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Where To Buy Used Sneakers

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Potential Scams / Lack Of Customer Protection

Buying Every Sneaker At DESIGNER Sneaker Stores…

Ive used Kixify for about 4 years now and it was legit for the transactions I had in the past. I eventually began using StockX more because they have a higher chance of having the shoes I want, despite the high prices. Because of StockXs high prices, I went back to Kixify to find a better deal & was scammed out of my money. I purchased a pair of AJ1s and the resellers order under my account denied me access to the order details and tracking information. I reached out to the reseller, who refused to give me the tracking information directly & I reached out to Kixifys customer service & never heard back from them. I no longer trust Kixify nor believe them to be a legitimate platform to buy and resell sneakers. Kixify says they offer customer protection, but in reality they dont. Its not like StockX where they authenticate the products before delivering them to you. Kixify has zero protection for their buyers against fraudulent resellers. If youre looking for a safe way to enjoy your hunt for DS shoes, dont use Kixify. StockX may be high, but you get what you pay for. Quality over quantity.

Making Money Selling Used Shoes

These days, theres a market for everything, including used shoes, so it is certainly possible to make money selling used shoes, especially online. The first step is to become familiar with your product. Theres a lot to know about shoes, and you might want to specialize in a single area, such as high fashion designers, shoes from the 1990s or 2000s or Nike sneakers.

If you want to be a dealer of used shoes, you will spend most of your job looking for shoes you can resell. Youll need to become known in your field so that people seek you out. Price-setting and negotiations will come naturally because youll know the worth of your product.

Certain brands are always in high demand. Even well-worn shoes from specific makers are marketable, so if you sell designer shoes for cash, youre sure to walk away with something.


Get Paid To Recycle Sneakers

At GotSneakers, were making it socially and financially rewarding to contribute to a circular economy with our FREE sneaker recycling programs for individual sellers and organizations of all types and sizes. When you join our sneaker recycling community, you will be making a global impact AND you will earn money for every pair of sneakers you contribute.

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Check The Color Of The Tag

StockX tags come in a distinctive green color. And although this can be a tricky thing to notice, you can clearly spot the difference under the right lighting. The StockX green is close to grass green. That said, fake tags are seldom the same color. They tend to be mint green or even a darker shade of green. So make sure to check the color of the tag.

Final Thoughts: Selling Your Sneakers Online

Converse CTAS X9622 sneakers mens used 151U buy cheap in online shop ...

The sneaker-selling platforms above offer a variety of helpful features that allow you to sell shoes at the highest price possible, sell them as fast as possible, and communicate with potential buyers. In addition, these platforms make it easy to ship out the shoes, decide on a reasonable price, and package them in high-quality shipping materials.

Some of them let you have a virtual garage sale. So, by using these platforms, youll be able to sell your shoes fast, have several online store locations, and make money from your footwear.

Do you have other things to sell online? Check out how to sell on Etsy.

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Sneaker Reselling Tips From The Pros

Now that Google has made every thrift shop attendant into a sneaker aficionado, youre highly unlikely to find a pair of vintage Air Jordans in your local charity shop bargain bin. That means, for the novice reseller, new releases are your best bet.

Every other week theres a pair of shoes coming out which you can make £30-£50 on, Morrison says. Or you can buy several pairs, sit on them for a few months, and theyll probably be worth even more. If you want to make real money, though, youll have to put the effort in.

There are at least a handful of shoes throughout the year which will immediately go for 5-10 times the retail value of the shoe, and quite a lot more which will go for a 3-5 times markup. Those are usually the ones where you have to enter raffles, or camp out for the weekend. If you get your hands on them, though, its like winning a lottery ticket.


Sam Kersh, aka @sneakersocialite, is one of Instagrams OG sneaker resellers, with over 150,000 followers so his advice is worth listening to. You can find rare sneakers in all sorts of ways: general releases, resellers, suppliers in the industry and friends events, he says. As for how he makes his living, its all about using the tools already at your disposal: I mostly use Instagram, eBay, and Facebook groups to sell stock, he says.


Still Make Extra $5 To $50 Daily Whether You Sell Your Shoes Or Not

Lastly, like I said in the beginning of this article, while looking for the best places to sell your shoes, if you would like a very easy way of making an extra $5 to $50 daily while working in your own spare time and from any location, . You can get paid this much just for sharing your thoughts and opinions.

The company is partnered with this very site, They are 100% legit and have paid out millions of dollars to millions of other participants over the years, just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. And there are no right or wrong answers when sharing your thoughts and opinions with this company. They still pay you, regardless.

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Sell Sneakers For Cash ~ Buyers ~ takes a new approach for people looking to cash their items in without having to deal with auctions, taking pictures, listing their items, paying fees, or even dealing with creepy people coming to your home. WE PAY YOU A FAIR AMOUNT IN CASH ON THE SPOT!We Buy & Sell

Designer Sneakers and ShoesWe also buy new and gently used designer sneakers. Louis Vuitton, Balenziaga, Maison Marginal, Gucci, and much more. Stop by if your in NYC. We pay cash on the spot

Get Cash on the Spot!Highest Prices Paid! Guaranteed!In and Out in 5 Minutes!Zero Risk!

Sell Sneakers For Cash ~ Buyers Sell Sneakers For Cash New or Used Sneakers and Shoes Sell Sneaker For Cash- BUYERS Call or Text:We Buy Used & New Sneaker – Shoes Get Cash on the Spot!*We Offer Legit Checks*

Sell Sneakers For Cash ~ Buyers Sell Sneakers For Cash New or Used Sneakers and Shoes Sell Sneaker For Cash- BUYERS Call or Text:We Buy Used & New Sneaker – Shoes Get Cash on the Spot!*We Offer Legit Checks*

Sell your designer sneakers and shoes for cash here!We buy Yeezys, Gucci, Dior, Jordans, Balenciaga, Nike etc. Get cash for your sneakers faster!

Was in a pinch needed cash fast. Had some designer sneakers that were in good condition but uncomfortable. Basically paperweights to me at this point. Took them to the Sneakers For Cash guys and it was a 123 process. Once authentication is proven U get your cash. Very satisfied

Pros Of Buying Used Sneakers

Steelo Brim Used to Sell Fake Sneakers | Full Size Run
  • The sneaker might be so old or limited that buying used is the only way to get the shoe period.
  • Insanely high resale prices on some pairs make the cost savings associated with used pairs more attractive
  • Quickly build up a new collection with some rare heat
  • If buying from a knowledgeable collector, odds of getting a fake are reduced
  • Certain pairs need to be worn at least occasionally to stand the test of time

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Consignment For The Rare Pairs

There is also the consignment option if you have something really, really special. You get paid only if and when the item sells, and most retailers offer an 80/20 split. This is a far higher commission than the online platforms above, however, they do all the work for you, and the selling price will be closest to market value.

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Where To Sell Shoes For Cash Near You

In addition to online consignment shops, you might want to consider selling your shoes through local marketplaces. This can be a faster way to sell shoes, and you receive cash instantly instead of waiting for funds to transfer to your account.

Plus, theres no chance of you having to refund a customer because they didnt like the shoes.

Here are some of the best local places to sell shoes for cash.

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Only Buy Authentic Goods

If you love designer sneakers, youll most likely always want to get a deadstock pair. And what better way than getting involved in a bidding war on StockX? By purchasing sneakers through the website, you can rest assured that youll receive a pair of authentic new shoes. And to confirm the authenticity, you can return to this article to see how to spot fake StockX tags.

Have you ever received a used pair of shoes from StockX? How did you resolve this? Let us know in the comments section below. Its going to be useful for someone else in the community.

How to See Requests on Zelle

Looking For More Side Hustle Help

used vintage sneakers " converse coach"

The award-winning Side Hustle Show is aTop 10 Entrepreneurship podcast

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How To Get Extra $5 To $50 Daily Whether You Sell Your Shoes Or Not

Firstly, while looking for the best places to sell your shoes, if you would like a very easy way of making an extra $5 to $50 daily while working in your own spare time and from any location, . You can get paid this much just for sharing your thoughts and opinions.

The company is partnered with this very site, They are 100% legit and have paid out millions of dollars to millions of other participants over the years, just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. And there are no right or wrong answers when sharing your thoughts and opinions with this company. They still pay you, regardless.

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Sell Shoes On Markeplace

  • High user traffic over 187 million users
  • No listing fees for small scale sellers
  • Promote your listing from as little as 1%
  • Quick processing time for payouts


eBay is a go-to place for many people when they want to sell used stuff.

In order to sell your shoes on eBay, just set up your eBay listing by uploading photos and filling product details.

You can get your earnings either via PayPal or direct deposit on your debit card.

Note that there is no fee when your item sells for $100 or more. However, youll be charged 10% of the sale if your item is worth less than $100.

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Fundraiser Programraise Funds For A Cause

Is your school or non-profit looking for a new fundraiser idea that is easy and supports a good cause? Maybe your gym or run club has a group of people that would donate old sneakers? Why not host a sneaker drive fundraiser? Sign up to receive a FREE fundraiser kit and get started with your campaign!

Want To Buy Sneakers Online Use One Of The Coupons Below:

StockX: How To Buy & Sell Sneakers on StockX

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Where To Find Or Sell Pre

So, youve come here in search of places to buy or sell used Jordans. Well, weve got you completely covered with 10 different places for pre-owned Jordans!

Sometimes, you OD on a shopping spree and find that you aint got enough to make ends meet! Or, maybe you just wanna find a good flex on a budget! There aint no shame in that. We all gotta do what we gotta do to make it in this game. If you want, you can even find out where to buy and sell used Yeezys here!

However, if youre doing this to make some money or turn it into a business, weve got something better. Selling used wont always be constant, steady money. But, reselling new sneakers definitely is! Do you have any idea how much money sneaker resellers make a month? Hint: A LOT! So, if you want, you can learn how to do that and start making some good money! Just click on the button below to find out more!

Sell Your Own Shoe Designs

If you consider yourself a shoe enthusiast with an eye for design, then you could potentially make some fast money selling your own shoe designs online. You dont have to be a pro or an experienced artist all you need is motivation and have a desire to learn.

Here are the best places to start selling your own shoe designs.

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Wheres The Best Place To Resell Shoes

Ive done most of my reselling on eBay, but it seems like apps like GOAT and StockX are picking up so Im selling on those more now as well.

Still, I love the feeling of doing in-person deals either through Craigslist, sneaker conventions, or Facebook/Twitter groups.

Obviously, selling in person requires extra precautions, but if you use common sense and deal with good people through networking, youll get the best prices from in person on the buying side because online sellers are paying for shipping and fees to the platform that theyre selling on.

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Scaling Up The Sneaker Flipping Operation

Classic 2008 Used Worn Size 13 Nike Air Max Dream Shox Shoes Navy ...

I kept reselling pairs in that range until I had enough money saved to buy a pair of shoes for $900. After a few anxious days of waiting, I was able to flip them at $1200 for a profit of about $200. I also began to learn how to secure these $1000 shoes at retail for insane profit margins of over $500 per shoe.

I started as an absolute outsider and 4 months in I cleared $10,000 for the month.

Once you know what youre doing and you take the time to build your reputation and stay on top with sneaker news, the consistency and ease of selling aftermarket sneakers amazes me to this day.

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History Of Used Sneaker Sales

Back in the day, sneaker forums such as Solecollector or online auction site eBay were pretty much the two places to buy older kicks. Often, these transactions involved used sneakers that had been worn by a previous collector.

With the advent of social media, other places began to emerge as sources for older sneakers. These include Facebook groups and subreddits. The medium might be slightly different, but the mechanisms are still roughly the same as far as buying, selling and trading kicks. Eventually, GOAT appeared as an aftermarket site with an entire portion of its business dependent on preowned sneakers.

How To Sell Used Shoes Online By Launch Your Own Blog

It is always better to launch your own sales and marketing channel to sell your old shoes. And nothing can be more rewarding than taking everything into your own hand, from creating sales to shipping.

So, if you want absolute monetary success, you must launch your own blog.

I was also confused seven years back when I had just $100 in my pocket but had the dream to create something on my own. So, I invested that little amount in launching this blog.

And now, Im steadily making more than $7k/month on average just from this blog alone. If you are looking for detailed insight into my recent earnings, Ive shared all those details in my latest monthly income report.

You just need three things to kickstart your journey as a blogger. First, you need a domain name and a server to host it. And then, you need a WordPress theme to make your blog go live.

While the most dedicated server will cost you at least $10/month or more, you can now get a dedicated package for just $2.95/month from Bluehost, that too, with a 99.95% uptime guarantee.

If you get this affordable hosting package from Bluehost, you dont even need to worry about the domain name, as this package comes with a free domain name.

And once you are done with these two, you can simply install a relevant WordPress theme for free. But, if you face any issues while setting it up, you can follow our complete guide to set up a blog in less than 30 minutes.

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