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Where To Buy Salsa Shoes

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Boigoo Womens Latin Performance Dance Shoes Black

Buying dance shoes – 3 tips to buy Ballroom and Latin shoes

If you are looking for salsa dancing shoes that pack a lot of style, then you need the Boigoo Womens Latin Performance Dance Shoes in Black. This pair of dancing shoes is of the ideal heel height with 2.5 inch heels so you can get into the rhythm of your dancing with freedom of movement and grace. The design is made with a classic strappy look and is embellished with small rhinestones. Thus, your shoes will also be the star of your performance when you step into the dance floor.

It is also made with quality materials that look good and are built for performance and durability. The outer material is made with satin and diamante. On the other hand, the sole material is made of OX suede leather. You can get a good grip and not have to worry when you are executing your footwork and spins. Even when it only comes in black color, this pair brings a sparkle effect with its rhinestone details. There are up to four sizes to choose from.

  • This pair of salsa dancing shoes is a classic with the black color and rhinestone details.
  • The use of suede leather outsole ensures a good grip so you can dance safely with it.
  • The outer material is made with satin for that luxurious look and feel.
  • It comes with an appropriate heel height that is comfortable for hours of dancing.
  • It is reasonably priced at less than $40!
  • The sizing options are quite limited with only four sizes available.

Usa Ballroom Dance Shoes

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SPECIAL ORDERS: Are you looking for a shoe but cannot find it?

Call and we can special order it for you!

Shoes In Various Styles And Colors Available

Depending on what youre doing, the outfit youre wearing and the theme of the dance you will have to choose the perfect pair of dance shoes. Whether you decide on ballroom dance shoes to match your ballgown, or you want some classic red womens dance shoes for your practical dance exam. There is no limit to the beauty of our collection. There are so many styles and colors available, for all different occasions. It may be that youre performing at your best friends wedding or that you want the perfect pair of heels for a dance recital. We understand it can be challenging to find a huge range of colors of dancing shoes which is why our collection has practically every colour.

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Womens Latin Dance Shoes Females Ballroom Salsa Dance Shoes With 25 Inch Heel

Give your best on the dance floor with the Womens Latin Salsa Dance Shoes with 2.5 Inch Heel. This dance shoes is made for salsa dancing and is available in three color options nude, black, and orange. Aside from choosing a color to match your style, you can also guarantee a snug yet comfortable fit with sizes ranging from 6 to 11.

This pair of salsa dancing shoes is made with satin for a luxurious and stylish look. The satin material is complemented by the PU leather upper material. The heel measures 6 cm or 2.5 inches to ensure that you are comfortable while dancing, allowing swift movements as is required in salsa. The buckle can be adjusted to fit according to your unique ankle size. With a snug and comfortable fit, you can deliver your best performance on the dance floor.

This dressy sandal is ideal for both amateurs and professionals. It is also suited for a variety of dance styles aside from salsa such as waltz, tango, foxtrot, rumba, samba, and more. Other notable features for this salsa dancing shoes include a suede sole and cushioned insole.

  • This pair of salsa dancing shoes is comfortable because of the cushioned insole.
  • This salsa dancing shoe is lightweight and flexible.
  • It is made with suede soles that offer flexibility and comfortable grip.
  • It is made with a soft and durable upper material.
  • The heel height is ideal for dancing .
  • The straps are adjustable for a comfortable and snug fit.
  • The construction is steady and sturdy.

Perfect Dance Shoes For Everyone : Buy Women Ladies Ballroom Party Satin ...

Whether youre a lady looking for her perfect pair of Latin dance shoes, or youre on the hunt for some mens dance shoes, we have everything you could ever wish for at JJs House. Our large collection of dance shoes will not only impress your inner dancer but will leave you wanting every pair available. For all those little dancers out there looking for some kids dance shoes, we have plenty to browse and choose from if you wish to do so. Everyone should have the ability to buy dance shoes if theyre in need of them, which is why our collection is so big!

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Salsa Dance Shoes & Heels For Women

Style is so important when you are on the dance floor, but style can be the cause of so much pain for so many dancers every year that it beggars belief that somebody has not come up with a solution. Well, thats not quite true, because here at, we are all about comfort without compromising style. So when you are looking for salsa shoes women can dance for hours in without incurring the same old sores and blisters and aches, then look no further.+ Expand

The difference between us at and other dance shoe retailers is that our shoes are crafted from experience, both in terms of dance, manufacture, and design. Burju Perez launched the company back in 2009 following her professional and competitive dance and choreography career. She set about pushing the stylistic boundaries of the shoes she was so admired for and worked alongside specialists to innovate how dance shoes were made. Their research and testing resulted in a range of products that offered premium quality, functionality, style, and comfort.

Dancine Ballroom Latin Social Salsa Tango Dance Shoesdouble

If you are in the market for a high-end pair of salsa dancing shoes that is made for professionals, you have come to the right place. The Dancine Ballroom Latin Social Salsa Dance Shoes is made of premium satin and other high quality materials. It is sold at $49.99 and has gotten a lot of positive reviews from users for its incredible price!

This pair of salsa dancing shoes is made with a leather sole that offers a nice grip and skid-proof performance. Since the heel is higher than most other salsa dancing shoes, the double-layer heel tip is a welcome feature that provides adequate support. It is designed for longer wearing and to eliminate noise on the dance floor.

The insole is supported with memory foam to absorb shock and minimize the impact on your heels and the ball of your feet. There are also microfiber materials on the insole so it is breathable and stays in place.

  • It is designed for professional dancers who require a pair of dancing shoes that can keep up with their skills and movement.
  • It is extremely comfortable when worn and has a solid construction.
  • It comes with a thicker padding so it feels comfortable even after hours of dancing.
  • The use of memory foam provides optimum shock absorption.
  • The outsole is designed to be skid-proof.
  • The price is reasonable for a high-end, professional dancing shoe.
  • The size chart is a little off so make sure to check the measurements thoroughly. They do have a great return policy, though!

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Customise Your Salsa Shoes

Salsa, by its very nature, is a showy, flamboyant dance, and if you want your shoes to match your moves, you may want to consider customizing your shoes. While we do offer an exciting range of salsa shoes, some of which are decorated with crystals and rhinestones, we also offer a customization service so that you can create the best salsa shoes for you.

If youd like to know more about our customization service or you need further help to buy the best salsa dance shoes, get in touch with the team here at Burju, and well do our utmost to give you the assistance that you need.

We Sell Quality Salsa Shoes

Top 3 Places To Buy Bachata & Salsa Dance Shoes & Heels – BDATV Episode #5 | Bachata Dance Academy

At Burju Shoes we only sell the finest quality dancing shoes, and we believe our range of salsa shoes are certainly the finest quality around. Our shoes are specifically designed for salsa dancing and are created with all the necessary reinforcing for enhanced strength. The shoe materials are also chosen for their flexibility which gives the dancer the ability to move with ease and in comfort.

When you shop from our store, you will get shoes that enhance your personal style, that can endure your dancing endeavors, and that gives you all the freedom to move with ease.

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Buy Salsa Shoes Online

Buying your salsa shoes just couldnt be easier. Burju Shoes delivers across the US and even internationally. You can order your shoes online and get them delivered to your doorstep. Many of our dancing shoes, including salsa dance shoes, can even be customized the way you need. You can choose from different sizes, colors, heel heights and even order your shoes with a street or suede sole.

And if you need any advice on choosing the best salsa shoes, then we welcome you to give us a call or chat with one of our online agents. We are more than happy to assist with any inquiries you may have.

Whatever dancing event you need professional dancing shoes for we can provide you with the perfect solution for your needs. If you desire more information on our products and services, then our FAQ has helpful answers to many commonly asked questions, or if you cannot find an answer to your query, then contact us via e-mail for a quick response to your question. We also have an excellent collection of Women’s dance shoes including Latin dance shoes.

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Top 8 Best Salsa Dance Shoes Of 2020

March 23, 2020 by

Salsa dancing is a specific type of dancing technique that requires a good pair of shoes. Otherwise, you wont be able to properly execute the extensive leg work, arm work, spins, acrobatic lifts, and swift body movements that are required for this style of dancing. There is a specific type of shoe designed for various types of dancing and the same is true with salsa. Aside from being able to perform these salsa techniques with grace and precision, safety is also a primary concern.

This guide is designed to help you pick the right pair of salsa shoes so you can safely perform this dance and achieve mastery of techniques. Experts recommend that you use the following guidelines when shopping for shoes for salsa dancing: cushioned support and soles with good grip and offers controlled movement on the floor.

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Best Shoes For Salsa Buying Guide

If you are serious about your salsa dancing than you everyday shoes are not going to make it. As a salsa dancer you need shoes you are going to spend some time on your feet moving and you need high-quality dance shoes that provide comfort, flexibility and support to your legs.

The right shoes can prevent injuries and issues like plantar fasciitis, stress fractures or shin splints. Not something you want to deal with,

In addition, high-quality dancing shoes keep your foot, holding it well and not as heavy as other shoes I have at home.

So, what basically makes a perfect Salsa shoes?


First, who want to dance with flats or sneakers?

Not only high heels look much more elegant, but they are also having a positive effect on your body when dancing salsa or any other dance.

A healed shoe helps you dance more quickly and easily then regular shoes, by moving the weight to the ball of your foot, elevating your back, while keeping the weight on your foot. This is much better than flat shoes.

What you should opt for is a heel around is 1-2.5 inches. This is ideal in case youre just starting out.Dont go for higher heels, as it will be very hard to adjust.

Beyond that Never compromise of comfort or stability. Always tries the shoes a few times before getting yourself one. That said, from our experience, many female salsa dancers prefer flared heels.

Never, never compromise about a perfect fit!


Give up on the heeled shoes.

The Most Beautiful Dancewear : Buy WUXIJIAO New yellow satin Latin Dance ...

It is often the case that beautifully made shoes lack the affordable price tag which can be annoying and upsetting when you only have a smaller budget. We at JJs House are determined to produce dance shoes youre sure to love with a price tag you dont mind paying either. Buying high-quality shoes shouldnt be expensive. This is one of the main reasons we aim to keep our dancing shoes along with dancewear at a price everyone can afford. Also, if youre worried about the quality, we have a returns policy which allows you to send back your shoes if youre not happy with them. But were sure youll love them.


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Low Or High Heel Shoes Which Is Best For Salsa

There are professional dancers out there that can perform and dance just as well on a pair of pumps as a low heel shoe. So how do you know which type of salsa heels are best for you? Perhaps these guides will help.

Beginners If you are a complete beginner or a dancer with moderate skills then it is best to invest in salsa dance shoes with a low heel. The lower heel is much more comfortable for wear during practice sessions where you are still learning the steps. Lower heels are also a lot safer since the risk of twisting your ankle is significantly lower.

Preference As your dance skills improve you will grow a specific preference towards certain heel heights. If you prefer a high heel, then platform salsa pumps are perfect, and if a lower heel suits your style best, then you will look just as smart and elegant when you buy salsa dancing heels from Burju Shoes.

Professional dancers Strangely enough, not all professional dancers prefer a higher heel. Many dancers, especially those with quickly paced salsa routines and a fast tempo prefer a lower heel because of the greater feeling of stability. But we strongly believe that every professional salsa dancer should own at least one pair of low and one pair of high heel salsa shoes.

Music tempo For quick paced tempos and dance routines with lots of salsa twists and turns, a lower heel might be much more suitable. You do need a firm hold on the ground if your feet are constantly moving.

The Key To Choosing Salsa Shoes That Will Have You Dancing Like A Pro

At Burju, we offer shoes in half sizes so that you can get the best fit for you. As the salsa requires to dance forward on your foot, the correct fit for this type of shoe is to have your toes at the very edge of the shoe even when standing, so that you can use the floor to ground yourself. For this reason, we recommend that you opt for a half size smaller than your usual size if you have narrow feet, although you may want to go up half a size if your feet are broader than average.

The style of your shoe is also a significant consideration. While personal preference is a key factor when choosing your new shoes, you may want to pick a style that has straps across the toes, around the ankle and under and around the arch to make your feet feel more secure.

If you have high arches, T-straps may not be the best style for you, while dancers with toes that are uneven in length may find multiple toe straps uncomfortable. If you do have a problem with toes escaping from your shoes, look out for straps with mesh inserts as these can help to prevent your foot or one or more toes popping out when you point your foot.

Most serious salsa competitors prefer shoes with a heel height of 3 inches or 3.5 inches which help to create a long leg line. However, if youre a social dancer whos purely looking for comfort or a beginner on the floor, you may prefer shoes with a 2.5-inch heel.

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We Are Canada’s Dance Lifestyle Store

Visit our flagship store in Toronto, Ontario + shop our ever growing selection of over 4000 products. Discover dancewear that you cannot find anywhere else in Canada. When you enter our front doors you are entering dancers paradise. We want you to have fun and stay awhile.

dance is life. live your passion.

While you are visiting us in store make sure to get fit by our pointe shoe specialists. Whether this is your first time on pointe or an advanced dancer, our professionally trained pointe shoe fitters will make sure you find the right shoe to dance your best.

We are here to help you find the perfect fit!

At Dancewear Centre all of our expert fitters have undergone pointe shoe fitting boot camp to ensure you go home with the right fit. Personal experience combined with months of training help ensure our pointe shoe fitters have the knowledge to guide you to your perfect fit. Choose over 55 stocked pointe shoe styles to help ensure you never compromise on fit.

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