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Where To Buy Sam Edelman Shoes

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What Is The Difference Between Sam Edelman And Circus By Sam Edelman

Sam Edelman Studded Heeled Slide Sandals – Juniper on QVC

Circus by Sam Edelman is a diffusion line within the brand, designed for the trendsetter at heart.

These shoes have a more rebellious edge than the classic and understated designs that youll find in the mainline.

Circus by Sam Edelman embodies a youthful spirit with a signature wit and whimsy

Sam Edelman describes its sister brand as being for the cultural renegades and the bold spirits with fashion wanderlust.

You can think of Circus by Sam Edelman as the chic younger sister to Sam Edelman, the one who parties all night and is always ahead of the trends.

With this diffusion brand, youll find playful and edgy designs that have their finger on the pulse and allow you to explore your creativity and quirky personality.

If you find the mainline shoes to be too classic or understated for your tastes, youll be right at home with Circus by Sam Edelman.

These shoes are unapologetically bold and will make sure youre always the center of attention.

If your shoe closet needs a refresh, Sam Edelman is the perfect brand to experiment with.

These high-quality shoes will carry you through every season while working for any occasion.

Whether you prefer the mainline or the younger Circus by Sam Edelman collection, they offer something for every personality.

Overview Of Sam Edelman

Sam Edelman is a man with many faces. At the start of New Yorks counterculture movement, he, like many others, wanted to pursue a career in acting. Unfortunately, his talent wasnt up to par, which led him down a professional rabbit hole.

From horse trade-ins to manufacturing riding-inspired footwear, the inklings of his soon-to-be brand were starting to flourish. Ultimately, Sam Edelmans shoe collection made its first debut in 2005.

Headquartered in the bustling streets of New York City, Sam Edelman is known for its mish-mash of glamorous Americana blended with fictional fantasy. Its also led by co-founder Libby Edelman. Today, this online shoe shop has over 13 flagship stores worldwide, including locations in Beverly Hills, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Palm Beach.

Before we get into this Sam Edelman review, lets take a look at some initial highlights:

Is Sam Edelman A Good Brand 8 Reasons His Shoes Are Popular

Sam Edelman is a footwear brand driven by experience, inspired by luxury, and valued for fit, quality, consistency, and integrity.

Since its inception in 2004, the American shoe designers eponymous shoe label has been the modern womans go-to brand for iconic gladiators, chic flats, and trend-forward yet laid-back shoes.

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Sam Edelman Boots Review

When its time for sandal hibernation, we usually take it as a sign to pull out our favorite cold-season boots. For those lacking in a sturdy yet stylish pair, let this Sam Edelman review suggest a few of the brands all-time top-sellers.

Sam Edelman Fable Boots

If you took your horse to the old town road and cant ride no more, chances are that youre wearing the wrong type of footwear. For a better alternative, we suggest tossing on the Fable Boots as part of your cowboy aesthetic. Designed with a slight old-western aesthetic, this refined slip-on features a minimalist shaft and cap toe free of bells, whistles, and spurs.

For added comfort, wearers can enjoy the padded insole on the inside. We highly recommend pairing these riders with some skinny jeans and a black blazer for an equestrian-inspired look.

Unfortunately, the Fable Boots are currently sold on the website. Once theyre back in stock, customers can snatch a pair for $325.

Sam Edelman Daruby Booties

I dont know about you, but Im getting some serious Snakes on Plane vibes from the Daruby Booties. Honestly, are you sure that these beauts havent been featured on Britney Spears Toxic video? From the sultry reptile print to the asymmetrical heel, trendsetters are just one step closer to achieving that Princess of Pop look.

Sam Edelman Sandals Review

Sam Edelman

Summer calls for a heavy chance of sandals, but the question is, which design should you opt for? From strappy flat-foots to the classic slide, there are multiple silhouettes to choose from.

To help readers narrow down their choice, this Sam Edelman review will take a look at some of our favs within the brands collection.

Sam Edelman Adaley Sandal

You cant get more L.A than the Adaley Sandal. This hot season must-have features a criss-cross band made out of flexible leather. To help keep things comfortable during the day, this shoe is reinforced with a padded insole and a contoured footbed.

For those who hate the look of most orthopedic slides, theres no need to worry. This slipper comes in a fashionable black and white platform thats bound to catch the paparazzis attention.

Offered in black, we highly suggest wearing some distressed mom jeans and a relaxed button-down to really give off that laid-back celebrity look. Currently, the Adaley Sandal retails for $100. This is compared to its original price of $175.

Sam Edelman Briar Sandal

Dont just settle for the mundane beach thong. TheBriar Sandal offers an elegant twist perfect for boardwalk dates. This beauty showcases a ruffled, leather-style band fit with a quilted insole. Elevated with a slight heel, this slipper can definitely add a princess touch to your outfit. Of course, the look isnt complete without an Aurora-inspired, off-shoulder blouse and a long skirt.

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Is Sam Edelman Worth It

Honestly, if you can snag a pair of Sam Edelman shoes onlinedo it. Again, the reviews speak for themselves, as hundreds of happy buyers report a happy balance between price and quality.

You get what you pay for, as most of the brands designs feature a stylish fit that doesnt compromise function. In addition, its hard not to drool over their designs. They are timeless, fashionable, and highly versatile for everyday use.

I wouldnt say that this brand is the most affordable footwear company out there. But hey, if theres a chance that I can get a dupe of Guccis fur-lined loafers at a steal, I would take it. In conclusion, this Sam Edelman review highly recommends this retailer for its distinctive shoe collection.

What Is Sam Edelmans Shipping Policy

This Sam Edelman review is happy to report that orders $100 or more are entitled to free shipping. Anything below this amount is charged a flat fee of $10. To help keep tabs on your purchase, the brand will issue a tracking number alongside a confirmation email.

As of lately, were unable to discern if they offer international delivery to countries outside of America and Canada.

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Why Your Closet Needs Sam Edelman Shoes

The attraction to Sam Edelman is that their shoes can rival some of the more expensive name brands.

Since its launch in 2004, Sam Edelman has grown a loyal fan following amongst celebrities, influencers, and magazine editors.

If youre looking for attainable luxury shoes that have the same look and quality as high-end shoes, Sam Edelman could be your new signature brand.

All About Sam Edelman Shoes

Sam Edelman Strappy Heeled Sandals – Judy on QVC

MichelleYuemissnonhuman.blogspot.comLos AngelesNew YorkSan Franciscocasualchictrendybootsstuddedzoe bootzoestrappy gladiator sandals“I cannot possibly rave about these enough! The style is spot on, they go with practically everything , they’re 5.25″ high, and somehow still pretty comfortable. Their Balenciaga harness forerunners are a little sexier, but unless you have $3k to throw around the Zoes are a _far_ better choice.”See all 5 reviews for sam edelman shoes…nanysklozetnanysklozet.com

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Are Sam Edelman And Libby Edelman Related

Yes, they are married. The couple met for the first time in 1979 when Libby attended a preview of Sam Edelman and his fathers shoe brand, Lighthouse. At the time, she was an editor at Seventeen.

Libby Edelman, Jesse Edelman, Sam Edelman, Christy Brinkley, and Sailor Cook attend the 38th Annual Hampton Classic Horse Show Grand Prix Sunday on September 1, 2013, in Bridgehampton, New York

Sam Edelman and Libby married in 1980 after just one year of dating. In 1987, they launched their first shoe brand, Sam & Libby, which was sold to Maxwell Shoe Company in 1996.

Sam Edelman Flats Review

For those who cant be bothered to wear heels, flats can act as a viable substitute. Fortunately, this company offers a wide selection of beautiful designs, ranging from closed-toe shoes to strappy flat-foots. This Sam Edelman review will briefly look at a couple of the brands hottest picks to help trendsetters decide.

Sam Edelman Linnie Flats

Considered a dupe of the iconic Gucci loafer, the Linne Flats convey the same elegance and timeless design, but at a more reasonable price point. Plus, theyre free from unnecessary fluff as shown in the designer version. Theres no need to worry about wet fur or accumulating debris as you walk.

These slides feature an open heel, a gold-finished buckle, and a closed-toe. Ultimately, its the kind of slipper you want to wear on off-days, but it still provides a touch of elegance to prevent you from looking like a complete couch potato.

Offered in black, beige, mocha brown, and white, the $160 Linnie Flats are currently on sale for $100.

Sam Edelman Felicia Flats

Theres no need to sign up for ballerina classes. TheFelicia Flats from Sam Edelman come with the same grace, opulence, and dignity youd find at dance recitals.

Designed with a rounded toe and a bow on the front, these slip-ons can make you feel more poised and elegant at every step. Going with this Swan Lake theme, we highly recommend donning a ballerina bun to finish off the look.

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Comparison: Sam Edelman Vs Steve Madden

L.A inspired footwear is not a ground-breaking trend. Aside from Sam Edelman, companies like Steve Madden are also known for their Hollywood-esque designs. If youre new to these two brands, youre probably wondering, what option should I go for?

To help readers answer that question, well provide a side-by-side comparison between these two labels. Lets get started

Sam Edelman:

  • Known for its glamorous, Hollywood- inspired footwear since 2005
  • Caters to the L.A aesthetic
  • Offers women shoes ranging from flats, heels, boots, loafers, and wedges
  • Price ranges from $50 to $325
  • No claims about sustainable practices and ethical labor enforced on its website
  • Free shipping on orders $100 or more with a 30-day return policy

Steve Madden

  • Known for its urban-chic aesthetic regarding shoes
  • Has been around since 1990
  • Leans towards a younger crowd
  • Designed for men and women
  • Offers boots, sneakers, flats, and slippers. They also sell other accessories such as socks and handbags
  • Shoe price ranges from $80 to $400
  • Integrates some sustainable practices such as recyclable shoeboxes
  • Free shipping on orders $50 or more with a 30-day return policy

Honestly, there is no crowning championas both brands differ in terms of product variety and price. For instance, those who covet the celebrity-ready look may find Sam Edelman as an excellent option. On the other hand, those who have a bit more money to spend, and love the Insta-baddie aesthetic, may view Steve Madden as a sound alternative.

Which Celebrities Own Sam Edelman Shoes


Sam Edelman is the go-to attainable luxury footwear brand for dozens of celebrities.

Youll regularly see numerous A-listers stepping out in the same pair of budget-friendly Sam Edelman shoes. The Ariella sandals are a popular style owned by Meghan Trainor, Ashley Graham, and Issa Rae.

Other celebrities, including Carrie Underwood and Camila Cabello, are loyal fans of the brand.

Designer Sam Edelmans eponymous brand has since 2004 defined laid-back luxury and timeless American style

Sam Edelman even has the royal seal of approval from Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, and Pippa Middleton, the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge.

The Yaro ankle-strap sandal is amongst one of the most popular styles for celebrities, including Amanda Stanton and Emily Blunt.

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From Sneakers To Pumps Find The Shoes For Any Occasion With Sam Edelman

Sam Edelman has a long history when it comes to designing and selling shoes. It’s his passion, and you can see it in the shoes that he includes in his line. Many of the styles in the Sam Edelman footwear line are made to be more on the casual side, with flat sandals, sneakers, and wedges.The thong sandals from Sam Edelman shoes are perfect options for heading to the beach or a day of shopping. A pair of pumps is great for work, especially if you need a pop of color. Choose pumps in a bright color like very berry or bright blue to become the statement piece in your look, pairing them with a neutral outfit such as a jumpsuit.Metallic flats work well for a casual event if you want to be chic and sophisticated. For this, choose a pointed-toe flat or a slingback pump in colors like soft silver and molten gold. They’re perfectly paired with a flowy maxi dress. Of course if you’re going really casual, choose a pair of sneakers with fun details like pom-poms and glittery stripes. With womens Sam Edelman shoes, you’re sure to find the just-right pair of shoes for any occasion.

Sam Edelman Reviews: What Do Customers Think

Sam Edelmans shoes look quite promising, but can the same be said regarding customer feedback? After doing some research, weve found an overwhelmingly positive response for this footwear brand.

While there are no reviews posted on the companys official page, we did uncover some on other websites such as Influenster, Amazon, Zappos, and Shopbop. Well include their respective ratings down below.

  • Influenster: 102 reviews with 4.7/5 stars
  • Shopbop: 2,375 reviews with no star ranking
  • Zappos for the Hazel Heels: 1,331 reviews with 4.5/5 stars
  • Amazon for the Womens Petty Ankle Boot: 1,363 reviews with 4.4/5 stars

If ratings arent enough to win your vote, how about a few pros listed by hundreds of happy customers? According to a majority of buyers online, Sam Edelman shoes proved to be stylish, comfortable, affordable, and versatile while pairing with any outfit.

Stylish & super comfortable. I almost let the other reviews keep me from buying this item. Im so glad I tried them. The leopard heels are beautiful. I wore them for 4 hours the first time & was on my feet most of the night with no pain or discomfort, one customer wrote on Zappos for the Hazel Heels.

Very comfortable strap that adjusts to any leg fullness, a Shopbop reviewer detailed for the Granada Sandals. The insole is soft and pleasant to the foot. I am very satisfied.

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Who Is Sam Edelman

Sam Edelman is an American shoe designer who has dominated the industry for the last forty years.

He co-founded his namesake shoe brand in partnership with his wife and style muse, Libby Edelman. Its a lifestyle brand devoted to bringing whimsical designs to life with a classic American feel.

The brand strives to bring together aspiration and attainability to redefine the idea of modern luxury.

Youll find 13 flagship Sam Edelman stores across the United States, with the brands international presence growing across Asia and the Middle East.

Sam Edelman is owned by Caleres Inc. an American footwear company that owns several American brands, including Diane von Furstenberg and Fergie Footwear.

Sam Edelman Loafers Review

Sam Edelman Granada Leather Slide Sandal

Loafers arent for loafs, even though its within the name. Usually worn at office settings or at high-ranking events, these shoes provide a sense of traditionalism and style with any outfit.

Moving forward, this Sam Edelman review will showcase two of the brands most popular designs within this category.

Sam Edelman Deana Loafer

I can totally imagine Elle Woods rocking theDeana Loafer during her university years. These chunky shoes feature a reptile print, a rounded toe, and a glamorous gold-like buckle on the top.

While it is quite conservative in style, these slip-ons are dyed in a vibrant candy red to keep things fun and light. Its up to you if you want to style these with a pink dress or fur coat.

Dont worry these shoes arent just made for looks, as they come with a padded insole for added comfort. Ideal for squashing female norms , the $115 Deana Loafer rings up to a total of $80.

Sam Edelman Lorenzo Loafer

Dyed in a white chocolate hue, the Lorenzo Loafer offers a boss-babe sort of attitude perfect for female Great Gatsbys. Its far from plain, as it features a minimalistic design with a hint of sparkle on the front.

It reminds me of Leonardo DiCaprios look when his character meets Daisy for the first time. In part, we recommend a matching pant and blazer outfit to finish off that old sport kind of look.

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Sam Edelman Promotions & Discounts

As youve probably already noticed, most of Sam Edelmans collection is offered at a reduced price. For those looking for a steal, we suggest shopping through the brands sale outlet. They also have a refer-a-friend program, where customers can get $15 off by sharing their affiliate link.

As of lately, this Sam Edelman review found no promo codes or discounts offered on the brands website.

What Is Sam Edelmans Return Policy

Sam Edelman offers a 30-day window for customers to send back their products. Its worth noting that final sale items are considered ineligible under its policy.

Fortunately, customers are treated to a complimentary shipping label that they can use. To initiate the return process, you must access the portal provided on the brands website.

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