and stones. It also provides grip through special rubber compounds and sole patterns.
    • The midsole provides cushioning. It is made of elastic materials and contains special technologies such as Boost, Gel or Zoom Air.
    • The upper material protects against the elements and is supposed to be breathable, light and robust at the same time. There are also water-repellent versions and models that keep the foot warm even in cold weather.
    • The insole allows you to adjust the running shoe even more precisely. The insole is removable and allows for changes in fit, footbed and additional cushioning.
    • The lacing should not pinch, but still hold your foot firmly in place. For trail running, there are also versions that don’t get caught in small branches.

    Cushioning Materials For Running Shoes

    Sparx Running Shoes

    Not all cushioning is the same. Each of the major sports shoe manufacturers has developed its own technologies with special advantages:

    • adidas BOOST: Small capsules that contract when you step on them to return energy to your foot immediately, above all intensely. That’s adidas Boost. The cushioning from Herzogenaurach also promises high running comfort.
    • ASICS GEL: Silicone for long-lasting cushioning and stability. ASICS GEL technology is one of the most famous in the running shoe industry. It cushions, stabilises the rolling foot and also adapts to the shape of your foot.
    • Nike Zoom Air: Through an interplay of intensely stretched fibres and compressed air, Nike creates control, agility and responsiveness. Zoom Air absorbs your impact, then returns to its original shape shortly afterwards. This combines protection and dynamics and protects joints, muscles and tendons.
    • Mizuno Wave: Waves replace a flat shape. With its Wave technology, Mizuno sets itself apart from the competition by extending the impact force to the entire sole instead of absorbing it selectively. The cushioning is complemented by increased stability and dynamics.

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    Benefits Of Road Runner Shoes

    Road running is the most common type of running that there isin fact, many marathons take place on roads. While its a strong way to get some exercise and stay fit, it can cause issues for your body when you dont wear the right road runner shoes. Here are some benefits that you can enjoy when you purchase your running shoes:

    • Lighter in weight. Shoes designed specifically for running on roads feature lighter materials so that you dont feel weighed down during your runs.
    • Flexible soles. While trail shoes have a hardier sole for gravel grip, road shoes incorporate a flexible sole to allow you to easily push off on even surfaces.
    • Breathable material. Because you sweat more while you are running on the road, your shoes need to allow air into them. Road running shoes feature breathable materials so that your feet dont feel slippery inside your shoes.

    How To Keep Running Shoes Clean

    A good quality pair of running shoes is an investment and you should try your best to take care of them. Cleaning is a part of the general maintenance and will help keep the shoes functioning properly. The recommendation for the cleaning and care of your shoes will differ for different types of shoes and materials, but there are a few steps that are common to most.

    If you have a few pairs of shoes, it is easier to clean them all at the same time. As the shoes can take some time to dry, cleaning is best done the day before you take a break from training. Ideally, have a cleaning station all set up with the tools required to get the job done and follow this quick guide:

  • Use a small brush to clean away any dirt, grass, or anything that should not be there.
  • Take the laces out of the shoes, and using a laundry bag put them through the washing machine. This will help eliminate any odours, if the laces are worn you can replace them.
  • In a bowl of lukewarm water, mix in some laundry detergent . Using your soft brush gently scrub at any stains, then give the shoes an overall wash.
  • After cleaning, rinse the shoes with a soft cloth and clean water. Try to remove any of the cleaning residue and soaps.
  • Once the cleaning has finished, leave the shoes to dry at room temperature. Its not recommended you place the shoes outside in direct sunlight for extended periods of time, as the sun can warp the outer sole and discolour the shoes.
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    Running Gear For Beginners And Professionals

    For longer runs and performance-oriented runners, extended performance-oriented runners, extended running gear is recommended. Here is our selection of running gear in the Keller Sports running mail order department:

    • Waist packs : offer enough space for keys, smartphone and co.
    • Running belts: smaller than waist packs, very lightweight
    • Arm pockets: ideal for stowing your smartphone
    • Running backpacks: extremely light, comfortable to wear, often with hydration system
    • Running watches: depending on the model, with heart rate measurement, pedometer, GPS function, time measurement, smartphone connection and running efficiency analysis
    • Run Lace lacing system: instead of normal laces, easy handling for optimal hold
    • LED arm lights and LED head lights: for more visibility

    You can buy more running equipment and running sports articles online at our Keller Sports Running Store.

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    How to buy running shoes online

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    How To Pick Running Shoes

    If you’re a beginner, choosing a shoe can be difficult, with so many brands and models to choose from. How do you know which one is right for you? There are a few simple ways to find out how you step, walk, and run that can help in choosing a shoe that properly fits your gait.

    Before doing anything else, you need to know your foot arch type. This can help in choosing a running shoe to fit your pronation . Most feet will fit into three categories, low, normal, and high arch. Once you know your arch type, you have a good idea for your running gait. A low arch will usually cause overpronation, a high arch will cause under-pronation , with a normal arch being neutral pronation.

    For a runner with an excessive overpronation , you can choose from motion control shoes as these will provide that appropriate amount of support for your ankles. If you have mild overpronation buy a shoe marked as having stability control. For those with neutral or under-pronation look for neutral cushioning shoes.

    If you ever experience pain or discomfort with your shoes during running it could be that you are wearing the incorrect shoes for your gait. Having a podiatrist examine your running style and recommending suitable footwear may be beneficial to make sure that youre getting the right shoes for your feet.

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